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[Open] Girrok Rampage (9/2/13)
09-03-2013, 05:35 AM (This post was last modified: 10-13-2013 03:29 PM by Corvo.)
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[Open] Girrok Rampage (9/2/13)
The abundance of roars that came from a circling of trees within Algoroc's vicinity. A rather large flock of girrok moved about one another as though heeding the commands of one in particular. The scales upon their furry bodies shimmered with colors. All of this was easily considered odd given how they hardly enjoyed moving with multiples of their own kind. Though only one objective was clear, given the blood that coated their paws, mouths, and fur.

Killing and bloodshed. Lots of it.

Ahead of the large pack of girrok was one that seemed to be twice the size of them, glowing a dark blue, the whole of its face stained red. A ferocious roar escaped its maw, stomping through the plain towards one of the small settlement.

Far behind them, a tall Mordesh with a small probe bot floating about him tapped on a pad.

Twenty-four hours earlier...

Tapping fingers clicked upon the holopad within his other hand, a pair of glowing eyes watching each line be formulated by coding, letters, and numbers. The beeping of the probe that followed him around gave warnings whenever he was close to colliding into one of the many trees he was walking through.

“Yes Church, I am aware of that, for the nineteenth time. Now stop reminding me about the decay rate. It was fixed back in the Beta stage of the toxin.” The probe's handler scolded, before huffing. Coming to a stop on the hill, those eyes of his took in the sight before him, which was precisely what he needed. Sliding down the hill, the hand upon the holopad waved, motioning for Church to come closer.

“Now, take this, make sure there are plenty, and expose them to it. Otherwise this experiment will be over quickly.. I am anticipating a decent turn out, unlike the last trial..” A momentary flashback gripped the man's mind, causing him to turn silent, was quickly shoved away from the forefront of his mind. Hearing the beeping of his probe bot, it quickly activated the stealth function that was installed into it's parts and fluttered into the cave.

...Present Time...

As the flock of girrok continued moving towards the town, the Mordesh noticed it met just barely something one would call resistance. Any poor adventurer that happened across the mass was met with overwhelming ferocity, a heightened trait that was influenced by something to make it even worse.

“Church... I believe it's time to send out the warning.”

Beeping greeted his dark blue pointed ears, a sick grin plastered on the man's face.

Across any available radios that were listening for any statements about points of interest, this would be heard.

“Word has been received that the town of Onesmock has sent out a distress call for aid. Enraged Girrok were sighted approximately an hour out from their location. Here's the odd thing they stated, the Girrok are together. Not just coming from different angles. There is also report of an even larger Girrok leading them. This call promises a reward to those who help.”

((From what I have gathered from going through the wildlife information, Girrok are typically solo predators and stick to caves. So for those of a more scientific approach, it would stick out as odd that there's so many together, as well as one that was about twice the size leading them. Adding to that, the scales that grow on girrok are glowing.

For many of you adventurers out there, it could be anything from not wanting to leave a town in need to suffer such a vicious attack, or the promise of payment for services due.))
09-03-2013, 09:24 AM
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RE: [Open] Girrok Rampage
The Algoroc valley, a place he had called home since making planet fall with what remained of his crew. Cathal, sat upon his bike resting in the sun of another fine day when he noticed something off in the distance. A large cloud of some sort and the dull thunder of many hard heavy feet on the ground of the valley. Lifting himself up from his previously reclining position, the Boss of BlackSky was trying to engage in a bit of relaxation for the day. Nothing more than that at all. However, his history with trying to take breaks was not the best really.

As he sat up on his bike he took out a pair of digital binoculars and zoomed in on the dust cloud off in the distance. He caught a flash of red and what looked to be a fairly fucked up mutated girrok. Frowning the man sighed as he sat up on his bike and check his ammunition. Sure, he was not a man to get into trouble, but rampaging mutant, glowing girroks? Screw that! Fuck that! Not in his damn valley!

Wait was it time to play hero. Uh no, not his thing. However, if those stupid Girroks were going to become a large problem then he would need to assist to some degree.

Cathal geared up the bike as the message came over his communicator and he sighed. Great, more ridiculousness. Speeding off toward the oncoming nightmare of girrok-ness he lifted one of his mag pistols and took aim as he steadily drew closer. This time he was going to fire a tracking probe into one of the monsters. The man took aim and then fire at a straggler near the end of the heard, as he then kept clear on his bike and set into tracking their general course.

