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Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
08-28-2013, 03:49 AM (This post was last modified: 08-28-2013 10:46 PM by 8Bit.)
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
Dylan watched with mild amusement as Shiori attempted to wipe away all the snoglug pudding from the artifact before hauling it off and out of the saloon, his 'dear friend' following behind him.

"Well, that was easy," He thought to himself, "Didn't think he'd actually do it." Dylan shrugged his shoulders as he chuckled to himself. That's when his shoulder reminded him that being shot was no laughing matter by once again sending a stabbing spear of pain down his arm. Wincing, Dylan grabbed his right arm with his left hand to make it as stationary as possible as he re-inventoried his surroundings, looking for something that might help his injury, not to mention any Dominion troops that might be bum-rushing the now significantly 'ventilated' saloon.

Shuffling through the debris of the saloon, Dylan could still hear plenty of chatter on the open comm channels, sounded like "the Professor" was trying to to play negotiator and for the most part, getting laughed at. "Hope the guy doesn't go get himself killed" Dylan mused to himself as he continued to search for medical supplies, "I might feel kinda bad about that."

His brief hint of regret was interrupted as he watched Carna come back into the saloon with some other guy he'd not met. He was carrying one of the new pledges into the bar from out on the road. Looked like he was unconscious... or at least Dylan hoped all he was was unconscious.

Carna pointed at the stairs and the new guy started carrying the wounded probie up what was left of the stairs towards the second floor. "Just up those stairs there, should be fine. I'll be up in a minute,"
Carna said to the man as he made his way upstairs. Then turning to Dylan she added, "Hey, Dylan, you feeling ok? Sorry about.. Before, just heat of the moment. Do you need help? I can't assure you it will do much, but..."

Carna's words trailed off as she lifted her hands into the air and with a flash of Esper power, caused a single glowing orb to appear, shaped much like a little paper lantern hovering between her hands. "Should help with any pain or hurts," She added as she pushed the little golden lantern to float lightly over Dylan's head and smiled at him reassuringly.

Dylan stared at the glowing lantern-shaped energy that now hovered over his head. "Why do they always have to make them some pretty little thing?" he thought to himself, "This looks ridiculous. I'm not an outdoor patio here that I need to be decorated. I mean a simple 'glowing orb' of ..." Dylan's thoughts were interrupted by the sudden tingling in his shoulder, as if his whole arm had fallen asleep and was suddenly getting blood-flow again. Turning to look down at his wound, he felt his whole arm get warm and as Carna had indicated, it did suddenly feel better. Less like a gunshot wound and more like someone had just punched him really hard in the shoulder. It was an improvement at least. Maybe he could put up with the silly lantern after all.

"Thanks," he said to Carna, returning her smile. "That's better." He nodded towards the stairs, an uncharacteristic look of concern on his face "Is the probie alright? He look pretty worse for..."

"Fall back to the Saloon, and Shio, and Dylan. DO NOT FUCK THIS UP!" Yelled Cathal's voice across the comm channels loud enough to not only interrupt Dylan but make him wince.

"What?!" Dylan said with indigence to no one in particular since Cathal was not standing there, the look of concern on his face now gone, "What the hell did I do?! Look, this is all on the professor! he's the one who high-tailed it out of here with that crazy doomsday box!" Dylan frowned at Carna after broadcasting his response, "Great, huh? Ya put your life on the line and what do you get?! Huh? HUH? Nothing but 'don't fuck this up'!" Dylan fumed, then speaking once again to the comm unit he added, "And I'm already IN the Saloon, by the way!"

Pushing past Carna Dylan began to head towards the bar muttering, "I think I've earned myself a drink. Something Expensive..." All the while, the tiny lantern continued to hover over Dylan's head as he rummaged through the broken bottles and debris, making his rant a little harder to take seriously.

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