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Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
07-27-2013, 08:26 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)

Carnatia kept her zig-zag up even as the helicopter fire rained down around her. A few of the stray bullets tinged off her golden Esper armour. She would then stop while it was doing it's low sweep and look up at it and it got closer. When it was close enough she jumped in the air and a giant blue, projection of a hand with like intricate runes on it appears and shoots up under the copter. ((Watch some Esper videos, it is like the ground smash reversed kind of deal))


"I do have one of them. An Aurin." Rexana says after she enters the cover of trees again, responding to Samuel. She keeps her grip on Taru while watching the scene. It was chaos, probably what Samuel was going for. She silently stalks throughout the trees with Taru held tight. "Give the word, and I will make the demand," Rexana then radios some of the others (NPC's), "My location is West of the the main staging area. I would 3 of you to fall back to my location and form up on me. Make it look like you're retreating." Rexana ends her call. She would have them fall in around her to stop anyone brass enough to try to sneak up on her. But she would wait for Samuel's word to try and exchange the Aurin she was carrying.
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Najia had fully forgotten about Tekke once she set her ambition on revenge. Pushing forward, she paid little mind to anything around her. Her full attention was directly ahead, centered, and focused. All she could hear was the in-and-out sound of her own paced breath and that thudding. Thudding. Thudding. Adrenaline coursed and rushed to her head, speeding her pulse. Naj sprung effortlessly over large, low growing branches. Thin limbs blocking her path were bound over without much of a glance. Her feline-like fluidity and control was something to be noted, but her reckless dash was an obvious fault...

There was such a strong drive spuring her forward she had missed the first few entirely. It was only in the thick of them did it dawn on her she had made a horrible, unforgivable mistake. She slowed to a jog... then froze. Naji stood silent for only a few moments; long moments which grew strong and potent feelings of uncertainty. Uncertainty which soon blossomed into the horrid pang of fear. Small papulations crawled up the long bow her spine and prickled the hair on her neck and arms. They we're all watching. Some even allowing a breathy laugh to escape their filthy lips. Stalkers. So many Stalkers.

Faint streams of light began to bleed slowly from the Espers eyes. Circling and writhing before bursting into a bright aura of aquamarine glow. Wisps of this light seemed to pulse, breathe, and curl about her figure. It licked at her smooth skin, beckoning to be unleashed into it's full unbridled form. A request Najia would not dismiss.

In the blink of an eye, the brief moment of tension-thick silence was cut wide. Shimmers of camo-tech glistened briefly as five Dominion lurched forward towards her. They had been ill-trained fodder armed with Camo-Tech and hand weapons. "Lucky" was the new word of the day. If these had been true stalkers, she would have never heard a sound and they would have never given her the time to react...

Najia's lips parted to expose petite fangs as her nose creased and her delicate brow dropped. A loud hiss rasped heavily from her figure which held obvious feelings of fear and contempt. The aquamarine light that swirled around her gathered, condensed, split, and formed five bladed rings that spun violently about her. With a clawed swipe of her arms, the blades were sent whizzing and crashing through dirt and foliage. Leafs and rich black soil flew through the air as the blades left deep scars in the earth in their wake.

Scarlet red bloomed upon the chests and shoulders of each of the five Dominion once the psyblades hit true. Bright crimson hot liquid splattered the ground in clumps while others life sprayed into the air in a fine mist. A faint groan of disbelief managed to escape the slack-jaw of one of the less fortunate men before he fell, slumping to the ground. The blades throbbed and glowed with the heartbeat of each man before wayning and disappearing along with their pulse...

There would be no forgiveness. Ever.
07-29-2013, 06:23 PM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Something was utterly bugging him at this point. What inthe world was going on? If they had the damn overwhelming odds why didn't the bastards just flood in and kill them all. That alone was strange as the chopper was very likely their command platform. He could just envision Samuel cackling up in the damn thing as the thing flew over and seemed to be directing a group from beyond the trees. What in the name of Cassus was going on? Cathal holstered his guns as he dashed toward toward Fortek's location. Though he was not a heavy combatant the boss was pretty dang quick and could weave and bob his way if necessary.

