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Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
09-06-2013, 05:15 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
"Butcher? Darling please there is no need to be so melodramatic...Not been called that for a while. I mean really you open fire on some dissidents ONCE and suddenly everyone flinging titles around like I'm the latest Holo-film. What's this then? The Rail reckoning?" he smirks and chuckles over the comms. With a steady hum of the copter Samuel signalled for his pilot to take them lower. Leaving them hovering low snugly in the Sovereign formation beside their hostage and the metal arms holding her in place. With that Rexana walks up to Samuel, ever ready, and as she puts down Taru, she gently pets Taru's head and just stares dully forward while assuring Taru in her metallic reverberating tone "There, there. I told you, you would be safe." Taru flattened her ears in response and nodded slowly, looking towards the copter.

Samuel smirks and practically sweeps Taru close as he slinks an arm about her waist. The young aurin gave a surprised squeak as she was pulled forward, her body still shivering from fear. Her eyes look up to him with a bright curiosity, even if the rest of her form might suggest that she was solidified with uncertainty.

"A pleasure darling" Samuel chuckles in a long purring drawl as with a sharp gesture the Copter makes a sudden jolt as it takes to the air once again. With that it swung about, flying low as it came to rest near Cathal but still leaving a good fourteen feet between them. After all they didn't just each other as far as they could throw them. The copter swung slightly, kicking up dust, as it presented its side compartments and the wickedly grinning Samuel with Taru in arm.

“Awwwww, bloody marvellous day isn’t it” he breaths deep and squeezes Taru slightly, which caused her to make another small noise. “The wind in your hair, the smell of smouldering wreckage and the promise of bad blood. AH! Doesn’t it just do something too you? Gets that bland heart pumping like a jack hammer and your veins burning with that ever so delicious anticipation! AHA!” Samuel springs forward sweeping Taru into his arms once more only to slide a hand into her and seemingly break out into a elegant twirl. He was dancing? He hummed slightly as he went through a simple side step and twirl with a viscous look in his eye along the smirk of a deviant. The aurin wasn't quite sure what to do at this point, and it was quite obvious that she was terribly unfamiliar with any kind of 'formal' dance as she shuffled about on her toes helplessly.

“AAAahhh, I mean really, sometimes I think your Sister and you, Cathal, take things too seriously, what happened to whistle while you work? Would you hire a chef who wouldn’t eat or a dancer that couldn’t dance?! Of course not!” he chuckles as he took and step back and did another twirl, his knife clearly at his belt and his holster empty. Taru spun around at the given prompt, her tail curling around her lithe form as she did so. Her face wore a confused expression and her ears were swept flat against her head as she participated in the odd ruse. She seemed to be going along with it, however. Just what was he trying to do?

“You should have known better, Cathal, that she’d get pissed and send her usual blood hound to snap at your heels. But, anyway, I must say I’m delighted to see GOOD SENSE prevail, I would have hated to blow the brains out of such a delicious dance partner!” With this little merry jaunt he had slowly gotten closer to Cathal, finally giving Taru some peace and slinking to her side, one arm still on about her waist. The little aurin looked up to Samuel for a moment or two, tilting her head curiously, and then looked ahead, eyes dancing between Shiori and Cathal. “I’ll take what was stolen now...if you would be so kind ddaarrlinnggg~” he purrs in that sooth drawl once again.
Samuel raised a brow. He was rather enjoying himself, but this somewhat warranted attention, as the cube smeared in some kind of oddly coloured slime. “Dare I ask? Didn’t think you lot were into that kind of thing....then again after that incident at the Brothel...” he chuckles. With that he walked forward and nudged Taru into position, in front of him. After all, a human shield was a human shield, no matter what race. The aurin stepped forward, her form giving easily to the Dominon Captain's pressure.

Samuel stopped by the cube, a firm hand on Taru’s shoulder, and with his free hand, he attempted to grab something less slimy, it smelled strangely sweet. With that he dragged it slightly behind him, and he let go of Taru. “An utter pleasure darling...” Samuel purred once more, pitching her rear as a sign to go forward. The aurin bounced forward at the touch, and immediately ducked behind Shiori, her steps silent. She looked peeked around to gaze at Samuel, and then to the other Dominion forces gathered in the distance. Her small hands wrapped around Shiori's forearm, squeezing anxiously.

With one foot on the slime smeared cube, Samuel tucked at his belt and throws a small wooden shafted twitch blade into the dirt nearby. “Your knife Cathal left it in my thigh last time we met... It seemed wrong to keep it.” he splutters with a chuckle.

“Well, charmed as always to do business with you, keeps me on my toes, and a song in my heart! All ways a man of honour in the end aye Cathal? ” With that Samuel whipped around and lifted the cube in his arms and trotted off back to the copter making sure not to turn his back. He threw the clunky thing in the back and leap inside, slightly on edge due to a mix of artificial adrenaline and the fact he had his back to a man who had a good shooting arm. With a lavish bow too Cathal, the copter lurched into the air towards the Sovereigns. “MOUNT UP! COVER AND FALL BACK! WE ARE DONE HERE.” He barks over the comms as he swings over the formation lowering for the officers and to mount the power loader and strap in the cube for transit. With a few harsh words a few troops readied smoke in case an obscuring escape was needed.

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