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The Free Spirit | Malverines [Limited]
09-06-2013, 11:05 AM (This post was last modified: 09-06-2013 11:22 AM by Taru Wildspark.)
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Rainbow The Free Spirit | Malverines [Limited]
[Image: taruangry.jpg]

< How to Join RP >
    This is a storyline/character development RP. Send me a PM on the forums, or contact me on Skype (RUIM.L) if you're really interested in joining- I don't intend for this RP to be very long. Thank you!
< Characters > < Location>
    Sassy Saloon
< Time Period >
    This RP takes place about one week after the events of Episode 2.
< Introduction >
    In light of her kidnapping during the Sovereigns' recent attack on the saloon, Taru Wildspark had become incredibly wary about staying overnight in the ravaged building by herself- something she'd been doing for the past couple of weeks. A private room on the second floor had been her home for the entirety of her employment within the saloon.

    Unwilling to trouble those who she had grown fond of, Taru decided to continue spending restless nights within the saloon, until one night during closing, Cathal offered to shack her up in his place. She took to the offer since her discomfort had grown too strong to ignore by that point.

    Two or so days she stayed with him, and misunderstanding after misunderstanding led to a sequence of events that ultimately frustrated the both of them and resulted in the termination of Taru's employment.

    Troubled by yet another occupational failure, Taru wandered the local town until she found Shiori- the individual who she had arguably gotten the closest to during her stay. She asked to stay with him for a time, though she did not say why until later on. After a day had passed, Taru decided to return to the saloon to gather her the rest of her belongings. Uncomfortable going alone, she asked Shiori to accompany her.

    The two arrive at the Saloon...
09-06-2013, 11:14 AM
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RE: The Free Spirit | Malverines [Limited]
Shiori stalked beside Taru as they approached the Saloon, and his expression was anything but happy. In fact, if it could be described in one word, that word would be thunderous. The rage on his face would be obvious to anyone that saw him, although he was doing his best to reign it in around his friend. The story she had told him earlier that day sent his protective streak for his friends into overdrive, especially considering it was Taru. Walking up to the door, he sent out a mental command and the eight Hunter mechs that had been working suddenly dropped everything and walked over to him. The young man placed a hand on the door before it sparked green and it was opened with enough force to shake the wall.

Walking into the building, his claws snapped open out of reflex at the environment. This place was no longer a place of rest to him, but a hostile environment and the mechs fanned out to secure the room in response. Turning to Taru, he gave her a nod as his heterochromic eyes shifted around. One was still a pale blue, but the other had already changed to it's piercing green. "Lets get this done Taru. I already have Yucca working on gathering your things and my bike is driving here as we speak. I don't feel like spending any more time here than utterly necessary." And with that he gestured toward the stairs, silently saying that he would follow her as she lead the way to her room.
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RE: The Free Spirit | Malverines [Limited]
That day alone when he had awakened had felt off. Off to bad start it seemed. He had fired Taru, after a complete display of pushing his patience he had fired her. Slowly he had made his way that day to the Saloon and had even stopped off at the town. Thinking about the situation he had gone over it all again and again. The fact that the Sovereigns had pushed it and the fact he had fired someone. Sighing, he approached the Saloon with his bike and a backpack filled with items. He watched for a moment and cocked an eyebrow. Setting down the backpack as he killed the motor Cathal lit a cigar after loading his revolver.

He took a deep breath as he set the bike down and then shifted both guns back into his holster. Again with the stand off, or whatever.

Cathal walked into the bar and noted the mechs and sighed. He dropped something on the ground and then settled as he stared at Shio. How to deal with this display? This immaturity? He blinked for a moment as he walked passed the mechs and ignored them soundly. Once he was done with whatever was going on, he was going to talk to that kid, well maybe. Cathal walked to a part of the Saloon which featured a large shrine dedicated to the Malverines. He opened a locked cabinet below it and removed something. Then once again ignoring the mechs he danced around them as he snapped out a command to Reggie.

