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Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
07-11-2013, 02:03 PM
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
He was already moving up to the office before he really took notice of anything else going on down on the first floor. Was the kid bringing a beer into his office? Cathal glanced over his shoulder and gave the man a slight narrowing of his eyes as he sighed, he did drink, but it was kind of a thing only the boss got to do. Whatever. Rolling his eyes he walked up the stair as he heard the man begin to speak. The kid had a spiel (note he calls most people kid because of his cynicism) and he did like a good spiel. So as he listened Cathal made his way to the office and opened it up. He let the newcomer in before closing the door behind him. He walked behind his large desk and picked up a cigar and lit it. This was a moment that he would then take to think as he sat down and stared at the outsider.

"So ye wanna sell my gangs works and stories ta the masses eh boyo?" he said as he exhaled a stream of smoke. The two mag pistols were evident in their holsters as Cathal rubbed his stubble covered chin. There was another moment as he heard the name. Starfall? I be pretty damn sure that I be hearin of that radio station. Cathal was wearing his favored hat at the moment and after noticing a slight increase of the heat outside he dropped it back onto the desk top as he opened up his own personal fridge in a draw below. He opened the bottle and drank from the cooling liquid within, which was a form of hard cider he preferred and had made on Nexus ever since he landed.

"Not bad kid, not bad. Sa ye wanna get this thing here. Alroight, that be meanin yer gonna need ta get some investment. I canna provide that, an ye can prospect here if that is yer wish. Rules the same, ye wanna be a Malverine, and I'm sayin this cuz ONLY a Malverine is gonna be runnin a feckin' radio about Malverines, sa," he took another swig.

"Does that sound up yer alley eh boyo?"
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
Najia's large pointy auds had been quite busy flicking and swiveling about as she gazed around the Saloon. There was a good mixture of people and all of them seemed to have quite distinct personalities and individual mannerisms. This was the first Saloon she had entered since landing on Nexus and it was refreshing to see an establishment flourishing and filling with such interesting characters. It was indeed exciting to see!

“What's interesting?” said an unfamiliar voice behind her, and rather closely behind her at that. Naji's auds flicked back against her head with a notable “Fwwhip” and clung smoothly to it's surface while her hands flew up to grasp one another in a fisted praying position under her chin. Her tail had shot upwards as well, curling into an S shape behind her. There was a good chance the large plume on it's tip would have boop Shiori in the face. This had been quite an effort to refrain from screaming and jumping. If she had not been so focused on her professionalism, she would be attached to the ceiling by now.

Miss Naji's head turned quickly to see who's voice threatened to scare her out of her skin. She peered over the smooth curve and cusp of her shoulder to gaze wide-eyed up at the 6'1” figure behind her. “Uhm,” She murmured, blinking. “The Saloon.” It was a rather vague answer, but after having the day scared out of her she was alright with giving a lack-luster answer.

Naji flashed an anxious smile before looking over towards Cathal and Taru as her name was mentioned. She flushed at the over-dramatized flattery, missing Cathals reaction entirely for obvious reasons. She took a few steps forward, giving a small shake of her head, “Oh, don't be silly!” Najia cooed, relaxing slightly. “This season hasn't even come out yet!” She jested, winking and glancing behind her once more as she took a few more steps towards the bar. Naji held up her lithe, well manicured index finger towards Shiori while she smiled and mouthed the words “One-moment” over her shoulder.

As Taru addressed her she smiled brightly and stuffed her hands back into her bolero-style leather jacket and approached the bar where Taru was working. “Thank you, miss-...ah... Taru? That's what Mr.Cathal called you, correct? ” She slid her rump onto one of the bar stools down from Peri and got comfy. Cathal seemed busy and she could wait until he was done chit-chatting with Opie so they could do some chit-chatting of their own.

Najia's ears had returned to their normal perky manner and she now had what she liked to call “happy-tail”. It swished and curled behind her in a playful manner, reflecting her rather outgoing personality. “I would be super pleased to try one of your house fruity drinks! My favorite is an Esper Spritz. Do you know that one? I can show you if you don't!” Naji chirped, obviously excited at the opportunity to teach someone her personal drink concoction.

