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The Doctor's Office (Open)
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The Doctor's Office (Open)
(Post Train, bring injured here. Whoever posts first in response, the posting orders starts there. )

A small practice across the way of the Saloon. It's lined with a medium hedge fence and a white gate. The mail box sits besides the gate, it has a few holes in it indicating someone's broken it a few times.

[Image: green-fence-hedge-climbing-plants-2.jpg]

Inside the yard, it is a simple setting, the path way was stepping stones, to the left was a fountain scene with a pond mostly likely filled with fish, though it streamed out and under a bridge for the walk way toward the office. Off to the right, was a garden filled with flowers and herbs of every kind. Some still sat in pots waiting to be transferred in to the bed. But for the most part it was a colorful thing to see.

[Image: waterfall_yard.jpg]

[Image: How-To-Strategy-Your-Herb-Garden-2143.jpg]

Crossing the bridge was the porch of the office. More potted plants were hanging from hooks. It was a spacious area, with out door rugs, a furniture set for people to sit enjoy the view during recovery. Lining the porch's railing were unlit oil lamps. The over all design, was to give a feeling of a small rehab center for those having to stay on extended vists. This was only the front of her office. Sydira must of put a lot of work in to making it very welcoming. Hanging above the door was a sign that clearly showed she was a doctor.

[Image: istock-9413506_front-porch-Mexican-tile_s4x3_lg.jpg]

[Image: 103505482_37e452ecf6_z.jpg?zz=1]

Opening the door, the front room was a waiting room. Complete with
comfortable seating, a television set, and a long table that was stocked three pots that brewed Coffee and hot water for tea. No reception desk except for a bell, a sign in sheet and a door that lead to the rest of the office. The bell was connected to the door, it would ring the moment someone opened the door even just the smallest bit.

[Image: Office+Inspiration+(TV)+-+Designs+by+Lynda.jpg]

[Image: nautical_bell_01.jpg]

Past the door, was a stair case and a few doors. The four along the right wall had signs that said "Examination room." The last door down the hall was a sliding glass door, to get go out back. And even then it hinted at another hallway unseen behind the staircase.

Sydira sat at her desk, she was prepping for what was gonna be brought her way this evening. She had an ice back against her shoulder after her crash against the cargo, but it was minor and wouldn't hinder the woman from treating her patients. To keep her self busy while she listened for the door, she was scribbling down notes and working on restocking her herbal cures. It was gonna be a long one for her.
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RE: The Doctor's Office (Open)
The rumble of a huge machine throbbed and pulsed between Dylan's legs. The feeling was familiar and it filled him with both excitement... and fear. He could hear the mechanical sound of an engine but it was dark and he could only make out the vaguest shapes and forms., but one thing he was sure of - whatever was beneath him was hard, firm, and huge. That somehow felt familiar too, but there was no time to dwell on that thought as the darkness was suddenly ripped asunder by a bolt of electrical energy that shot up from beneath him, barely missing him and flying off into the darkness. In the brief moment that the blast passed, there was enough light to make out what it was he was standing on. It was a huge engine - apparently suspended in a void of darkness as far as he could tell. Dylan was dwarfed in size atop this monstrous machine and he felt the tempo of the engine's throbbing begin to rise. The spinning of the engine's mechanical and ion-powered parts quickly amped up in tempo and decibel level and to his left another huge burst of energy shot out of the engine and into the darkness. Dylan jumped to he side, trying to avoid the cast off electricity from this huge creation but he was forced to doge again as another bolt jumped off the engine and into the air.. then another... and another.. and another! The whole thing seemed to be alive with missiles of white hot energy shooting off in every direction. Dylan dodged desperately, doing his best to avoid the blast, but knowing it was only a matter of time before one of them


The bolt surged up through Dylan's left leg and caused all his extremities to stiffen and convulse, out of his control. A scream built in his chest and quickly made its way to his throat and out his mouth... but there was no sound... His head jerked back as he tried to release the energy but all he got was...


