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Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
07-15-2013, 06:23 PM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
The din of the atack was rising higher and louder with every second. Cathal's ears were still ringing when he finally checked up his at the ammunition. Was he getting low? His connection to the void at the time (OOC: I AM ASSUMING THEY REQUIRE A VOID CONNECTION TO USE SIGILS) was still there. Blinking he dropped back behind the bar and flicked open the chamber. Looking at it he sighed, why did he use a fucking revolver. He pulled out a few bullets from his ammunition and loaded a few more shots, at least he had his trust knife. His other mag pistol was a normal clip based bit and he had a few more shots left to say the least. He rose up again on his feet and scanned the room.

He noted Dylan's movement and start of laying cover fire. Mouthy little shit knew how to fight at least. Cathal's eyes quickly then took in more information as he noted Taru's cowering frame and then Shiori's report came in over the com. Cathal listened carefully as his mind began to run through a few different examples in his mind. What was he going to do with meager defense against a fucking gunship. He looked at his mag pistols and ran his selection of sigils. The ice shots should done something right? Annoyed he got up and watched Fortek and Terrier charge out of the open door.

"Dammit," the boss said as he flick his wrist and started to run. Heading toward the stairs he jumped up the banister and fired. A large portal appeared and he took a deep breath as he disappeared for a few seconds. As another portal whizzed open outside to the far left of the building just around the corner. Holding both weapons he got a look at the scene as he identified a rifle wielding Mechari who seemed to heavily shielded. Lifting one of his guns he open up and spun around the corner and fired a blast of energy toward Fortek. The sigil that appeared was a healing one and would give the Granoks a regenerative boost as he ran into combat. Lifting up the other weapon he shot off two successive bullets with disruptive charges toward the Mechari hoping to take down her shield.
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Dylan watched as the two Granoks, first Fortek, then Terrier, joined the frey in classic Granok style: bum-rushing the battle with those ridiculously large swords waving over their heads. Had this not been the middle of a battle in which no one would hear him anyways, he might have made a snide comment about 'compensating for something'.

"Well, at least they'll provide some cover," He muttered to himself as he rolled out of cover and out into the large hole that used to be the front door to the saloon. Quickly looking around as he emerged from the saloon, he saw four things things: 1) lots of smoke, 2) two Granok on a war charge disappearing into the smoke, 3) a wave of energy washingover the granok from the side of the saloon (He recognized it as a healing sigil. Someone was looking out for the lumbering rock piles) and 4) enough bullets flying through the air towards the Saloon and its inhabitants that he could now get a a rough idea of where they were coming from. However, while he knew the general direction to shoot in, he still couldn't make out any specific targets, he'd be firing only slightly less blind than he did before.

"Dommies and their damned tactics," he though to himself as he realized the enemy had already found themselves nice nests to shoot from that kept them as concealed as possible. That's when he heard the thrum of rotor blades and glancing up and behind him, he saw the gunship Shiori had recently so helpfully informed them about, circling around for what he assumed was another strafing run on the Saloon. It appeared the side door was open on the gunship and Dylan could just make out a figure in the door frame. "That'll do," He thought to himself and then he ran forward into the smoke to catch up with the Granok, yelling, "Hey - either of your two rockheads got a grenade on you?!"
07-16-2013, 12:31 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
"Hey - either of your two rockheads got a grenade on you?!" mmmm Grenades! thought Terrier. He reaches up and grabs two grenades from his bandolier and tosses them over his shoulder " 'ere ya go kid.. Dunnae blow yerself up!!!!" he hollers. His other hand swinging his tech sword in a wide arc in front of him trying to cut through the blasted smoke. It was impossible to make out any specific targets in this morass, but the shooting was coming from in front of him judging by the blasts wizzing by. Spinning up his ripshield he whips his arm left and right to attempt to not only clear the smoke, but deflect the shots ringing about.

Finally making it to the other side of the road he leaps into the trees laying about himself with abandon, slicing to and fro looking for something substantial to hit.
07-16-2013, 04:25 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Rexana slips into the bar in her stealth. Sticking close to the wall and observing. There is definitely confusion between these mongrels. She can make out a blond haired Aurin. Treerunner, Carnatia. Known Malverine. Esper. Could be dangerous. Then another man holding a gun, she had only received files on those noted Malverine's and drew a blank at this. Then Rexana sees a few of them going after the charge towards the trees. [i]Perfect.[/] She thought. With the smoke still present, and her stealth systems, her cloaking was working well. She made a look for the artifact. It would be great to grab it, and get out, but she sees it was too close to a couple of those members. Too risky. They would definitely see the floating artifact and take aim. Even with her skills.

