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Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
07-31-2013, 12:17 AM (This post was last modified: 07-31-2013 01:21 AM by 8Bit.)
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
This was crazy, even by Dylan's standards - and that was saying something! Everywhere you looked evidence of chaos and mayhem could be seen.

Ahead and to his right through the smoke was the cluster of dommie soldiers with at least one mortar nest, perhaps more. This was where his focus had been until a moment ago when he heard the familiar thrum of hover-bike engines from his left. These bikes all growled in unison though - not the cacophony of different tuning points and exhaust manifolds (or lack there of) that the Malverine bikes tended to make, no - this was the sound of a swarm of bikes all torqued to a single standard, a single dommie standard Dylan guessed as he glanced in the direction of the sound to try and get visual contact on the reinforcements. He had his confirmation in moments as he located the unit of hover-bike soldiers headed his way.

"Great," he thought to himself with growing apprehension, "More party crashers! Oh well, time to show these wannabes how a real biker makes an entrance! How about I introduce you guys to some good old fashioned Malveri..." Dylan's thoughts were interrupted by a loud commotion in the area he was originally headed to as the sound of creaking and crashing timber mixed with explosive gunfire filled the air. Glancing in that direction, Dylan saw the dusty aftermath of someone's rampage against the local foliage, which seemed to have had the effect of raining down debris on or in the path of incoming dominion troops. Standing in the smoke, Dylan could make out the giant silhouette of one of the Granok... Fortek, maybe? Whatever, he appeared to be in full Granok 'diplomacy' mode right now... meaning lots of dramatic destruction. Dylan smiled approvingly. "Glad those guys are on our side," he thought to himself as he began to turn his attention back to the approaching dominion bikers.

With a flick of his wrist, Dylan activated two sigils etched into the back of both his weapons. His sidearms had just begun to glow when another chorus of cacophonous carnage screamed through the air behind him demanding his attention. Jerking his head quickly to react to a possible threat, Dylan caught the end of a beautiful, but deadly display of esper energy slashing through the air in a bloom of destruction for the dommie foot soldiers who had been caught up in it. Standing in the middle of the screams and chaos, her eyes glowing like bluish-white embers and her hair almost floating around her as if caught up in a soft other-worldy wind, was an Aurin. She looked familiar to Dylan, but right now he really didn't care. All he knew is that he was grateful that she seemed to be on the Malverines' side since, at the moment, she was in full-blown Esper-rage mode. Dylan had heard tales about how nasty the Aurin could be when fully provoked, but he'd always brushed that aside as exaggeration. I mean look at them. Short. Fuzzy. Ears. Tails. Cute. How could that be a real threat? Well, he was now getting a full visual aid to confirm that potential.

Dylan's eyes widened slightly as he thought to himself, "Damn! Note to self. Don't piss that Aurin off once you get to know her bett..."


Dylan's thoughts were interrupted and he dived and rolled instinctively to his right as two huge blasts of fire roared past him on his left. Coming up from his roll, Dylan focused on the area the fireballs were headed just in time to see them slam into some trees in the same area Fortek had recently done some 'full-contact' landscaping. With a dramatic burst of flame, two trees were blasted from their roots and flung into the path of the oncoming dommie bikers.

"TIMBER!" Dylan heard someone yell behind him and turning to look, saw Cathal admiring his handiwork for a moment before barking new orders to the rest of his crew, "Get to tose mortars an' somewun take down dat damn feckin' hover copter!"

Dylan smirked. He'd not been in an all out fight like this in quite a while and while a part of his brain was desperately trying to convince him that he really should be concerned for his life at the moment, the adrenaline of the moment and his own overactive sense of bravado overrode this wisdom and instead he raised both pistols and began to stroll forward slowly towards the incoming Dominion bikers, who were now all desperately braking and, in some cases, laying down their bikes into a slide as they sought to avoid slamming into the newly formed road block. With a flick of his wrists, Dylan once again activated the small sigils on the back of each of his sidearms and the two weapons began to once more glow with a bluish white light. Dylan continued to stroll cockily towards the newly formed pile of bikers, his military-style overcoat flapping behind him slightly in the breeze as he walked. His weapons now glowed with an even brighter light and a small audible hum of power could be heard emanating from them both.

Dylan smirked as he stopped and took aim on the cluster of bikers as they scrambled to get back on their vehicles and re-assemble after unexpectedly encountering the debris from the destroyed trees. Dylan waited with growing excitement for the charge on his weapons to reach a crescendo. It was a risky move as Dylan stood out in the open, with no cover, in the middle of a battle field. However, his addiction to the dramatic and to the rush of danger drove him on with no thought to the possible consequences.

The two weapons reached the peak of their power surge after a good 5-10 seconds that seemed to go on forever. "Here's my welcoming gift, you damn dommies," Dylan muttered with a smirk as he pulled his pistols' triggers and released the huge surge of power that had built up around them. Two impossibly-wide beams of energy (for such a small weapon) burst forth from the guns and engulfed the area where many of the dominion bikers had clustered, blasting some off their bikes and knocking others who were trying to re-mount their vehicles back to the ground amidst screams of pain and surprise.

"The Bar's Closed!" Dylan yelled in the direction of the bikers, "So why don't you just take your UNNNGH...."

Dylan never got to finish his cocky retort as a bullet whizzed through the air and slammed into his chest near his right shoulder with enough force to spin him around and drop him to the dirt in a pile of dust and deflated ego. "OooowwwwwwwWWWWWCCCHHHHHH! DAMMIT!" Dylan cursed as he struggled to push himself to his knees with his left arm. After an unnecessary 'I told you so' from that part of his brain that had told him to find some cover only a short time ago, Dylan began to crawl and scramble back towards the Saloon before whomever shot him finished the job.

((BTW - if anyone wants to claim the shot to Dylan - feel free - otherwise, it was a random NPC - I left it open intentionally.))

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