It would take Cathal perhaps a second to notice the mortar position and everyone scrambling for it. At that point in place he began to think of a few things as he noticed the oncoming Rough Riders. Dammit. Cathal watched as Fortek unleashed a hailfire of explosive rounds and he himself stopped and took aim with both mag pistols. A set of sigils appeared before him as a bright blaze of fire ziped out and slice through two of the trees. A crack was heard as Cathal yelled, "TIMBER!"

The large trees began to crack as the fell toward each other and in front of the oncoming Rough Riders. A large boom would be heard as the trees fell and he sighed as he looked around for more trouble. How was it hard not to miss though!

"Get to tose mortars an' somewun take down dat damn feckin' hover copter!" he barked over the com.
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
This was crazy, even by Dylan's standards - and that was saying something! Everywhere you looked evidence of chaos and mayhem could be seen.

Ahead and to his right through the smoke was the cluster of dommie soldiers with at least one mortar nest, perhaps more. This was where his focus had been until a moment ago when he heard the familiar thrum of hover-bike engines from his left. These bikes all growled in unison though - not the cacophony of different tuning points and exhaust manifolds (or lack there of) that the Malverine bikes tended to make, no - this was the sound of a swarm of bikes all torqued to a single standard, a single dommie standard Dylan guessed as he glanced in the direction of the sound to try and get visual contact on the reinforcements. He had his confirmation in moments as he located the unit of hover-bike soldiers headed his way.

"Great," he thought to himself with growing apprehension, "More party crashers! Oh well, time to show these wannabes how a real biker makes an entrance! How about I introduce you guys to some good old fashioned Malveri..." Dylan's thoughts were interrupted by a loud commotion in the area he was originally headed to as the sound of creaking and crashing timber mixed with explosive gunfire filled the air. Glancing in that direction, Dylan saw the dusty aftermath of someone's rampage against the local foliage, which seemed to have had the effect of raining down debris on or in the path of incoming dominion troops. Standing in the smoke, Dylan could make out the giant silhouette of one of the Granok... Fortek, maybe? Whatever, he appeared to be in full Granok 'diplomacy' mode right now... meaning lots of dramatic destruction. Dylan smiled approvingly. "Glad those guys are on our side," he thought to himself as he began to turn his attention back to the approaching dominion bikers.

With a flick of his wrist, Dylan activated two sigils etched into the back of both his weapons. His sidearms had just begun to glow when another chorus of cacophonous carnage screamed through the air behind him demanding his attention. Jerking his head quickly to react to a possible threat, Dylan caught the end of a beautiful, but deadly display of esper energy slashing through the air in a bloom of destruction for the dommie foot soldiers who had been caught up in it. Standing in the middle of the screams and chaos, her eyes glowing like bluish-white embers and her hair almost floating around her as if caught up in a soft other-worldy wind, was an Aurin. She looked familiar to Dylan, but right now he really didn't care. All he knew is that he was grateful that she seemed to be on the Malverines' side since, at the moment, she was in full-blown Esper-rage mode. Dylan had heard tales about how nasty the Aurin could be when fully provoked, but he'd always brushed that aside as exaggeration. I mean look at them. Short. Fuzzy. Ears. Tails. Cute. How could that be a real threat? Well, he was now getting a full visual aid to confirm that potential.

Dylan's eyes widened slightly as he thought to himself, "Damn! Note to self. Don't piss that Aurin off once you get to know her bett..."


Dylan's thoughts were interrupted and he dived and rolled instinctively to his right as two huge blasts of fire roared past him on his left. Coming up from his roll, Dylan focused on the area the fireballs were headed just in time to see them slam into some trees in the same area Fortek had recently done some 'full-contact' landscaping. With a dramatic burst of flame, two trees were blasted from their roots and flung into the path of the oncoming dommie bikers.

