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Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
08-08-2013, 12:44 PM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Jaedis walked slowly along the makeshift road not much caring where it led currently as her eyes focused on her datapad, noting recent discoveries and observations. There was a nice breeze ruffling through her unkempt white hair. It seemed like a peaceful day – though one can hardly ever assume that on this crazy planet. That notion was accompanied by the distant echo of an explosion. The young Aurin’s long pointy ears twitched and swiveled towards the sound. It came from somewhere a ways ahead of her and after a moment she merely returned to her musings. Someone was probably just experimenting with something they shouldn’t have again. It’s a pretty common occurrence apparently.

Before she can fully return her focus, another boom reaches her ears. That caught her attention. One is easily a coincidence, but two so close together reeked of something more intentional. Replacing the datapad, Jaedis quickened her pace and moved to walk closer to the treeline for quick cover if needed. She had switched to full alert, serious grey eyes scanning the horizon for signs of a disturbance and ears strained forward.

The first sign of continued conflict was more explosions - this time a smattering of them closer together; then came the smell of blood and burning on the once-fresh breeze; and finally as she rounded a bend, billowing plumes of black smoke rose to join the clouds. Jaedis was rather surprised to see any structure standing at all, but a building stood defiantly along the road nonetheless. She was still too far out to see anything specific aside from multiple fallen and smoking trees, blazing hoverbikes, the building, and a copter maneuvering the battlefield (it could be called nothing less). The explosions had mostly stopped, but gunfire was definitely being exchanged in high volume. What is going on here…

Jaedis melded into the forest as she switched to a more cautious approach. No point in drawing fire for something she had no part in… Moving swiftly through the woods, she was little more than a spectre – she had a natural talent for keeping herself unseen and unheard, especially in this much cover. Still on the alert, a flash of metal through the trees some distance ahead causes her to stop and plant her back to a trunk. Something was definitely there. She could just go around and avoid this mess completely. But curiosity plagued her, and she hated when things were unresolved.

Ensuring her dark coat was pulled tight around her and bringing up a hood from a pocket inside the collar to hide her bright white hair, Jaedis began moving slowly and deliberately from tree to tree. Her path specifically avoided any long distances or patches of light – her goal was to just be another part of the forest as she approached the shining metal. As she got closer, it became apparent that the metal was in fact part of a Mechari (not a good thing in itself) who appeared to simply be standing and waiting for something.

The she-bot was accompanied by some average Dominion troops and was holding… Jaedis’ left ear twitched. A terrified-looking female Aurin was being held tightly – ears back, eyes shut, tail between her legs, and a mechanical hand clamped over her mouth. This was not good. The Aurin didn’t appear to be a combatant at all, which made the situation even more cowardly. Jaedis wanted to do something, but the odds were very much not in her favor. Her mind kicks into overdrive working out possible scenarios, but a relocation seemed like the best course for now since she had no idea what (or who) they might be waiting for.

She began climbing a nearby tree with low-hanging branches, taking it slow and easy to make as little noise as possible. Reaching a decent height, Jaedis settled in. She should be able to see and hear well enough from here to get a good handle on whatever was going on – and maybe how she could stop it.

((OOC: I am using the Event to RP my character into the guild. Should be fun! ; P Sorry if my intro post is a bit long- future posts should be a more manageable size. ))

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