“Oh, but that is only if you want to know. Anything else you have is amazing, I am sure!” Her auds gave a little twitch and her bright smile waned slightly, leaning back from the bar. "Even water works. I'm not picky!"
07-12-2013, 09:03 AM
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
The question rang in the air for a moment. "Does that sound up yer alley eh boyo?" Cathal had asked. Opie was a bit brash, some might even say clueless when it came to rules and organizations, but he knew the score well enough. There was one crew crazy enough to provide said protection. And there is one way to get that protection and move closer to his goals. Seek to earn a place among the feared and admired Malverines.

Still laying back on the coach Opie took another drink of his beer. Staring at the ceiling he replied, "a Malverine. Yeah, that is the goal. I am sure our contacts would be of mutual benefit. And the people are eager for heroes. My skills extend beyond the booth and mic. I am certainly willing to earn my bread and butter."

Opie stood up, placing his beer in his back pocket. "It seems only fair. A Malverine tells Malverine stories. You get full rights to veto any story you do not approve of. And I earn my place to broadcast the tale of the BlackSky Malverines. You have a deal." With that Opie extended his hand toward Cathal.
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
Shiori just smiled amused as in his mind he was currently laughing his head off. The aurin's reaction to his decloaked presence. Her expression was both adorable and a bit comical and he couldn't help but chuckle, that same chuckle evolving into a laugh as the tuft of her tail invaded his face. Gently brushing her tail aside, he glanced at it curiously. Her tail was just so soft. Waving at her finger and mouthed comment he sat back down and started tinkering with a robot he had on it.

The young man had given up his wayward exploring ways recently in favor of furthering his intellectual pursuits. It was actually one of the easiest decisions he'd made in a while, and it let him practice what he loved even further. Ever since he focused on his tech and robotics, Shiori had been making leaps and bounds with his trade. He was quickly becoming the go-to man for tech support in the little town he lived in.

Smiling as he worked in his zone, the young man's fingers darted around the intricate machine as he connected wires and circuit boards. After building the anti-grav device he looked up and stretched before examining the room and taking in its occupants. There was someone that he hadn't met before that apparently gotten a meeting with the boss, the aurin he scared the daylights out of, and Taru. He idly noticed another Aurin and a Grannok. Wait...Why are we up to our ears in aurin? He wondered, just short of saying it out loud.

Shrugging to himself, he stretched again before packing his things away and standing after deciding to work on it later. He did feel a bit bad about scaring the new aurin with white and violet hair. Putting his pack on his back, he walked over to the bar stopping just short as he realized that he was making no noise and made sure to make a bit of it before sitting down next to Najia. "Hey you two. Taru, could I get a tea when you get the chance? I'm not feeling alcohol today; working on building a new bot." He spoke up with a soft smile.

Looking squarely at Najia, his smile turned a bit apologetic as his ocular implants glowed softly in the light. "Hey, I wanted to apologize about scaring you so much earlier. I was testing out my cloaking abilities to make sure they work." He made a point of vanishing in the chair and reappearing again with a slightly proud smile before extending a black gloved hand to her. "By the way, my name is Shiori, resident tech expert and robotics junkie. What's your name?"
07-14-2013, 10:44 AM
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
Taru smiled and relaxed as Najia slid into the stool across from her at the bar. "Esper Spritz? No, I haven't heard of that one. May I ask what's in it? I could probably mix it up for you!" She smiled and leaned forward, folding her elbows across the counter. Her tail curls upwards, the tips jiggling ever so noticeably. "And if we don't have those ingredients, I can just show you the menu. We've got a few interesting concoctions of our own that might please your palette." She grinned brightly.

When Shiori spoke up, Taru turned her head and ears towards him, nodding firmly. "Of course! I'll get that ready for you. I think the water's still hot-" she looked over her shoulder towards the counter behind her with a bunch of doo-dads on it.
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
“Well,” Naji paused, pressing her delicate index finger to the plush of her pursed lips. Her gaze turned up slightly, searching her memory for the exact ingredients. “1 oz... Hmm. Ah, you know what?” Najia fluttered her hand dismissively, “I highly doubt you guys have that one.” Naji gave a flustered sigh, “Some of the ingredients are a bit rare-ish for anyone to have just sitting around. Let me see if I can gather some of the more tricky ingredients and I will bring them next time I visit! I think I know someone who will have precisely what you need!” She smiled warmly, slipping her right elbow onto the counter before curling her hand beneath her elegantly angled chin. Her other arm hung lazily down into her lap where her fingers mindlessly fiddled with the tattered edging of her jean shorts and the rim of the chair amid her thighs.

