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Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
08-30-2013, 05:01 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Shiori blinked as Cathal appeared next to him from the portal and he studied the man with a frown on his face. All he wanted was a place to just exist while he worked on his research and the Eldan artifact seemed like a perfect opportunity to further his knowledge. He could feel the curiosity setting in at the AI contained within, but the young man knew almost instinctively that it wasn't exactly right. So instead, he bent down to retrieve his pack and put it on as his scanning drone floated lazily next to him.

"Ok, he's here. Let's finish this up." Shio spoke aloud as he straightened up to his full height and observed carefully as he waited for Taru to be returned from captivity and in safe hands again. He fidgetted with his gauntlets before giving Taru a brief grin as he pushed the artifact over to Cathal. "Let's get her back and get them gone." He spoke to Cathal.
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
When the portal opened he got a good look at the kid, and like many of the kids joining the gang recently there was an interesting look in his eyes. Cathal shrugged quietly as he gazed at Shiori slowly bend down and remove the cube from his pack. The man then briefly looked over at Taru as he then waited for Shio to make the drop.

"Aye lets be done with this bullshit," and he took the artifact from Shiori through the portal. He then held it aloft and stared at Samuel, his face contorting into a grimace of utter rage and then back to carefully calm.

"Lets get tis done den Delmonte?" he said in his thick brough, "Ye get the pretty cube, I get the girl." Cathal then tossed aside his mag pistols, but within reach so he knew he could grab them in case shit went south.

"I'll roll the artifact across the ground you send over Taru at the same time, then we're done Butcher."

He held aloft the cube and noticed the slime covering it. With a look of utter annoyance his face he leaned forward and tossed the thing across the ground so that it would roll as he assumed Samuel will send Taru across the ground.

EDIT / OOC: ONCE GENT sends over Taru everyone gets ONE concluding post and then we will end the episode.
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
The aurin glanced up to her captor, eyes hopeful with the anticipation of her imminent release. Her ears drooped after some time, and she looked back to the building, silently glancing at Cathal and Shiori. The look on her face was somewhat apologetic for having put them in such a position, but she tried to stay positive.
09-06-2013, 05:15 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
"Butcher? Darling please there is no need to be so melodramatic...Not been called that for a while. I mean really you open fire on some dissidents ONCE and suddenly everyone flinging titles around like I'm the latest Holo-film. What's this then? The Rail reckoning?" he smirks and chuckles over the comms. With a steady hum of the copter Samuel signalled for his pilot to take them lower. Leaving them hovering low snugly in the Sovereign formation beside their hostage and the metal arms holding her in place. With that Rexana walks up to Samuel, ever ready, and as she puts down Taru, she gently pets Taru's head and just stares dully forward while assuring Taru in her metallic reverberating tone "There, there. I told you, you would be safe." Taru flattened her ears in response and nodded slowly, looking towards the copter.

Samuel smirks and practically sweeps Taru close as he slinks an arm about her waist. The young aurin gave a surprised squeak as she was pulled forward, her body still shivering from fear. Her eyes look up to him with a bright curiosity, even if the rest of her form might suggest that she was solidified with uncertainty.

"A pleasure darling" Samuel chuckles in a long purring drawl as with a sharp gesture the Copter makes a sudden jolt as it takes to the air once again. With that it swung about, flying low as it came to rest near Cathal but still leaving a good fourteen feet between them. After all they didn't just each other as far as they could throw them. The copter swung slightly, kicking up dust, as it presented its side compartments and the wickedly grinning Samuel with Taru in arm.

“Awwwww, bloody marvellous day isn’t it” he breaths deep and squeezes Taru slightly, which caused her to make another small noise. “The wind in your hair, the smell of smouldering wreckage and the promise of bad blood. AH! Doesn’t it just do something too you? Gets that bland heart pumping like a jack hammer and your veins burning with that ever so delicious anticipation! AHA!” Samuel springs forward sweeping Taru into his arms once more only to slide a hand into her and seemingly break out into a elegant twirl. He was dancing? He hummed slightly as he went through a simple side step and twirl with a viscous look in his eye along the smirk of a deviant. The aurin wasn't quite sure what to do at this point, and it was quite obvious that she was terribly unfamiliar with any kind of 'formal' dance as she shuffled about on her toes helplessly.

“AAAahhh, I mean really, sometimes I think your Sister and you, Cathal, take things too seriously, what happened to whistle while you work? Would you hire a chef who wouldn’t eat or a dancer that couldn’t dance?! Of course not!” he chuckles as he took and step back and did another twirl, his knife clearly at his belt and his holster empty. Taru spun around at the given prompt, her tail curling around her lithe form as she did so. Her face wore a confused expression and her ears were swept flat against her head as she participated in the odd ruse. She seemed to be going along with it, however. Just what was he trying to do?

