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Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
08-01-2013, 08:55 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)

Fortek quickly responded to the Sovereigns moving towards Rexana's position. He opened fire at the moving sovereigns, hitting one's bike and watched it explode. Several sovereigns behind him had to swerve, and each felt the wrath of Fortek's rifle. However, the chopper was now near enough for the Mechari to throw Dylan's grenades down at Fortek...

Both of which took the Granok by surprise. The first grenade landed behind him, a ways off; it took out part of a tree and the wooden shrapnel mixed with the force of the grenade both staggered the large man.

Then the second grenade landed.


The tree behind and above Fortek exploded and split.

Fortek tried to pick himself off the ground. Off the ground? He had hit the ground? The edges of his vision were red and black, in a chaotic mix, and his ears were a confusing mix of ringing and just.. silent. Something seemed to be pinning him to the ground. Fortek became aware of half a tree on his back before passing out.


Opening fire was just... not fun. Guns didn't have the same satisfaction as a sword or an explosive when killing meat-bags. Thus, Velox instead threw grenades at a large, rocky Malverine that was exposing his position by firing at the Sovereigns converging on Rexana and the Hoverchopper's position. Unlike that annoying human, Velox had remembered to PULL THE PIN. Then, Velox hurried over to a locker in the back of the hoverchopper, where he had loaded even MORE re-loads for the missile launcher. "Come to poppa.." He quickly re-loaded and re-aimed. He would save these for "negotiations". They were a large enough threat to make them think twice about breaking any brokered peace Samuel would bargain out.
08-02-2013, 07:08 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
It had broken down as needed. The initial attack had been precise. The follow had been well planned and showed that total death and destruction was not the goal; though certainly an added bonus. Yet when you are seeking a specific goal and a specific outcome things can turn against you. You are stuck in a tunnel racing towards the end goal. It is here that any little blockage can really hinder your progress.

The Malverines had regrouped and it was hard to tell how it would end. It was difficult to discern who had the superior numbers. Who had the upper-hand. And who would walk out of this warzone in one piece. The Malervines are tough, they are survivors, but Sovereigns are meticulous and merciless. It was grit versus planning, guts versus calculation.

Opie had seen such scenes before. In fact it would be more rare for someone to have never seen a battle. However Opie was out of his element. He was about subterfuge, he was about silence and strategy. If he had to use his claw-blades something had gone wrong. Having to use a gun? It was a phuking nightmare.

Opie and the little band of misfits had laid down coverfire. Was it of any use or effect? He couldn't tell in the pandemonium. All he could do is take his shots from behind the hoverbikes. Firing at the Helicopter probably wasn't the smartest idea, but it seemed needed at the time. The one problem is when those in the helicopter notice you. And they had noticed the small group using ground weapons.

A high-caliber weapon of some kind had an expert marksman behind it. They were in the helicopter and they were not happy. Even in spray mode two of the gunman were sent flying backwards as they were hit. Opie stepped out to get a clear shot. Opie took aim at the Cassin and suddenly jolted backwards, spinning 180 degrees. His arm hanging limp and searing pain engulfed the upper left portion of his body.

As Opie was about to duck for cover behind the hoverbikes an explosion sent him flying into the street. One of the hoverbikes had been hit and the fire caused a chain reaction. Three bikes blew, sending them rocketing into the sky. And sending Opie spinning through the air landing face first into the dirt.

Opie laid in the street, still feeling the heat and force of impact, he struggled briefly to get up. Opie collapsed back down to the ground chuckling to himself, "at least my jacket is safe." He then passed out as the magic, explosions, and gunfire continued on.
08-02-2013, 08:48 AM (This post was last modified: 08-02-2013 11:54 AM by Najia.)
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
The sounds of splintering bark, snapping branches, and the thunderous fall of great, ancient trees filled her ears. Those sounds haunted her memory and, at times, visited her dreams; twisting them into nightmares with scenes from the distant past.

