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Jane Whitmore's Application
09-02-2013, 09:51 AM
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Jane Whitmore's Application
About the Player
Main Character Name / Primary Alt Name: Micky (GW2), working on Jane for Wildstar
Enjin / WildStar Central Username: Micky
Primary Character / Alts Joining the BlackSky: Jane Whitmore (Primary as soon as game goes live)
IM Contacts: Skype - pasha.khorasani/Micky
What is your primary region / timezone and playtimes? Central, US, 7pm-10pm EST Mon-Thur, Weekend hours are flexible.
Are you eighteen or older? Yes
Did you read and do you agree to abide by our Rules and Policy? Yes
Where did you find us and why do we stand out?
I found the guild when reading through Wildstar forums, thought it sounded amazing! Then found ShadowedSin was a leader, talked to him some and I was sold. What stands out is the plan for opening the guild to a variety of characters, the involved story arcs, and the plan for in-game RP instead of relying solely on forums. Though, prior to game launch, I am very interested in forum RP for this group.
Would you like to join our Guild Skyp Group? And or the Guild Mailing List? You betcha!
Are you a member of any additional guilds, circles, warplots etc? In other MMORPGs, yes. Related to Wildstar, no.
What are your primary playstyles? In order of priority:Hard core Role play, Medium Social, Casual PvE, Casual PvP

About Roleplay
What is your roleplaying experience?
A mixed bag of this and that. Mostly in game RP across different MMORPGs. Some forum RP, but as a supplement to the in game RP. A little table top. A couple of LARPs. Does Halloween count? Wink
What are your primary Roleplay Limits?
I am open to anything that fits my character's way of life. I avoid perma death but I am not opposed to it. I would prefer death of a character to at least give a boost to guild story plot, rather than just a random death.
Are you okay with the R rated (content in our guild contains adult language, violent situations, partial nudity, narcotics) nature of our Roleplay? Yes, no issues
What do IC Consequences mean to you? Would you be willing to deal with the consequences listed in our lore? Such as humiliation? OR even being beaten within an inch of life or worse? Yes, as long as IC stays IC and OOC stays OOC. IC consequences because a player gets bug up their butt about something OOC is not cool.
Would you be willing to take consequences if your character left the Club or Agency and warranted them? Yes, no issue.
(Could be a simple as being banned from guild IC hubs, or being openedly mocked, or worse.)

About the Character
NOTE: If you are unsure about a main character at this point, answer these questions as best you can to help us understand you a bit.
What is your character's name / race / class / path?
"Doc" Jane Whitmore
(TBD - Healing. Waiting for final 2 classes to be announced)
What faction is your character joining?
The Malverines
Tell us a bit about your character's personality, include three strengths and three weaknesses.
Jane is personable and approachable to an extent. She is nomadic, and relies on the odd jobs she can find to earn a living. She believes the ends always justify the means. What's wrong in the moment might very well be right in the long run.
Weaknesses - Distrusting, cynical, opinionated
Strengths - Self confident, intelligent, creative
What would your characters occupation or job within their faction? Are they employed by a guild business or have their own? I imagine Jane would be a hired hand of some kind to start. She is a skilled physician and microbiologist, but it's not something she likes to make known. Over time, she could take on an additional role in the guild as a healer.
Why would this character join or become a Prospect of either the Malverines of the Sovereigns? Safety. Given her past, she needs a group or clan if she is going to continue to survive.
09-02-2013, 03:59 PM
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RE: Jane Whitmore's Application
MICKY! Glad to see you applying with us, here are some questions to start of the OOC interview!

1. What are your thoughts about conflict resolution and drama in general? In that regard what did you think of our rules?

2. We as a guild focus on building a sense of brotherhood and guild identity, and how to bring members closer together in our collective community. What are your thoughts on that?
09-03-2013, 09:51 AM
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RE: Jane Whitmore's Application
1. Conflict resolution: In character conflict is resolved by playing through the scenes it creates. Story plots are driven by some kind of conflict. Limiting the amount that is IC Guildcharacter Vs. Guildcharacter is probably not a bad idea. I treat the IC conflict and IC drama like a daytime soap opera. It's gonna happen. It drives the plot. And like TV, it should be scripted (at least between the major players).

