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Diesel Fox's Application
07-22-2013, 03:40 PM
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Diesel Fox's Application
Main Character Name / Primary Alt Name: Teek “Diesel” Foxtail
Enjin / WildStar Central Username: Diesel Fox
IM Contacts:Skype: johnyboy1988 (yes only 1 n) currently under the name ‘Diesel Fox’
What is your primary region / timezone and playtimes? GMT-4, EST
Are you eighteen or older? Yes, 9/30/1988 24 years old

Did you read and do you agree to abide by our Rules and Policy? Yup

What are your primary playstyles?
Casual to Medium RP, PvP(with friends/group only), Social, medium to hardcore PvE, Raiding and Dungeons, Crafting. Though since I might be joining with an RP alt, it might be my other version of this character that gets leveled up

What is your roleplaying experience?
About 8 years of serious RPing but I by no means consider myself an expert, I tend to be too worried that I’m overstepping my bounds even with something as small as minor control of an NPC.

What do you hope to gain from and contribute to the BlackSky as a Player? I hope to have a fun time RPing with everyone. And I don’t mind helping people out with PvE content. Since I prefer doing group stuff with people I know anyway, I’m just as likely to ask if anyone wants to join me for stuff as well.

Would you like to join our guild Skype group? Sure

Would you like to be on our mailing list for updates about the guild? Go for it.

Are you a member of any additional guilds? Greysky Syndicate; this will most likely be my main since I joined them first and am only allowed one guild. However I have no problems using this character to help out with higher level Blacksky PvE/PvP content.

Where did you find out about the BlackSky? Wildstar-Roleplay, but Sin and Najia allowed/convinced me respectively to join up with an alt to RP with you guys.

Any additional characters if so what Faction would they be in? I really don’t intend to make any additional characters, the two I have are pretty much the same person simply so I won’t have my altaholism kick in.

Any additional thoughts? BANZAI!

In-Character Questions
What is your character’s race, gender, class, path?
Aurin/’male’/unknown/unknown(don’t know if I’d change his class for additional leveling options or stick to the same for combat skill consistency. Also, the reason male’s in quotations is because of Teek’s feminine appearance.

Please describe your character appearance:
Diesel’s tall for a Aurin… well a male Aurin anyway. He has a frame that looks more on place on a thin girl than a male, and his face doesn’t help matters either. On a whole he ends up looking very androgynous(fits pretty boy stereotype to a tee) much to his dismay to the point where even female Aurin can mistake him for a chick unless they make a lucky guess. He has pale skin and his hair and fur are a rust red color with a pair of fox like ears on his head, and pale green eyes.

Please describe your character's personality:
While Diesel doesn’t have a multiple personality disorder one could be forgiven for thinking that as he tends to act in a completely different manner depending on who(if anyone) is around.

While around most people he can be little cocky, a little hyper, a bit of a smartass, and fearless(and a little insane, because who else would crawl into a running engine to fix something if they were right in the head) acting much more like the typical Aurin.

He changes drastically when confronted by an Aurin member of the fairer sex. He tends to become skittish and constantly nervous, talking with a slight stutter with a docile demeanor and a rather passive stance on decision making.

In either state, he’s still strangely calm and rational, and would rather think things out rather than rush in(if given the choice)

Please describe three strengths and three weaknesses about your character:
Strengths would have to be largely his technical skills and quick draw/trick shooting antics, and he’s also calm and collected though that doesn’t stop him from jumping in bravely when needed.

Weaknesses would largely be his inability to function normally around Female Aurin, he has a complex about them which causes him to act in a completely different manner around them(see personality above). He lacks even basic botany and survival skills that other Aurin takes for granted(though he can scavenge well enough if needs be). When in his normal mode(no females around) or when ordered by a female Aurin he can be reckless as hell, not really thinking about his own safety, he’d happily crawl into a running engine to find out what’s wrong.

What Faction would your character is your character joining? Blacksky Malverines

Why would your character wish to join a either the Sovereigns or Maverines?
Thanks to his inability to say no to a female Aurin and Najia's rather innocent request, he ended up joining just by agreeing with everything she said

What kind of long term plotting, or character development plans do you have?
Not any at the moment, if anything comes up it’ll be IC. Most likely Teek will be having to get used to himself in some way, shape, or form.

Where would your character fit into the Club or Unit as a prospect?
WIP, probably having something to do with the Saloon though.

How did you learn of, or encounter the Club or Agency?
Najia. Exactly how is still WIP

Do you mind the adult / violent nature of our Rp?
Nope, I feel it gives more realism and freedom when it comes to RP so long as it isn’t the whole focus.

