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Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
06-26-2013, 09:35 AM
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Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
A storm was coming. By sheer chance, Peri staggered into town just ahead of it, making it look like the roiling black clouds were chasing her like an angry judge. She was too exhausted to run, even as the thunder seemed to rumble threateningly just over her shoulder.

She was dressed for the road–and for protection against bright sunlight. The cloak and scarf that shrouded her were rendered superfluous under the overcast skies, so she thoughtless shed them as she trudged down the street. Scarf went first, immediately whipped away by the rising winds. Cloak went second... and engulfed her head as the wind threw it back it her. She cursed and threw it off, just in time to see the saloon looking over head. She licked her chapped lips, then looked back the way she had come. Nothing on the horizon but the storm. Fair enough.

As she entered the saloon, her feet seemed to give out on her, making the last few steps to the bar as comical as they were painful. The goggles covering her eyes were pushed up as an afterthought, bringing her fiery orange hair under some control. She opened her mouth to speak, then licked her lips again.

"Whiskey..." she rasped, then thought better of it. "No, no, water first... Whiskey later. But first water. A whole pitcher. Somethin'. Lots." She really shouldn't have said so much, given it sounded like her throat had been given a good scouring with sound paper. The last word was almost a hiss.
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
As the aurin entered, she would see a long bar on her left, arranged with a number of high stools. Being the counter was an arrangement of cases and shelves filled with all manner of alcohol. There was also a door that might have presumably went to a kitchen. To her right is a large open area with tables strewn about the center and booths along the wall. A stage seemed to be the focal point of this section of the room- lighting fixture all hung up, but none of them were lit at the moment. Beside the stage is a staircase leading to a second floor. The building itself was depressingly empty of customers.

The weather had made the saloon empty in a way that Taru wasn't used to. You'd think the emptiness would give an employee a kind of relief, a satisfaction that they wouldn't have to work as hard to get the same amount of pay. It did the opposite to her. A blue-haired aurin wearing a skimpy tube top and shorts sat at the bar with her chin in her palm. There was literally nothing for her to do, and it was wrecking her brain. She seemed oddly content with staring out the window across from her, ears flinching at each sound of thunder.

Not long after a particularly loud crack, the door to the saloon had been blown open, and with the wind came an unfamiliar voice. The waitress jumped out of her seat at the sound, ears attentive, and she swung her head in the fiery-haired aurin's direction. "Oh! Hello! Welcome to the Sassy Saloon!" The other woman's order was a bit messy, but Taru was sure she understood. "Coming right up, ma'am!" she replied cheerfully and slid out of her stool. As the sharp heel of her shoe touched the wood floorboards, she stumbled a bit, but quickly corrected herself. "Ah.. oops. Been sitting too long," she laughed lightly to herself and skipped behind the counter. She filled a pitcher with water and ice, then grabbed a glass and walked on over to wherever her new customer had seated herself to set it in front of her. "Here you are!"
06-26-2013, 03:53 PM
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
Cathal was in his bloody office when he the racket began in the Saloon. Set above the bar he was sitting in a decent sized office with a nice black mahagony desk with a large leather chair. In fact it was his little refuge from the rest of the Club and feature a decent coffee table and couch where his inner circle could meet up with him. At that moment he was up in the nice little office and enjoying a smoke. He really should have pulled Taru back up them into the place. However after hearing the door below open up he decided his rest was over. Turning off the computer screen he was working with he walked over do the door and peered out onto the floor below.

All he heard was something about Whiskey and water and saw a shot of red hair. Was that another blood aurin? A short one at that?

"Good job serving the lass Taru," he said walking down from the office via the stairway. He was wearing his cut a over-coat which boar the snarling colors of the Malverines.
06-26-2013, 11:39 PM
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
For a little while, Peri failed to register her surroundings, let alone the people in them. She was a mess in more ways than one, but the extent of it didn't become apparent til one got a good look at her... That and it was initially hard to see all the scrapes and bruises on her skin.

She snatched up the glass off water and chugged the contents. Only when it was down to nothing but ice did she put it down and look at the others. "Thanks," she said, her voice much clearer now that her throat wasn't parched. And then her eyes widened as something dawned on her. "FUCK!"

She patted herself down, for all the good that would do. As little as she was wearing, there was no losing anything in her clothes. She still had her guns, at least, which were holstered on the belts crossed over her hips.

"Y'all don't charge fer water, d'ya?" She asked sheepishly. "Kinda lost everything back there just now."
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
Taru got a chance to look the woman over, and certainly just might have noted the woman's condition. She kept a warm smile on her face, and when her customer's glass became empty of liquid, took the opportunity to refill it for her with the pitcher. "No problem," she held her ears forward, but one of them swiveled backwards at the sound of a familiar male voice. "Hey there, Mister Reily!" the aurin chirped. Though in taking her attention off her customer, was completely startled by her sudden outburst. "FUCK!" Taru jumped and swiveled right back around, tail frizzed out behind her. When she saw everything was alright, however, she relaxed. "Oh, um. Not water from the tap, no. Everything else on the menu costs though!"
06-27-2013, 08:07 AM
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
The commotion was a welcome event. Opie was beginning to feel a bit self-conscious. The waitress was obviously bored with the extreme lack of customers and he had been nursing his beer for a long time. He still wasn't sure if Cathal was in the office and didn't want to make a move until he could confirm his presence.