"TIMBER!" Dylan heard someone yell behind him and turning to look, saw Cathal admiring his handiwork for a moment before barking new orders to the rest of his crew, "Get to tose mortars an' somewun take down dat damn feckin' hover copter!"

Dylan smirked. He'd not been in an all out fight like this in quite a while and while a part of his brain was desperately trying to convince him that he really should be concerned for his life at the moment, the adrenaline of the moment and his own overactive sense of bravado overrode this wisdom and instead he raised both pistols and began to stroll forward slowly towards the incoming Dominion bikers, who were now all desperately braking and, in some cases, laying down their bikes into a slide as they sought to avoid slamming into the newly formed road block. With a flick of his wrists, Dylan once again activated the small sigils on the back of each of his sidearms and the two weapons began to once more glow with a bluish white light. Dylan continued to stroll cockily towards the newly formed pile of bikers, his military-style overcoat flapping behind him slightly in the breeze as he walked. His weapons now glowed with an even brighter light and a small audible hum of power could be heard emanating from them both.

Dylan smirked as he stopped and took aim on the cluster of bikers as they scrambled to get back on their vehicles and re-assemble after unexpectedly encountering the debris from the destroyed trees. Dylan waited with growing excitement for the charge on his weapons to reach a crescendo. It was a risky move as Dylan stood out in the open, with no cover, in the middle of a battle field. However, his addiction to the dramatic and to the rush of danger drove him on with no thought to the possible consequences.

The two weapons reached the peak of their power surge after a good 5-10 seconds that seemed to go on forever. "Here's my welcoming gift, you damn dommies," Dylan muttered with a smirk as he pulled his pistols' triggers and released the huge surge of power that had built up around them. Two impossibly-wide beams of energy (for such a small weapon) burst forth from the guns and engulfed the area where many of the dominion bikers had clustered, blasting some off their bikes and knocking others who were trying to re-mount their vehicles back to the ground amidst screams of pain and surprise.

"The Bar's Closed!" Dylan yelled in the direction of the bikers, "So why don't you just take your UNNNGH...."

Dylan never got to finish his cocky retort as a bullet whizzed through the air and slammed into his chest near his right shoulder with enough force to spin him around and drop him to the dirt in a pile of dust and deflated ego. "OooowwwwwwwWWWWWCCCHHHHHH! DAMMIT!" Dylan cursed as he struggled to push himself to his knees with his left arm. After an unnecessary 'I told you so' from that part of his brain that had told him to find some cover only a short time ago, Dylan began to crawl and scramble back towards the Saloon before whomever shot him finished the job.

((BTW - if anyone wants to claim the shot to Dylan - feel free - otherwise, it was a random NPC - I left it open intentionally.))
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Samuels knee buckled slightly as they felt the lurch of force push the Copter, the thing swayed and threatened to topple and do a barrel roll, not a standard procedure by any stretch of the imagination. But a testament to Dominion training and a quick lurch of the stomach and the copter steadied itself pulling away from the Esper. Samuel growls his newly implanted systems jacked his blood stream with adrenaline, he breathed deep, trying to keep his thoughts. These new systems were still new to him and he had found it wasn't helping his temper, it was an older Stalker module, meant for storm troopers and shock troops after all. A clear mind wasn't always needed. But right now it was.

Samuel gritted his teeth.

He barked at the pilot to fall back, they had to fall back to Rexana, this was only one stage. The big picture. Something he had to keep track of since being made the Captain. The ping and rattle of small arms fire however wasn't helping. He sneered as he braced against the copter wall and he rammed a new clip into his long barrelled pistol. "Vermana!...Mounted units are counter charging and the mortar team are going mobile...prepare for allied units and mount up" he announces over the comm, the Mounted Units had started their counter assault it seems, charging through the tree line to cover the mortar units movements as well as Vermana's. "ALL UNITS CONVERGE ON MY POSITION!" he proclaims to the rest of the squad as the Copter swung about and started to head towards Rexana. All about the small patch of forests the rev of engine would flare as the numerous small disciplined units kicked into action, many wielding blades and or short snub nosed rifles meant for firing on the move. Their task was to halt the enemy charge and break through with the mortar team to meet up with Samuel's Hover Copter.

