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Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
07-22-2013, 05:10 AM
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
All business talks were chess games. Merger, trades, construction deals, all of them had a strategic vying for position. One thing you knew is that the other person was doing exactly the same thing. Opie took a slightly different tactic by making it clear. Instead of leaving it unsaid, he put it all on the table and the weight of it would either be acceptable or not.

All Opie had read, heard, and learned about Cathal Reily was that he was a cunning businessman, a capable leader, and had the caution, or as some might call it the paranoia to keep the Malverines safe. The crew came first and if something felt off that could endanger them then your chances were slim of getting a deal done.

Yet the handshake was given. It was firm, it was clear, and it sealed the deal. Now Opie had to deliver. He was given a chance to prove this was not a one-sided deal and that the Malervines and Cathal himself would in fact benefit and profit from this transaction. Even if that might showing some of his more hidden talents.

"So yer joinin us, foine foine foine. Ye undarstand that as a prospect yer basically a gopher fer the club roight?" Cathal asked in simple manner, as if remarking on the weather.

"Oh I understand. I am ready to mop the floors and sweep the dirt streets to earn my place. On top of my already described duties, of course. You are the boss. You name it, I do it. Goes for anyone higher rank than me, which I assume is everyone. You tell me what you need and I will deliver. It is as simple as that." Opie replied just as simply while smiling.

The first step had been put into place. The time spent in that dusty shed shouting rhetoric was not in vein. Despite being known for his jovial demeanor, Opie couldn't help but feel that some of that pride and excitement was showing. Somehow his smile just seemed wider. Of course, getting a foot in the door is one thing. Earning a place within the group was going to be a new challenge all together.

As Cathal continued to observe out the office window, Opie asked, "Any new orders or advice for the kid seeking to work his way up? Or should I just get to work on getting Starfall Radio back broadcasting?"
07-22-2013, 12:08 PM
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
Taru clapped happily and hopped once in place when it became clear that Najia was pleased with the drink she tasted. "Do you like it? Oh, good! I've mixed that one up a couple of times. Only been here about a week or so, but it was familiar enough to the drinks I used to prepare in the bars on Ruin." she grinned joyfully and looked around to the other who spoke, before chiming in when there was time. "Signatures?" her lips pursed curiously as she examined the other woman.
07-23-2013, 12:05 AM
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
Shiori blinked at her enthusiasm before smiling softly. Najia did seem to love her job a lot and such dedication to her gifts and abilities impressed the young man. Looking at her wryly with a little smile, he chuckled before speaking. "Well, if he was still around I would. The man disappeared trying to find the wreckage of the Ardent Dawn, my old ship before I got rescued by the Fox's Luck." A dark look, full of pain flashes past his face for the briefest of moments before masking the expression.

Nodding politely at the Aurin in question, he turned to accept the tea Taru presented him with before adding the sugar cubes and mixing it with a deft hand. Studying the concoction for a moment, the young man nodded in satisfaction before drinking some of the tea and smiling gently. "Thank you Taru, the mixture is delicious as always. And by the way, I'm sure you're better than you let on." He spoke the last sentence to Najia before tapping his chin in thought.

"Well, truth be told Najia I don't know as much as I'd like. Think of the mind and body separately, as if your body is merely the containment vessel and focus both for the ever moving energy and power of your mind. You see, your mind is ever changing, and never truly rests even while asleep. The neurons that connect your cerebral cortex to the rest of your nervous system also plays a factor. That's actually why many Espers use motions during their powers."

"Take projecting the psyblade for instance. At the core, your body vibrates at a certain frequency and the electrical energy in your nervous system that controls your body responds to it. So when you move your arm, your mind subconsciously focuses on it and that is the whole point. At its most basic form, the mind is chaos incarnate. This is why I said moving your arm is important, as it creates a stabilizing effect that lets your mind's power for lack of a better term, focus on it. On your body. This makes it easier to project your mental power into the outside world, by using your beautiful body as a stabilizing agent."

Already on a roll, the man never noticed that he had tossed out a compliment as he kept on with his explanation. "Now as for the gift of illusion, that also preys on the mind's power, just on others instead of yourself. You see, what the mind perceives to be real will effect the one perceiving it as such. Take for instance pain. You create a phantasmal illusion, one that the eyes see, the ears, hear, the nose smells, etc. Appealing to the most basic of senses, that our bodies and minds understand on a subconscious level allows you to manipulate how it would react."

"Say, this illusion stabbed someone in the gut. They'd feel the impact, they'd feel the piercing sensation, hear the squelching of their flesh, see the blade inside their body, smell the blood it spills. Their brain would react as if they had actually been stabbed. There is also making an actual physical construct, but that's an explanation for another time."
He glanced around with a sheepish smile before scratching his nose. "Sorry about that Najia, you asked for an explanation of my knowledge and I just went on and on. I probably should have warned you that I enjoy explaining things and sharing my knowledge." At this point, he had a dusting of a blush on his cheeks.