"Open records, prime access." He said the the AI recognized his voice as he set down the piece of cloth and then sat at the bar.
09-06-2013, 12:37 PM (This post was last modified: 09-06-2013 12:38 PM by Taru Wildspark.)
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RE: The Free Spirit | Malverines [Limited]
Taru scanned the interior of the building quietly as she stepped inside after Shio. Her body was held a bit defensively, ears perked upright and a tail stiffened out in a slight curve behind her. When the mechs suddenly dropped their tasks and came over, she jumped a bit and was still until they Shiori prompted for her to move on. The aurin nodded a bit and eyed the mechs before slowly stepping around them and making her way towards the staircase. A man had entered the building as she made her way, though she didn't turn to look until the familiar sound of Cathal's voice rang in her ear. She gave him a silent glance, then disappeared upstairs to her room where she would go to enter her former room, if it was unlocked, and proceed to gather her belongings.

Once inside, she would first notice a decently large auburn backpack that had been carelessly discarded onto the floor from her former visit, and she quickly picked it up, taking it with her as she stepped around the room picking up whatever garments she'd left lying about the floor and various furniture and shoved them into whatever empty pockets of space remained inside of the bag.
09-06-2013, 12:55 PM
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RE: The Free Spirit | Malverines [Limited]
Keeping an eye on Cathal, Shio followed Taru upstairs after giving the mental command for the mechs to leave and go to his house. Walking into her room, he spied the disorganized mess that passes for a room and chuckled despite himself. "Well, you certainly have your own version of order and neatness don't you." The tension in his muscles and stance slowly started bleeding out till his mechs reported that they were in route to his home. Floating out of his pack, Titan gonged as Shio then chuckled.

Looking down, he helped Taru start packing her things and pointed out Yucca cooing as she pushed a small pile over. Taking it from the robot, he placed the pile in her bag before picking up Yucca as the little robot flailed it's feet before going still and waiting. Shio then stood before waiting to hand Taru her robot companion back.
09-06-2013, 02:18 PM
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RE: The Free Spirit | Malverines [Limited]
Cathal was not at all sure how he was going to respond. He was a military man, someone who had captained a frigate in the Exile fleet. He had sent men to die on mission and had led men to their deaths. War was about survival, it was not a pretty thing and perhaps it was this very reason he had simply watched them both. Cathal watched them as they worked upstairs and then he poured out another shot of bourbon. It was not a time for whiskey, he need something with a richer taste. The group who made the stuff called it "Devil Cut" (reference to the Jim Bean Devil's Cut) and it had a decent taste.

He wanted to say 'dun leave on me accord', but at this point he was out of interest in saying anything. The episode just a week ago had not only drained him, it had placed him on edge and caused me to become overly protective. His hopes and dreams had nearly been destroyed and his brothers and sisters harmed because of who he was. Fuck it all.

Burn you Samuel. "Just ta let ye know Taru, ye can have yer job back if ye wish. I was an arse, my emotions were shot an' I let it get to me." That was all he said as he walked around the bar and pulled out the ledger. It was an old timey note book which he had received from his father as the original captain's log. Now it was the ledger for the Saloon his family had always wanted.
09-06-2013, 02:36 PM (This post was last modified: 09-06-2013 03:55 PM by Taru Wildspark.)
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RE: The Free Spirit | Malverines [Limited]
Taru smiled as she finished packing up the various objects strewn about the room that belonged to her. "I'm not the neatest person, no.. I suppose it looks better if you're out in the wilderness though. 'Neatness' just blends right in!" she grinned a bit to him and closed up her back. It was.. a bit heavy for her petite frame, and so she lolled the side as she swung it over her shoulder, "Whoa--" but she steadied herself by swinging her tail in just the right place, and created an equilibrium.

