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Pre-season Intermission 1: A Day before Church (MALVERINES!)
06-14-2013, 05:50 AM (This post was last modified: 06-14-2013 05:59 AM by 8Bit.)
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RE: Pre-season Intermission 1: A Day before Church (MALVERINES!)
"I'm so sorry!" Dylan said as a sheepish apology to Carna just after her lecture. "I'll uh.. have a 'water' then," he added, having discovered that drinks were no longer 'on the house' for him at the moment. This was actually probably better for him in multiple ways since one, it wouldn't stain anything if there was another 'accident' and two, Dylan didn't really tend to process his alcohol well and getting buzzed or worse at this particular moment might not have led to the wisest decisions. Well, 'wise' relatively speaking at least.

"You definitely might want to be more careful.. sir. From what I've seen, you're quite the klutz. Even more than me! Oh.. ah... what's your name again?"

The voice came from behind him, as he had turned his back to the stairs to apologize to Carna. It was the only voice Dylan focused on at the moment since one, it was nearby and two - well Fortek's voice didn't really conjure up the same images that Taru's dulcet tones did and Granok were still tied for third... male granok didn't even make the list.

Dylan only knew of one person behind him and after that colossal show of adorkable ineptitude, he was was surprised to hear anything but muffled laughter. Turning to face the Aurin, he did his best to compose himself and re-establish his 'pseudo-suave' persona.

"Dylan. Dylan Hawke," he replied with a smile and a dramatic pause between names. "And I'm sorry for the mess," he said, motioning to the last of the liquid behind him that Carna was mopping up. "I think the bar top is warped there or something, You should have someone check that. It can cause people's drinks to tip over," he added. Motioning to the bar stool next to him he continued, "So you're off duty? Then you can join me for a drink. My treat. It's the least I can do after spilling, er.. after that drink tipped over." He flashed Taru what he hoped was a charming grin.
06-14-2013, 10:41 AM
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RE: Pre-season Intermission 1: A Day before Church (MALVERINES!)
Fortek, after accepting his drink, went back to quietly work on his designs in peace. He occasionally sipped the snoglug ale as he worked away, appreciating the strong flavor that the drink was notorious (see: infamous) for having. The domicile that he was making looked fairly complicated; maybe it was his own?

((This character is now AFK))
06-18-2013, 01:52 AM (This post was last modified: 06-18-2013 01:52 AM by Taru Wildspark.)
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RE: Pre-season Intermission 1: A Day before Church (MALVERINES!)
Taru watched the others silently, and waited to chime in whenever appropriate. Dylan had answered her question, however, and as he gave her his name, her smiled widened and her ears pricked painfully forward. "Dylan Hawke? Oohh! Cool name!" That long, pristine white tail of hers swayed lightly over the edge of the stool.

The aurin examined the counter top with her eyes as the clumbsy human spoke about it potentially being warped, and to inspect it, she lay her palms flat on the counter and pressed her cheek to the cool surface. "It doesn't feel like it's crooked.." she nibbled her lower lip, then lifted her head, looking to Carna to see what she thought.
06-18-2013, 02:17 AM
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RE: Pre-season Intermission 1: A Day before Church (MALVERINES!)
The sound of unbaffled hoverbike exhaust blasts through the quiet morning, getting louder and louder, before finally blaring just outside the saloon. Then shuts off, leaving a deafening quiet behind the noise. The giant, tattooed Granok astride the bike lifts his goggles and sits back on his bike, taking in the site of the saloon in the daytime. Checking his chrono, and doublechecking the note from Fortek he mutters to himself "Aye, this's th' place. Here's t' hopin' this crew is worth runnin'with." He ambles slowly up to the stairs and sits, awaiting the opening of the doors.
06-18-2013, 02:26 AM
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RE: Pre-season Intermission 1: A Day before Church (MALVERINES!)
Carna is beginning to fill a glass of water for Dylan as the remarks about the bartop being crooked. Her tail whips a bit at the comment. Carna lets out a laugh, "Oh no, my honey, it isn't crooked. He is making excuses," Carna replies to Taru, "Here's your water, spill that and we'll see what happens." Carna says to Dylan giving him a glare with a smirk. She pulls back her mop of hair and heaves a little sigh, tail whipping a bit again.

Carna looks over to Cathal about his remarks to Reggie's security, "You think hooking up a cleaning bot to Reggie, will stop it from blowing up?" Carna inquires quirking her brow.

She takes a glance around the bar, and then her ears turn towards the door and outside, where she hears the unmistakable approach of a hovercycle. "We have a new customer, I think." Carna comments out loud looking to the door.
06-18-2013, 04:41 AM (This post was last modified: 06-18-2013 04:46 AM by Shardheart.)
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RE: Pre-season Intermission 1: A Day before Church (MALVERINES!)
All the while, Shiori had been typing away at his datapad before humming and walking over to present a list to Cathal. "I think two may work, and I have the parts at home to make one." The list would read an annotated format of a chassis, wiring, and various other supplies to make it run. Each part was explained in detail about use, amount needed, and average price per quality of material. It was organized to show the cheapest version which would need more maintenance, a cost effective version that was more sturdy but cost a little more, and an expensive version that would need little maintenance."I can design basic command protocols myself, and have the parts to make a computer core for both. Would you like a copy?"
06-18-2013, 08:42 PM
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RE: Pre-season Intermission 1: A Day before Church (MALVERINES!)
His focus on the writing within the notebook for just a bit longer. His eyes were getting more and more unfocused as he stared at the damn notebook. IT was like his brain was frying in the skull casing just from viewing the accursed symbols. Each was laughing at him in some strange fashion as he stared at them and they wouldn't stop making his eyes hurt. Dylan was rattling on about something as he once again lost focus and then he heard the end of the conversation.

