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Zakkery Wallton
08-27-2013, 03:25 PM (This post was last modified: 11-12-2013 02:58 PM by zbug84.)
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Zakkery Wallton
Zakkery Wallton(WIP)

The Basics
Race: Human
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Class: Spellslinger
Path: Settler
Job: Freelance construction-Tactical demolition

The Appearance
Zakkery Wallton is a fit guy with skin the color of milk chocolate. Standing at 5'9", 180 pounds, he isn't overly muscular but his years in construction have left him toned with a firm grip. Zakk's eyes are a deep brown with tiny specks of grey, a result of sparks from a welding accident shooting in his face. Most of the time, he keeps his facial hair cut short, and his shoulder length, black dreadlocks tied in a tight ponytail behind his head.

When not building or blowing something up, Zakk usually can be seen wearing a long dark blue aviation jacket over his black work overalls.

The Personality
Zakkery is an overly friendly person in public, working freelance has taught him to always be ready to greet a new person with a smile and a firm hand shake. When in the company of friends or the people he trusts, he is more relaxed, making snarky jokes and telling profanity filled stories about his experiences on the Nexxan frontier. Despite his friendly exterior, behind his eyes is a pain that he never talks about, and when he is tempted to, he remembers he has a job to finish all of a sudden. Zakk is always testing the new people he meets to see if they are trustworthy. Working by himself most of the time, he learned pretty quickly not to trust just any guy that comes along out of nowhere and stars barking orders.

Even though it may be hard to earn, once you have Zakk's trust, he's your guy for anything you need. If you need something built or destroyed, he will do it for free if you are on his very short list of people that he knows he can count on. But if you get on his bad side, he can quickly loose his friendly exterior...and you might find you house "randomly imploded" while you were out cruising on your hoverbike,

* Sharpshooter Random Scrabs and other nasty critters are a hazard of the job when Zakk is building an outpost in the middle of nowhere. Eventually he just got used to picking them off one by one on the roof.
* Quick judgement After taking a second too long to meet a client cost Zakk a job and the pleasure of eating for a bit, he learned to get all the important info as quick as possible so he can make fast decisions.
* Great negotiator Working freelance means Zakk has to make his own deals, over time he learned you gotta give to get sometimes.

* Single minded Sometimes when Zakk gets interrupted in the middle of a project, it is hard for him to focus until he can get back and finish it.
* Rash in battle Zakk likes to think he can read a opponent as well as a potential client, but that isn't the case all the time and sometimes it gets him into trouble in fights.
* Home cooked meals It may sound silly, but when you are by yourself on a job for weeks at a time with nothing but rations to eat, there is almost nothing you wouldn't do for a decent meal.

The BackStory
An Exile ship isn't the best place to grow up for a child, but Zakk and his sister managed. The grandson of Exile scientists, Zakk didn't feel at home in a laboratory, preferring instead to sneak off to a hangar bay and work with the guys building extra compartments while his sister filled their room with charts and maps of star systems. Over the years Zakk honed his craft, learning to work with almost every material known to man, just waiting for his chance to show off his skills to the family he had left. Unfortunately neither his grandparents or his sister approved of him "wasting his talents" on physical labor. After an extremely heated argument, Zakk decided to leave his grandparents quarters and move to the construction quarters and they did not talk for quite a while.

After the discovery of Nexus by Dorian Walker, Zakk was one of the first guys in line to volunteer for the first crew to go down to help establish the settlements. After signing up Zakk finally broke the silence between him and his family, telling them he was going down to Nexus to help begin the settlement process. After a strange and very uncomfortable silence, his sister revealed to him that she was going to lead their grandparents on a scientific expedition of the nearby areas. Zakk's sister handed him a stainless steel box, when he opened it, it contained one of each of his grandparents Mag Pistols with a simple inscription on each of the barrels. “Make the most of yourself....for that is all there is of you.” If Zakk knew that was the last time he would get a chance to see any of them, maybe he would have said something before he left.

Zakk lost contact with the rest of his family after the landing on Nexus, and started living with the Foreman of the group of workers that headed out to begin building the infrastructure of the settlements for the Exiles. Not taking the advise on his grandparents gun barrels for granted, Zakk began to train under some of the seasoned Spellslingers in the camp, refusing to replace the mismatched pistols, using them as a constant reminder of his lost family.


Quick Notes:
  • Zakk has a set of mismatched Mag pistols (green/blue), a gift from each of his grandparents
  • Zakk has been getting strange jobs to build outposts out into more dangerous areas. He doesn't know who it's for, they just leave the money when it's done.
  • Zakk hasn't seen his family since the landing on Nexus

How did they Join the Gang?
Zakkery wandered upon the saloon after it was nearly destroyed by a Sovereign raid. He offered his services to fix the place up and just kind of stuck around.





RP History / Notes

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