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Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
08-03-2013, 07:14 PM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
The Sovereigns had brought more then enough fire power to level a mid-sized town. How in the world the Agency could continue to pay for so many damn troopers and not get censured by the Dominion Supreme Command was beyond him. Cathal was already moving again as the blockade would only hold for so long. His eyes moved as he began to make a secondary assessment of what was going on. Cathal's muscles were beginning to strain as he could feel the crap in the air starting to burn his lungs. That's when he heard Dylan's yowling and began to glance around for the damn pilot. That jack ass was a fine marksmen and a good pilot, but dammit he did things so damn foolhardy Cathal wondered when he was going to pay the undertaker.

Without really much time to think as the enemy seemed to just moved forward. The copter was swing int he air and Cathal swore he heard something and then that was when gunfire erupted into the damn air again. His eyes scanned the skies as he noted the heavy gun fire railing straight out of the copter. Samuel, it had to be him. There was no other Cassian alive that was so damn hateful. Well, no there were quite a few, but few which were set on, never mind. The fat was he knew it was Samuel. Even over the din of a thousands screaming stemdragons, he had a feeling in his gut it was Samuel. His eyes tried to make out what int he world they were rushing for.

The Dominion forces had already taken down a few of them, as there were dead and wounded lying on the ground. Cathal had to make a few decisions and fast if he was going to much more blood on the field if things were not resolved quickly. The gunslingers eyes snapped closed for a minute as then said.

"Reggie, are you there?" the moment hung in the air as the com suddenly blazed to life.

"Yes, here," repeated a mechnical voice which then said, "Numerous unfriendly targets bearing Sovereign signatures discovered. Unable to institute lockdown. Viral program found in databanks."

"WHAT?!" Cathal snapped as he whipped around and fired at two Dominion troopers who had snuck up behind them. They ducked behind a tree as he continued his conversation.

"Mister Reily, increasingly infective software has uploaded into my core. It seems the artifacts you brought contain a highly infective virus. I have been able to contain however, they are placing my systems into a logic loop."

Cathal was more than pissed at that moment. How were they suppose to know that the damn cube would infect their systems. Not to mention the Dominion was intent upon scanning it.

"I have you do a diagostic all week and you get yourself infected," he rattled off as he looked toward Fortek and sighed. What was going to happen now.

"Mister Reily part of my protocols includes the dissemination of potentially harmful objects. I was simply completing my programming." The computer was arguing its actions with him, fantastic. He was starting to hate the AI.

A bullet whizzed by and caught him in the side of the neck. "FUCK IT ALL TO HELL" he screamed as he shot a blast of energy at the bastard's head and watched it explode.

That's when he heard the most impossible, and utterly ridiculous thing he had wished he had never heard.

"You attached mines to an artifact that just hacked Reggie...I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU FUCKING GET AWAY FROM THAT THING. ITS SELF AWARE."

Within the Saloon the artifact let out a monotonous beep. Then it beeped again, a voice broke through the gun fire.

"The Harbinger is here, the Harbinger is here." It began to repeat over and over again. Then suddenly without warning, the mines upon it began to beep in time with it as their digitalized screens began to repeat the word "HARBINGER" over and over again.

The Harbinger was coming, and no one knew what the fuck it was.

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