OOC player conflict depends on the nature of the drama. If it is Out-of-character but in-game, it is the duty of the officers to handle it. When I was co-leader of guild, the rules were simple. Whichever office (of the 5) could be the most impartial, heard both sides of the story. The officer gave a recommended resolution that would be as fair as possible to both sides. Anyone involved who refused to come to some resolution was asked to leave. We didn't choose a "winner" and there was no right and wrong. It was just "Fix it, get over it or we aren't the guild for you." Repeat offenders were also asked to find another guild. This system worked very well for a very long time.

If the OOC drama is out-of-game, it is the responsibility of those involved to resolve it. Officers do not need to get involved other than to give a deadline for resolving the issue, or at least getting the issue out of game and out of the guild for good. If the players involved either fail to meet the deadline or, worse, try to draw others into the drama, they both (all) need to leave the guild.

Guild drama - Do not pick sides! It's like playing parent. Doesn't matter who started it, both sides need to kiss and make up or everyone gets sent to their rooms.

2. Guild identity : Brotherhood and identity can be formed in a variety of ways. The rituals and ceremonies you have planned are great. A common goals is another good way to form bounds, which may or may not include a common enemy. Friendly competitions are good, chances to have fun, to show off a little without egos flaring up too much (IC egos). A mentor program is good, too, something real hands-on. Nothing as extreme as (borrowing from Star Wars) master and padawan, but something like that. One fails, they both fail. One succeeds, they both succeed. You could even take it beyond the mentor-newbie relationship and make it part of the guild way. Create challenges, tasks, missions. The guild leaders get to pair up teams, preferably matching up characters (and players) that do not work/socialize together much on their own. Great way to work around the cliques that naturally form in any collective.
09-04-2013, 09:27 AM
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RE: Jane Whitmore's Application
1. Has freedom of character types, but we ask that characters have a strong tie to the guild before earning their full membership, and also follow our Character Standards, what are your thoughts on this?

2. We asked you about R rated content, your Rp limits and consequences. Can you tell me why these are important things to ask someone?
09-04-2013, 09:53 AM
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RE: Jane Whitmore's Application
1. A variety of characters makes for more diverse plots and stories. I am all for it. I agree with having some membership requirements/membership standards in order to have a common thread binding the individuals together. Besides, you don't want to be too open in your membership and have Dominion soldiers trying to get into the guild because "you accept everyone."

2. You have to ask to avoid problems down the road. I know I don't want to accidentally offend someone because I assume they are cool with violent plots and then find out I created an awkward situation with offensive RP content.
09-04-2013, 11:11 AM
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RE: Jane Whitmore's Application
1. What did you think of our two factions? Do you see any problems arising from them, or any good arising from them?

2. What about the Malverines interests you the most?
09-04-2013, 08:28 PM
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RE: Jane Whitmore's Application
1. Having two factions that are prepared to RP together, or against each other, is awesome! I did that in World of Warcraft and in SWTOR. It gives a good balance of loosely scripted plot with plenty of room for spontaneity and surprises. The only downside I ever saw in the system was in SWTOR. Occasionally a DM would put a story in place to further his/her own character, and would force the ending of the conflict to match with what he/she wanted. ie. His character would win no matter what, could not be killed, etc. But! That was a player issue, not a faction issue.

2. I love the concept of a MC. Very original for an MMORPG like this. It also fits the sort of characters I tend to create: a little off center, carrying some secrets, operating on the fringe. I've never been good at straight-laced, structured, militant, noble type characters. What interests me the most? The outlaw theme, definitely.
09-04-2013, 09:38 PM
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RE: Jane Whitmore's Application
1. In our guild we do split our stories into Seasons which each then feature an event obviously named an Episode. What are your thoughts about having Episodic content organized into ongoing story arcs?

2. With that in mind, what do you think about our core story elements such as the Grey Line, Adult RP and how it will affect our stories?
09-04-2013, 11:40 PM
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RE: Jane Whitmore's Application
1. The WoW guild I was a part of had story arcs that spanned periods of time, with beginning middle and end. It worked very well for the guild. I found that have a story framework was a good way to keep all characters involved and keep all players active, rather than relying on random RP to hold the guild together. The Episodes keep the main guild story going, and give different players/characters opportunities to play lead roles and supporting roles. I support this system 100%.

2. I see those elements fitting easily into an episodic story model. Those elements created plenty of conflict (the good kind) and action to drive the plots. I assume there will be main plots and minor sub plots all along the way.
09-05-2013, 06:09 AM
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RE: Jane Whitmore's Application
1. What did you think of the united unbiased history?

2. What were your thoughts on the Malverines Lore and the themes that we present for them?

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