"Um... Na--? Are you ----?"

Barely words she could hear over the thumping of her heart and her own unbridled breathing. It was obvious her mind was elsewhere. The aquamarine glow writhed and slid around her while hair licked about, as if caught up in a soft other-worldy wind. Slowly, her forearms lowered and the taught muscles of her core and limbs relaxed. Najia had so fiercely tensed her body that the joints of her fingers paled.

The sensation of something warm and thick oozed down from the center of her forehead to the bridge of her nose, then slid rightwards to tickle the corner of her lips. The narrow tip of her tongue flicked out, investigating what had caused this sensation. Salt... sweat? No. Metallic. It was thick and metallic... blood. It was blood. Slowly, the pulsating glow that had seemingly whisked her away faded; absorbing back into her eyes and body as if her form had been a sort of sponge or living vessel. She stood quietly for a moment, lifting her thumb to wipe the corner of her mouth and inspect what she had just touched. Yes, it was blood. Not a small amount, either.

Her long pointed ears had began to curiously perk as she inspected the substance on her thumb before she realized Teek had been watching. She looked over towards him, almost hesitantly. "I.. ah.." Her ears quickly returned to lay flat against her cranium. There was only a short moment of silence before Najia quickly turned to the sound of two muffled thuds and Shiori popping from the woods. "Missed a few. You two alright?" "Shiori?" Najia inquired, subconsciously lifting the bloodied thumb to the plush of her lips. Najia quickly sucked off the blood before speaking any further.

"I'm fine. I just thought-... is everyone out? I heard the explosions and came running." She didn't seem to understand her state of being. Najia was in-fact oblivious to being absolutely covered in what looked like red spray paint and soil. Even her skin had been glossed in a thin layer of perspiration, causing pale locks of hair to stick to her neck and shoulders. She had obviously returned to herself, but it wasn't long before her attention was jolted away once again...


The sound of live rounds came from above and kicked ripe soil into the air. The firing began at a distance but soon headed in a b-line towards Teek. Najia's ears swiveled quickly back against her cranium as she dashed towards him, shoving Teek from the line of fire or simply shielding him from the spray. The loud bullets continued on their path without any hesitation, plowing through the earth and foliage with an astonishing amount of wrecking power.

One bullet had managed to lodge it's way deep into Najia's upper left thigh. Something she had absolutely no idea of until she began to push herself up from where she landed(be it the dirt or Teek). "We should get out of here before we--eehhaaAHHH!!" Najia screeched, looking down to the pattering of blood gushing from the inner-side of her left thigh. She collapsed, reaching down to cover the wound with cupped hands, even though her face was now flatly planted into the ground. Crying in pain she managed to roll onto her back, sobbing. Thick tears rolled down her cheeks through the dusting of grit that covered them. Naj's soft features contorted into a horrid grimace; her nose creasing heavily and her delicate brows dipped. The burning pain throbbed through her, sending her into a roller-coaster of fear and anger. Najia hissed, bearing her petite fangs."Grrrhh! Get me home! Get me- hahaowww!" Najia yelped, almost laughing from delirium over the situation and with her own sheer disbelief.

Her eyes began to blaze bright once again as she writhed, arching her long back into a contorted bow. Her hair tangled and bunched beneath her head, collecting pine-needles, leaves, and dirt. She took in a sharp breath before letting out a loud, pained whimper... then silence. Slowly, Najia's body went limp. Her lithe fingers which had began to dig into the earth released their death-grip and the tension in her muscles faded. Once again, for her, all was calm and silent...
08-03-2013, 12:13 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Teek had just stood up when the gunfire had started having decided that Najia had calmed down.. He might have had time to jump to the side but Najia made sure it wouldn't come to that, tackling him out of the way. They landed in a heap with the sorta-male Aurin pinned under Najia in an awkard(in more ways than one) position. Thankfully she had pushed herself to a her knees so that Teek could roll out from underneath her before she realized she was hit and went into a panic.