He then began to go over the sigils he had on hand that he could use to disable the damn things if necessary. Though he would need assistance soon if no one else showed up for that random bounty the com had displayed.
09-08-2013, 12:44 AM
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RE: [Open] Girrok Rampage
A commotion from the other side of the small camp brought Jane’s head up from where it lounged on the back of her bike. She shifted her weight forward to lean casually on the controls. Del’s voice bellowed, “Ya hear that? Gotta band o’ wild beasties need killin’. Who’s up for a hunt?” Other voices joined in and the group started to break camp.

Jane consulted the display of her bike, tapping the side of the panel until the electric pulse of energy stabilized. The mass of girrok appeared to be closing on the coordinates of the town. Absently she patted at her belt, fingertips running over the kits and equipment she kept with her at all times. One of the regulars walked up, “You comin’ with?” The petite blonde folded her arms across her chest and waited for a reply. Jane sat patiently until the silence made the girl uncomfortable and she started to fidget. “I know ya said you was only ridin’ with us to the mining camp, but…” She turned to look over her shoulder at the individuals who were maneuvering into formation. “Yes, I’ll come with.” Jane chuckled when the girl bounced on the balls of her feet and clapped. “Good! You still gotta show me how da use them probes before ya go.” The girl darted away to find her place in the group.

Jane flicked the control panel again until the display cleared and she started up the bike. She pulled her goggles over her eyes and adjusted the display. The comm radio fit against one ear, and she pulled her breather up over the lower half of her face. By the time she was ready to roll not much showed between the leathers. As the group headed out, she took her temporary place on rear left flank, and followed towards the source of the distress call.
09-08-2013, 07:23 PM
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RE: [Open] Girrok Rampage
Chatter from his bike's comm systems woke Jedidiah from a relaxing day atop a mountain pass in Algoroc. He had been camped out at the pass for several days now, small tent and a blazing fire idling nearby. He lifted himself up off his back and listened closely to the radio message.

It had appeared to be a distress call from a town not too far from his current position. The man's brow furrowed as a playful grin spread across his lips. Where there are troubled citizens, there is money to be made. He thought to himself and nodded once or twice before tossing a canteen filled with water over his fire and packed up his belongings, securing them to the back of his bike.

Jed depressed the bike's ignition and the engines roared to life, spurts of flame emitting from its exhaust pipes before the rear wheel spun wildly, kicking up and spraying dirt everywhere- the hoverbike sped off towards the town, its noisy engine echoing off the sides of the mountain, his movements creating a small dust cloud around him as he zoomed down the trail.

[Image: fpVKYzE.png]
09-09-2013, 11:36 AM
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RE: [Open] Girrok Rampage
The town itself had looked simple enough for those who had been heading towards it, peaceful and not too disturbed between bouts of Cartel moving through time to time as they had any other town this side of Nexus. A few people were beginning to move out from it, each of them carrying a rifle and wearing a duster, one of them seeming to sport a Sheriff's hat. "A'ight, time ta push back dem damn beasties."

(In the time taken for those coming in as of this post to arrive, I would estimate about twenty to twenty-five minutes has passed)

"Church.. Send the second signal." A calm voice conveyed to the machine floating near him. Tapping away on the data-pad, the proper coordinates was sent via the probe's transference to the large Girrok.

It was astounding what bouncing radio waves off an induced brain could do. Even with something as ferocious as the Girrok, it was possible to control them if only for limited actions. As it roared, the following pack of beasts suddenly started to pick up the pace, their feet thundering along the ground, only to suddenly be over sounded by what sounded like rifle fire.

"Ah, so another wave has arrived? Kill them." He chuckled darkly, moving to hide in the shadows of another tree. Corvo purposefully kept himself away from being seen behind the mass of creatures, though he felt oddly disturbed at the sight of a couple being felled by the onslaught of gunfire. What stood out was a lack of anyone daring to charge in to fight (a smart move) but even moreso, the lack of any sort of true spells. Were no Espers daring to step out?

