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Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
08-09-2013, 02:53 PM (This post was last modified: 08-09-2013 03:06 PM by Shardheart.)
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Looking at Najia and her companion, Shiori waited for an answer as he studied the aurin lady with no small amount of trepidation and a bit of worry as she sucked on the offending bloody digit with that pensive look on her face. The man was about to respond that the most recent explosions were in fact his before he whirled around and dodged a hail of gunfire from the dominion dropship. Checking himself, he was pleased to find his body unharmed, but a cry drew his attention and chilled his blood. His friend had taken a deep wound, and the sight of it sent his rage spiraling into overdrive.

Watching almost helplessly as her friend tended to her injury, he waited in place before watching the two leave his sight and activating his cloak again as he stealthed through the forest. Moving as silently as the grave with about as much cheer as a graveyard, the young man ran into the spot he fought the Mechari. Staying low and keeping his profile close to the ground, he found himself disappointed that she probably survived the mine blasts. Looking around, he found a trail leading off and he followed curiously as they seemed to be aurin in their stride.

However, the man barely made it a few feet before his wrist computer sent him a warning. All the mines in the Saloon on the artifact had just been taken from his control. Blinking in curiosity, he listened to Cathal's announcement of its self aware status before rolling his glowing eyes and getting to work. Going through his connection, Shiori readied thirteen runtime processes while stealth hacking into the backdoor of his mines. With just a bit of difficulty, he got in and set loose the runtimes.

The ones released had three different roles to play. Six of the runtimes were viruses designed to cripple security measures by bombarding the server and firewalls with several terabytes of junk data. Five were another kind of virus designed to get into the system and lock it up by forcing the computing software to create an infinite loop and freeze it by overclocking the cpu. However, the last two were programs. Running in tandem, the two were created to reestablish standard operation, change the targeting and connection systems from a connected status to block all signals by placing itself in a fixed connection to itself only, and then to neutralize the armament and shutdown the mine.

After sending that, Shiori disconnected himself from his mines, trusting the viruses and programs to do the rest. He already had a headache creating a backdoor into his own weapons, so there was no way he was going to risk open cyber warfare with a self aware eldan AI. Redistributing his energy from his mine connection to his eyes and cloak, he got a much more clear image of the trail before stalking along it with the quiet grace of a shade in the night.

Reaching an apparent dominion position, his eyes narrowed in fury as he noticed Taru held in a Mechari's grasp as she seemed quite frightened. Taking stock of the area, he noted that dominion soldiers had begun converging on the position and he stepped behind a tree to type a message to Carna who had his eyepiece. Dominion has Taru. Converging units. Possible leverage or trade. Keeping eyes on. Deactivating his computer he watched their movements before his sixth sense told him to look behind and up from his location.

His observation brought a young looking aurin into view. She seemed to be wearing tall dark boots, comfortably loose pants with a dark bandana around one leg, fingerless gloves, and a long brown coat with a drawn hood. Two holstered mag pistols on her hips drew his attention immediately. A spellslinger? And why was she just watching in a tree? Narrowing his gaze suspiciously, he kept his cloak engaged as he snuck over to the tree she was in and climbed up silently.

Coming up behind her, he pressed his body flush against her back to maximize control and minimize chances of falling while at the same time clamping his armored hand over her mouth to prevent sound from escaping until he wished. Finally, one of his claws poked her side gently, enough to definitely make a point but not enough to be completely threatening at the moment. Leaning forward just barely, he whispered in her ear. "You have one chance to convince me you aren't a threat here. I'm not in the mood for games while my friend is captured as she is." Afterwards, he moved his hand just enough to allow her to speak.

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