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Beinion ((WIP))
07-02-2013, 11:16 AM
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Beinion ((WIP))
NOTE: This is a WIP for my Alt in Exiles. Beinion has traveled with me through all my MMORPG journeys. He has a core personality and general appearances that remain regardless of game. I haven't fully developed him for WildStar. Usually that happens through the Character Creation Process (and why I can take fifty years on the character creation screen). So this may not develop until I can play around in Character Creation. Or at least until we know for 100% what the other two races and classes are. Beinion has been my main in several games and was why I originally started out with him as my main here. However, I was able to embrace a different character - but still it was only a matter of time until I brought him out.

Images Not Available Yet.

The Basics
Race: Undetermined
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Class: Undetermined
Path: Settler
Job: Construction Worker

The Appearance
Standing at 6 foot 5 inches and weighing in at 245 pounds, Beinion is built like a solider. Bright Green Eyes. WIP

The Personality
Stoic. Battle-Weary. Believes in ideals like Integrity, Honor, Freedom, Peace, and Justice.

Beinion is a solider. Even after he put that life behind him. He follows orders nearly without question. He approaches things with a solider's eye, mapping a battle-plan and approach to his work. He is not one to lead, capable of it, but would never assume that mantle (again). He prefers to keep quiet and due his work. If his leader gave a bad order and he knew it, he would follow it and simply adjust to try to make it work out for the best. Or he might subtly suggest a different approach. Either way, pushing all success and merit onto his superiors and shouldering all mistakes and failures on himself, excusing his leaders.

Beinion is not shy, but not sociable either. He speaks directly and will lay out point blank answers if asked. Not following the social graces most consider normal.

Beinion does have a soft spot for individuals smaller and younger than himself. This includes animals, kids, etc. Beinion enjoyed the role of protector and that sort of stuck with him. However after years of fighting and destruction he is very dedicated to simply Building. He wants to create rather than destroy. He loves the idea of building homes on a new home planet and starting life with that hope.



The BackStory
Affiliations: Fortek Construction - Exile Military - Free Companies of Nexus.
Quick Notes:
  • Very Energetic, Cocky, and Playful in his youth. Very Sociable. Now is more of a curmudgeon.
  • He is a Veteran of War. Always tinkered with his weapons and armor. Always having that tinkering/building trait.

Former Solider. Commander. Lost his entire command under him. Barely surviving himself (a couple years to recover physically). Sought out the life of a builder. Started out in Blacksmithing for weapons and armor, simply because it was what he knew. Grew tired of being that and sought out an apprenticeship to become a Builder, a Settler. As he felt buildings such a houses represented hopes and dreams.

How did they Join the Gang?





RP History / Notes

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