"Perhaps I miscalculated.. Or perhaps they know better than to try..." He mused softly, tapping away on the pad once more to note what was occuring. Sounds of agonizing screams reached his ears within a few minutes, and once more the pack was on the move.

Girroks already were tough. But enhancing them and giving them a hive mind only made matters worse, though he counted about five now dead, but the attackers suffered worse, being mangled and ripped to shreds with blood littering the forest floor.

((Approximate time to the town: thirty minutes))
09-09-2013, 02:51 PM
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RE: [Open] Girrok Rampage
The calls over the com seemed to be bringing in every bounty hunter and freelancing bum in the area. Cathal had spent hours tuning his bike when he had taken it out that morning. Now as he followed the tracker using a heads up display on his bike's control to keep track of where the damn things were going. They were edging nearer to that town it seemed. Sighing he checked the Malverine patch sewed onto the back of his long duster. It flared around him as he kicked up the pace and veered in time to see several girroks fall to the ground from a hail of gunfire.

Whoever was assailing the damn things was trying to make a stand, great idea. Yeah, make a stand against a large several thousand pound mutated bear lizard. Cathal shook his head as he flicked his automatic pistol and as he swung around the right side of the herd he fired. Several fiery blasts streaked out from the pistol as the glowing red sigils lit the bullets on fire. However, the shots were not aimed directly at the Girroks, but at the trees. Cathal shot a few more times as he was sure he hit one trunk part of the way through.

"Timber again it seems," he said as a few of the things began to shudder and fall (let Corvo make the call on where and if they hit). He then turned and set his bike to autopilot. Slowly he rose up and balanced on top of the bike as he took aim and fired. An pale blue sigil appeared before his mag pistol as arcane energy sizzled into the magically crafted weapon.

"Ice should do the trick," he sat as he fired six times at the legs of the remaining beasts near the front. The point was to trip the creatures up as he sat back down and then drove off in a wide arc to take a moment and toss away his now dead cigar. Cathal took in a breath and then headed back to follow the herd, as he hoped his little sortie had done some damage.
09-09-2013, 04:01 PM (This post was last modified: 09-09-2013 04:05 PM by Enigma.)
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RE: [Open] Girrok Rampage
He shifted into a higher gear and the bike purred in response, picking up speed and zooming across Algoroc's terrain with little effort. He enjoyed these smooth rides, nothing but the quick breeze and smell of burning rubber as his tires spun at a high velocity. It was odd, this bike was a junker when he had purchased it, yet still reliable to this day.

Comm chatter became more frequent as he neared the outskirts of the town. Better be quick about it. He thought as the haze of stampeding Girrok came into view. He was quite surprised at the size of the herd, though he hadn't much knowledge of the wildlife on Nexus. His amazement was short lived however, as the ground quaked beneath his bike, the sheer force of the creatures' hard feet was shaking the earth around them.

He sighed and pulled up his kerchief over his face and snapped his goggles over his eyes, the visual readouts brimming to life as they suctioned to his head. He revved the engines and soared towards the herd. As he neared the girroks, he drew one of his mag pistols and released his grip on the handlebars; still retaining control of the bike with his other hand.

He maneuvered the bike in a wide arc and swung his arm out to his side. Arcane energy gathered around the pistol and was suddenly vacuumed into the bullet chamber. The sides shimmered with a bluish haze before spinning rapidly and violently. The gun hissed as Jed fired off several rounds, a magic sigil appearing amidst the muzzle flash. Three bullets sped towards the girrok herd, aiming for the middle. They were glowing and sparks of electricity arced across the shells; suddenly, as the slugs neared their intended targets, lightning arced off the shells and struck at the girrok before the trifecta of bullets reached their mark. (Letting Corvo dictate the girrok herd's fate.) I've always favoured lightning, he said aloud as the pistol's barrel fizzled with wisps of smoke, the cobalt energy fading from his gun and the chamber's oscillation slowing down, eventually stopping altogether.

He pulled back on the clutch and allowed his bike to slow into a crawl as he watched the events unfold from afar.

[Image: fpVKYzE.png]
09-09-2013, 09:34 PM
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RE: [Open] Girrok Rampage
Jane followed the group as they raced forward. Whoever sent the distress call must have been mistaken. She watched the mass moving across the radar display. Girrok didn’t move like that, and not in a group. This was wrong on so many levels. The rumbling stampede came into full view over the next hill and Del raised his fist to bring the group to a slow. Her mic buzzed with his voice a second before the group split in two, each following a leader that would take them on a path down either side of the herd. Jane leaned low over her bike and kicked open the throttle. Yeah, something was definitely wrong.