"GO TARU! SOMEWHERE SAFE!" Rexana hears one of the Malverines yell, Treerunner. She looks around as sees another Aurin, who looks rather scared, get herself up and heading towards another room. Rexana pauses only a moment to calculate what to do. This second Aurin could give them an opportunity. Maybe. If not, Rexana would only kill the girl and toss her aside l like the other nameless other Aurin who were killed in the conflicted between the Dominion and their race.

Rexana makes her way to the kitchen door, which is still swinging. She slips through it quickly as if to make it look like it was still part of the residual swinging after Taru. Your standard kitchen. Looks extremely dirty to her. Not that she was surprised, humans, especially Exiles, could be ever so dirty.

She boosts her hearing, and eyes to try and make out where this Aurin was. She can pick up the sounds of gun fire and shouts behind her, but she focuses on the room. She manages to catch the sound ever so slightly a little metal ting of something closing. Quietly she creeps across the floor, focusing her sight and hearing further. Looking and listening for anything.

Rexana could almost feel exhilarated. It had been a while she she stalked something. But now wasn't the time for her to be feeling anything. Then her sensors pick something up. Breathing, definitely muffled. Low to the floor. She brings herself closer to the floor, and walks ever so towards the breathing. She finds it, in a metal cubby.

Rexana doesn't waste time and slowly opens the cubby, still in stealth. She opens it and eyes the little Aurin in her curled up position, with eyes shut, and ears placed firmly against her skull. Rexana's scanning picks up the Aurin's heart rate, accelerated. ((There is enough of a pause for you to add in your response before this next part, Taru.)) Rexana then carefully brings out her metal hand and reaches for the girl. Rexana then harshly and tightly grabs the Aurin wrapping her hand around the girls mouth and head, still in the stealth and pulls her out of the cubby. Rexana stands and lifts the Aurin to eye level, holding her a few feet above the ground, but close enough to Rexana's face for studying. Aurin were so short. Rexana breaks her stealth and glares into Taru's eyes, face emotionless. "Good day to you." She says cooly.
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Shiori was furiously typing away on his datapad before speaking over the coms. "Carna, the gunship is behind us so that could be a target. Sniper position is at our eleven o'clock out the front door about a hundred yards back. Mortar platform at our twelve o'clock about three hundred yards back approximately, those are the high profile targets. Take your pick." Dumping the empty clip in his rifle he loaded up his last one before taking a steadying breath. Looking around he sighed before turning of the scanning tool over his eye.

He then takes off his scanner and tosses it at Carna. "Put that over your eye, it will help you aim and see your targets. I've put all my scanning data in that, so use it well and I want it back later." Shiori stated before he took his rifle and fired off the remaining rounds in the direction of Vermana before he tossed it aside as his twin claw blades snapped out. His ice blue eyes gleaming dangerously as he turned to Carna. "Scratch that. I'm going after the sniper. Someone keep an eye on the hole." And with that that his cloak snapped into place as he sped out of the hole.

The man knew his cloak wasn't effective at such speeds, but once he reached the forest he slowed down before climbing up into the trees. Moving along the branches silently the man grinned before stopping over Vermana. Holding his blades ready, the man dove for the Mechari in an attempt to skewer her on his blades. Provided that failed, he was positioned to roll into a crouch to lunge again with his momentum.
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
"'ere ya go kid.. Dunnae blow yerself up!!!!" Terrier shouted as he tossed the two grenades to Dylan before charging off into the battle.

"Sure thing!" Dylan shouted back as he caught the grenades, one in each hand. After looking down at his new toys he turned to glance again at the gunship now hovering above the saloon. He could clearly make out a dommie standing in the side door of the vehicle, a large gun or launcher of some kind still in his hand. His face broke into a mischievous grin and he muttered, "Yeah - these will work just fine..."

Summoning up a sigil and focusing on the dommie in the gunship, the familiar teleportation ring appeared over Dylan's head and sunk to his feet. At the same moment, Velox, standing in the chopper above and looking for another target of opportunity was a bit surprised to see a glowing circle of energy suddenly pass over him. Before he could react, there was a flash and he found himself standing in front of the saloon in a cloud of smoke, staring at a large Granok who seemed just as surprised to see him as Velox was to be standing there.

