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Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
08-02-2013, 08:48 AM (This post was last modified: 08-02-2013 11:54 AM by Najia.)
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
The sounds of splintering bark, snapping branches, and the thunderous fall of great, ancient trees filled her ears. Those sounds haunted her memory and, at times, visited her dreams; twisting them into nightmares with scenes from the distant past.

"Um... Na--? Are you ----?"

Barely words she could hear over the thumping of her heart and her own unbridled breathing. It was obvious her mind was elsewhere. The aquamarine glow writhed and slid around her while hair licked about, as if caught up in a soft other-worldy wind. Slowly, her forearms lowered and the taught muscles of her core and limbs relaxed. Najia had so fiercely tensed her body that the joints of her fingers paled.

The sensation of something warm and thick oozed down from the center of her forehead to the bridge of her nose, then slid rightwards to tickle the corner of her lips. The narrow tip of her tongue flicked out, investigating what had caused this sensation. Salt... sweat? No. Metallic. It was thick and metallic... blood. It was blood. Slowly, the pulsating glow that had seemingly whisked her away faded; absorbing back into her eyes and body as if her form had been a sort of sponge or living vessel. She stood quietly for a moment, lifting her thumb to wipe the corner of her mouth and inspect what she had just touched. Yes, it was blood. Not a small amount, either.

Her long pointed ears had began to curiously perk as she inspected the substance on her thumb before she realized Teek had been watching. She looked over towards him, almost hesitantly. "I.. ah.." Her ears quickly returned to lay flat against her cranium. There was only a short moment of silence before Najia quickly turned to the sound of two muffled thuds and Shiori popping from the woods. "Missed a few. You two alright?" "Shiori?" Najia inquired, subconsciously lifting the bloodied thumb to the plush of her lips. Najia quickly sucked off the blood before speaking any further.

"I'm fine. I just thought-... is everyone out? I heard the explosions and came running." She didn't seem to understand her state of being. Najia was in-fact oblivious to being absolutely covered in what looked like red spray paint and soil. Even her skin had been glossed in a thin layer of perspiration, causing pale locks of hair to stick to her neck and shoulders. She had obviously returned to herself, but it wasn't long before her attention was jolted away once again...


The sound of live rounds came from above and kicked ripe soil into the air. The firing began at a distance but soon headed in a b-line towards Teek. Najia's ears swiveled quickly back against her cranium as she dashed towards him, shoving Teek from the line of fire or simply shielding him from the spray. The loud bullets continued on their path without any hesitation, plowing through the earth and foliage with an astonishing amount of wrecking power.

One bullet had managed to lodge it's way deep into Najia's upper left thigh. Something she had absolutely no idea of until she began to push herself up from where she landed(be it the dirt or Teek). "We should get out of here before we--eehhaaAHHH!!" Najia screeched, looking down to the pattering of blood gushing from the inner-side of her left thigh. She collapsed, reaching down to cover the wound with cupped hands, even though her face was now flatly planted into the ground. Crying in pain she managed to roll onto her back, sobbing. Thick tears rolled down her cheeks through the dusting of grit that covered them. Naj's soft features contorted into a horrid grimace; her nose creasing heavily and her delicate brows dipped. The burning pain throbbed through her, sending her into a roller-coaster of fear and anger. Najia hissed, bearing her petite fangs."Grrrhh! Get me home! Get me- hahaowww!" Najia yelped, almost laughing from delirium over the situation and with her own sheer disbelief.

Her eyes began to blaze bright once again as she writhed, arching her long back into a contorted bow. Her hair tangled and bunched beneath her head, collecting pine-needles, leaves, and dirt. She took in a sharp breath before letting out a loud, pained whimper... then silence. Slowly, Najia's body went limp. Her lithe fingers which had began to dig into the earth released their death-grip and the tension in her muscles faded. Once again, for her, all was calm and silent...

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