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'Captain Samuel Delmonte'
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'Captain Samuel Delmonte'
Samuel Delmonte

<Character Picture or Screen Shot if Applicable

The Basics

Race: A proud hot-blooded Cassian darlinggg~

Age:What a question to ask! OH! Hahaha...thirty four darlings if you’d believe it, I could still pass my mid twenties I know. This is the result of a proud and vigorous Cassian life style in the military with a healthy dose of nanites to boot. We are the chosen race and it is our beloved Dominion Empire, we simple must set an example, no? hahaha

Gender:An equally hot-blooded man I assure you; with all the desires and hungers that entails, growl so on and so forth. With a few extra’s thrown in for good measure, boredom can lead all sorts darling. Idle hands being a devils play things as they say; I tend not to argue where they wander.

Class:Due to my years of loyal and vicious service I was granted part of the ‘stalker’ program and thus I have partook of the serum and have a charming cerebral cortex interface in my skull amongst other enhancements.

Path:Hahaha, oh my, it’s quite clear this is our first meeting if you had to ask. I’m a soldier, through and through it what I was designed for; it’s what I do best darlings. If I was a settler all the Dominion would find if lavish velvet cushions and wonderfully flavoured hookahs scattered about the place. If I was scientist....oh my let us simply say science shall not faultier for lack of my involvement in such matters. As for an explorer, well such freedom and excitement? Appealing but I’m an animal in need of a leash and direction, idle hands as aforementioned devils playthings so on and so forth.

Job: It's it clear from my uniform? I suppose not everyone is familiar with proper military etiquette. I am the current serving Captain of the Sovereign Rough Rides division.

The Appearance
Now I’d blush tooting my own horn here, -IF- I possessed any shame of course. HAHA We are Cassian’s and as such are prime examples of the superior race in the galaxy. I can then of course thank the blood in my veins for my handsome features. I’m rather proud in fact, you know an artist working for my superior officer once said I “bore the cutting figure of a Cassian that wouldn’t be out of place amongst the golden busts of a generals manor home” such wonderful flattery, no? What with my tall, lathe form. A perfect product, in my ...humble...opinion, of my valiant work for the Dominion. My pale smooth skin; alongside my aristocratic features framed by my untamed locks of blonde hair and to garnish, my sapphire blue eyes. Haha I wouldn’t sound out of place in some grand piece of art now would I? He didn’t use me for a model though, alas, apparently my smile was a little to devilish for his tastes. The obvious prude, to think people have even called my smile wicked!

The Personality

Talents/Strengths & Weaknesses:
Well the bare bones of my strengths I suppose, is the fact I am a fully trained specialist in the Dominion Army. A solider at heart. Furthermore I am now a fully fledged Captain of a Calvary platoon, the Sovereign Rough Riders and thus have I been trained in the various tactics and practices of mounted combat units. Given my rather rambunctious past I have gathered an odd selection of talents; ranging from my time as security personal, counter-resistance tactic’s and I suppose you could call my ‘off the books’ affairs covert operations. Though as personal preference I prefer close quarter warfare, something of a long time passion of mine you might say. What with the very nature of a Calvary unit I’ve been rather sated and what with the Malverines upon the world I hope to be even more so. They always put up a good fight. So quite the little array of skills, no? Suppose I am some kind of makeshift shock trooper by trade.
But as I said the Sovereigns wanted more from me, upon leaving Arboria I found myself at a medical facility. Nothing wrong with me do not worry darling, I’ve taken a few hits in my time but I have a nasty habit of bouncing back. But this was not enough it seems, as I said I found myself on a slab and being prepped for the ‘Stalker’ procedure. Now on paper it seemed a glorious transformation, I became faster, stronger and more agile than I had ever been. I reached a new psychical peak, they sorely wanted more and by the Elden they got it haha! But I should have known better than to think this was solely for my development, they wanted a more efficient trooper so I was giving something of a ‘unique blend’ of nanites with rather specific outcome in mind. I obtained all the aforementioned benefits, now fully capable to interface with various technologies at my disposal, cloaking technology, optical holographic systems and the like. I was able to master new complex martial techniques, I was able to do things I was never capable of doing due to the nanites enchantments. It felt incredible! But that’s when I started to notice some of the alterations; the nanites had rewired my nerve system, everything now seemed dulled and repressed. At first this seemed a benefit, a solider with a dulled sense of pain? On theory it’s a wonderfully idea, an unstoppable trooper incapable of being hindered. But that was far from the truth. It did indeed dull my nerves and I was in theory capable of sustaining far more damage than I ever could have before and with the nanites I was more expectable to healing. Even now sporting a Stalkers accelerated regeneration capability.

