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Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
07-31-2013, 04:16 AM (This post was last modified: 07-31-2013 04:29 AM by 8Bit.)
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Dylan scurried across the dust and debris outside the Saloon like some kind of wounded animal, dragging himself sideways with his one good arm and half crab-walking half crawling to get back to the gaping hole in the front of the saloon. The sounds of battle were still all around him and somewhere off to his right and above him, he heard the sound of automatic pistol fire followed by a series of cries and shouts from a group of patrons out front who'd made the mistake of drawing their weapons on the dommie gunship. It was one more poignant reminder that he might be next if he didn't find some cover quickly.

With each movement, the wound in his shoulder sent a surge of pain through his head that the adrenaline in his system could barely compensate for and there was a sharp painful screeching in his ears. By the time Dylan rolled into cover and tried to catch his breath and re-focus, he realized the noise in his ears was someone talking to him on his com channel (which to him suddenly seemed unusually loud) and he'd already missed much of what had been said. Much of the rest was lost to Dylan as he gasped for breath and focused on his bullet wound more than the incoming list of technical instructions, "...engage the [something]... lock [something]... but the standard is to set for [something] which we don't want. You need to take the middle [something]... three [something]... reverse it, .... [something] twisty knob ... [something]... remote control ...[something]... lock."

Dylan shook his head to try and clear the ringing and screeching from his ears, but all it did was bring it into a little sharper focus as a voice he now recognized to be Shiori's continued to talk to him, "Then all you need to do is put the top back on and twist it shut. I need you to do it for all of them and attach them to the artifact. Let me know when it's done."

"Woah, woah, Professor 'Talks-a-lot'. Easy with the fully-automatic instructions there!" Dylan retorted into the comm. Desperately he tried to review what it was he'd just heard if only to figure out what Shiori was talking about. All he was able to pull out of his adrenaline soaked brain was that he was fairly certain Shiori had mentioned something about mines. That made sense. Dylan decided to run with that - after all the little know-it-all did seem to have an affinity for blowing stuff up. It was one of the things Dylan begrudgingly respected about the guy, not that he'd ever admit it.

"Right. Ummm... mines, lock , reverse, twist the thing, close it up. Got it," Dylan replied as the line remained silent. No noise at all.

"Great. Fine! Hang up on me you Eldan-addled pyro maniac!" He added as he got no response from the transmission channel that Shiori had apparently shut off.

Dylan took another deep breath and glanced around the saloon for the mines Shiori mentioned. "Didn't he say something about a 'bag' or a 'satchel'?" he thought to himself as he looked. Glancing up on the table near the Eldan cube, he noticed a leather satchel laying half off the table, it's shoulder strap dangling loosely off the side.

"That's gotta be it," Dylan muttered aloud as he scooted over to the table and righted a chair that had been knocked over by the blast of the initial explosion. Painfully he heaved himself up into the seat and with his left hand (his right arm hanging rather limp and useless at this point) he began to feel around in the bag until he found something that felt like a mine. Pulling it out he confirmed it was indeed one of Shiori's mines.

"Okay... so... step one... open the lock..." he muttered as he tried to manipulate the mine with one hand, having to use his right hand every now and then which caused a sharp gasp of pain. "Lock... Lock... Dammit, why can't you label these things clearly?!"

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