“You should have known better, Cathal, that she’d get pissed and send her usual blood hound to snap at your heels. But, anyway, I must say I’m delighted to see GOOD SENSE prevail, I would have hated to blow the brains out of such a delicious dance partner!” With this little merry jaunt he had slowly gotten closer to Cathal, finally giving Taru some peace and slinking to her side, one arm still on about her waist. The little aurin looked up to Samuel for a moment or two, tilting her head curiously, and then looked ahead, eyes dancing between Shiori and Cathal. “I’ll take what was stolen now...if you would be so kind ddaarrlinnggg~” he purrs in that sooth drawl once again.
Samuel raised a brow. He was rather enjoying himself, but this somewhat warranted attention, as the cube smeared in some kind of oddly coloured slime. “Dare I ask? Didn’t think you lot were into that kind of thing....then again after that incident at the Brothel...” he chuckles. With that he walked forward and nudged Taru into position, in front of him. After all, a human shield was a human shield, no matter what race. The aurin stepped forward, her form giving easily to the Dominon Captain's pressure.

Samuel stopped by the cube, a firm hand on Taru’s shoulder, and with his free hand, he attempted to grab something less slimy, it smelled strangely sweet. With that he dragged it slightly behind him, and he let go of Taru. “An utter pleasure darling...” Samuel purred once more, pitching her rear as a sign to go forward. The aurin bounced forward at the touch, and immediately ducked behind Shiori, her steps silent. She looked peeked around to gaze at Samuel, and then to the other Dominion forces gathered in the distance. Her small hands wrapped around Shiori's forearm, squeezing anxiously.

With one foot on the slime smeared cube, Samuel tucked at his belt and throws a small wooden shafted twitch blade into the dirt nearby. “Your knife Cathal left it in my thigh last time we met... It seemed wrong to keep it.” he splutters with a chuckle.

“Well, charmed as always to do business with you, keeps me on my toes, and a song in my heart! All ways a man of honour in the end aye Cathal? ” With that Samuel whipped around and lifted the cube in his arms and trotted off back to the copter making sure not to turn his back. He threw the clunky thing in the back and leap inside, slightly on edge due to a mix of artificial adrenaline and the fact he had his back to a man who had a good shooting arm. With a lavish bow too Cathal, the copter lurched into the air towards the Sovereigns. “MOUNT UP! COVER AND FALL BACK! WE ARE DONE HERE.” He barks over the comms as he swings over the formation lowering for the officers and to mount the power loader and strap in the cube for transit. With a few harsh words a few troops readied smoke in case an obscuring escape was needed.
09-06-2013, 07:41 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Shiori watched with barely disguised anticipation as the man twirled Taru around and around in some sort of twisted version of a dance. As the man watched, his fists clenched and he barely managed to keep his claws from snapping open on reflex. The only thing off was that his eye’s had shifted to a piercing green instead of their usual pale blue color. So when Taru ran over and hid behind him, squeezing his arm for support, he eased just slightly before his gaze snapped over to one of the Dominion’s bikes. His own bike was too far away, and for what he needed he couldn’t do it remotely, even with Yucca’s help. Within two seconds the displays on the Dominion bike flashed to green and it drove over to Shio before he climbed on it and pulled Taru up with him, who complied without question. Her body shivered still, and her eyes were fiercely attentive, gazing back towards the Dominion forces once she settled up on the vehicle.

”You aren’t getting this bike back, and good luck with that insane AI. You’ll need to actually get your balls out of your purse for once to deal with that.” And with that scathing remark, he overrode every last system in the bike to insure his total control before zipping away into the forest with Taru on board.
09-06-2013, 09:21 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Samuel's vulgar display was all Cathal could watch without drawing one of his guns and shooting the bastard as soon as he had an opening. If Taru had not been in danger he would have done just that. The truth was Cathal utterly hated that man, and would likely kill the blond hair flipping snark as soon as he got the chance. How much pain would plague the Reily family until the Talyn's finally relented? Cathal cursed his ancestor for killing that foppish brat Elric back all those years ago during the Civil War. Now all he could was watch as Samuel continued his commentary.

Without really thinking Cathal reached into one of his pockets and retrieved a cigar. Holding up an antique looking lighter he lit the cigar and watched Samuel get closer. Cathal Reily had a look of pure unrelenting hatred in his eyes as he watched Samuel creeping closer.

"Me mam always did loik fuckin wit people. Nearly killed me an', the sisters a while back. Just cuz we're half highborn don't mean she gets ta fuck wit the loives of my crew mates, or the rest of me people," he said. He snapped his eyes so he had Shiori in his range of vision. The kid was doing something and was just as bit as pissed off as Cathal himself was.

Samuel took the fucking cube with a bit of exuberance. The man then made a comment about the brothel incident and all Cathal did was to take in a long drag of his cigar. A quiet calm over came him as he took in a breath and sighed deeply. The he picked up the blade from the dirt after Samuel throw at toward him.