What pained me however was the very lack of sensation, it dulled -ALL- my feeling and as a man eager to indulge in his pleasures and vices this was...frustrating. Everything I once enjoyed was no longer what it once was, it was all...dulled. It’s taken some, adjusting, on my part to come to learn how to work with this. Granted it has its benefits, I am in truth a better trooper for it capable of taking a punch from Granok and walking away. But this doesn’t mean I am invincible far from it, I still take the damage I merely have heightened pain tolerance. A bad enough hit could well spell the end of me if left unattained; it was developed as an intimidation factor for shock troops after all. But I can still bleed out and die from trauma like anyone else, I just can’t feel it. This has been a double edged sword for example after a fight with Cathal I found he had shanked me in the thigh. The bloody dagger was still my damn leg, had to get the thing ripped out by and medic and patched up. Just because I might not feel it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen darling hahaha. It affected my personal affairs more than you might imagine, you can’t realise how awkward it is to drink from a glass when you can’t feel it in your hand? Such things as typing out data, simply holding items and firing a weapon for that matter now takes a...different approach. So contending with that has become something of a learning curve, in fact the majority of my new found capabilities have been subject to a learning curve. Not to mention you can imagine my shock when I realised had an automated stim injector system as part of my newly implanted enhancements. Namely I hear something back fire, suddenly I get enough stim in my system to floor a regular Cassian and have grabbed someone is a headlock as a human shield. That took some getting used to, not to mention I terrified the staff at my last post getting used to that one.

Now if we are addressing weaknesses well no one likes to admit these kinds of things, but I have my flaws. I have to draw upon a certain Mechari’s reports; my temper is one such flaw it seems. As I have said I’m your typical hot-blooded at heart, so I suppose this is a legitimate observation, I’m a man of passion! I believe there are a few things a good Cavalry charge can’t solve, be it breaking an enemy line or their very resolve! But I cannot deny it has led to a few...regrettable encounters. I have a tendency to commit to a charge so to speak and to keep at it with tooth and claw till it’s done. They’ve even described me as stubborn can you believe, I prefer to think of myself as a harsh commander of men. If they are faltering in their duty they clearly are not listening to my orders, I keep things simple so any messes are on their heads. But I digress; I suppose I am only human, with a man’s desires and vices. But the Mechari administrators would rant about these being a weakness! PAH! What would a Mechari know of a Cassian’s human needs? So I drink, after riding rough for miles on end on patrol I feel I’ve earned a damn drink. I’m a Cassian! The rightful conquers of this galaxy! So if choose to indulge, it is my right, yet I still find myself lectured on ‘excessive’ vices. It infuriates me to no end, nor does it escape my mind that it is due to my ‘enhancements’ I was robbed of baser indulgences. Now I guzzle fine wine as if it were water but the taste is wasted upon me, this new body burning through it now it takes several bottles of the stuff just to get that delightful buzz. All this and even the touch of a lover isn’t anything to what it once might have been. If anything they are to blame, I craved what was taken and it has led me down more...intense...compensating alternatives.

