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[Private] Together Again... [Completed]
05-10-2013, 05:11 AM (This post was last modified: 05-20-2013 04:48 AM by Carnatia.)
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Shocked [Private] Together Again... [Completed]
The years on the Gambler's Ruin had been torturous for Carnatia Treerunner. Like any Aurin she longs for the open fields and tall trees of Arboria that she once knew. But this was her home now, for the time being, on its way to Nexus.

The Arkship, much to Carna's surprise, was huge and sprawling with public areas, private areas, a shopping mall and so much more than she could imagine. As well areas for growing crops that helps sate her need for something natural.

A friend of hers managed to coerce her into going out for the night. She was heading into a part of the Arkship she usually stays out of, but she thought why not. She was on the ship for a few years now and hadn't gone. Plus if it helped her relax she'd be ok with it.

The area of the Gambler's Ruin she heads seemed much darker than the rest of the rest. Slummier. There is a faint smell of goodness knows what in the air, and it is dirtier. It is a big ship, it must take a while to clean. She also feels overdressed as she walks towards the club. She is wearing a nice number her friend picked out. An tight black evening dress that didn't so cleavage but was tight enough to show she was a woman, and loose enough to show she was a lady.

She heads to a club and bar on the ship called "The Blackhole". Carna didn't see her friend but decides to wait inside.

Inside the club her senses are assailed by heavy incense and other types of smoke. There looks to be a small haze in the air. The room is rather large. The walls are lined with booths with cushioned benches. Tables strewn throughout as well. There is also a huge stage with poles and lights and a very gaudy red velveteen curtain. It kind of has that old opera feel.

'Must have taken them a while to get all this on the ship...' Carna thought to herself.

The room was filling up with many other women, and a few men (She wasn't going to judge). She acts quickly and finds a good place for her and her friend to sit. She thought a table closest to the stage would be best. She knew what her friend would want. She speed walks to a table and grabs it from a couple about to sit down. She draws her tail up into her lap, so that no one trips over it as they try to walk by.

She sits there and keeps looking for her friend as she was approached by a waitress. She is wearing a lovely outfit, a human girl as well. Carna wipes her long blond hair from her face and smiles at the girl.

"Hey sugar peach, I am Adrienne, I'll be your server tonight! what can I get you?" She asks.

"I would really like something from Arboria, if you can manage." Carna answers with a smile.

Adrienne nods and heads off.

It was in no time she received her drink. A white wine from Arboria. She was happy some of the things from home managed on board with those of her people that could.

The place was really getting packed now and still no sign of her friend. She was sure the show would be starting soon.
05-10-2013, 09:47 AM
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RE: [Private] Together Again...
In the meantime, Ryn was busy preparing for a night of work. He pulled off his shirt, opened a bottle of scented oil (he was used for "close" performances) and started rubbing himself down. His toned, thin, Aurin frame sported a pretty red tail, along with a mane of hair the same color. Finishing up with making his manly Aurin chest look alluring, Ryn got out a comb and some gel, and started grooming his tail and mane. He prepared himself for a full on nudity night; his final preparations involved some pubic hair shape-trimming.

Finally ready, Ryn put on his tight leather male-equivilant panties, grabbed a fake gun that shot sparkles, and prepared himself for a night of.. "fun".
05-10-2013, 10:25 AM
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RE: [Private] Together Again...
Carna begins to childishly fluff her tail while she waits for her friend. She was on her second drink already, but she knew she should slow.

Suddenly someone sat down in front of her, it is her friend. "I'm here, Carny. So sorry, got caught up in something." It was her friend.

"Well Kristen I am glad you're here I thought I would be here alone." Carna responds with a slight smile and takes a sip of her drink.

"So glad it didn't start yet." Kristen jitters excitedly.

Carna nods at her friend then the lights change, the show is about to begin.
05-11-2013, 09:36 AM
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RE: [Private] Together Again...
Ryn and the other strippers walk out with the fake fog, which mists over and around their masculine features. The Strippers start doing their thing on the long stage, making sure that their sculpted chests, muscled thighs, and hefty bulges are enjoyed by the audience.

Ryn, a local favorite among the Aurin ladies, starts performing for the first table he sees, off to Carnatia's left. They coo and whistle at him, and one calls out "show me that tail, baby!". Ryn of course does just that, his long red-haired tail swaying seductively behind him. He whips his red mane around, showing a table on the other side of the stage his package with a thrust of his hips. Turning to face the first table again, Ryn bites his lip at a pretty green-haired one before moving on towards Carnatia's table.
05-11-2013, 12:12 PM (This post was last modified: 05-11-2013 01:46 PM by Carnatia.)
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RE: [Private] Together Again...
Carna wasn't doing much hooting or hollering but she liked what she saw. There was this feisty looking red haired Aurin making his way all along the stage. Was there something familiar about him? Carna pushed the thought from her head and just watched, she couldn't make out faces anyway, was probably just that connection with knowing other Aurin or something. She pulls her hand through the large mop of blond hair to get some out of her eyes clapped while giving a little cheer, but wasn't jumping or making a scene. This wasn't so bad for her.

Her friend Kristen was freaking out and hollering and such. She was freaking out and loving it. THere were two men giving a show right in front of Kristen.