"Najia, calm down it's not that ba-" he started to say trying to calm down the panicing woman, though he might have well saved his breath as she passed out, hopefully from shock, since blood loss would have been worse in the long run. Lacking any sort of medical supplies he tore a large strip off of his shirt around his stomach, and working as quickly and as low to the ground as he could started to tie it tightly around the bullet wound in Najia's leg to staunch the bleeding.

He glanced up to take stock of his surroundings, the last thing he wanted to do was get turned around and walk into the Dominion lines. A quick potshot was enough to drop the one draken soldier that was scurrying from cover to cover since he appeared to be expecting an attack from a different direction. He holstered his weapon and bent down to pick up the unconscious form of Najia and laid her across his shoulders. He might not have looked very strong but Najia was light and he had spent years serving as an engineer which tended to involve moving heavy objects. Though he was now having to trust to luck that he managed to avoid any more Dommie troops, and not for the first time today began to wonder how the heck he had ended up in this position.
08-03-2013, 07:14 PM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
The Sovereigns had brought more then enough fire power to level a mid-sized town. How in the world the Agency could continue to pay for so many damn troopers and not get censured by the Dominion Supreme Command was beyond him. Cathal was already moving again as the blockade would only hold for so long. His eyes moved as he began to make a secondary assessment of what was going on. Cathal's muscles were beginning to strain as he could feel the crap in the air starting to burn his lungs. That's when he heard Dylan's yowling and began to glance around for the damn pilot. That jack ass was a fine marksmen and a good pilot, but dammit he did things so damn foolhardy Cathal wondered when he was going to pay the undertaker.

Without really much time to think as the enemy seemed to just moved forward. The copter was swing int he air and Cathal swore he heard something and then that was when gunfire erupted into the damn air again. His eyes scanned the skies as he noted the heavy gun fire railing straight out of the copter. Samuel, it had to be him. There was no other Cassian alive that was so damn hateful. Well, no there were quite a few, but few which were set on, never mind. The fat was he knew it was Samuel. Even over the din of a thousands screaming stemdragons, he had a feeling in his gut it was Samuel. His eyes tried to make out what int he world they were rushing for.

The Dominion forces had already taken down a few of them, as there were dead and wounded lying on the ground. Cathal had to make a few decisions and fast if he was going to much more blood on the field if things were not resolved quickly. The gunslingers eyes snapped closed for a minute as then said.

"Reggie, are you there?" the moment hung in the air as the com suddenly blazed to life.

"Yes, here," repeated a mechnical voice which then said, "Numerous unfriendly targets bearing Sovereign signatures discovered. Unable to institute lockdown. Viral program found in databanks."

"WHAT?!" Cathal snapped as he whipped around and fired at two Dominion troopers who had snuck up behind them. They ducked behind a tree as he continued his conversation.

"Mister Reily, increasingly infective software has uploaded into my core. It seems the artifacts you brought contain a highly infective virus. I have been able to contain however, they are placing my systems into a logic loop."

Cathal was more than pissed at that moment. How were they suppose to know that the damn cube would infect their systems. Not to mention the Dominion was intent upon scanning it.

"I have you do a diagostic all week and you get yourself infected," he rattled off as he looked toward Fortek and sighed. What was going to happen now.

"Mister Reily part of my protocols includes the dissemination of potentially harmful objects. I was simply completing my programming." The computer was arguing its actions with him, fantastic. He was starting to hate the AI.

A bullet whizzed by and caught him in the side of the neck. "FUCK IT ALL TO HELL" he screamed as he shot a blast of energy at the bastard's head and watched it explode.

That's when he heard the most impossible, and utterly ridiculous thing he had wished he had never heard.

"You attached mines to an artifact that just hacked Reggie...I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU FUCKING GET AWAY FROM THAT THING. ITS SELF AWARE."