Taking the time to look down at his tea, the young man wondered for a moment if it was even fair of him to be teaching her anyway. He knew his status as a human man with countless Eldan nanomachines coursing through his body, so it was clear he was intended as a weapon of war. It was just his explanation was horribly clinical and not the least bit phrased as if he knew from experience as to why He was talking about. Taking a drink of his tea, he calmed his thoughts before looking at Najia.

"Well, anyway I could go on but I doubt you'd want to listen to me rambling on about powers I can't use. You see, I'm classified as a stealth, infiltration, assassination and reconnaissance specialist which most just refer to as a stalker. My body is physically enhanced by technology and modified as such. Even my mind mind is coated with a cerebral interface that lets me control and use technology as if it was child's play. Such as optical holoprojection, enhanced physiological defences, and my stealth abilities which you witnessed first hand."

Turning in his seat, Shio frowned a moment before finishing his tea. Setting it down and giving Taru a wane smile he then looked at the bar before speaking again. "So the point is Najia, the best I could do is give you a scientific and clinical explanation of your considerable talents. I don't have the training of an esper to give you the kind of hands on experience you may or may not need. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to explain what you don't understand, but you need a teacher in the arts that's far more qualified than me. Ok?" He looked at Najia pleadingly then, hoping she understood his meaning.
07-23-2013, 05:13 AM
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
The bar had become some what silent for a moment. The sound of thunder and rain could be heard outside as the storm continued its ways. A few shots could suddenly be heard coming from outside, no one in the bar giving it much mind. Then an explosion going off, rattling the bar just a slight bit. The doors burst open and a young, human man comes flying in landing on his back. Looking dazed for a moment he quickly recovers from his landing and takes a quick look around the room taking in the people that were around. Some briefly looking at him others still minding there own.

The man has obviously recently been in a battle of some sorts, still giving off smoke from some fire and having singed marks on the bottom of his cloak. He is drenched from head to toe dripping water on the floor. He makes his way quickly to the bar and slams down some money he grabbed from his pocket and quickly says " Have a few of your strongest shots for me by the time i return, please and thank you." and eruptly disappears leaving behind a fading teleportation spell in his wake showing that he is a spellslinger. More shots can be heard from out side following yelling coming from someone else, possibly his prey.
07-23-2013, 12:00 PM (This post was last modified: 07-23-2013 02:25 PM by Najia.)
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
Najia's auds parted ways, slowly easing their way down from their perky position to rest sadly at the sides of her head. The drink she was so avidly nursing had been placed in her lap between cupped hands. Shiori's  discernible guise of tribulation due to his bereft friend saddened her. Najia's empathy for his situation shown not only through her expression, but in her mirroring reaction and body language. However, as he appeared to recover, so did she.

"Taru you worked in a bar there too?! I did some waitressing at one point. I wonder if you were in the same district as me!"

Najia smiled brightly, glancing away from Taru to peer curiously over at Shiori's tea. "Hmm, it smells nice too." Naj cooed, lifting her chin while her eyes fluttered shut. She took a slow, lingering breath through her nose and gave a please expression. "Is there some kind of berry in that? Flower? It almost smells sweet! Blue flower maybe? It isn't too strong. Not deadly floral or anything." Naj gave a small shake of her head, her nose creasing softly. "Some teas can be overly... floral." Najia smiled, giving a small laugh.

As Shiori began talking, she seemed to listen with a high level of curiosity. His opinion on the topic began interestingly enough, and she highly enjoyed parts and bits about body movement and stabilization, but as he carried on she found herself loosing track of exactly what he was talking about. Regardless, she refused to let on that she may have missed a few pivotal points. Being the visual learner that she was, long winded explanations and worded speeches did nothing for her. In most cases, her eyes would glaze over and she would lose interest completely. However, this particular topic pertained to her and she avidly felt it was important to pay attention. Also, she didn't want to seem rude. So, she smiled and gave a nod every few moments or a curious sounding "Ah, I see!" or "Hmm"... but by the end of the entire thing her brain had checked out to lala land. She now pondered if he had deep dark brown hair or if it was black. Hmm...

"Sorry about that Najia, you asked for an explanation of my knowledge and I just went on and on. I probably should have warned you that I enjoy explaining things and sharing my knowledge."

Najia's ears perked and her pleasant smile widened. “Oh, no! You're fine! I fully enjoy listening. For someone who isn't an Esper, you seem to have drawn quite a good amount of conclusions about them. Ah, us. I think it's interesting, to say the least. I wouldn't have asked otherwise!”