Finally he addresses Volex as he rolls his shoulders breathing hard out his nose a moment. "Hold you position for now...I need you to cover Rex-" an assorted pin and rattle of small arms fire from the group of gun slingers broke his concentration, as they swung around they had exposed their side to the small group again. He snapped.

"FUCKING CUNTS! EAT IT YOU PIECES OF SHIT! OPEN FIRE!" he roars as he once again unloads high calibre pistol down in a full automatic burst, his inbuilt reticle giving in optimal fire zone, expecting to Volex to follow orders and fire in kind.


Once he heard the click of an empty clip he continued, adjusting is neckline, the little outburst in check. "I need to you cover Rexana and the Rough Riders as they retreat darling" he chuckles as they continue, flying over towards Rexana's position...they had a trade to announce.
07-31-2013, 03:38 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Shiori growled as his eyes glowed with a malevolent light as a few of the Mechari's rounds hit him. Ducking in swiftly, the young man slashed its gun in two before swinging with a kick to knock it backwards. Moving behind a tree afterwards he sighed before engaging his cloak and swinging up into the trees again. As he left the scene, Shiori opened his arm computer before pressing a button with a grin. As soon as he did, every mine where Vermana and he had been fighting detonated at once as it sent up an impressive plume of smoke and fire that leveled around a hundred square feet of forest.

Opening up a comm link he then spoke to Dylan as he leapt through the trees. "What did I tell you about doing stupid things?" He sighed in an exasperated manner before continuing. "Ok, look, I get the feeling that the whole point of this attack is for those artifacts we found. Likely as not they used that hole in the back to try an smuggle them out or someone in. Or they found leverage of some kind since they're moving away. So Dylan, here's what I need from you."

"I left a satchel of inactivated mines next to the artifacts, as I stopped by here before heading home to activate and store them. I figure if they want it back, we'll add something. Now it's very important that you follow my instructions on this one. The first thing you need to do is twist the cog-like top and push to release the clamps to open it up."
He waited a moment before continuing. "The next thing is to engage the priming and lock systems but the standard is to set for proximity which we don't want. You need to take the middle chipboard of the three inside then reverse it, followed by twisting the knob next to it. This will let me take remote control with the proximity lock disengaged."

"Then all you need to do is put the top back on and twist it shut. I need you to do it for all of them and attach them to the artifact. Let me know when it's done."
Shutting off his transmission, Shio then heard shouting before spotting Najia doing some impressive work on a group of stalkers with another Aurin he didn't know trailing behind. Tilting his head, he noticed two soldiers taking aim at them from the bushes and he ducked down before launching downwards and skewering them in the skull with his claws.

Walking out to the two aurin afterwards, he let his cloak drop before dropping the two dead soldiers at their feet. "Missed a few. You two alright?"
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Dylan scurried across the dust and debris outside the Saloon like some kind of wounded animal, dragging himself sideways with his one good arm and half crab-walking half crawling to get back to the gaping hole in the front of the saloon. The sounds of battle were still all around him and somewhere off to his right and above him, he heard the sound of automatic pistol fire followed by a series of cries and shouts from a group of patrons out front who'd made the mistake of drawing their weapons on the dommie gunship. It was one more poignant reminder that he might be next if he didn't find some cover quickly.

With each movement, the wound in his shoulder sent a surge of pain through his head that the adrenaline in his system could barely compensate for and there was a sharp painful screeching in his ears. By the time Dylan rolled into cover and tried to catch his breath and re-focus, he realized the noise in his ears was someone talking to him on his com channel (which to him suddenly seemed unusually loud) and he'd already missed much of what had been said. Much of the rest was lost to Dylan as he gasped for breath and focused on his bullet wound more than the incoming list of technical instructions, "...engage the [something]... lock [something]... but the standard is to set for [something] which we don't want. You need to take the middle [something]... three [something]... reverse it, .... [something] twisty knob ... [something]... remote control ...[something]... lock."