Dylan hit his head on the ornately carved headboard of the comfortable hospital-like bed he lay in - the jarring knock to the noggin waking him from his nightmare and the deep unconsciousness he'd fallen into earlier that day. Looking around, he found himself in a small, but nicely decorated room that, for lack of a better description, looked like some kind of recovery room. There were a few other beds in the room, also set up to elevate someone laying in them like a hospital bed. A window was open allowing a soft cool breeze into the room which carried the faint smell of flowers from outside. "Where am I?" he thought to himself as he swung his legs out and to the side of the bed, pulled off his sheets and moved to stand up. Looking down as he did so, he added "... and why am I not wearing any pants?" Had this been the first time Dylan had had these particular thoughts, he might have been more upset, but fortunately for him, he had some experience in the 'missing pants' scenario and managed to keep a cool head.

Standing up and moving across the room, Dylan felt a deep pain in his left leg and his first step nearly caused him to stumble and fall. He managed to catch himself on a bedside table and slowly stand back up, making a note to take it easy on that leg for now. Looking down again he noticed his left leg was wrapped in some sterile looking bandages and someone seems to have also treated the injury on his left hand. "So this is some kind of 'hospital B&B' or something?" he thought to himself as he looked around the cozy room. Whatever the case, he felt he needed to find his pants and a quick glance around the room did not reveal them to be lying in a crumpled heap on the floor nearby which is where he usually found them in scenarios like this. Dressed now in nothing but his boxer-briefs and a snug sleeveless undershirt he began to hobble towards the room's door and out into a hallway. Glancing to his right and left, he saw a number of other doors off this hall, but decided instead to head towards the stairs at the end of the hallway that headed down to a lower floor.

Limping to the stairs, he slowly made his way down them one at a time until he descended far enough to see the area below. It was another hallway ending in a door. There were other doors along the hallway that were labeled with signs indicating they were 'Examination Rooms'.

"Yep, some kind of doctor's office," Dylan thought to himself, "Well time to check myself out of here... and get my pants."

Moving a few more step to the base of the staircase, Dylan yelled down the hall, "Hello! Anyone here?! I need my pants. HELLO?!"
06-02-2013, 02:01 AM
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RE: The Doctor's Office (Open)
Her tools sat out to dry from being washed of blood and were sterilized so there was no contamination. Sydira sighed softly as she threw away used needles and linens that were no good. At least everything was taken care of those needing treatment had gotten it. She still had soreness in her own shoulder but there was nothing to be done. Once finished cleaning, Sydira had returned to her office to write up a prescription and look through the pills she had on hand for painkillers debating which ones to hand out. At that moment the only sound was the ticking of her clock.

"Hello! Anyone here?! I need my pants. HELLO?!"

The sudden yelling startled the doctor and she almost dropped the bottle and green pills she had been counting out. She set the items on the desk and stood up. She opened a drawer and pulled a pre-ready needle out. These were her <In case of emergency> syringes to inject a person with either a deadly toxin or knock a rowdy patient out. She choose the latter since she wasn't gonna kill them for making her jump out of her skin. opening her office door, Sydira slide the needle up her sleeve as she simply walked around the corner from behind the stairs. However when she saw who it was. The doctor clipped the needle to her belt and rushed over to him.

"Dy'an, dis one is pleased to see ya up an' about, 'owever...ya really s'ouldn' be walkin, on dat leg of ya's," she said wagging a finger at him.
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RE: The Doctor's Office (Open)
"Dy'an, dis one is pleased to see ya up an' about, 'owever...ya really s'ouldn' be walkin, on dat leg of ya's," said a voice from behind him. Whipping around, startled at the unexpected entrance, he saw Sydira standing there, wagging a finger at him.

"Oh - it's her. The crazy prohibition doctor! Great..." Dylan thought to himself. However, he was injured and she seemed to have some kind of pointy stabby weapon clipped to her belt disguised as a syringe. Who knew what was in that?! Well, she did obviously... but, best to not say or do anything to upset her, he reasoned.

"Uhh... Yeah. Well, actually - I was just looking for my pants and I'll be going. I mean - thanks for the help and all. I don't want to be a bother though... so... umm... yeah..." Dylan stammered and smiled a bit too largely using the flawed logic that the bigger the smile, the more convincing it must be, right?
06-02-2013, 04:06 PM
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RE: The Doctor's Office (Open)
The doctor narrowed her eyes as she moved closer to him, puller her lab coat off. She moved beside him and wrapped it around his shoulders "A' no can do, ya need to stay 'ere and recover from dat leg injury." She said pushing him back toward the stairs. "Besides...ya pants were ruined. Dis one had to throw them away. So ya be stuck in ya boxers." she said grinning at him.
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RE: The Doctor's Office (Open)
"RUINED?!" Dylan said with genuine horror, "I loved those pants! Those were my best pair of pants! How could they be ruined?!" The lab coat slid off his shoulders as he gesticulated his dissatisfaction with the news he'd just been given.