The History

How did they Join the Gang?
My, my quite the curious one aren’t you? But if it’s just between us darling. I joined the military, obviously, the hot-blooded Cassian as I keep saying that I am. My early indoctrination and training were interesting, my academy years a nest egg of many a tale of the shenanigans of young vigorous Cassian men and women. I showed great natural prowess in the grunt work, as I said I’m something of a thug even if you may not believe it. Close quarters warfare was my area of expertise; they did say I have a savage flair for the entire affair. But my rather ‘unique’ personality did leave an impression it seems.
My first station was on a High classification prison frigate, not exactly the glorious duty portrayed in the holo-casts but I served none the less. Someone holding a grudge I think, I wear my personality on my sleeve as I said. This did not settle well with some people it seems. In retrospect I am sure someone or some people pulled some strings, I spent the next few years slogging it out, guarding a bunch of assorted murders, traitors, thieves etc etc

Now I won’t say those years were wasted, I made friends amongst the crew, good ones. Men and women I could rely on, more ‘equal’ minded companions you might say. Ha! We were a terror on deck and even more horrific on shore leave! Who would have thought someone like me would have a knack for a stun baton and a pair of handcuffs? HAHA! I had quite the gleaming record I’ll have you know, my brutal efficiency put to good use over the coming time of service. I dare say I was enjoying my littlest stint in security work, unglamorous as it was it had its moments and I have a nasty habit of finding ways to entertain myself. This reached a new zenith during my twenty seventh service rotation, the warden called me to the captain’s quarters, a rare occurrence. He simply left me and my ‘gang’ as he liked to call us to our own devices. We got the work done. But yes I was curious amongst others things, I’d been subsidising my pay check with some a few little side dealings you see. It was a nice little smuggling operation, simple contraband, cigarettes mostly but we also dealt narcotics if the occasion rose. Now think what you will of that darling but I’ll tell you this because it was me and my troops that ran it in our section, no-one did anything without us knowing, why let some corrupt officer hog all the profits. I did what I ‘had’ too to maintain control in my section; I got ears in the place thanks to that, assorted inmates didn’t want to bite the hand that feeds as they say. We made sure we had control of ‘everything ‘in our section. So you can only imagine my shock when he dumps a ICI sanctioned report in my hands, now naturally considering my ‘methods’ this caused a spark of concern, but things took a very different turn. To cut a long story short it was a briefing, the warden filled me in on the rest or rather gave me the information and told me that he would deny everything if anything went south. It was unusual but well with an ICI stamp on that I didn’t really have much say in the matter, the whole affair was surreal at first. In retrospect perhaps the warden was more connected than I gave him credit, who knows, but I knew it meant I had left something of an impression on someone. The ‘task’ I was given was simple, they wanted someone dead. A prisoner in the heavy security block, meant for transportation back too Cassus for...come to think of it, if files were classified I didn’t even know what he had done. All above my pay grade

But now I bore no false pretences about the whole thing, the ICI knew they had me by the throat. With the authority the ICI have they could of gotten rid of me at a moment’s notice, they probably wouldn’t even need evidence. I wonder what they had on the warden. So needless to say I did I was ordered, I had my loyal companions at my side and the necessary clearance. It didn’t take long; we did it during a cell transfer. Like I said, I had made friends and was even owed a few favours; the whole affair was rather easy come to think of it. I’ll spare you the details, but baton in hand and a prisoner’s shiv to spare and the job was done. For a time after I worried, I went about my duties as before. We did not speak of it to be safe, I’m a thug but no fool. Truth be told I feared perhaps the ICI would have done with me after the....hit I suppose we should call it. But instead I heard nothing of it; my side trade went without disturbance, I was once more left to my devices once more. But then I got called to the wardens office once more, we didn’t talk about it, I know when to keep my mouth shut. I left in the knowledge that a few extras zeros had been added to may next pay check. He’d paid me off.
I looked over my files, the extra money came from seemingly know were. No trace, no records. Speaking of which remember that prisoner? Once we reached Cassus no one asked after him, I didn’t hear a word. I even looked over the manifest, the files had been buried and some just been removed without a trace. Someone had covered up the whole thing; I had just done the dirty work. Exciting, no? Now I damn well took the money before you ask I have fulfilled my ‘duty’ and was justly rewarded. No you might think that was the end of it, I know I did. I was stupid to think so. Now joy and merriment was in the air that year, I and my unit got our papers and notification that we were to finally be joining other branches of the Dominion fleet. Proper soldiers work rather than this constant guard duty. So naturally we were eager to serve our beloved Emperor, we were young and vigorous so of course like so many we hungered for real conflict. Now to my knowledge my companions did indeed head off various stations. A shame to see the gang split so. Three of them ended up upon a Dominion cruiser, two other apart of an armoured platoon and the last one was too come with me to undergo further training for ground operations. I however never reached my station; I was unexpectedly transferred back to Cassus, guard detail apparently. Once again needless to say I was NOT in high spirits. I was restless and frustrated naturally. But my interest was piqued when I find myself personal guard to the family Talyn. I met Nymphadora for the first time, still not sure if that was a good thing. I voiced my surprise and frustration; in response she stated in no uncertain terms I was now a Tayln dog on a leash. Thus I became part of the BrightStar Sovereigns, I soon learned they were a sort of special forces unit. They had pull or rather Tayln did. I was assigned to their rough rider’s platoon, only a few of us at first. We were or rather are a Calvary division. You know the type, like the horses riders of very old tales, only our steeds now are reinforced armoured hover bikes. Rapid response hit and run strong arm tactics. My kind of division frankly, not to mention the dress uniform is gorgeous haha.