That red haired Aurin was heading towards them. Carna smirked, this oughta be good. He started by twerking his butt towards them and spinning his tail around, Carna reached up and smacked it and was teased by her friend Kristen.

Then the Aurin begin to turn around and Carna goes, "Ooo, laa, laaa." She smirks while saying.

But at this distance she could make out the Aurin much clearer than she could when he first walked onto the stage. She smirked at the Aurin making his sexy faces and biting lips. Suddenly everything in Carna's mind went quiet as she looked up with her smirk at that red haired Aurin. It registered in her mind as she finally saw the face from his closer proximity. The eyes the face... She did know this Aurin. This AUrin was her baby brother who she hadn't seen since leaving Arboria. She thought he was dead or worse. Now here was was, thrusting his junk into her face... And she had slapped his ass.

The smirk slowly faded from Carna's face. Her eyes narrowed and she drew in a big breath.


Her voice seemed to boom over the music and the dancers. The music stopped at the interruption. Carna glared up at her baby brother as if to shoot fire out of her eyes.
05-11-2013, 04:06 PM
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RE: [Private] Together Again...
A distinctly awkward silence settled over the club. The strippers paused for a whole minute in awkward poses before they could compose themselves again. Ryn, still in denial, looked blankly at his sister. Realization overshadowed his features...

He had a chance to calm his sister. He had a few seconds to say something really meaningful to his sister, to say something heartwarming.

"Oh shit." He said.

And 'Oh shit' was right, as the lights in the building seemed to dim, focusing on Carnatia's green eyes, which seemed to be burning brighter than the fires of hell. Ryn had expected many things to happen to him tonight, and had prepared himself for a lot of sexual violations. Getting slapped on the ass by his sister however..

There was no preparing for that.

Carnatia, whose anger was far faster than the reactions of the club security, looked ready to drag him out by his foxy ears.

Ryn, recalling his childhood, knew there would be no arguing. He was losing his job.
05-12-2013, 12:28 AM
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RE: [Private] Together Again...

Carna's hand shot up and grabbed Ryn's tail, with her own strength, and being multiplied by the adrenaline flowing through her veins, pulled the small Aurin boy off the stage. The club security was now much closer and telling her not to touch the dancers.

"OH NO HE ISN'T A DANCER HERE ANYMORE! LET ME TELL YOU BUDDY!" She screeches at this burly Granok now between her with her brother and the exit.

This Granok w as a big burly kind of granok, you know, the usual kind. WHen the Granok tried touching Carna to drop her brother, she actually pushed, more like threw him aside, amplified by adrenaline and telekinetic power, so that he crashed into a couple tables making patrons scream. THe rest of Security watched and backed off.

Carna then heaves Ryn over her shoulder, not caring what he was still wearing at all and marches out of the club fuming. Her friend Kristen is sitting at their table dumbfounded then turns to one of the strippers closet to her, pinches his ass and slips money into his thong. THe music starts up again the show goes on. Carna has a little brother she is about to skin alive and gone from there.
05-12-2013, 09:35 AM
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RE: [Private] Together Again...
Ryn facepalmed his way out of the club. Big sisters can be pretty damn embarrassing sometimes, and this time had to take the cake.

When Carnatia telekinetically slammed the Granok, however, he immediately thought better of struggling. His sister had obviously been undergoing some training to make her even more deadly than when she would drag him back home when they lived on Arboria. Ryn, once again, had a chance to say something that would placate the coming rage.

"Uh.. So. You've been working out?" He said, as the security staff backed away from her, and the crowd made way for her.

Once they were out of the club, and Carnatia had set him down, he put up a finger in a 'shhh' motion. "We should probably go back stage for my clothes.." He gestured at his nakedness. "And then, when I am thong-less, we can catch up."

While his voice was calm and seemingly carefree, his eyes were starting to fill up. It's hard to be manly when your long-lost sister has just pulled you out of a strip club like a sack of thong-wearing potatoes. He was genuinely glad to see her, no matter the circumstances.
05-13-2013, 12:20 AM
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RE: [Private] Together Again...
"Let's... Make... It... Quick." Carna replies to Ryn. She begins regulating her breathing to calm down. Despite it all she was thrilled too, to see her little brother. THough she did react rather fast and agreed he should change out of the thong. Oh god the thong.

Carna follows Ryn to the backstage door, and enters with him, she ain't letting him go alone. She doesn't care what she sees. The same Granok from before is back there and sees Carna and completely goes on alert. Carna then pretends to lundge and him and the Granok falls over. Carna smirks then just follows her little brother to what she would guess is his changing room.
05-14-2013, 04:54 AM (This post was last modified: 05-14-2013 04:56 AM by The Defenestrator.)
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RE: [Private] Together Again...
Ryn slips inside and quickly dresses. Being a stripper had given him plenty of practice in dressing and undressing, and he was soon outside in a dark blue long-sleeved turtleneck, as well as some tighter-fitting (but not overly tight) pants. He rolled up his sleeves to the elbow. The rest of his things he stored in packed up in his black, slightly dirty backpack.

He looked up at Carnatia. He paused for a moment, her features sinking in and bringing back memories. Not able to hold back any more, he hugged her, almost leaping into her. Being fairly short in comparison, he was essentially hugging her stomach. It was easier for him to hid his tears when his face was buried in her shirt, after all.

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