Naji's pale brows rose ever-so-slightly, her lips pursing to cause a subtle change in her demeanor. Shiori had began to walk over and so far all he had managed to do was scare her silly. Her facial expression wasn't the only notable shift in Naji's semblance; her ears and tail were what truly gave away her ambivalence towards him. Najia's ears went from casually perky to standing rigid as two boards while her tail's movement slowed to an almost wary sway and curl.

She flashed him a quick smile over the curve of her shoulder, which was strictly out of uncertainty and habitual politeness, then returned her attention towards Taru as the two conversed. When Shiori squarely addressed her, Naj slowly slid her gaze towards him, inspecting him out of the corner of her eyes as she listened to his apology and personal epilogue. Her lips were still pursed, but her demeanor had turned from caution to heightened curiosity when he suddenly disperse into thin air.

Naji's auds quickly fwhipped back against her cranium when Shiori quickly disappeared from view, they languidly swiveled upwards once he reverberated. At that moment, Naji swirled around in her chair to face Shiori—legs and all. She clasped her knees and locked her elbows as she leaned forward to inspect him. Naji left little space for breathing as she critically stared him down and scanned him over from shoulder to shoulder and head to toe. Did she just sniff him-..? Maybe not... Well, once she finally noticed his jutted out hand, which likely hovered mid-air for a few moments, Najia gingerly lifted her own to give it a shake.

As soon as she did so, Naji's expression warmed. Her usual incandescent smile returned to illuminate her soft features, ears parting into a rather complaisant position upon her head. “Oh!” Naj gave a small shake of her head, “I had the wrong impression. It's my fault for not being more understanding. I can be so critical! Thank you for the explanation!” She chirped, “What a curious name for a curious man. I'm Najia Sparkthorn. You sure did scare the day out of me!” She jested, tilting her head ever-so-slightly. Naji retracted her hand to curl it with the other, resting her forearms upon the bar with her upper body twisted towards it. She looked to Taru and gave a small, animated nod. "I'll take what he's having, Miss Taru! Thank you for your kindness."
07-15-2013, 08:23 PM
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
The kid had a good sense of oratory skills, Cathal would give hi that. However he was a bit too blunt with his buttering up. Cathal could tell the kid was definitely trying to get in cahoots with him from the start. Then again that was kind of the point of the meeting right? He was not here to just hear some youngin' spouting off, he was here for a business deal. Listening to what Opie had to offer he worked over the options in his head. Why would some radio jockey want to work with the Malverines? One could not blame the gang leader for being the least bit suspicious. How could one not be since there were ongoing problems with the very vicious enemies of the Malverines being the one and only Sovereigns.

Could he be a plant? Nah that was not possible. Cathal was paranoid,but he was not -that- paranoid. For a moment he regarded the other man with a look of slight hesitation and weighed him. There was a bit of silence as Cathal chewed on the edge of his cigar and spat into a small spitoon located near his chair. He then inhaled from the cigar and let the tobacco calm his nerves a bit, he did love that bit of nicotine in the afternoon.

"Sure," he said as he stood up and took Opie's hand. Cathal's grip was stern and firm. It should his interest and renewed his sense of interest in the proposal. He noticed the kid had a good handshake which was always a good sign of a deal. After giving the shake he removed his hand and took a look from one of the windows of the office down tot he Saloon floor.

"So yer joinin us, foine foine foine. Ye undarstand that as a prospect yer basically a gopher fer the club roight?" he asked simply.
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
Shiori blinked as his hand remained in the air a moment before she took his hand and shook it firmly. His grin returning to his face, the young man was infinitely amused by the aurin that got right up on him and sniffed him. He could swear she just sniffed him. He didn't mind though, and just smiled politely as she spoke. Shiori patted her hand before letting go and swiveling in his chair for a moment before looking at her again.