Thus started my illustrious, off the books, career for the Sovereigns. Now by this stage, once I had settled they made it pretty damn clear they knew what I did, and again the power of hindsight they were probably the ones that called the hit in the first place. They had the pull, even ties to the ICI it seemed. They wanted someone to do the dirty work, they wanted a thug. So they’d played me like a fine violin in their grasp. But the thing was, what I came to realise was, I could live with that.
Some duties were the same as you might expect, search and destroy, supporting infantry units. Standard stuff, but then they would drop something ‘special’ in my lap and enough coin to bait me with. And I bit every time; I bit hard darling ahahaha. We’d transferred to a frigate to help bolster the numbers for a boarding crew as they stalked a damaged Exile vessel. Amongst our new comrades I’d been informed was a young low born like myself who had manage to capture the heart of a girl above his station. Above his blood line you might say, but anyway the fact was my little task was simple. He wasn’t to make it back from the boarding charge. So the ever resourceful fellow that I am with enough coin to keep me salivating, I set upon the task. We caught up with the exiles ship in good time and after taking out the engines, boarding parties were readied for launch. The fighting was vicious and close quarter, bloody marvellous all round. We split up in our assorted teams to attack various systems of the ship, the target was with me and befell an accident while aboard. Namely I emptied a clip into his back, was easy to say he was downed by an exile. We took over the ship and I got my little extra on the side. Keep the gears of the empire turning.
Other such tasks have varied, erratically, another example being a mission I preformed on Cassus. Now this one I wasn’t privy to the reasons, the thug doesn’t question why he is being paid to do his job. Discretion was seemingly the watch word; I and two others were selected. Civilian clothes only, we were breaking into a home in the lower district, some reporter I think from what we saw in the house. First objective was simple, while masked appropriately; we broke in and ransacked the place. The main item a small data file found in the safe in the man’s office, we cut the thing open easily enough and got our hands on it. But we had to make sure it looked like a robbery so I characteristically helped myself to the assorted precious items about the place, including a rather nice assortment of jewellery. Presumably his wife’s but not that it mattered as they both returned we indulged in the second objective. Assassination, we lay in wait with the array of silenced automatic small arms we had been given. Once they were inside we made sure to make it look sloppy, we opened fire with everything in time old proven method. Spray and pray. It wasn’t pretty that’s for sure.

