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<Main> Thorstein - Thorstein - 07-16-2014 12:40 PM

Jon Thorstein

[Image: thorstein.jpg?w=673]

The Basics
Race: Exiled Human
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Class: Medic
Path: Scientist
Job: Medic, Scientist, Librarian

The Appearance
  • Dark blonde, medium length hair; unkempt beard
  • Green eyes; thick, expressive eyebrows
  • Pale skin from spending too much time in the lab and library
  • Average to athletic build; distinct gut

The Personality

  • Gifted medic, willing to sacrifice life and limb(s) for others
  • Enthusiastic librarian, lover of books and datacubes
  • (Mad) Social Scientist, obsessed with observational, yet engaged methods and diverse communities
  • Beer

  • Soft spoken, yet sociable
  • Reluctant to fight, but eager to defend and heal
  • Prone to daydreaming
  • Turtlenecks
  • Beer

The BackStory
  • Exiles
  • Exile Academy of Science

Quick Notes:
  • Traveling librarian and scientist making his way via his skills as a medic
  • Haunted by a painful past involving failed experiments
  • Studying cultures and technologies on Nexus to ultimately bring communities together and peace for all


How did they Join the Gang?

Thorstein sought out the Malverines knowing that they could get him to the places he needed to be (even if he wasn't sure where that would take him) for his research--studying the cultures and technologies of Nexus. His skills as a medic, librarian, and scientist may come in handy for the gang down the road.





RP History / Notes