Seeing the little robot waiting to be offered to her, Taru slowly shook her head and knelt down to grab a pair of bright blue platform heeled shoes. "Hey there, Yucca. I'm so sorry I left you alone here so long.. I really wasn't thinking! But I'll have to ask Shiori to hold you for me. I'm a bit.. full all the moment." As she adjusted her pack, she gave Shiori another friendly smile, and then stepped out of the room. She looked to Shiori once she came into the hallway, she waited until he was following her before she'd make her way back downstairs.

The first level of the saloon felt unfamiliar as it came into her vision. Regardless of the hours she'd spent parading around in her skimpy saloon work uniform, serving tables right from left, she knew that her visits to any town were brief. And this town would be no exception to that rule. She was deafened to the sounds of the room as her silent steps brought her closer to Cathal.

He spoke.

Taru's ears flipped towards him, twitching lightly as she absorbed every word. The aurin placed the heels down on a stool at the bar, and then set her backpack on the countertop. She flipped it open and dug through until she pulled out a pair of blue shorts, similar in color to the heels, and a tube top that was covered in sequins. She placed these items on the counter and looked to him calmly. That pleasant smile was still spread across her face, though her tail was oddly still behind her. "Thank you, Mister Reily," the girl nodded. "But I'll be on my way.. These things never work out for me, anyway, and I'd rather spare us all the trouble," her words were a bit softer that she would have liked, which gave them a kind of sincerity.
09-07-2013, 06:23 AM
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RE: The Free Spirit | Malverines [Limited]
Shiori followed along quietly, holding Yucca in his arms as he trailed behind Taru and her massive bag. So when she spoke, he waited patiently with a little squirming leafy robot in his arms as he watched the interaction. He managed to hide the little spark of happiness that she wasn't going to be in danger here anymore from reaching his face, so he settled for adjusting Yucca in his arm before placing a comforting hand on the young Aurin's shoulder for support.

"I'm leaving with her as well. I can't freely go about my business here." He stated with a gentle rumbling tenor. His voice still held the slightest hint of steel in it, but for the most part he was content to just follow his friend's lead on this one.
09-07-2013, 10:42 AM
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RE: The Free Spirit | Malverines [Limited]
Cathal could understand why they were leaving. He had seen much the same in all his life and it was the very same reason why some of his crewmates had scattered after they made planetfall. The life of a Malverine and of the BlackSky was not easy, it was a life of freedom, but that came with a price. Truth was such a life was not at all for everyone and he respected that. Just as he would remain to keep on fighting.

"Alright Taru lass, I undarstand. I apologize if we had such a falling out, an to ye Shiori, was good ta hav ye as a brother. Dylan, myself, Fortek, an' Carnatia will miss ye. I do need ye ta leave any Malverine colors or badges with me however, cuz only full brothers or sisters can wear them. Just leave them on the stand by the door an' well add yer name to our beloved friends, same to ye Taru.

If ye both every wish to visit, or call upon use we're here," he said simply. Then he pointed to the stand where they could leave the colors and badges.
09-07-2013, 11:10 AM (This post was last modified: 09-07-2013 11:13 AM by Taru Wildspark.)
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RE: The Free Spirit | Malverines [Limited]
Taru closed up her pack and swung it over her shoulder as her body turned to face the exit of the saloon. She gave Cathal another look when he mentioned 'colors' and 'badges'. An ear flipped towards Shiori, "I don't have anything like that, I don't think?" she mumbled lightly, a bit confused. "Watch out for malverines though.. I hear they're big and scary.. Sharp teeth and everything!" Taru made claws with her hands in front of her for a bit of dramatic effect. A slight grin returned to her face, and she headed towards the door. "Assuming the dommies haven't completely uprooted the place if I come back around this town, I'll say hello or something," she smiled and waved her tail at Cathal, looking over her shoulder briefly before stepping outside of the building. She'd stop and wait for Shiori before going too far.

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