Najia's outfit was oddly appealing as he gave her a once over before smiling at her again. It wasn't a lecherous look, more of one giving a piece of beautiful art a glance of appreciation. He tapped his chin in thought before humming and looking at her in thought. "Najia Sparkthorn. That's a name I recognize, my bunkmates on the Fox's Luck kept up to date on you whenever we docked with the Gambler's Ruin. Tried to get me in on it, but I'd prefer to get to know the woman sitting next to me than the idol. If you get my meaning."

He smiled in a friendly manner before turning back to face the bar as he fiddled with his hands. The man looked at her, hoping she didn't misunderstand his statement as anything lewd. "It's alright though Najia. I did make a horrible first impression by scaring the daylights out of you. I consider myself lucky that you only booped me in the face with your tail instead of slapping me. So, thank you for that by the way." He chuckled and gave her a pat on the shoulder before setting it back on the table.

"So, indulge me if you don't mind. Would you happen to be trained as an Esper? You seemed to get a feel off me when we shook hands so I can hazard a guess that you got emotion or truth perhaps? It's quite fascinating if you don't mind sharing some more with me? I've always wondered about Esper powers from a scientific stand point." After speaking he tilted his head to listen to her if she felt like indulging his natural intellectual curiosity.
07-19-2013, 09:45 AM
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
"All right, then I'll just mix you up something else?" she pushed herself off of the counter and stepped over to another section of the bar. "I can just make you a few different things since mister Reily says it's on the house, huh?" her lips curled into a pleasant grin as she made Shiori's tea quickly, stepping over to deliver it to him. "There ya go! Here's a... sugar cubes," she placed a small bowl filled with delicious sugary blocks and a small mixing spoon. Upon returning to Najia's situation, she mixed up three drinks, each very different in color and feel, and placed them in front of her on the counter. She pointed to each as she explained them. "Now here's the Barbershop, a grog mix infused with sweet sap. Next is Aspirin, it's... really strong," she laughed a bit, then pointed to the last one. "Lastly, the Easy Aurin. It's pleasantly fizzy, fruity, real earthy too. Not as strong as the others, but after two or three, you'll definitely feel somethin'." Her tail flipped in the air behind her happily.
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
“Oh, that is flattering. I didn't think that kind of notice would ever get off Gambler's Ruin... “ Najia careened her head, looking towards Shiori from the corner of her eye. She smiled politely, “Well, if your friend ever wants a few signed prints I would love to oblige. Some people are quite alright without knowing me. Freedom of imagination, I assume!” Najia laughed faintly, glancing towards Taru as she spoke.

“That sounds great, Miss Taru!” Najia responded, glancing back to Shiori. “Did I hit you?! I am so sorry!” Najia frowned faintly, peering down to the wild curly tuff of fluff at the end of her tail. “I swear. Mind of it's own...” She sighed, shaking her head as she pressed her cheek into the curve of her palm.

“Esper?” Naji's ears perked up, lifting her cranium from her palm as she gazed towards Shiori once again. “I mean, I got the hang of a few basics-...” Najia trailed off, returning her head to her palm with an agitated huff. But... that's about it. Najia gave a lazy smile before perking at the sound of drinking glasses sliding across the wooden surface of the bar. “Miss Taru!” Najia exclaimed. “You've outdone yourself! This looks simply devine!”

Naji curled both of her hands beneath her chin as she peered over the selection of drinks, biting the plush of her bottom lip. She gave off a palatable sense of excitement; her ears swiveled forward and her tail swayed about behind her happily.Hmm, Najia paused, squinting. “Ah! This one! She sat back after plucking up the Easy Aurin. Cupping the glass with both of her delicate hands, Najia took a few sips. She let out a pleased “mmmh” as she nursed her drink, only parting from her sips to thank Taru with a wide smile and to ask Shiori a question. “Mister Shiori, do you know anything about Espers? You must! I mean, you picked up on my slight skill...and I use the word “skill” lightly.” She flushed faintly, promptly pressing the glass back to her lips.

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