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[Open, Sovereigns] Destiny. - ShiningWizard - 05-09-2014 01:45 PM

Destiny isn't the name of the Dominion's chiefest Arkship for no reason.

The very ship itself embodies the ideals and the hopes of the entire collaboration between the varied species who have made it a common goal to achieve the ultimus of their plans: the planet Nexus.

Even now the fleet hangs in space within sensor distance of the planet, it hanging like a green and blue beacon of accomplishment in the main viewing ports of the ship. The feel among those who have been brought back from their cryosleep already has been overwhelmingly positive after the long years of silence and drudgery and preparation, the view of the planet finally giving those who have been awake for a longer time something to assign their full attention to. On paper it was a wonderful thing to aspire to and now that it's within the reach of a simple shuttle ride from the Destiny. In practice it seems to be exactly as flawless in execution.

That high-minded eloquence aside, today aboard the Destiny is not very much unlike any other day. Lowborn workers scurry about seeing to maintenance and sanitation while the beings who matter on a larger scale see to the greater scope of things. If that greater scope of things should happen to include a visit to the complimentary (to some) juice bar, then that is part of the grand tapestry of events.

The patron of the bar stands at roughly eight feet in height, which immediately excludes her from being a Cassian or a Chua. Hopefully. Further still indicating that she isn't either of those things is that she appears to be comprised chiefly of a chalky-white metal alloy stretched over a darker undercarriage. A Mechari is what she is, it seems, Mechari through and through. She waits with one elbow planted on the counter to the bar and waits for her smoothie. It always takes a little while to make Mechari smoothies, the pH level always wreaks havoc on typical blender parts so they have to change them out for better ones. She remains quite impassive, bored almost, her weight on her right foot and her left leg cocked faintly at the knee. She seems somewhat unusually curvy; while most of her race are seen as harsh and angular she seems softer at the edges. Physically at any rate. Emotionally...

She scans the crowd milling by for potential threats with her subtly honeycombed crystal eyes that match her thought matrix crystals' drab blue hue. Every few moments one or both of the mandible-like ornaments jutting from the sides of her jaw twitches in a short spasm. She scans through the documents she has uploaded to her matrix to check them for wording and grammar. Contracts are a serious thing in the Dominion, and loopholes are some of the most effective weapons when accepting contracting work. Especially when they pertain to going to the alien planet and the prospecting rights to ruins.

RE: [Open, Sovereigns] Destiny. - Coyotzin - 05-09-2014 04:45 PM


There's movement behind the bar. It's slow, but it's noticeable, and then quite obvious as two pointy tips emerged from behind the counter. They rose slowly, revealing themselves to be a pair of long, smooth, and slightly curved horns. Scratch that, two pairs, the second jutting just above a wild mane of purple hair.

The rising movement continues until a pair of bright blue pupils pass the counter level and two sets of clawed fingers hold onto the edge.

"Psssssst..." A whisper came from beneath those eyes, still hidden by the bar. "You the Mechari who ordered a smoothie? You're gonna hafta wait a bit. Seems an apprentice screwed something wrong and their good blender is jammed."

One hand disappears, and reappears again, putting a bright red smoothie in front of the Mechari woman.

"You can have mine." There was a slightly disturbing giggle from below the counter line. "I put some inert nanobots for flavor. They tingle."

RE: [Open, Sovereigns] Destiny. - ShiningWizard - 05-13-2014 07:12 AM

A finely-sculpted white eyebrow raises at the smoothie that has made its way onto the bar. She leans over the countertop to see just who it is that she is speaking to as she replies. "Perhaps they do. But this is not even the flavor that I ordered. If I am going to be waiting longer than two hundred consecutive seconds I will have to take my business elsewhere."

At the core of it she isn't going to trust a Chua to make her smoothie for her. They always try to put something "interesting" in the mix and she's already made the mistake of imbibing... That required a whole new intestinal system to be installed, and those things really aren't cheap.