Meanwhile, at the same moment, Dylan appeared in the back of the Chopper where Velox had been standing. Smiling at his deft use of the 'switch-a-roo sigil' (as he called it) he swung his thumbs up over the top of each of the grenades and depressed the button that was on the top of each, careful not to release the button quite yet. He had promised, after all, not to blow himself up. Shouting to the front of the chopper where he assumed a pilot was sitting, he yelled, "Welcome to the Sassy Aurin Saloon! Here's a complimentary appetizer on us. It's a little dish I like to call, 'KA-BOOM!'"

With that Dylan released the buttons on top of the grenades and placed them in the seat beside him in the back of the gunship. Then he quickly turned back to look at Velox on the ground beneath him. Invoking the 'switch-a-roo' sigil, once more there was flash of energy that dropped over both like a ring and in an instant, they'd switched places yet again, Dylan now standing on the ground in front of a confused looking Fortek.

With a cocky smile, Dylan waved at the large granok and said, "So, sometimes pushing the button IS the right thing to do! I left our friends in the gunship two grenades... they should be figuring it out right..." he turned to look up at the gunship with eager anticipation, "... about... now... "

There was an awkward pause while nothing happened. His look of mischievous glee turned to confusion as the gunship continued to specifically NOT explode...

"What?! I don't get it - I PUSHED THE FREAKIN' BUTTONS! I left them on the seat!" he yelled as he flung his hands up in the air in exasperation and turned back to Fortek with a look of incredulous disappointment.
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)

Velox had just set the launcher aside and taken up his energy blade when Dylan switched places with him.

Smoke. Noise. Confusion. Chaos. Velox saw before him a massive granok man who seemed to be slightly injured, but no less intimidating. No matter, his sword would work on rock just as well as flesh. Velox leaped forward, his mandibles working fiercely from his combative desire.

Then... back to the ship he went. Mid-leap, Velox saw himself leaping towards the other edge of the Helicopter's crewdeck and managed to stop himself before he went off. On a seat near him were two grenades, which had been switched to impact detonation. The pins were still in, which is why Velox didn't immediately reconsider leaping off the edge of the chopper. Velox shrugged, and picked them up. Grenades were always useful....


Fortek was hit by Vermana's fire as he lead the charge out the door; however a combination of his rock-skin and his own momentum allowed him to avoid it.. partially. His left side felt the shrapnel embedded itself in several places; luckily, Cathal had sent some of that spellslinger magic stuff his way. The shallow pieces of shrapnel seemed to be pushed out, and the skin in those places re-stitched itself. In the deeper, more painful places, the pain faded, but the shrapnel and wound remained.

No time for injury assesment; time for WAR! Ahead of him, Terrier threw some grenades to Dylan, who then switched with a dommie on the Helicopter.... who then, in the brief moments that Fortek had to realize what had just happened, was leaping towards the granok, sword out. Then, Dylan was back...

The chaos of war was confusing, admittedly, but there IS a line. For instance, forgetting the pull the pin on a pair of grenades? That is going past the line, driving down to grandmothers house (over the valley and through the woods), and then going for a leisurely stroll even further down towards facepalmville.

Fortek visibly and audibly groaned after relaxing and hearing Dylan out as quickly as possible. "Prospect... The buttons on the grenades switch the detunashun' modes. Unless yeh impacted them or pulled the fecken pins, yeh jest gave dose Dommies two grenades!" Fortek didn't have time for a facepalm; he had to go back up Terrier across the road. Shaking his head at Dylan, he yelled "Make yerself useful an' SHOOT!". Then, as a sort of afterthought, he added "By pullin' thuh trigger!" as he ran after Terrier.
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Chink. Chink. One foot in front of another. The buckles on her knee-high boots clicked and chimed as she walked down the dirt road towards the Sassy Aurin. Two large brown bags held tightly in her arms had been stockpiled with powder jars, bottles of liquid, and a few prickly fruits that rolled about on the top of the horde. She had been out exploring the country side of Nexus and dropped by the local farmers market to pick up some ingredients she had promised to bring Taru.