She paused as Shiori began talking again, but soon after she quickly interjected. “A Stalker?” Najia murmured, giving him a passive once-over. Najia almost seemed wary for a moment, but it didn't last long. “That really does explain the disappearing trick...” She smiled, offering him a sly wink before peering down to the drink she had clasped in her lap. “Ah, I have a bit of an issue with technology. I swear, anything I touch just... ZAP! It's fried! I'm not sure if it is something I'm doing, but it is so incredibly frustrating.” Najia gave a small sigh, tipping her glass slightly to see the fizzy liquid bubble inside. She glanced up, offering a weak smile. “I think I could learn to appreciate it more if I understood it. I'm just not technically inclined and I have little understanding of it. I rather garden, anyway. How typically “Aurin” of me, huh?”

Najia's delicate fingers fiddled with the glass. She gave it another roll just as a sudden explosion went off from outside. She jumped slightly, spilling a reasonable amount of it's contents into her lap. She took a sharp breath, glaring at the individual who had obviously brought the party with him. As the man slammed his cash down on the counter Najia's lips parted, threatening to unleash the fires of hell down upon him!! But... he vanished.

She gave a throaty groan in clear detest, sliding the almost empty glass onto the counter. Her fluffy ears were pressed flush against her cranium and her tail curled and writhed in an overly agitated manner. “Dear lord, this place has more magicians with disappearing tricks than a Houdini convention!” She hissed, slipping out of her stool to the left while “dusting” off any droplets of liquid that had not yet absorbed into her clothing. Damn it... Najia murmured, her flustered expression turning into sadness.

((Houdini- Yah, I know. Let's pretend for a moment he exists in Wildstar. <3))
07-24-2013, 03:38 AM
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
Taru looked thoughtful fora log while after Najia put the idea in her head that they might have worked in the same area. Nothing else really seemed to penetrate her mind during this time, as she was lost in her own thought. Her ears heard Shiori's elaborate explanation of... this and that... but Taru couldn't bother to understand it. She knit her brow as she thought still, a little frustrated that she couldn't think up anything.

For a while longer, she listened to their conversation, and as she was about to speak up, she heard some kind of explosion from outside. Her fur stood on end as she felt it shake through the building, and she focused her attention on the front door. It erupts open, an a man falls down backwards. Taru leaps up and rushes around the bar to see if he is all right. "Oh, goodness, sir! What happe-" but he quickly recovered. Taru's eyes briefly glanced at the money he placed down- the rest of her attention was on his face. She nodded slowly in response to his order, and watched him as he made his way back outside. Her ears and tail drooped a little bit, but she took the money into her hands carefully and made her way back behind the bar.

The girl gathered three shot glasses and arranged them in a line across the counter top. Taru produced a bottle labeled 'Bourbon Wilds' and filled each shot with an appropriate amount of liquor. When she put the bottle away, she looked between Najia and Shiori with come concern, then focused her eyes on the door again to see if they man would, in fact, be returning.
07-25-2013, 08:09 PM
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
Catha's interaction with Opie so far had only told him a bit about the man. His name alone was just Opie Muckleroy or something like that to his knowledge. The kid then got some goofy ass smile on his face which caused Cathal to shake his head. The man then took a moment and began to analyze what the newcomer had done. Opie had proffered an idea to the gang lord of a hovercycle club, and had not gotten shot. That wasn't too bad, then again the Malverines were only violently when filled with whiskey and drink. Cathal himself although known to a degree for his usual grace of shooting someone who got in his way.

After shaking hands the kid started talking more, and Cathal listened. There was something going on downstairs, but he ignored whatever the girls and the other kid was doing.

"I hire people ta mop the floors, I'm bring ye on fer other reasons. Dun think I'm a simpleton boyo," Cathal began. The over eagerness was slightly off putting and brown nosy. Again though Cathal had spent years as military commander and a skipper of a frigate. His general reaction to over eagerness was to toss the person into the frying pan till they just joined the rnak and file. Leaving the military for the Exiles had changed a lot and the man had had to quickly learn some patience over the past year as of late.

"I need ye ta get yer shit set up in hare or nearby an' ta get an idea of what ye wanna broadcast. Roight now we could use some news that gives a nice bit o' story to make that lot of Malvs look good," he said. The Malverines were not having bad PR, but they could use a jolt of good PR. The boss' mind ran through a few scenarios when he walked over toward the window facing out over the main floor of the Saloon.

"Hmmm, did someone jus' poof out me feckin pub?" the man said under his breath as he watched some punk just pop in without notice. He glanced down and eyed Taru and the pin-up model separately.

"Sa what ye plan on opening up wit?" he asked Opie turning around to face the kid again as he reminded himself to call both Aurin up to his office eventually.
07-27-2013, 12:53 PM
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
Shiori blinked as he listened to Najia speaking and regarded her with an almost hawklike gaze as she spoke. The woman tried to hide it, and he had to give her credit to the fact that she was very good at it, but the young man had picked up on the signs of her losing interest in his monologue. He smiled softly at her before turning full circle in his seat a few times before trying to come up with a response, and it took him a little while on the exact phrasing of what he wanted to say.