"Always returnin the favor Sammy ol' boy," he said under his breath. He turned as Shiori made his little statement with Taru in tow and took off into the woods. The Sovereigns were pulling out as the Boss of the BlackSky took a drag from his Cigar again and exhaled a long line of smoke.

"....Time to rebuilding," he said as he removed a tablet from within his coat and began to send off a few net-mails to contractors.

"Time for a hard drink," he said to himself as he started making his way back toward the burnt out Saloon.

OOC: Time to post your concluding entries guys!
09-06-2013, 02:20 PM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Vermana had just pieced herself back together as the exchange took place; it was just such a pity that the specimen had to be given away. Of course, the artifact would be more valuable, but organics were much more satisfying to pick apart. Something about how squishy and filthy they were. Or the Aurin were, at least.

She took what little of her belongings she had left after her scuffle with the Exile Stalker; her pistol, and the tattered remains of her favorite uniform, and prepared for their departure. The operation had been shoddy at best, and while it had been a success in the end, Ilium's leaders would not be impressed by her report. The Sovereigns had some shaping up to do if they were to appeal to Dominion standards.
09-06-2013, 03:49 PM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Jaedis watched closely and silently as the exchange was finally completed. Based on everything she had witnessed thus far, she was surprised everything didn't get blown to hell in the process. Her eyes followed the blonde as he ordered the Dominion back after making quite the production of things - there was definitely something disturbing about that man...

And just like that, people began breaking off on their way. First was Shiori, who snagged the one called Taru and commandeered a bike before zipping away. The Dominion was swiftly making their exit. Finally there was just Cathal, who was apparently the leader for the ragtag Exile group. His calm was impressive as he nonchalantly smoked on a cigar before heading back in the direction of the saloon - or what was left of it.

Jaedis left her cover and began following hesitantly before slowing to a stop. Her assistance was no longer needed it seemed, and these people didn't know her. Nor did she know them. What purpose did she have for returning with them now? Yet there was something intriguing about this group. For some reason, she wanted to stay close to them. Maybe they reminded her of her old crew... Keeping at a distance, Jaedis made her way towards the saloon as well.
09-08-2013, 11:31 PM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)

Rexana doesn't bide her her time or linger after the exchange. SHe glides back through the troops and the others. She returns to Scavara, "You, Scavara was it? If you are interested, you may follow." She states simply before turning to the lowered copter. and gliding to it, climbing into it with ease and strapping herself in nearest the cube. Scanning it premptively.

She looks back out to Scavara and nods at her.


Carnatia looks tot he sound of bikes speeding away and people going into to retreat. FInally they were leaving. She breathes a sigh before looking back to Fortek unconscious on the ground. She reaches up to Shio's com peice she still has on, and radios to Argyle and the others, "I have a passed out Granok here, and I know I am capable of many things, but carrying an unconscious one is not one of them. I will need help getting him back to the saloon."

Carna looks down to Fortek again, "You silly old thing." She says then pokes his face for any kind of response but gets nothing. Carna will spend the next little while waiting for others to come help her bring Fortek back in somehow.

((THis is my final post, we will just have it that eventually Carna got the help she needed.))
09-09-2013, 01:36 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)

Argyle taps his foot repeatedly, staring at the unconscious Opie for a while. He hears someone heading upstairs and quickly turns his head to the opened door. "I'm going to go out and look again for anyone. I haven't seen Fortek, large burly Granok fellow, hard to miss types. Going to see if I can find him." She nods at Argyle and smiles. He relaxs his shoulders, feeling less tense and nods. "Alright, just be careful out there, those bastards are still out there."

"Thanks, too." She says to Argyle before leaving him and Opie. "Tch, whatever, I didn't think I would be doing this on my first day here but fine your thanks is appreciated." He said to the already leaving Carna. He went back to looking after Opie and hoped that no one else has gotten hurt in this fight, or at the very least not suffering from any Major injuries.

He woke up, not realizing that he's been sleeping on the chair while taking care of Opie for a while, He hears the sounds of bikes speeding away from a distance. He sighs and is glad that this nonsense is over and they got whatever they came for and left. "I have a passed out Granok here, and I know I am capable of many things, but carrying an unconscious one is not one of them. I will need help getting him back to the saloon." He hears Carna on the radio and sighs, getting up slowly and stretching arms out. "A doctor's work is never done, I better get damned paid for this." He walks out the door and downstairs, helping his new allies with the wounded and hoping that they'll be the ones to help him out in return.


A mysterious being hides in the shadows, overlooking the saloon from the distance as the Bikes speed off. "A missed opportunity...It is a shame."

"Awaiting your command" says a floating bot hovering close-by to the mysterious figure.

He knows it would be fruitless to attack now, so maybe an opportunity with joining the attacking force will give him a chance to carve out the Exiles flesh from their bodies. "We leave for now. After all..." he grins widely from his lipless face, "I can always kill them later."

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