Because of her previous endeavors, Naji's attire was vastly different from the last time she had strolled up to the Saloon. She adorned a lengthy sleeveless paneled outer-coat that had been slipped over a tube top and her rather pithy shorts of matching material. Long gloves sheathed her forearms but left her lithe fingers bare. Najia had the unquenchable desire to touch and feel anything and everything she came across. Fingered gloves would only hinder her exploration of Nexus and all it had to offer. Also, hauling around bulky items had never been her style. The only things she would ever tote about would be placed in a small pouch strapped to her right thigh. If that became full, Naji would tuck what she could under the other two straps buckled high on her right arm.

The walk had been not only relaxing, but satisfying as well. The soft breeze fluttered across her sun-licked skin and left her feeling refreshed and peaceful. That is...until the sound came...


The noise alone could have been what floored her, but the shock-wave was what truly sent her flying. Inhaling sharply, Najia found herself ass-flat on the road. The bags she once held in her arms had fallen, emptying their contents into the dirt. Bottles had cracked or shattered and fruit now rolled about her sprawled legs. Wide-eyed and shaken, Naji panted for breath while she gathered her wit. The tak-tak-tak of gunfire brought her back from her doe-like daze. This was not a flash back. Dominion had come.

Without any further hesitation, Najia fumbled to stand, gathered a few of the cracked powder-pots, stuffed them into the pouch at her thigh, and high-tailed it towards the Saloon. No! Change of plan... Towards the mortars. Dust kicked up around her ankles as she slid to alter her course. The rockets whizzing above head gave clear directions on where the dominion attackers had positioned themselves. She bound into the woods down from the Saloon, attempting to skip any chance of being found in the cross-hairs of another mortar attack.

The sting caused by branches licking at Najia's face and legs paled in comparison to the vines and thorns that ripped Luna and herself apart on Arboria. Even so, the memories bloomed clear and became her driving force as she sprinted through the foliage. This time she would not run away. This time, that job would go to them.

Current Position (Click to View)

(In the future I will post after Vermana. Cut this one short so Ver can have a chance to respond to Sin and Shiori. Just wanted to show everyone where Najia is at for now.)
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Vermana had already moved over to her second rifle, and taken a few pot-shots off at the charging Exiles before she took a few more rounds to her shields. The Mechari had put an extra effort into improving her shielding, as her body's damage threshold was not the best. She took as many shots as she could while her shields held, and ducked behind a nearby tree as they dropped in order to let them recharge.

She had only just brought her shielding device back online when a glossy shimmer appeared in the air next to her, one that was only indicative of a Stalker's cloak. Vermana silently jumped away as quickly as she could, and heard the distinct sound of blades burying themselves into the ground where she just was. Drawing her pistol sidearm, the Mechari stood upright as she backed away and fired a few shots at the cloaked Stalker.
"New development. Exile infiltrators are attacking our back lines. Requesting assistance." She relayed over her transmitter, backing away from the shimmer as she attempted to keep her sidearm trained on her attacker.

(I normally post after Fortek/Velox. I didn't post in a few days because there was nothing to reply to. @_@)
07-19-2013, 10:01 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
There was too much going on. She didn't know what was happening, but all she knew is she definitely did not want it to be happening. As tightly curled up as she was, she deafened herself to the surrounding battle, and meant to make her tight little cubby the only thing that mattered. It was safe, enclosed, and who would find her there? But she must have thought too soon, as the sliding metal door into her little compartment slowly began to open.

Her ear swiveled in its direction, and her head lifted just enough to peek out at whoever it may have been. Who? But there was nothing but empty space. Confusion swept across her young features as she moved her head towards the exit in attempt to look around and see who might have been there.

Before her nose could even poke outside, something cold came around her mouth and at once she is yanked out of her not-so-space haven. Her eyes widened with surprised at the inevitable struggle that was to follow, and she screamed- or attempted to- but the were pointlessly muffled. She is then lifted into the air, and before she could start her next round of struggling, the culprit revealed itself. A mechari. Taru seemed oddly... still just then. Her eyes, still wide, now watered with fear. The rest of her body stopped its pointless stuggle because some part of her knew that it would not matter, only choose to irritate her captor further. Taru looked the creature in its eyes and made a short sound that might have been a quiet 'Hello' if her mouth was uncovered, in response to the females cool, metallic voice. She lowered her gaze not long after, ears swept back as she un-eagerly awaited its response.

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