"You know Najia, I appreciate your frankness and candor truthfully, and your wish to not offend. However, I did see that you lost interest partway through. I'm not angry, so don't misunderstand please, but I wish you had just told me I was losing you." He tapped his chin in thought before glancing at her curiously once more. "How about this. If I start to lose you, let me know. I do tend to get a bit long winded at times."

He smiled in a self-depreciating fashion before looking down and humming as he listened once more to her words. He tried to hide the twinge of sadness at her of wariness, but he didn't quite get on his emotional mask fast enough. The man's thoughts wandered after she was done talking, and he turned to her with a hopefully kind smile. "Gardening...that's something I wanted to indulge in before...Well all this." He gestured to himself before tensing.

As soon as the unknown man came bolting in, his rentinal implants tightened in focus as in an impressive display of acrobatics Shio vaulted over the bar and sat poised on top in a clear section looking very much like a jungle cat ready to pounce on its prey. His eyes scanned the man as he slammed down some money, the claws of his free hand snapping out in an instinctive combat readiness before he watched the unknown walk outside with an eagle's gaze.

It took him leaving a ways before Shio calmed out of combat readiness, and with a sheepish smile slid off the bar as his claw sheathed itself. Looking over at Najia's clothing he took a few napkins and offered them little helplessly. "I'm pretty sure you don't want me helping clean you yeah here." He got a dusting of red on his cheeks before mastering himself and looking her over. "You ok? You jumped quite a bit there." He placed his free hand on her shoulder, bending over a bit to try to see her eyes and find the answer to his question.
08-02-2013, 07:34 AM
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
Cat and mouse. Hunter and hunted. It was the way of the universe. Like recognizes like. Strength respects strength. Opie had successfully portrayed himself as necessary to get to this point. Non-threatening, jovial, and a bit of a kiss up. But the hand shake had been given. The door had been opened. Now the real work began.

Opie noticed the floor of the saloon was getting active and it certainly didn't escape the notice of Cathal. "Sa what ye plan on opening up wit?" he asked dryly.
"Simple." Opie cleared his throat, "The train job. The BlackSky Malervines, fed up with the horrid treatment of the Dominion stuck out against the government by hitting a train payload. But did they do this for them? Did they do this for glory? For honor or revenge or greed? No! They did it for YOU!. They did it for the people. How do you ask? Why you may ask? Because it is the people that make Nexus. Not the government, not the rules, but the people. And if the Dominion are going to abuse the people, the Malverines are going to help the people. Proof? The supplies and bounty from that train job have already been shared among the people and continued to be given. Food Provisions, Medical Supplies, building material, all courtesy of the BlackSky Malverines. A gang? Outlaws? May be. Bystanders? No. They will not sit back and watch the people suffer under a Dominion boot. They fight for You."

Opie stopped and picked a piece of lint off his pants. "Don't worry abut the supplies. I already took care of that. As I said, I have connections. What I need is something specific from you. As long as you fulfill that, then I can deliver this and much more in the future." Opie said with a seriousness that had been completely lacking from his interaction so far.
"Oh. And if you ever want someone killed in a manner that in absolutely no way ties to you, the Malervines, or even murder to begin with. Well, it is a job I can preform. Allow me to be clear - if I use my blades then I have failed at my job." It was added almost like a disclaimer.

Confident his message and the supplies he invested won the day. "Now, unless you need something of me. I believe we have an agreement. I have work to do. And you have a saloon to run." The jovial tone returning as Opie laughed. He took another long drink finishing off his beer and waited for Cathal to shoot him or excuse him.
08-02-2013, 09:26 AM (This post was last modified: 08-02-2013 09:43 AM by Najia.)
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RE: Here Comes Trouble [Open; Introduction(s)]
Najia had been so busy glaring at her stained shorts and shirt she hardly gave mind to Shiori's fancy foot work. As he placed his hand on her, Najia softly shrugged away before sighing relaxing into it. "I-... I'm sorry. This is just my favorite shirt." Najia murmured, looking up towards him over the curve and cusp of her shoulder while she reached back to gingerly accept the napkins from him. "Thank you, Shiori. Please excuse me..." She pleaded, offering a light smile as her ears slowly perked up from their flat position. "I just get moody over the silliest things."

Najia lingered until Shiori removed his hand. Once he had done so, she made her way to the little-ladies room. "I'll be back in a jiffy!" she chirped, starting to blot away the purple stain from her shorts and white t-shirt while meandering away; her boot buckles making a faint chinking sound as she moved. "I really hope this comes out..." Naji mumbled, pushing past the large squeaky doors of the woman's restroom.

(Removing this character from the RP for now!<3)

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