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Tetsuko Connors
06-18-2014, 11:41 AM (This post was last modified: 06-18-2014 11:43 AM by Coyotzin.)
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Tetsuko Connors
About the Character
NOTE: The following information will create the foundation of your IC Interview, and also let us know more about your character. Answers in character and you may use third, or first person. Answer respectively for your chosen Faction.

Why you here? Who you looking for, stranger?
Exile... that's kind of a given when you're a lowborn halfbreed. Besides, my family's been part of the advance fleet as long as we can trace our line, what other life do I know? I mean... I have nothing left, where else can I go?

How you'd you hear of the outfit?
Word gets around when a group gets past a certain critical mass; they start needing resources, they start needing people like me who keep things together. So I saw a bunch of Malverines when I was trying to pass out drunk in a bar; they were really proud of their cykes. I didn't catch their names, but I did catch the part where said cykes needed fixin'. I hate my current job, so I though, why the hell not? Work for people with actual pull and a goal.

Didn't get your name stranger, what is it? What class you again?
Lieutenant Tetsuko Connors, engineer. Formerly of the Ronin Pride forward scout frigate, before the Dominion blew us all to bits.

Fine then. What can you bring to the table? And where we suppose to put you?
I was born in the Ronin's drive core chamber, and I grew up watching my father at the helm. If it's power-driven, I can handle it. I'm a frakkin-A-class pilot, I have a Silver-class mech operator's license and the Dommies' Mobile Infantry wish they could move like I do in battle armor.

I also know how vehicles work better than I know myself. Put me where you put your broken cykes and I'll make them run again with spit and snot if need be; I'll make them purr like a baby pumera and make the controls handle like silk.

What baggage you caring?

*falls silent, grabs a drink and gulps it, then lights a cigarrette*

We were scouting some coordinates when we were ambushed. My ship was destroyed. My mother pushed me into an escape pod but it was jammed. Lucky for me since those bastards shot down every pod that launched. The ship was a useless husk, but I managed to scrounge an EVA suit and enough air from other tanks to last enough to be rescued.

Except I wasn't. I lost track of time, only it had to be around a week. I was starving and I eventually ran out of pee to pass through the suit's distillers. My air filter started malfunctioning and I knew my options were dehydration, consumption, or CO2 poisoning, but that wasn't the worst of it.

It wasn't the dark immensity of open space, or the million stars blinking uncaring at me.

You know what started getting to me? The silence. The absolute, frakking silence. I passed out at some point, hallucinating to the point that I thought I was still on a bad trip when I woke from cryo in the Gambler's Ruin. Apparently they found my suit's beacon before I croaked and put me right into hybernation to repair the tissue damage I suffered from oxygen deprivation. They told me I needed some rehab since my legs aren't working as they should, and that I should get my PTSD looked at, but otherwise I was on my own, and I was in fabled, frakkin' Nexus of all places.

So, there.

[Image: tumblr_n9isgnQSyh1qkky4zo1_500.jpg]
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10-26-2019, 05:42 PM
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RE: Tetsuko Connors
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06-06-2020, 06:47 PM
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RE: Tetsuko Connors
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