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Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
08-13-2013, 10:25 AM (This post was last modified: 08-13-2013 10:32 AM by Shardheart.)
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
((This is a combined post between Jaedis and myself. Hope you enjoy))

Shiori blinked at her clipped response before thinking to himself. It didn't seem odd to him that his emotions shifted so quickly, and it's helped him out in battle before. So why was she so put off by it? It didn't make sense to him, but shaking his head, he focused on the aurin next to him before grinning. Oh, what a delicious idea that had just popped into his head, but before he could voice or act on it Cathal's voice came over the comm. Giving his companion a 'one moment' gesture, he paused to listen before shaking his head and opening his channel again. "That's Reggie I assume. Don't worry, most Eldan artifacts I've dealt with like to leave messages or clues. Passing information for us later generations to find. I can help decrypt it later."

Turning back to Jaedis, he looked around before sighing and pulling some stuff out of his pockets. "Looks like we may need to fall back for now Kitten, but I can rig up some spider droids to track and keep an eye on things. Great for infiltration as they are equipped with optical camouflage. Got any other ideas in that remarkably bright head of yours? If you pardon the pun." With that he snickered once before getting to work on linking and activating the little palm sized robots.

Jaedis considered this new information. Fall back, huh? Wonder why. Her nose wrinkled at the name he’d chosen to give her also. They’d be discussing that... As she watched him tinker with the small machines, one question came to mind. So she asked him. ”Can you make those things explode?”

Shio blinked when he heard that and pulled out his cluster bomb before looking at it then the spiders, then he opened it up to look at the clusters inside and again at the spiders before grinning like a loon. "I knew there was a reason I liked you." He stated proudly before starting to attach the clusters to spiders, now numbering about ten in total. Looking impressed, he linked them to his computer before looking at Jaedis again. "Any other ideas? That one was good."

Her attention was now fully on him since it seemed they wouldn’t be involving themselves with the Dominion anytime soon and the troops were simply standing there for now. It was rather mesmerizing to watch Shiori work, and she was glad he sounded pleased with her input. She really should have stayed out of this, but she was in it now so may as well be helpful. There was a life at stake, and Jaedis knew if it was her friend she’d take all the help available to save it. Even though he seemed pleased, she found his word choice interesting.

"So threatening me is how I tell if you like me from now on?” Her tone was completely serious - it may be difficult to tell if she was being sarcastic or not. Without much pause, she continued, “Where are we falling back to?”

Shiori looked up and tilted his head a moment as his robotic eyes twisted like a focusing lense as he thought. "Well, we have the remains of a saloon about a half mile back or so. Got an Eldan artifact in there rigged with my mines, so they'd probably need me there to move it anyway. And if you must know, I don't hand out friendly threats casually." He gave her a wink before nodding to himself and pressing a button.

After doing so, all twelve robots came to life and moved, four of them staying up in the trees while the other eight made no noise climbing down the tree and sneaking under the bikes. Tapping a button on his wrist computer, the four cameras of the tree spiders showed the area while eight blueprints showed the armed spiders. "Eyes on and explosives ready. I like this teamwork already." He mused aloud before looking at Jaedis.

Shiori’s eyes catch her attention again - what made them like that... Thinking back to the smoldering building along the road, Jaedis nodded slowly. ‘Remains’ was right. Half a mile wasn’t terrible, but they were probably a bit pressed for time. She could cut down the time to get there, but getting back the same way wasn’t an option. May as well save time where you can though. She tilted her head slightly at his comment about ‘friendly threats’. Odd man.

As the little bots scattered, she watched their course intently until losing sight of them. Teamwork... it had been a while since she worked with anyone, but she supposed this fell under that category. ”Tell me, Shiori... Can you give me coordinates to the saloon? The more precise, the better.” Her solemn grey eyes return to meet his. ”... And you can call me Jaedis.” Shiori blinked before grinning and pulling up a virtual map of the area. On it were several different symbols and he pointed to each one to explain them.

"Ok, so there are a lot of symbols with a circle and a chevron on top of it. Those are personnel. The chevron shows where they are facing, and the blue is me, the cyan is you and my friends, and the red are the Dominion. The hollow diamonds are bikes, colors the same. The triangle that's half hollow half full is the gunship, and the hollow circles with the lines at the diagonals are the spider bots." He then pointed to another symbol farther north, out of the forest, that looked like a bold diamond that's filled by a bold circle with dots in the cardinal directions. Tapping on it, a screen came up announcing it as the saloon with a 37% structural integrity, with an unknown person inside but wasn't Dominion.

Shaking his head he pointed out the exact coordinates before holding the computer in her direction. "That good enough?" Jaedis listened closely to his description as her eyes darted around the map, creating her own mental picture. It should be workable. ”It is. Very nice. Follow me, we need to get further out of sight before I’m comfortable trying this.” She slid past him and began working her way silently down the tree. Reaching the ground, Jaedis turned away from the Dominion position and slipped through the trees until there was no longer any line of sight to the troops.

Grinning to himself, Shiori literally disappeared from sight as he followed her as silently as a wraith. Taking a moment to admire her from behind, he grinned before closing on her and keeping in step easily. The man made no sound as he walked, his stealth in place as he did his best to keep his profile to a minimum while following close by. After she stopped, and out of the line of sight he noted, Shio literally blinked into existence right in front of her. "Try what Jaedis?" He asked curiously, eyes gleaming as he smiled over learning something new.

The hair on the back of Jaedis’ neck prickled. She hated not being able to see someone who could see her, and so was much more at ease now that he was visible again. Jaedis tried to figure out why he was smiling but just let it go - not important at the moment. Unholstering one mag pistol, she grabbed his right hand with her open one and charged up her pistol as a glowing gold sigil began to appear. ”Hang on tight.” This was all she said before firing, blazing a portal into existence. She darted through it, pulling the young man along with her using surprising strength.

​Getting hauled into the portal before he was completely ready, the man landed in a heap on the floor next to Jaedis as he still clung to her hand. Getting up as he shook his head, he gave her hand a squeeze before patting it and letting go as he eyed the occupants of the room. "Everyone, this is a dear friend of mine, Jaedis. I asked her to come by to help once all this started and ran into her tracking the Dominion line. Please accept her, as we've been a team for a long time." And with that he moved off to place a holoemitter on the table before attaching it to a real-time copy of his map and the four cameras on the spider bots watching the Dominion. "So we can watch the exchange." He then moved over to the artifact and started reactivating the mines. "What were you trying to tell us..." He mused aloud.

The look Jaedis was giving Shiori was nothing less than perplexed. They had just met - why would he claim some previous relationship? It could come back and bite him in the ass if something went wrong. The thought was pushed from her mind as a flash of searing pain shot through her head. She reached up with her now-free hand and rubbed her eyes, hood dropping to her shoulders to reveal long pointy ears and bright white hair. It wasn’t surprising there were side effects... A portal over that distance wasn’t something Jaedis normally attempted, much less with extra baggage. Looking down, her pistol was steaming. Well that was going to take some time to cool down. She holstered the weapon before turning her attention to the saloon and its occupants, noting the new faces and the building’s general layout and condition.

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