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Pre-season Intermission 1: A Day before Church (MALVERINES!)
06-03-2013, 01:25 PM (This post was last modified: 06-03-2013 05:56 PM by ShadowedSin.)
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Pre-season Intermission 1: A Day before Church (MALVERINES!)
It had been a week since the train job. The items taken from the train themselves were carefully locked away in a vault beneath the actual saloon. For the past week the members of the Saloon had been given time off after the boss had decided to let everyone recover a bit more. It had been an easy week or hard (OOC: You guys decide what has happened to you for the week). All that mattered at this point was that the next week had nothing going on either. It was clear, nothing, as the Saloon was on break to set up for the coming changes of for the season.

The truth was Cathal had been silent since the robbery. What bothered the boss was the fact that he didn't know what was in the damn boxes. He had been told by a reliable source with reliable intel and the fact that both were wrong unsettled him. The man had spent the last few days going over all the possibilities, and at this point he didn't know what the fuck to do. It was a normal day in the Sassy Aurin as he sat near the bar and watched a game of vind ball on a large screen set above the bar. Dressed in his usual leather waistcoat over a black dress shirt and black workpants he wasn't wearing his signature hat at this point.

The Saloon at this point was a bit dusty and needed cleaning. Entering the damn place the viewer would note the high ceilinged wall with a large open stated on the right and a typical bar on the right. Set onto the stage was a retractable pole that appeared from the bottom. The stage itself was perhaps a foot off the ground and had an array of lights in front of it which could be activated by a console behind the bar. Along the wall and behind the bar were a set of various speakers tied into a high depth sound system once again keyed into a console behind the bar. The area between the bar and the actual stage itself was filled with tabled arrayed chairs. To the far side of the bar was a open door that led into a decently sized full equipped kitchen.

On a sign above the bar near the screen was a small chalkboard filled with hand drawn pictures depicting the special of the day. The floor itself was hard wood taken from local forests within Nexus. A large raised staircase then set along the far wall across from the kitchen entrance ran to the upstairs which feature a shower, a few bedrooms and a large open room filled with plush chairs surrounded by privacy screens.

Lets have fun guys!

Try to keep it to 2 posts a day!
06-04-2013, 10:48 AM
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RE: Pre-season Intermission 1: A Day before Church (MALVERINES!)
Carna walks into the Saloon humming lightly to herself and chewing on a piece of bubblegum. She hadn't done much in the week following the train job. Her shoulder was doing much better, and everyone else, at least to her knowledge had been doing well. She was wearing simple shoes and a sundress again, she loves her sundresses.

The bar was empty for the most part, except for Cathal, she wasn't surprised, it was still early still. She keeps humming to herself and pushes a few chairs around organizing them and straightening up a few things. She walks to the bar look up at the television and the Vind ball game, "Who's winning?" she asks chipperly, while moving closer to Cathal on the opposite side of the bar. She leans on the bar folding her arms and stares at the TV, "Something still bugging you Cathal?" She asks.
06-05-2013, 01:32 AM
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RE: Pre-season Intermission 1: A Day before Church (MALVERINES!)
Shiori yawns before wandering into the Saloon himself, adjusting his black and green clothing as he did so grumbling to himself. Taking off the scarf he wore around his neck he casually looped it around his shoulders before turning to look at the game himself. Shrugging to himself, he took out a data-pad and pulled up a diagnostic on his combat suit and started working on tweaking it as he worked out schematics and better operating parameters.
06-05-2013, 09:21 AM
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RE: Pre-season Intermission 1: A Day before Church (MALVERINES!)
Fortek walked into the bar as quietly as he could while Carna and Cathal were talking; he was, after all, a granok. He went straight to sit down at one of the tables for viewing the stage. He set some papers down onto the table and pulled a pencil out of his pocket and started drawing what appeared to be a building diagram and plan. He also set his rifle down next to him; the granok usually had a means of defending himself and the Saloon with him.

Fortek had only recently gotten back from scouting possible new territories for the gang to claim; he hadn't been a part of the Train job for that reason. There had been some promising spots, and so he was designing a new saloon for the guild should they expand past Algoroc.
06-06-2013, 04:50 PM
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RE: Pre-season Intermission 1: A Day before Church (MALVERINES!)
Cathal was minding his own bloody business when the others simply appeared in the saloon. So busy was he with not paying attention and enjoying his little game of vind ball he had failed to notice any entering the place. One would think that the "closed" sign on the ouside (it had fallen off after he had slammed it shut) would notify people not to enter. Too bad that was simply not the case.

Carna was the first to appear, then there that new kid, and then Fortek. Wait Fortek?