If you leave the club the club are willing to deal with consequences?

Yup Smile
07-22-2013, 04:37 PM
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RE: Diesel Fox's Application
Welcome to the BlackSky forums Fox!

1. So sides what you have said, why BlackSky?

2. What did you like about our OOC policy?
07-22-2013, 04:47 PM
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RE: Diesel Fox's Application
1. The Blacksky was one of the guild that I was looking though from the beginning since you had done a good job filling it out. I joined a different guild to start with but having talked to you I'm glad to find that I can join another Awesome guild to RP with Smile

2. It's solid, while it's a fairly common setup it's also very effective. Cleaning house keeps everything from getting cluttered and you've made it clear it's easy to get back on if you do have to go MIA for a couple months.
07-22-2013, 05:11 PM
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RE: Diesel Fox's Application
Alright some questions that will let us know how we gel :3

1. We are an adult guild featuring drugs etc, and violence? Heck our Saloon is a strip club to a degree. Are you okay with this? IF so, why?

2. We allow freedom in characters, the offset is we ask everyone to follow a common laid out standard. This is in part created via discussion with members, are you okay with this notion? If so why?
07-23-2013, 12:57 AM
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RE: Diesel Fox's Application
1. I think I might have touched on this a bit earlier but yes I'm fine with it. To me having access to more adult content, so long as it's not the exclusive focus adds more freedom to the game, since it opens up more potential plot points and the players don't have to worry about accidently overstepping bounds that are designed to shelter younger players.

2. Yes I'm fine with it. If the standard is the same for everyone you can't complain if you're required to follow it as well, since everyone else is working under the same constraints. And it keeps you from having an issue like where you can have a lawful good paladin and a chaoic evil mass murder in a party and trying to keep them from killing each other in a DnD game(I think that's the question).
07-23-2013, 05:38 AM
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RE: Diesel Fox's Application
Actually that's a very good point on standards Diesel thank you :3

1. So what about our lore as a guild interests you the most?

2. What are your thoughts on our strong sense of guild identity?
07-23-2013, 05:48 AM
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RE: Diesel Fox's Application
1. Probably the bit that interests me the most is the most basic, a biker gang/wild west outlaws. With the whole Firefly feel that Wildstar has it seems most people are going more sci-fi or cyberpunk feels or else going more back in history. When I was growing up westerns and cowboys were a big part of it, and this seems to draw heavily on those themes, the fact that you call your hangout a saloon instead of a simple bar or tavern really helps that sit home. And the biker gang is like riding a 'Steel Horse' to quote an old song. Admittedly Teek would probably be more of a face in the saloon, but that doesn't stop him from being able to pull of quickdraw, trickshots, and sharpshooting if the gang proper needed some extra firepower(and having a bit of Tech know how might help)

... wow, I actually didn't realize just how much I liked the theme until you got me talking... Tongue

2. I feel it fits with the setting you're going for, with the biker gangs. And from an OOC perspective it lets the players feel more a part of the whole when they identify themselves as a 'Malverine' rather than just 'A member of the Blacksky Malverine Guild'
07-23-2013, 06:03 AM
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RE: Diesel Fox's Application
Thanks mate! :3 When we designed BlackSky back in February we hashed out several ideas and names. Including WildFang etc. We picked Bikers because they are effectively the new Outlaws of the world, and wells ome of us are HUUUUGE western fans. If you read up on the Sovereigns they are massively based on the Pinkertons.

Note I will one of these random set a guild seen to William Tell's Overture. Its going to happen XD

1. So what do you think of us have 2 factions? Some people have shown worry about it, so I'm curious as to what your take is on the concept.

2. Have you read any of our blogs? If so which one stood out the most to you?
07-23-2013, 06:10 AM
Post: #9
RE: Diesel Fox's Application
I actually did not notice that about the Sovereigns, I've been focusing most of my attention on the Malverines but it make a lot of sense, outlaws vs lawmen.

1. I'd be a little worried that one side would get focused on more than the other. But besides that one concern it gives us a ready made 'enemy' that you can have the guildies butt heads with on occasions, and gives opposition to the Seasonal scenarios I've seen talked about.

2. I can't say I have actually. I don't usually follow blogs often. Heck I only got Tumblr a couple weeks back. Undecided
07-23-2013, 09:50 AM
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RE: Diesel Fox's Application
A thing to note about the Sovereigns and the Malverines neither is lacking in story, they are equal :3

1. So what should a guild leader bring to the table?

2. In that state of mind, what should a member?

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