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Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
06-26-2013, 04:35 PM (This post was last modified: 06-27-2013 04:08 AM by ShadowedSin.)
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Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid


For Malverines
"Heave ho here we go," the words rang out from some unknown person that day. It was the day after several things happened. First it was the day after the Malverines had fully learned what they had, Eldan artifacts. It was also the day that the Sovereigns would get their chance at revenge. A fine day awoke as a the Malverines gathered in the Saloon and around a large carved table with the Mavlerine image upon it. This was the Table, and around it would seat the Club officers. Around but not sitting at the table would sit the Club members.

At the head of the table sat Cathal, and nearby and across from him was Fortek and Carnatia, the current standing officers.
[Image: Untitled-2_zpsddf6af3a.png]

Upon the table in front of Cathal sat the one of the artifacts, a large cubic-foot metal box covered in strange green neon sigils. It seemed to hum as at the top a strange crystalline gem was set in the middle of it. Cathal waited as he said, "We are all hare cuz o' this blood thing. One o' many artifacts stolen from the Dominion from the Train Job. Issue we need ta know is how to turn the damn thing on. An' find the way to do so." Cathal then dropped a group of strange items on the table, all were crystalling cards all in different colors.

1. Card is Silver.
2. Card is Gold.
3. Card is Clear

He waited for everyone to get a look as he proceeded, "This is all we know about the sigils found around the top"

He then brought up a written version of Shiori's translation onto a holo set in the center of the Table:

OOC: *- symbols of the message that could not be translated.

"*** must activate the me*sa** using the *** of the lost ***. The *** is mark** in silv** and *ed and is sha*** like ** arr**"
For Sovereigns
The decision had come down from the Talyn herself, attack the damn Malverines and retrieve the goods. Those who had come on the ride were anyone willing to earn some extra cash and actually take orders from their Dominion superiors. Jumping on their bikes and a small group in a hovercopter the group slowly made their way in toward the saloon itself. Arriving they would stop several hundred feet from the actual saloon behind a copse of trees to hide their escape. In the hovercopter they would have a supply of hover lifts to help them get the boxes out and then enough weaponry to make their attack (heavy guns, even a rocket launcher).

The hovercopter itself only held infantry arms and itself was not carrying vehicular weapons. It was geared for a quick pull out and escape. So it could not be used for a direct assault unless someone boarded it and fired from the large open side doors. It was capable of holding three people plus four large crates on the inside. Restraints were inside to hold people and whatever cargo was loaded within.


X - Sovereign starting position.

The copse of trees sat away three hundred feet from the Saloon itself. They would wait a few minutes before attacking.

OOC: Alright kids lets do the quick break down of what you can do in this thread.

Malverines you are all located in or are late for Churh. If you are late youc an arrive along the road like this quick image below:

And then from the road enter when you want to. This can be in, during or after the attack of the Sovereigns. Prospects feel free to jump in when you can, if the attack is underway just walk up along the road and assist when you can!

Sovereigns you are all located in or around the Hovercopter and the hoverbikes behind the copse of trees three hundred feet from the actual Saloon. If you join before attack start your post behind the trees afterward you can either be in the attack party or guarding the area behind the hovercopter. Note one of you will need to pilot the copter and help move everything.

This means that one sovereign needs to grab the hover lifters.

Those jumping in who aren't in the actual Unit or Club

Exiles - Feel free to jump in and fight the Dominion.
Dominion - Feel free to hear about the attack over the Dominion airwaves, or just notice the Dominion hovercopter taking off near deradune. The Talyn family also has an open bounty ON the malverines so feel free to just wander in and partake in the Rp!

Saloon Interior (Click to View)

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