"Taru, I need three shots, hard whiskey," he said as he was looking over at her as she was preoccupied with a few people. It was Carnatia's voice about how the thing won't end in a horrible manner.

"Let Reggie program the damn thing, she does have Dominion specs in her. Maybe we can build a mechari or something," he said as he held up the damn sigils. He then looked over and glanced at the newcomer. Interesting was all he could think as he whirled around and stood up. At this point the man was pacing as he was thinking about how to attack the problem.

"Okay kid feel free to design it and then show me when you got it ready," he replied as the kid (Shiori) popped in at the end.

"Dammit I wish I knew what these damn sigils meant," he said aloud.
06-18-2013, 10:45 PM (This post was last modified: 06-19-2013 12:26 AM by 8Bit.)
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RE: Pre-season Intermission 1: A Day before Church (MALVERINES!)
Dylan grabbed the glass of water quickly, although very carefully this time. He assumed Carnita was just teasing him about spilling this one, however... Dylan was no expert on reading body language in his own species, none-the-less an alien one, but something in the way she was flipping her tail told him that there might be more to her warning than just a snide remark.

On the topic of reading alien body language poorly, Dylan turned his attention once again to Taru who had moved to stand near him as she inspected the bar top. She had but a moment ago had been bent over, her cheek on the bar top as she looked down its length to spot any irregularities, biting her lower lip in concentration in a manner that he found entertaining and intoxicating at the same time.

He continued to watch her as she stood up and shrugged, her investigation of the counter top brought to an end with Carna's proclamation that it was flat and that Dylan was basically full of it which earned her a perturbed glance of his own (when he was convinced she wasn't looking - I mean that whole 'angry tail twitching thing seemed to be getting worse - why fan those flames higher?). As he turned back to Taru, her smile had returned. She might as well as had loftite injections in the corners of her mouth as he'd never seen them in any position but 'up'.

Returning her smile Dylan waved his hand in the air in a dismissive fashion as if brushing aside that whole 'warped countertop' nonsense and added, "Well, it's a subtle thing, but enough about that - why don't you have a seat and tell me about yourself? From what I've seen you've not been here long and I don't think we've gotten the chance to talk." Dylan punctuated his request with a long drink of his water, throwing it back dramatically as if he were a Granok with his second stein of 'Double Boulder Grog'.
06-19-2013, 12:13 AM
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RE: Pre-season Intermission 1: A Day before Church (MALVERINES!)
Shiori chuckled and tapped on his datapad a few moments before a holographic display appeared on it. Setting the pad down on the table he reached in and made a spreading motion in the display itself spreading it over part of the table. Looking to Cathal, he indicated to the holographic view of three robots. The first looked like someone had taken a bowl and turned it upside down before giving it wheels and turning it into a robot. The second resembled a cylinder that stood about two feet high with a dome top to it. It also had treads on two sides for movement. The third looked like a very crude bipedal robot. Next to each was a display of specs, building materials, cost, and general design efficiency vs. cost for each material type and overall design.

Looking back at Cathal he grinned a bit. "I had been thinking about it already. This last one is more of an experimental project of mine to see if I can make Mechari-like robots. The first two I've made before so I had the designs on hand." Gesturing to the display he continued. "The hologram is manipulative, so you can move it around as you see fit to determine what would be best. You can even take apart the holograms to get a look inside if you like."

Looking at the pad next to Cathal, Shiori tilted his head curiously. "Would I be correct in assuming that's Elden? I have a lot of their tech in my body, so maybe I could help?"
06-19-2013, 02:49 AM (This post was last modified: 06-26-2013 02:25 AM by Taru Wildspark.)
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RE: Pre-season Intermission 1: A Day before Church (MALVERINES!)
Taru looked to Carna when she mentioned that the counter couldn't have possibly been crooked, and in noticing the flip of the other aurin's tail, she looked back to Dylan, who was giving Carna a curious look. Taru giggled softly. It was then that Cathal spoke up from the seat next to her, and her head immediately swiveled in his direction, ears forward. If she had been being stared at for any considerable length of time, she didn't seemed to be bothered by it. When she heard Cathal's order for the drinks, she tilted an ear at Carna, and then nodded quickly. She slid off of her stool, hearing Dylan saying something to her. "Sorry, Mister Hawke! I have to pour Mister Reily something to drink!" The girl trotted around the counter until she was behind it and she found the bottles of....

Her ears drooped. "Umm.." She was facing them behind the bar, and stood somewhat a ways from Carnatia, glancing at her briefly as if looking for help. Taru ducked behind the counter and looked at each of the bottles more closely, the blue tips of her ears peeking up from over the countertop. She stood up straight again, holding three shot glasses stacked inside of each other. She laid them out above Cathal's holopad and unscrewed the cap to the bottle of 'Bourbon Wilds'. She held the neck and body very carefully as she poured the shots.

When she was done, she smiled at Cathal, who had stood out of his seat and begun pacing at this point. She watched him for a few moments- his behavior was making her a bit anxious. Her ears turned outward as her eyes moved to Shiori, who had leaned over to examine Reily's holopad, which, in turn, made her lean over the counter slightly to examine it was well. Without thinking, her hand reached for it (Cathal's holopad) and would bring it closer to her so she could examine these symbols they were referring to.

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