Within the Saloon the artifact let out a monotonous beep. Then it beeped again, a voice broke through the gun fire.

"The Harbinger is here, the Harbinger is here." It began to repeat over and over again. Then suddenly without warning, the mines upon it began to beep in time with it as their digitalized screens began to repeat the word "HARBINGER" over and over again.

The Harbinger was coming, and no one knew what the fuck it was.
08-08-2013, 10:33 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)

Rexana waits, ignoring the Aurin she is holding for the most part waiting for the Captain and others to fall back to her position.


Carnatia watches as her attack knocks the copter, but it stays in there air. She growls to herself, but then notices it falling back and leaving her. Either retreating? Or just picked a different target. Where were they going? Carna watches it a moment before before sprinting back to the hole behind the saloon.

As she enters the hole in the back she catches the end of Cathal screaming, "You attached mines to an artifact that just hacked Reggie...I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU FUCKING GET AWAY FROM THAT THING. ITS SELF AWARE."

Self aware? Carna looks at Dylan and the artifact covered in a ton of mines, "What in the we-." She is cut off by the beeps and the artifact springing to life.

"The Harbinger is here, the Harbinger is here. The Harbinger is here, the Harbinger is here. The Harbinger is here, the Harbinger is here." It keeps going on and on, but it was the turning on and blinking of the mine lights that concerned of what might happened.

"Dylan get away from that thing!" Carna says seeing Dylan is closest. Was it him that put the mines on the artifact? Carnas sighs to herself then walks up to Dylan and grabs him pulling him away from the artifact. She swings him with more strength than it looks like her little Aurin arms could do, putting the artifact behind her, and Dylan in front of her.
08-08-2013, 12:44 PM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Jaedis walked slowly along the makeshift road not much caring where it led currently as her eyes focused on her datapad, noting recent discoveries and observations. There was a nice breeze ruffling through her unkempt white hair. It seemed like a peaceful day – though one can hardly ever assume that on this crazy planet. That notion was accompanied by the distant echo of an explosion. The young Aurin’s long pointy ears twitched and swiveled towards the sound. It came from somewhere a ways ahead of her and after a moment she merely returned to her musings. Someone was probably just experimenting with something they shouldn’t have again. It’s a pretty common occurrence apparently.

Before she can fully return her focus, another boom reaches her ears. That caught her attention. One is easily a coincidence, but two so close together reeked of something more intentional. Replacing the datapad, Jaedis quickened her pace and moved to walk closer to the treeline for quick cover if needed. She had switched to full alert, serious grey eyes scanning the horizon for signs of a disturbance and ears strained forward.

The first sign of continued conflict was more explosions - this time a smattering of them closer together; then came the smell of blood and burning on the once-fresh breeze; and finally as she rounded a bend, billowing plumes of black smoke rose to join the clouds. Jaedis was rather surprised to see any structure standing at all, but a building stood defiantly along the road nonetheless. She was still too far out to see anything specific aside from multiple fallen and smoking trees, blazing hoverbikes, the building, and a copter maneuvering the battlefield (it could be called nothing less). The explosions had mostly stopped, but gunfire was definitely being exchanged in high volume. What is going on here…

Jaedis melded into the forest as she switched to a more cautious approach. No point in drawing fire for something she had no part in… Moving swiftly through the woods, she was little more than a spectre – she had a natural talent for keeping herself unseen and unheard, especially in this much cover. Still on the alert, a flash of metal through the trees some distance ahead causes her to stop and plant her back to a trunk. Something was definitely there. She could just go around and avoid this mess completely. But curiosity plagued her, and she hated when things were unresolved.

Ensuring her dark coat was pulled tight around her and bringing up a hood from a pocket inside the collar to hide her bright white hair, Jaedis began moving slowly and deliberately from tree to tree. Her path specifically avoided any long distances or patches of light – her goal was to just be another part of the forest as she approached the shining metal. As she got closer, it became apparent that the metal was in fact part of a Mechari (not a good thing in itself) who appeared to simply be standing and waiting for something.