Now think what you will of all this, it’s all for the Empire darlings at the end of the day. I’m just the thug; they call the shots not to mention if I refused what makes you think they won’t just find someone else to do it? It not like I hide behind some elusions grandeur, I know what I am and what I do. All that extra coin goes towards my ravenous appetites. Everybody wins, well the people that are alive anyway. Now what I do and what I am seemingly differs on occasion, I hold no delusion that I am not doing the ICI any favours nor would I count myself as one of their number. I am no agent, I was used and have been used as a weapon, they just pointed me at the thing they wanted done. But that said during this time of generally thuggery I began to question what the Sovereign motivations were; one moment I was helping with retrieving intelligence in legitimate operations or taking part in the war efforts with the Calvary. The next week I might be ordered to be masked once more and intimidating some lobbyist or politician. Over all it made little sense, but then it dawned on me. These tasks weren’t for the Sovereigns, someone above me was doing ‘favours’ for others and was ordering me to do the dirty work. They were just throwing coin my way to keep me sweet about it. Which admirably worked like a dream.
Now this realisation in mind my concept of ‘ownership’ became much clearer. They had control and I dare say if they wanted I could have been removed at a moment’s notice. But I was proving my worth continuously what with my loyalty with a healthy dollop of greed. I was being passed around the off the books like a party favour, someone up there was making allies and throwing coin at me to help get it done. Who was I to argue with a high blooded superior?

However things began to lull after a time, I found myself on guard duty more than I liked. My indulgences would only entertain so long as I had grown used to the increased revenue in my life. Talyn had made the allies it needed it seemed, so I was put way until needed. Then news of the Arboria campaign reached my ears, needless to say I was rather jealous of our brave valiant troops as they conquered yet another world and brought is inhabitants to its knees. Or however the holocausts put it. So anyway you can imagine my glee when I and the Rough Rider unit were given our orders to join the invasion in the next wave if reinforcements. Granted we arrived somewhat later to the party, the stripping of the planet for resources was already well underway but I was enthusiastic none the less. I needed to stretch my legs, enjoy myself. Sometimes I swear Talyn works on the ‘starve’ the hound to make him more vicious principle, if works.
So there I was upon this little forest paradise, a gorgeous hunting ground to say the least and rich with resources for the taking. A pity the locals took exception to that, then again if they had just rolled over and submitted I’d be out of a job hahah. But anyway yes where was I?
AH Arboria! Our orders after landing were to gather supplies and join a convoy heading to the far western outpost. The Aurin’s had largely been subdued by the usual imperial might but a resistance presence still persisted, strange I know it didn’t nothing but prolong the inevitable but well I can hardly blame them, primitive as they are. I’m not in the habit of rolling over to surrender either. I can respect that. But moving on darling, it was a simple escort job nothing truly noteworthy occurred and so we set about our next task. Due to a recent rise in resistance in the area we were order to move in on a local town, now I was thoroughly enjoying my newly granted officer status within the riders and so set about my task with great vigour. We rode in unopposed, with us two foot patrols under my direction. Needless to say the whole affair was bloody marvellous.