"Boyo where have ye been?" he said first to Fortek and then tossed a glance to Carnatia. He added, "How ye doin sister? Eh seems that pet ye picked up at the job is following ye around."

The last bit was directed towards Shiori. Cathal sat up and pushed a notebook covered in strange symbols away from him as he gave a slight sigh. His peace was gone.

"Sa, what shall we do then?"
06-07-2013, 01:20 AM
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RE: Pre-season Intermission 1: A Day before Church (MALVERINES!)
Fortek looked up from his designs. "Out, North and East." he said, indicating where he had traveled.

He listened as Cathal addressed the rest of the Malverines in the saloon after greeting him. He didn't know all the details of the events of the past two weeks, so he waited for the others to speak before he voiced his own stance. He did, however, put away his designs; now was the time to focus on the conversation at hand, and he could draw in his spare time. He stretched his legs out, pushing the chairs on the opposite end of the table away.
06-07-2013, 02:03 AM
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RE: Pre-season Intermission 1: A Day before Church (MALVERINES!)

The door was opened and shut in an angry fashion. A normally well kept and unnaturally clean Sydira was now a frazzled bloodied mess. Her lab coat stained with the splatter, she still wore a medical mask and gloves. She was spewing profanity in the most incoherent language. Sydira gave a wave to the others but continued to shuffle her way in to the ladies room of the saloon. Surely when she was to reappear later she would tell them what happened, but that moment she remained hidden away in the wash room.
06-08-2013, 08:09 AM (This post was last modified: 06-08-2013 08:13 AM by Carnatia.)
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RE: Pre-season Intermission 1: A Day before Church (MALVERINES!)
Carna giggles slightly looking at Shio, "He is housebroken though, so don't worry about it." she replies with a wink, but then notices that Cathal has moved on to speaking with Fortek. She only smiled and pulled out a rag from underneath the counter and begins to wipe it down and clean it, noticing the dust that had been settled all around.

Carna jumped with a fright as Sydira burst into the bar. Her ears pressing down on her skull. She watches the Doctor storm in covered in blood. She saw some of it drip onto the floor, "Oh come on now, I am not cleaning up blood off the floor." She calls after Syd as she enters the bathroom. Carna sighs. Wonder what happened to the doctor.

Carna finishes wiping down the Bartop, then moved onto checking the liquor behind the bar seeing what needed to be topped up or changed.
06-09-2013, 10:19 AM (This post was last modified: 06-09-2013 10:27 AM by Carnatia.)
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RE: Pre-season Intermission 1: A Day before Church (MALVERINES!)
Dylan stood outside the bar eyeing a vehicle parked the warily. He recognized it. It belonged to that doctor, Sydira. He'd only just 'escaped her care' a couple days ago and he was wary about having to tangle with her again. "Great. I just wanna grab a drink, network a bit, and maybe pick up a job," he thought to himself. He took a few more steps towards the front door to the saloon musing with the kind of inflated bravado it's easy to muster when you're only contemplating something in your mind and not having to actual act on it yet, "She'd better not try anything again cause I'd hate to have to rough her up in front of everyone."

Dylan approached the saloon doors hesitantly and as casually as possible tried to peer around the door frame to see if Sydira was anywhere to be seen before strolling in. Much to his relief, he couldn't see the woman anywhere and so with renewed bravado he strolled into the bar and looking around, strolled over to the bar and slapped his open hand down on the worn counter top and addressed Carna boisterously, "Hello - I will have the best drink my recent 'crazy arse bull shit' has earned me!" Then, lowering his tone so only Carna could hear he added, "That's on the house, right? I'm pretty sure Catha said it was on the house... also - you've not seen that crazy doctor around here have you?"

Mod Edit- Using speculated unconfirmed name of <Redacted> -Carna
06-09-2013, 10:35 AM (This post was last modified: 06-09-2013 10:40 AM by Carnatia.)
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RE: Pre-season Intermission 1: A Day before Church (MALVERINES!)
Carna smiles at Dylan as he strides in all happy to the bar as asks for a drink. She giggles, "Sure thing Dylan. Being the new member and all." She winks and him and begins to whip up some fancy drink she knows how to make and starts measuring out shots and things and pouring them into a mixing shaker ((Cannot remember the official name of those...)) She then hears his question about Sydira.

"She just stormed in here, she's in the bathroom," Carna answers truthfully and she begins to finish making his drink, "SHe seemed pretty angry, but don't worry, just enjoy your drink and I got your back man." She looks at him reassuringly. She finishes the drink and hands it to him. She knew Sydira could be awfully crazy at times, so she could share the sentiment of being wary somewhat of the good doctor.

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