Dylan shook his head to try and clear the ringing and screeching from his ears, but all it did was bring it into a little sharper focus as a voice he now recognized to be Shiori's continued to talk to him, "Then all you need to do is put the top back on and twist it shut. I need you to do it for all of them and attach them to the artifact. Let me know when it's done."

"Woah, woah, Professor 'Talks-a-lot'. Easy with the fully-automatic instructions there!" Dylan retorted into the comm. Desperately he tried to review what it was he'd just heard if only to figure out what Shiori was talking about. All he was able to pull out of his adrenaline soaked brain was that he was fairly certain Shiori had mentioned something about mines. That made sense. Dylan decided to run with that - after all the little know-it-all did seem to have an affinity for blowing stuff up. It was one of the things Dylan begrudgingly respected about the guy, not that he'd ever admit it.

"Right. Ummm... mines, lock , reverse, twist the thing, close it up. Got it," Dylan replied as the line remained silent. No noise at all.

"Great. Fine! Hang up on me you Eldan-addled pyro maniac!" He added as he got no response from the transmission channel that Shiori had apparently shut off.

Dylan took another deep breath and glanced around the saloon for the mines Shiori mentioned. "Didn't he say something about a 'bag' or a 'satchel'?" he thought to himself as he looked. Glancing up on the table near the Eldan cube, he noticed a leather satchel laying half off the table, it's shoulder strap dangling loosely off the side.

"That's gotta be it," Dylan muttered aloud as he scooted over to the table and righted a chair that had been knocked over by the blast of the initial explosion. Painfully he heaved himself up into the seat and with his left hand (his right arm hanging rather limp and useless at this point) he began to feel around in the bag until he found something that felt like a mine. Pulling it out he confirmed it was indeed one of Shiori's mines.

"Okay... so... step one... open the lock..." he muttered as he tried to manipulate the mine with one hand, having to use his right hand every now and then which caused a sharp gasp of pain. "Lock... Lock... Dammit, why can't you label these things clearly?!"
07-31-2013, 05:01 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Vermana heard her Captain's voice barking over the transmitter, and had just enough time to reply, "Acknowledged." before the Stalker disappeared again, and set off his cluster of explosives. The Mechari tumbled over and grunted in discomfort, as quite a few malfunction readings let her know of the damage the Exile had caused.

Her Core could take much more punishment than that, but it was a bit difficult to stand up again; a few pelvic servos must have been blown out of place, and her left arm seemed to be missing from the shoulder down. She found it a few meters away, but it would take some welding to put herself back together, a tool she did not have at the time. What was worse was that her prim-and-proper uniform had been torn and burned half to shreds, and her head seemed ready to fall off if her neck took any more punishment. It was all very inconvenient.

Looking back to where the Stalker had taken off to, it appeared that he had left the area, assuming she was non-functional. He obviously did not know very much about her kind. Vermana reactivated her transmitter and relayed the Captain's orders to the mortar team, with the men quickly responding with a confirmation. She abandoned her post and jogged back to the mortar team, getting a few estranged looks as she assisted them in packing the mortar. The team quickly moved east through the woods, away from the charging Exiles, until they were given specific coordinates.
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Dylan's frustration began to grow. His inability to find the 'locking' mechanism he was sure he'd heard Shiori mention combined with the need to occasionally use his right arm to manipulate the mines (and the associated pain that accompanied it) had put him in a foul mood and reduced his patience to the size of ... something... very small.

"Don't know why this has to be so complicated," Dylan muttered to himself as he attempted to follow the hazy instructions he thought he remembered and then, with a tone that implied he was done with 'Plan A' he added, "If the man wants this thing protected with mines, let's just keep it simple."