I set about proper occupation protocol of course, commandeering the largest central building for Dominion operations. As well as a few others...items...after all I had to think of the moral of men and woman under me. We were conquers, spoils of war as they say it was our right. Now it seems this was another affair I was selected for as my time as a security officer did indeed come into play, I was dealing with criminals in essence after all. So once settled I did what was necessary to weed out the resistance. I started out with a town wide search; homes were raided and searched for contraband under the new ruling Dominion authority. Any resistance was met with brutal force, a few were beaten and one was shot, have to set an example early on darling. Found a reason to bring back my baton so was wonderfully nostalgic, we even had access to holding cells in the main compound. Now this whole affair wasn’t without some responsibility, we were situated near a large mineral deposit which was being liberated for the Dominions needs. The town was the only sanctioned outpost and active checkpoint between it and the main complex and as such any resistance interference, I would have to answer for. Thus I found myself in the rough and tumble with a rag tag operation called the Aurin resistance for the months to come. I made use of the proper occupational etiquette; we maintained surveillance of transports from the processing facility. Always assigning Rough Riders to act as escorts while maintaining the town as an outpost, we also over saw various exchanges and acted as security for the area. Like the good old days you might say. So one aspect of this was the direct confrontation with the resistance movement, as a mounted unit we had the most effective rapid response method. All in all it was outright guerrilla warfare, it was their planet at the end of the day, and they knew the land. They could attack rapidly and disappear just as fast, admirable really. We countered as best we could, they couldn’t stand in defiance of a full cavalry charge and they knew it. We cut down our fair share -but- we were on the defensive. This was not what I had been brought in for, the Dominion had access to older men, and more experienced men in charge of the bastion like fortresses and trench warfare. But they needed my more...vicious...tendencies. I had previous shown aptitude towards such work; they needed a thug once again ahahah.
Now we needed to show control and furthermore demonstrate our power in the matter. They claimed to fight for the people and never stood their ground against us directly. So what about the people in my little town? Someone had to serve as an example. I tightened my grip on the town, a few beatings here and there reinforced order. Under military law we initiated rationing of food and water; all items of value were as aforementioned deemed the property of the Dominion and our beloved Emperor Myraclus. Furthermore such crimes as theft became punishable by firing squad, as was aiding and abetting any known fugitives under Dominion rule. Soon we sent the message; any attempts to harbour the resistance would have grave consequences. Took a twelve executions to get the message across, but as long as I was getting results no one questioned my methods and it was hard to argue my methods weren’t effective. We kept our strangle hold tight, everything from trade regulation and curfew was now in effect. For every action they took there was an opposite reaction upon the people they claimed to defend. Now you think this might cement hatred towards us, in some cases it did, no plan is perfect. But it also started to breed certain resentment towards the resistance. People started to believe it was more trouble than it was worth, they feared what me and my fellow thugs might do. In some cases people out right protested the restrained action claiming they only worsened their situation, reminding them the more they fought the worse they made it for the people they wished to protect. People even started to hand over names, suspicions were reported. I rewarded such model behaviour of course, with more food and other rations. Our grip was like iron, allies soon started to become far and few between, they grew bold in response.
After all this was not a straight forward conflict so, we adapted our tactics; the forest was their ally so we made use of what tools we had. Thanks to the Sovereign contacts I managed to request some rather ‘unique’ items. These ranged from incendiary devices, mortar tripods and a few Draken trackers...and a few crates of Cassian wine for moral of course. As well as a few other decorative items, we had to set an example. Banners, assorted Dominion comforts I had to make my commandeered home on par with proper imperial etiquette, show the people the wealth and power of their conquerors. Show them those loyal are rewarded...generously.
Needless to say I was about to have a little fun, we torched the surrounding forest areas in create a defensive parameter ad well as mortared the surrounding area to scatter the resistance when we had a general position. They gave as good as they got I will give them that, it was ravenous cycle for a time. Each attack was met with a savage rebuttal in one way or another. It seemed I had made an impression, would you believe it they gave me a nick name? Something to frighten the children with, it was utterly charming and somewhat dramatic. I blame my somewhat...enthusiastic use of the incendiary supplies. They called me.

The Devil Delmonte.

Hahah oh my rather grand sounding, no? Now some of my race, high and mighty as we are seem to hold the whole Aurin people in a phase of disdain, but well few I encountered have fought them on my...’level’. They caused me trouble I had to resort to these tactics for it was the only way to deal with their guerrilla tactics, which they executed admirably frequently. They kept me on my toes to say the least; they fought and died for their futile as it was in the long run. They fought well really, hard to believe a Cassian saying that isn’t it? Heh it was a large scale conflict of cat and mouse, the hardened core of their movement gave no quarter and neither did we. We expect it of each other. I had to be brutal in response; they left me no choice darling. Now I shan’t say I didn’t enjoy it, why would I be part of all this otherwise? Don’t do what you like for free as my grandmother used to say. The budget I had access too was quite luxurious, I ate fine meals, drank fines wines and enjoyed ruling my own little town. All with a splash of violence and thrills at delightful intervals. There was one particularly annoying blond haired Aurin that often found herself in my cross fires, a diligent one, stubborn. She tried my patience on many an occasion as did the rest of her group but I suppose you could say they earned my respect. We seemed destined to continue this little dance for a long time to come. But then the exiles had that rather brash rescue attempt, I was surprised they came back for them, such loyalty...impressive. You can call me many things but disloyal to the Dominion is not one of them. But yes, Oh dear, I get distracted so easily. My quaint town life was shattered when he got orders to lock down the area as a full scale attack was made to ‘rescue’ as many Aurin as they could, then we got another set of Orders. The Rough riders were ordered to converge with reinforcements heading to the Capital. We mounted up and rode out.