The she-bot was accompanied by some average Dominion troops and was holding… Jaedis’ left ear twitched. A terrified-looking female Aurin was being held tightly – ears back, eyes shut, tail between her legs, and a mechanical hand clamped over her mouth. This was not good. The Aurin didn’t appear to be a combatant at all, which made the situation even more cowardly. Jaedis wanted to do something, but the odds were very much not in her favor. Her mind kicks into overdrive working out possible scenarios, but a relocation seemed like the best course for now since she had no idea what (or who) they might be waiting for.

She began climbing a nearby tree with low-hanging branches, taking it slow and easy to make as little noise as possible. Reaching a decent height, Jaedis settled in. She should be able to see and hear well enough from here to get a good handle on whatever was going on – and maybe how she could stop it.

((OOC: I am using the Event to RP my character into the guild. Should be fun! ; P Sorry if my intro post is a bit long- future posts should be a more manageable size. ))
08-08-2013, 05:20 PM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Argyle walks on the makeshift road, his eyes looking straight-forward but his mind wondering. "I've heard rumors of a bar the middle of nowhere? They must be out of their minds." he mutters to himself. "Though if what why said is true, then maybe they ca-" He's interrupted by sounds of explosions, coming from the direction he was heading to. Looking up, he sees black smoke rising, "What the hell?" As he slowly moved closer to the black smoke, he hears the explosions getting louder, but also the sound of gunfire. He realizes standing in the middle of the road isn't the brightest idea, and heads towards some cover near some trees.

He looks around to see if anyone is coming and cautiously walks toward the black smoke. As he gotten closer and closer, he started to see where the smoke was from, a building that's nearly torn to pieces. He also sees broken bikes alongside the road and a copter hovering around the wreckage, "What the cripes is going on here?" He squints his eyes to try to get a better view of the situation inside the wreckage and sees only smoke. "Damn it, I need to get closer, best If I try to avoid being seen by that monstrosity." Seeing the copter, he moves slightly away from it while trying to get into the wreckage. He pulls out his SpellSlinger guns and uses a sigil make a portal to teleport inside the wreckage, hopefully he doesn't grab any unwanted attention.
08-09-2013, 02:53 PM (This post was last modified: 08-09-2013 03:06 PM by Shardheart.)
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Looking at Najia and her companion, Shiori waited for an answer as he studied the aurin lady with no small amount of trepidation and a bit of worry as she sucked on the offending bloody digit with that pensive look on her face. The man was about to respond that the most recent explosions were in fact his before he whirled around and dodged a hail of gunfire from the dominion dropship. Checking himself, he was pleased to find his body unharmed, but a cry drew his attention and chilled his blood. His friend had taken a deep wound, and the sight of it sent his rage spiraling into overdrive.

Watching almost helplessly as her friend tended to her injury, he waited in place before watching the two leave his sight and activating his cloak again as he stealthed through the forest. Moving as silently as the grave with about as much cheer as a graveyard, the young man ran into the spot he fought the Mechari. Staying low and keeping his profile close to the ground, he found himself disappointed that she probably survived the mine blasts. Looking around, he found a trail leading off and he followed curiously as they seemed to be aurin in their stride.

However, the man barely made it a few feet before his wrist computer sent him a warning. All the mines in the Saloon on the artifact had just been taken from his control. Blinking in curiosity, he listened to Cathal's announcement of its self aware status before rolling his glowing eyes and getting to work. Going through his connection, Shiori readied thirteen runtime processes while stealth hacking into the backdoor of his mines. With just a bit of difficulty, he got in and set loose the runtimes.

