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Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
08-16-2013, 07:00 AM (This post was last modified: 08-18-2013 03:28 AM by 8Bit.)
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Dylan stood there with a distinct look of "What tha' hell?!" smeared across his face like Snoglug pudding on an Eldan artifact. This look had landed on Dylan's face shortly after all the mines sloppily attached to the alien artifact had begun to blink in tandem and the word 'Harbinger' had flashed all over them like the marquee on some tiny, Eldan, pudding-covered theater.

Cathal's announcement did nothing to shoo the dumbfounded look on Dylan's face away either when his announcement and warning crackled over the Malverine comm channel, "I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU FUCKING GET AWAY FROM THAT THING. ITS SELF AWARE."

"Self aware?!" Dylan thought to himself as he glanced at the sticky, blinking piece of 'art' he'd just created on the Malverine meeting table. "Dammit, what's that crazy nut job done to the artifact now?!" he thought to himself, assuming that Shiori had caused this by trying to hack the object remotely somehow.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Carna's voice behind him yelling, "Dylan, get away from that thing!" Barely had he had time to register the command and begin to turn around before the Aurin was at his side, grabbing him by the back of his jacket and with strength he found surprising, she swung him around and flung him away from the mines and the artifact. Dylan stumbled back over some overturned chairs and instinctively put his arm down to break his fall, forgetting at that moment that he'd recently been shot in the shoulder. his shoulder was kind enough to remind him of this by shooting a wave of pain to his brain and then promptly refusing to cooperate, sending Dylan half-rolling, half-tumbling to the floor as he tripped over some debris on the floor from all the recent explosions.

Cursing in pain and frustration, Dylan slowly managed to get himself to his feet again and was turning to find Carna and let her know in no uncertain terms that tossing him around was not only not necessary, but it hurt like a bitch... but she was nowhere to be seen.

"Where tha' hell did she go?!" he thought to himself, the look of frustrated confusion returning to his face for the third time in the last 60 seconds. He didn't have to wait long for an answer as she emerged from the kitchen to announce, "Taru's gone. They grabbed her." Her face darkened and a hint of a snarl appeared at the corner of her mouth. Dylan hadn't seen her like this before (well there was that time he spilled the drink she'd made for him and she cleaned it up... but no - this was worse) and he was a bit taken aback as she continued, "Shio's seen her, apparently. He thinks they probably have her for leverage, which is probably the case."

"What? Taru? The cute waitress?" he asked, confirming her announcement, then with a smirk he added, "Well if I was going to kidnap someone, I suppose I can't blame them for picking her, I mean she's..."

Carna's icy stare and the hint of a snarl that was no longer just a 'hint' stopped Dylan's commentary mid-sentence as the aurin made it very clear this was no joking matter. The moment was so tense, Dylan was actually relieved to have Samuel's voice interrupt as he broadcast his demands to exchange Taru for the artifact over the saloon's speaker system and all other devices capable of receiving his signal.

Dylan stood there stunned for a moment as the true gravity of the situation sunk in and his own resentment towards the Dominion and their meddling began catch fire and burn in his chest. Reaching for a weapon with his good arm, he spun it out of his holster with unnecessary flare as he pivoted on one foot, his long coat spinning out dramatically around him. He began to stride towards the front of the saloon with a new resolve, a desire to do something, and not even the slightest hint of a plan on how to do it.

It was at that moment Cathal's voice was in his earpiece, "Hold fire unless fired upon. Remain still an' dun do shit!" While broacast to all Malverines, as far as he could tell, somehow Dylan imagined that last bit was directed at him.

"Warning given," an electronic voice to his right chirped with timing that almost made it feel as if it was commenting on the commands issued by Cathal just then. Grabbing his attention Dylan looked towards the Eldan artifact, the source of the statement, and to his surprise, all the mines stopped blinking at once and the entire thing went dark and lifeless as if someone had simple yanked its power cord out of the wall.

Dylan, now quite practiced at it, once again put on his 'What tha hell?!' face.

Cathal's voice interrupted his confused apprehension a moment later, "I dun care how its dun, someone move that fuckin' artifact!"

"I'm not touching that thing, It has mines all over it! I like my arms and face firmly attached to my body, thank you very much!" Dylan thought to himself as he looked sternly at the cube covered in mines and pudding on the table, trying to come up with some plan to transport it without getting near it. "He should have the professor move it," Dylan muttered with a frown, "After all he's the one who told me to put mines all over the thing."

Just then Dylan's attention was jerked away by the sound of Carna behind him going into a full on ranting rage, flinging glowing blades of energy from her hands in a rather uncharacteristic fashion, "Damn... what it is with these aurin women?!" Dylan thought to himself in a moment of fear and amazement, "No one ever told me they have a cosmic-powers meltdown when enraged. Note to sell - don't piss off aurin espers!"

As Carna calmed down, there was the distinct sound of multiple teleport sigils closing in the air behind him with a soft 'poof' of air as the portal closed. Suddenly the population of the saloon doubled as Shiori showed up with yet another female Aurin. There were some quick introductions and Carna tried to make a lighthearted comment, but Dylan was having a hard time getting 'raging Carna' out of his head, so her dry humor was a bit less effective on him at the moment even though he felt it wisest if he offer a laugh at her joke (though it came out sounding a bit more like a nervous chuckle).

Shiori then quickly moved over to the artifact and began to remove the pudding-covered mines from its surface, muttering to himself.. or, talking to the artifact, Dylan wasn't sure - though either would be par-for-the-course with what he knew of the man so far.

Carna then mentioned something about going out to look for injured and made her way cautiously out the back of the saloon.

Turning back to Shiori, Dyaln suddenly smiled as a plan to move the artifact that had previously eluded him, suddenly appeared in his head. Plans usually came to Dylan eventually, they just weren't good at making appearances before he took action. Holstering his gun and smiling at Shiori, Dylan put his 'plan' into action.

"Hey Professor," Dylan yelled at Shiori, "Cathal said he wanted you to take that thing out to the Dommies, so - better get on that!"

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