The whole thing was a rather grizzly affair, quite thrilling really. Very fierce close quarter street affair as they fought to hold their position as they extract as much as the populace as possible.
We fought exile troops and various Aurin, it wasn’t hard to realise that the thing had been planned. The majority if not all the resistance movements had fallen back to the main city for this so the conflict did not even reach its Zenith for a time. Cutting a long story short and simply restating what any Dominion troop knows, the exile fleet escaped with the Queen and a sizable portion of the population. The conclusions was rather bloody, the streets in ruins and large casualties on both sides. It was all rather glorious but had the generals in a rage. An impressive feat all things considered, but it left the planet in our hands thoroughly. Those that remained either continued the fight or were quickly brought to heel once more. Their Queen had left them, some took that quite hard, and some even bent their knee to us as they had little to no options. I was unsure what the destiny of the planet was; we were stripping it of resources but after that? I didn’t know, not my pay grade to know these things. I had hoped for a swift return to my station at the outpost I had grown accustomed to me sustained ‘high life’. But I got my orders, guard duty and other nefarious work, but this time it was far and few between. A new regiment took our town and took over the duties but soon left from what I’ve heard, sometime later I was told the planet was wiped.
But I had my own affairs to address; I had started to fear the encroaching boredom that would claim me. But after a time, The Sovereigns got new orders. Nexus was our next assignment, once again we were being sent in with a wave of reinforcements to the world, and thus I found myself shoved into a cryo chamber until such times as we arrived.

And so here I am, we reach the end of my tale humble tale. I am on Nexus, currently acting guard duty once again on a trade route. This time we are guarding a grav-train transporting troops and supplies. I eagerly await orders, I would say boredom once again threatens to claim me but I have barely been here and I have already endured a train robbery. Very classic isn’t it? This wasn’t just anyone though, from what I have learned the Sovereigns have an outstanding grudge match with an Exile group known as the Malverines. A rag tag bunch, a biker gang they appear to be. I’ve only encountered them a few times; they took something, something I’m under orders to get back at all costs. They are a tough bunch, reliable for a good fight by all accounts. They have a leader Cathal Reily, now me and him? We have our little confrontations; it’s become something of a tradition. It’s strange we seem to share some ideals; we also enjoy a good fight for these ideals. He’s been busy it seems. He got himself a new posse, and who would of guessed, he has a certain blond hair Aurin amongst his ranks. A small galaxy isn’t it? This...Carnatia Treerunner, she has changed. She has been trained; an Esper it seems took the time to give her a new edge. But she is not the only one darling, you see before I came here the Sovereigns seemingly saw fit to reward me with some ‘unique’ enhancements, it seems they wanted more out of the Sovereigns thug.

They wanted more than I could ever imagine however, once we landed some boys the Sovereigns had brought in for bulk did runner and sold out. Past a lot of sensitive information onto some unsavoury folk, needless to say this led House Talyn into a rage. I was soon reminded she owed me and that traitors should be killed on sight amongst other unsavoury punishments, the usual. She went on about she couldn’t trust anyone but her ‘Dog’ in all this; it was suddenly ‘my’ problem. I voiced as much, they weren’t my men I was just an officer. She just looked at me and told me it was my problem on the I was newly appointed captain of the Sovereign Rough Riders. She bloody promoted me!



--The Devil Delmonte [title given by Aurin resistance]
--Lord Delmonte (Sov title only, low born by birth)

--Rising Star
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RE: 'Samuel Delmonte' ((WIP))
Updates to all sections.

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May i recover account to get refund from Cash ap...
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