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Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
08-01-2013, 07:24 AM (This post was last modified: 08-01-2013 07:44 AM by 8Bit.)
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Dylan's frustration began to grow. His inability to find the 'locking' mechanism he was sure he'd heard Shiori mention combined with the need to occasionally use his right arm to manipulate the mines (and the associated pain that accompanied it) had put him in a foul mood and reduced his patience to the size of ... something... very small.

"Don't know why this has to be so complicated," Dylan muttered to himself as he attempted to follow the hazy instructions he thought he remembered and then, with a tone that implied he was done with 'Plan A' he added, "If the man wants this thing protected with mines, let's just keep it simple."

Putting the mine back on the table with the others he'd dumped out of Shiori's satchel, he quickly crossed the room to the bar and put out his right arm to brace himself as he hopped over it. Right about then his right arm reminded him with a sharp stabbing pain that he'd been shot and it would be doing no such thing.

"Aaahhhhhrrrggg," Dylan hollered in frustrated pain as he bounced off the bar top he'd meant to vault over like some action hero. Recovering as best he could and glad for the moment no one was in the bar to have seen that, he hobbled his way around the side of the bar and went behind it looking for something to suit his purposes.

"No.... No.... That won't hold it..." Dylan muttered as he looked from item to item on the shelf behind the bar, obviously not finding what he was looking for. "No. No! DAMMIT! Where is it?" he yelled in frustration as he frantically pushed bottles and unopened cans aside. "Where is the blasted...?! AH! There you are!" Dylan reached under the counter and smiled triumphantly as he pulled out a large container of freshly prepared* 'Snoglug Slime', one of the Saloon's custom desserts and promoted as a 'pudding'... but really - that wasn't fooling anyone and it was only ever ordered by those who'd developed a 'taste' for the stuff.... or those with a rather blunt sense of taste. Mostly Granok. Whatever the case, this stuff was thick and sticky, just what Dylan needed at the moment.

Rushing back to the table, Dylan pried the top off the container of slime as best he could with limited use of his right arm and then unceremoniously dumped its contents on top of the Eldan Artifact still sitting on the table. The contents of the bucket oozed out with a slow *Sssssss-lop* and began to slowly run down the sides of the artifact. Dylan accelerated this process a bit by smearing the thick 'pudding' all over the artifact with his hand. Then, picking up Shiori's mines, he began pressing them into the pudding which, as he'd calculated, was thick enough to hold them in place, at least for the moment. Within a minute Dylan had covered the artifact with Shiori's mines, held in place with the Snoglug 'pudding'.

Standing back a moment to observe his handiwork, Dylan smiled proudly, "There we go. That should do it and that was a LOT simpler than those seventy-three lines of instructions the Professor was rattling off. Now all we have to do is arm these puppies and NOBODY gets near this thing without losing large portions of their arms, torso, and face."

Reaching over to the obnoxious mess he'd created on the table, Dylan began pushing the 'arming' button on all the mines, which in turn emitted a soft 'chirp' to acknowledge the command and then began blinking with a slow red pulse to indicate, "stay the hell away unless you want to get blown up", but with a polite red light. The whole thing now looked like some garrish Protostar Winterfest Extravaganza gift complete with seasonal blinking lights.

Satisfied with his efforts, Dylan turned on the public comm channel that all Malverines used and broadcast, "This is a public service announcement. If the blinking mines stuck to it aren't indication enough - do NOT touch the Eldan artifact until Professor Kaboom has a chance to get in there and disarm it. That is all. You may now return to beating the piss out of the Dommies."

Dylan took a deep breath and winced, his wound once again reminding him that it needed to be tending to. Briefly flipping on the comm channel again he added, "Oh yeah, and by any chance do we have any bandages or pain killers in the saloon somewhere?"


(* Honestly, 'fresh' Snoglug Slime and 'Old' Snoglug Slime taste about the same... so who knows. All you have to do is keep the container closed so it doesn't get bugs. Which, considering its origins, is a bit of an irony in and of itself.)

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