Putting the mine back on the table with the others he'd dumped out of Shiori's satchel, he quickly crossed the room to the bar and put out his right arm to brace himself as he hopped over it. Right about then his right arm reminded him with a sharp stabbing pain that he'd been shot and it would be doing no such thing.

"Aaahhhhhrrrggg," Dylan hollered in frustrated pain as he bounced off the bar top he'd meant to vault over like some action hero. Recovering as best he could and glad for the moment no one was in the bar to have seen that, he hobbled his way around the side of the bar and went behind it looking for something to suit his purposes.

"No.... No.... That won't hold it..." Dylan muttered as he looked from item to item on the shelf behind the bar, obviously not finding what he was looking for. "No. No! DAMMIT! Where is it?" he yelled in frustration as he frantically pushed bottles and unopened cans aside. "Where is the blasted...?! AH! There you are!" Dylan reached under the counter and smiled triumphantly as he pulled out a large container of freshly prepared* 'Snoglug Slime', one of the Saloon's custom desserts and promoted as a 'pudding'... but really - that wasn't fooling anyone and it was only ever ordered by those who'd developed a 'taste' for the stuff.... or those with a rather blunt sense of taste. Mostly Granok. Whatever the case, this stuff was thick and sticky, just what Dylan needed at the moment.

Rushing back to the table, Dylan pried the top off the container of slime as best he could with limited use of his right arm and then unceremoniously dumped its contents on top of the Eldan Artifact still sitting on the table. The contents of the bucket oozed out with a slow *Sssssss-lop* and began to slowly run down the sides of the artifact. Dylan accelerated this process a bit by smearing the thick 'pudding' all over the artifact with his hand. Then, picking up Shiori's mines, he began pressing them into the pudding which, as he'd calculated, was thick enough to hold them in place, at least for the moment. Within a minute Dylan had covered the artifact with Shiori's mines, held in place with the Snoglug 'pudding'.

Standing back a moment to observe his handiwork, Dylan smiled proudly, "There we go. That should do it and that was a LOT simpler than those seventy-three lines of instructions the Professor was rattling off. Now all we have to do is arm these puppies and NOBODY gets near this thing without losing large portions of their arms, torso, and face."

Reaching over to the obnoxious mess he'd created on the table, Dylan began pushing the 'arming' button on all the mines, which in turn emitted a soft 'chirp' to acknowledge the command and then began blinking with a slow red pulse to indicate, "stay the hell away unless you want to get blown up", but with a polite red light. The whole thing now looked like some garrish Protostar Winterfest Extravaganza gift complete with seasonal blinking lights.

Satisfied with his efforts, Dylan turned on the public comm channel that all Malverines used and broadcast, "This is a public service announcement. If the blinking mines stuck to it aren't indication enough - do NOT touch the Eldan artifact until Professor Kaboom has a chance to get in there and disarm it. That is all. You may now return to beating the piss out of the Dommies."

Dylan took a deep breath and winced, his wound once again reminding him that it needed to be tending to. Briefly flipping on the comm channel again he added, "Oh yeah, and by any chance do we have any bandages or pain killers in the saloon somewhere?"


(* Honestly, 'fresh' Snoglug Slime and 'Old' Snoglug Slime taste about the same... so who knows. All you have to do is keep the container closed so it doesn't get bugs. Which, considering its origins, is a bit of an irony in and of itself.)
08-01-2013, 07:43 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Teek fell back as an esper psyblade passed less than an inch from his throat. He had been gaining on the pretty Aurin but he was suddenly glad he hadn't caught up with her yet. He landed on his rear and rolled backward to where he was on his knees with his face on the ground with his hands over his head The whole area had exploded into a whirling mass of energy which was soon followed by a spray of soil, foliage, and a rather large a mount of blood and meat which redecorated the environment... included the feminine Aurin. Once all the noise(and screaming) stopped a blood covered Teek raised his head with a wide eyed expression, equal parts fear and unease on his face. "Um... Najia? Are you alright?" he asked, still hugging the ground in case something else surprised the Esper.

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