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Carnatia Treerunner
04-21-2013, 11:19 AM (This post was last modified: 01-23-2014 07:19 AM by Carnatia.)
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Carnatia Treerunner
Carnatia Treerunner

[Image: 2dc8zus.jpg]
Art by: Alison Down

Preliminary art,
and another.
These are done by Taru

The Basics
Race: Aurin
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Class: Esper
Path: Explorer
Job: Officer, Treasurer, Scout, Fighter, Bar Tender

The Appearance
Mostly, see the picture at the top of this jacket.

Eyes: Dark green

She loves colours. The brighter the better. Even if it makes her a more noticeable target, she doesn't mind, she can handle most things thrown at her.

She wears a simple silver chained necklace with a yellow gemstone placed in a setting. The necklace belongs to her mother. They have been separated since Carnatia left Arboria.

The Personality
Carnatia is a rather upbeat and out there. Some even call her crazy. But those people are her friends. To everyone when they first meet she is very much the opposite. She comes of as a quiet and collected woman who doesn't speak much, but overall polite. She also has a very optimistic view on everything, but she usually doesn't express her opinions right away. She has also been classified as the motherly type by others, in the sense that if anyone messes with her family and friends she is going to rip your face off and feed it back you. But very caring about friends family. Very protective like a bear too.

When it comes to business and interrogations and the like, she is rather ruthless and tries to disconnect herself from the situation to get things done.

She has very explosive anger. As anyone who knows her can say, it takes a lot of coaxing to get her into a full on angry rage, but they also know if she ever gets to that point to watch out. When she gets adrenaline flowing from anger, it all amplifies again with her Esper abilities. She becomes a whole other thing to deal with. On the other hand, anger may amplify her Esper abilities, but other emotions like fear, surprise, and nervousness can make her powers fizzle out, until she can regain the focus to overcome what she is feeling.

She has a flare for knitting. She loves knitting scarves and mittens and socks. She usually knits while hanging in a tree either camped at night, or just has free time.

She is good at finding things. She is an explorer and has an eye for noticing things others might not.

She is a quick learner. She can learn a task and do it fairly well in a short amount of time.

She is very Independent. She doesn't need to rely heavily on the aid of others, but is not too proud to ask for it when she knows she needs it.

While she does drink, she doesn't drink a lot. She is a lightweight, and has had problems with alcohol in the past.

She has a fear of tight places. A mild case of claustrophobia. If there is a conflict in a small space, she usually fights panicked and only to get out of the small places. It is also in situation like that he abilities can be seen fizzling.

The History
Carnatia was born on Arboria. Like most of her race she loves nature. She protects it and fights for it. Carnatia also has a small connection to the Weave, though she doesn't talk about it much. She can sense the trees and emotions of those around her.

She grew up really fast in her teens years because she had the job of caring for her mother, who had been injured while trying to contain a forest fire a few years before at the time. It fell to her to care of her brother Ryn as well. Though her brother usually gallivanted off somewhere for weeks at a time leaving her and their mother to worry. Her father had disappeared from their lives very early on, and Carna doesn't remember him that well. She likes to think that is for the better.

When the Dominion deforestation machines attacked, Carna was initially separated from her mother and brother. She remembers the day. She tried finding them but got lost in the chaos that ensued in her village. Carna had been with the Matria of the village that day. Carna was there because she had been identified as being sensitive to the Weave, as well as for years been known to have Esper like abilities as well. She hadn't received any formal training up until this point, because of how busy she was generally providing for her family, and it had only started recently with the Matria. She remembers the initial attack. The forests around the village erupted into flames. The Matria told Carna to flee, as the Matria herself calling upon the power of the trees raised magical defenses around the village. Carna remembers the banners of the Dominion and soldiers with large guns marching towards them. She first went back to her house to find it vacant. Someone else must have gotten her mother out. It had also been a week since she last heard from her bother. After that she ran, and ran. Her friends and neighbours around her.

Carna was alone, but went from village to village along her way trying to see if her mother passed through, or if her brother had. It was also around this time word that her VIllages Matria had been killed in combat trying to protect everyone. Carna remembers the Matria fondly. She joined the resistance in the two years since the start of the ravaging. The two years of chaos, war and missing information didn't aid in the finding of her missing family members. With scores of Aurin fleeing constantly and to the Aurin capital. It was also during her time of resistance where she first encountered a band of Dominion who called themselves "Brightstars" led by a ruthless Cassian. She remembers a lot of the events and what he did to the area they took over.

Eventually word of Queen Myala's rescue from the Exile's reached her and her squad, after several successful raids against these Brightstars, but their numbers dwindled. She made her way to the drop site and was lucky enough to get on board. She could only hope that her mother and brother made it on board. But as the ship ascended the day she left Arboria she looked down with sadness having to leave all of those Aurin behind, she caught site of a familiar face. Her mother. She hadn't gotten on. Carna tried and begged to get someone to go back and get her mother but no one would, or could. She was restrained and left a crying a mess on the evacuation ship.

After her initial leaving of Arboria, she wound up on a ship in the Exile fleet, depressed and in a rut. Word of the cryo-sleep spread among the Aurin, and the though petrified Carna. Her clausterphobia too much to handle. She managed to get a job working as a Tender for the agricultural fields to avoid being but into sleep.

Carna lived that was for a couple of years then one night after drinking rather heavily she passed out in one of the ships many corridors and was found by and Aurin doctor named Fenwick Starbound. Before long Carna woke up and initially accused Fenwick of trying to make his way with her, but in the end he didn't and it was a misunderstanding. She thanked him for helping her after a bit of an awkward exchange. The pair talked and reminisced briefly on Arboria. Carna was also rather taken by his science probe PROBIE. During their Fenwick mentioned being an Esper. Carna mentioned how it interested her, initially leaving out her brief time training. Fenwick then offered to show Carna a few things. Carna agreed. Then began some early training in a storage hold of the ship. This is where Carnatia started becoming a serious Esper.

How did they Join the Gang?


Quickfoot, Officier, Treasurer, Scout


Ryn's Blood - Biological Brother

What ICI Know Regarding Treerunner, Carnatia:
05-11-2013, 01:24 PM
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RE: Carnatia Treerunner
Edited a patch and a badge. Hope I used that bade correctly. I picked a Patch that I think would fit Carna the best in what I want her to be doing.
05-12-2013, 06:03 AM
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RE: Carnatia Treerunner
Orange, Yellow, Green & Aqua
05-12-2013, 07:26 AM (This post was last modified: 05-12-2013 07:27 AM by Carnatia.)
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RE: Carnatia Treerunner
Updated with lovely picture Taru! As well as added stuff tot he appearance section!

Also added to personality and such.

THe bunny ears are not an official thingy yet, theys just a place holder. But I do think they;re really cute in that picture. Smile

My goodness lots of jacket updates.
05-14-2013, 09:57 AM
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RE: Carnatia Treerunner
Updated pictue. Again by Taru. Smile
05-14-2013, 01:48 PM
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RE: Carnatia Treerunner
Added my own little 'What the ICI Know' aka what the Sovs can find on her.
06-16-2013, 07:21 AM
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RE: Carnatia Treerunner
Edited, once again added awesome art by Taru. Smile
12-14-2013, 08:01 PM (This post was last modified: 12-14-2013 08:03 PM by Carnatia.)
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RE: Carnatia Treerunner
Been a while since I have updated this jacket here, but I have updated it and added the newest picture of Carnatia done by my wonderful friend Alison I know IRL. I also updated many of the sections, most notably would be the History, and some other things I have left blank. As well as personality and such.


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