The ones released had three different roles to play. Six of the runtimes were viruses designed to cripple security measures by bombarding the server and firewalls with several terabytes of junk data. Five were another kind of virus designed to get into the system and lock it up by forcing the computing software to create an infinite loop and freeze it by overclocking the cpu. However, the last two were programs. Running in tandem, the two were created to reestablish standard operation, change the targeting and connection systems from a connected status to block all signals by placing itself in a fixed connection to itself only, and then to neutralize the armament and shutdown the mine.

After sending that, Shiori disconnected himself from his mines, trusting the viruses and programs to do the rest. He already had a headache creating a backdoor into his own weapons, so there was no way he was going to risk open cyber warfare with a self aware eldan AI. Redistributing his energy from his mine connection to his eyes and cloak, he got a much more clear image of the trail before stalking along it with the quiet grace of a shade in the night.

Reaching an apparent dominion position, his eyes narrowed in fury as he noticed Taru held in a Mechari's grasp as she seemed quite frightened. Taking stock of the area, he noted that dominion soldiers had begun converging on the position and he stepped behind a tree to type a message to Carna who had his eyepiece. Dominion has Taru. Converging units. Possible leverage or trade. Keeping eyes on. Deactivating his computer he watched their movements before his sixth sense told him to look behind and up from his location.

His observation brought a young looking aurin into view. She seemed to be wearing tall dark boots, comfortably loose pants with a dark bandana around one leg, fingerless gloves, and a long brown coat with a drawn hood. Two holstered mag pistols on her hips drew his attention immediately. A spellslinger? And why was she just watching in a tree? Narrowing his gaze suspiciously, he kept his cloak engaged as he snuck over to the tree she was in and climbed up silently.

Coming up behind her, he pressed his body flush against her back to maximize control and minimize chances of falling while at the same time clamping his armored hand over her mouth to prevent sound from escaping until he wished. Finally, one of his claws poked her side gently, enough to definitely make a point but not enough to be completely threatening at the moment. Leaning forward just barely, he whispered in her ear. "You have one chance to convince me you aren't a threat here. I'm not in the mood for games while my friend is captured as she is." Afterwards, he moved his hand just enough to allow her to speak.
08-09-2013, 03:39 PM (This post was last modified: 08-09-2013 05:08 PM by Jaedis.)
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Her ear twitched as she suddenly felt a presence nearby. Before she could turn or react much at all, someone pressed against her back and clamped a hand over her mouth. Her eyes narrowed and she stiffened but otherwise didn’t show much outward reaction to this. Her mind ran through possibilities and she found it odd that any Dominion passed far enough this direction to spot her without her spotting them first. Not like they needed to be sneaky at the moment. So who was this?

It wasn’t a swift kill, so clearly they wanted something. But killing didn’t appear out of the question either as she noticed a stalker claw prodding her side. The scar on her chest itched a bit but she ignored it, unholstering her left mag pistol in one swift movement and leveling its barrel at the man’s face as he leaned in to whisper something. She considered charging up a blast, but it seemed neither of them wanted to get noticed at the moment. Flashy sigils tended to draw attention. So she waited.

"You have one chance to convince me you aren't a threat here. I'm not in the mood for games while my friend is captured as she is."

Jaedis pondered that for a moment as he moved his hand for her to speak. It seemed he was here for the captured Aurin. An interesting turn, but he couldn’t handle that many enemies any more than she could – or at least it was very unlikely. Whatever the case, she wasn't fond of people getting the drop on her. Jaedis' response was cold and low, voice barely audible.

“It’s not my job to convince you of anything. I can be where I like and observe what I want. Would you like to test which of us survives longest if I were to pull the trigger?” She paused. He was concerned for an ally - couldn’t be all bad. “If the answer is no - you might want to stop treating me as your enemy.”

If he sheathed the claw, she would holster her pistol. Jaedis severely hoped that all this whispering was far enough away and that the incoming troops would drown out any possible noise the two of them were making. Things would not go well if they were spotted.

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