Her bike moved away from the group as she followed the electromagnetic pulse of the herd. A larger girrok pulled her attention. She maneuvered herself as close as she could. Ah! So she was not the only one who had responded to the signal. She watched the explosion at the treeline and picked up on the idea. Smart, very smart. Focusing on the downed trees, she reached out to manipulate the energy field and improve the trajectory, turning one of the falling flora into a projectile aimed at the front line of the thundering mass.

Impact seemed eminent, either girrok meets tree or herd meets town. Either way, she did not want to be caught in the middle. She turned away from the enraged creatures and pulled to a slow crawl to watch.
09-17-2013, 08:43 AM
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RE: [Open] Girrok Rampage
A rather loud roar eminated from the larger Girrok of the pack of rampaging hive beasts, seeming to sense the death of the few that had the most unfortunate fate of being lanced through with lightning. Of all the things that weren't calculate for, it was that.

"Church, calculate and modify." The man's voice called to his probe and by proxy, the signal to the larger one.

Another roar escaped it's maw, a few Girrok suddenly rushing ahead of it and forcing the ones whose feet were frozen to be used as battering rams. Fodder to death it would seem as they collided head on with the collapsed tree, their skulls being slammed so hard that two of the three felt death swiftly take them while the third seemed to slump down unconscious; the ones pushing being the first to bound over the large tree with the aid of using the bodies as stepping stones. The rest of the herd had altered, picking up more speed and using the corpses to rise over the tree. Once more the crystalized hides glowed, this time it was a full-on red, the sign of anger at the loss of so many fellow Girrok.

As the probe floated near the Mordesh, his holo-pad suddenly beeped, looking to the side. Slowly his stoic lips pulled into a sickening grin, and tapped away rapidly. "Good. Let them continue. It seems the injections are finally finished for Subject 47..." Taking a few steps forward, his ears picked up the sounds of rifle fire. It seemed the opposition had picked up some momentum.


Tilting his sheriff hat, the man had shot out another round, watching it harmlessly be embedded within the side of one of the large beasts. "Damn it, someone get a hold of 'em damn slingers! These totin' guns ain't gonna cut it wit dem hides!" He spat out, raising the rifle and taking another shot, only to miss this time.

Turning to look at one of the few who came out with him, they turned only to suddenly scream at the sight of the girrok rather suddenly on top of them. "Nexus' b--" Being cut off by the rather powerful paw swipe that sent him careening through a tree, breaking a good amount of bark with the impact, only to slump dead.


Corvo tapped again on the pad and waited in the shadow of a tree. They were doing well, and these adventurers were doing pretty well to cut them down. Slowly, but he could tell the numbers would be dwindling. Just a bit longer, and 47 would be there to show them its ferocity.

"Just... a bit longer.." He chuckled darkly.

((Approximate time to the town: Fifteen minutes with the detour of a giant tree))
09-17-2013, 03:38 PM
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RE: [Open] Girrok Rampage
Someone had finally showed up who was not some idiot trying to form the dying red line. Good at least there was some sense in the folk around here still. Cathal watched the new arrival began his sortie and watched the electrically charged ammo speed into one of the oncoming monsters. Not bad kid, keep it up and ye might do well. The boss kept his distance for a while longer as his primary focus was on maintaining speed to keep track of the herd. Additional help would only serve to complicate the situation if he did not have an idea of what to do with them.

One thing he did notice was the sudden movement of one of the trees he had sot when they finally fell. Telekiness. There's an esper bouts here. Good He reigned in his machine as hit a log and nearly crashed and then he righted himself. The biggest creature at the lead was looking more and more pissed as he sighed and noticed they were getting closer to the town.

Things were not looking up at all. Whatever they were gonna do he had get them organized. Being the Captain of old he turned his com to the most local channel he could think of and said, "This be retired Cap'n Reily of the Frigate BlackSky. I have this buggers in me sights and I think we could route em if we take out that big angry looking one. Anyone up for the job?"

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