Looking over the raspy-voiced aurin closely Opie noticed her worn state. It reminded him of his own stumbling act into the city just yesterday. Seems like everyone enters this saloon a little worse for wear. He had made a stop by the Doctor's office, he doubted he entered the saloon any more gracefully. The aurin's condition and arrival had a wonderful consequence to it however. Cathal was indeed in his office. Even better he was coming downstairs.

Though Opie silently kicked himself for waiting this entire time. Still an opportunity had presented itself. No sense in not taking advantage of it. As Cathal made his way down the stairs Opie stood up from his table, taking off his jacket. He draped the jacket over the back of his chair. Opie then took off the blade-mechanisms around his wrist, setting them on the table near his beer.

It was then that the aurin gave a loud shout. Instinctively Opie reached back for his weapons, but relaxed realizing the situation. Shaking his hands as if shaking them dry and straightening his stance, Opie began walking up to Cathal, paying attention to little else. Making eye contact Opie said, "We need to have a conversation."
06-27-2013, 06:55 PM
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
Cathal had made his way down the entire stairs when Taru had finally served the girl the water she had requested. Catha's expression morphed from curious to inquiring as the stranger proceeded to let off a few expletives that seem to just jump out of her small mouth. She was dressed like a complete utter ragamuffin. The man took note of the guns on her hips as he looked up at the door and noted no one was about to come barging in. Glancing at a male patron he noticed a man then walking toward him. What was that about.

"One moment lad," he said holding up his hand as he heard Taru talking to the girl. "Just get har some water Taru, ye dun hafta worry. Give har a shot an't and start a tab."

The man's eyes then moved back to the man who had started walking toward him. Cathal was wearing one of his mag pistols on his hip and the other was around a should holster wrapped around his right shoulder. Giving the man a raised eyebrow he said, "Why ye need ta talk speak ta me boyo?"
06-27-2013, 10:17 PM
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
Terrier, who had been sitting at the end of the bar quietly contemplating the latest addition to his arsenal, a very small (at least for a granok) pistol of strange design, looked up at the commotion and the ensuing conversation.

He meandered down to the bedraggled Aurin and slid enough credits for a bottle down to her. "Oi, barlass, give's the little one a good drink. Seems like she needs it." He cracks a grin "An' some o' my usual!" He winks at Taru and turns to the new Aurin "Yer lookin' a bit worse fer wear there Kleine Katze, drink up an' git warm"
06-28-2013, 12:03 AM
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
"Naw, naw, I can pay..." Peri said, her cheeks going read over the prospect of being in debt... or taking booze charity. Both were equally bad in her books. "Here. Do y'all barter?" Cuz..." She unceremoniously shoved a hand under her top, then withdrew a small chip of something that looked shiny and potentially expensive. "I got that. Might even be worth a bottle."

She flashed a grin, either heedless of the dangers of flashing potentially precious gems in such a place, or confident enough that the risks didn't worry. The guns on her hips were awfully damn big for a girl her size, yet they didn't seem to weigh her down at all.

"Oh! Name's Peri, by the way. Peri Tanzer."

Clearly not a common Aurin surname, but she knew that as well as anybody else.
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
An ear swiveled in Cathal's direction as he gave her instructions, and then she moved her skinny little body aside to make room for the Granok as he came over. Taru politely smiled to the Granok, and then looked to the newcomer as the shiny chip was flashed around. The other girl was positive that it could be worth something. "That's up to the boss, ain't it?" she looked to (Terrier), then swung her head in Cathal's direction, waving him over.

"Hey, boss! Got somethin' for you to look at!" That was when Peri introduced herself, and Taru looked at her again, eye brow raised. "Tanzer? Weird name, huh?" she smiled all the while, speaking as if just stating a simple fact. "I'm Taru Wildspark. Nice to meet you, yep!" the bubbly girl clapped her hands excitedly. "Oh- and, uh, I'll be the one serving you today!" she waved her hand in the air as she rather unceremoniously spilled that last part. Her attention turned to the Granok for a moment, speaking to him, "I'll just head on over to the bar and get you that 'usual', hm?" she smiled. Taru's tail curled slightly behind her as she stepped over to the bar and reached under the counter for a large stein that she filled with Lava Grog from the tab. Taru set the stein for Terrier at Peri's table, assuming he was going to be sitting there, then returned to the bar, sitting on a stool as she waited for Cathal to make his decision on the girl's shiny chip.

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