"No. NO! I cannot accept this. They surely can be salvaged. Where are they?" Dylan's countenance changed to something akin to a melodramatic lawyer and he raised a pointed index finger and then jabbed it hard at the air in front of Sydira as he added, "I demand to know!" The whole incident had a certain level of intimidation removed, however, as the man stood there in his underwear and a few bandages.
06-07-2013, 11:17 PM
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RE: The Doctor's Office (Open)
She caught her coat and returned it around his shoulders and forcefully turned Dylan around back in the directions for the stairs. When he demanded to know about his pants; the doctor narrowed her eyes and pressed a knee against his wounded leg to cause him to lose balance and practically stumble back in to her arms. "See, dis one knows wats best for ya, and dis is best for ya. Dy'an ya need to rest and allow dat leg to 'eal," she whispered in to his ear. As she held him there to see if he continued to struggle. If he continued she would prepare the sedative she had clipped to her belt. and if he complied she would simply have to carry him back up the stairs and strap him to the bed regardless. Either way Dylan was going back up stairs to rest whether he liked it or not.
06-08-2013, 06:13 AM (This post was last modified: 06-08-2013 06:20 AM by 8Bit.)
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RE: The Doctor's Office (Open)
"OW, YOU CRAZY WITCH!" Dylan howled as Sydira dropped her knee into his injured leg, forcing him into a kneeling position with palms down on the floor, as his injured leg gave out at the attack. Placing all his weight on his remaining good leg, Dylan attempted to struggle back to his feet, though all he manged to do was an awkward one-legged hop a few steps away from Sydira until he flung himself into a nearby wall and then braced against it to help pull himself up the rest of the way.

His back was to Sydira as he crawled up the wall, attempting to return to as standing position and he cursed at her without bothering to wait to face her, "What the HELL is wrong with you?! I thought you were a doctor! I'm getting the hell out of here, pants or not! I know my rights and you cant keep me here against... OW!" Dylan felt a sudden sharp pain as Sydira injected him with something.

Dylan, now standing/hopping on his uninjured leg spun around to face Sydira. "God DAMMIT, woman! Stop with the ... the... " Dylan found himself suddenly feeling a bit woozy - but that never stoped one of his rants before. "You know, just because you're a doctor, and a woman and.. maybe not... even tesh-nush-ly ah-life...," Dylan added, his words starting to slurr, "I will shtill... put a whomping on your..."

The floor and the room above it suddenly rotated roughly 180 degree and twisted like a cyclone - or at least Dylan could swear it did the moment before everything went dark and the last thing he remembered was how hard and painful the floor was when one dropped onto it from a standing position without the ability to brace yourself.
06-09-2013, 11:19 AM
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RE: The Doctor's Office (Open)
Sydira sighed as she watched Dylan tumble to the floor. She tossed the needle down and got her arms around his shoulders. She huffed and gritted her teeth as she worked to lift him up and drag the unconscious man up the stairs, she silently cursed out his name. Had the fool just listened and stayed in bed or gone back up stairs none of this would of happened. All she wanted to do was help people who came through injured. Sydira just wanted their pain to go away. Was that honestly such a bad thing? She had this inner conflict while getting Dylan up the stairs. She carried him in to the room he had dragged himself from. The doctor laid him in bed and before tucking Dylan in, she took time to check his bandages she replaced his bandages with clean linen and this time she applied an I.V to his hand. That drug she gave him would put Dylan out for at least twenty four hours, in that time the I.v could replenish his nutrients.

All over a pair of pants. she shook her head grumbling. Though Sydira left the room and in to the wash room, she pulled the so called ruined pants from her hamper and really gave them a good once over. They weren't really ruined just the one pant leg had been torn and there were a few holes. Sydira folded up the pants and to them to her office. For the rest of the evening she sat in her office trying to repair the pants thinking them like stitching up human flesh, she would prick her finger multiple times before completing anything.

The finished patchwork job on the pants left them folded up on the foot up Dylan's bed for him to find when he did wake up.

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