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Nal'reim Qyan [WIP]
09-07-2013, 02:56 AM (This post was last modified: 09-13-2013 07:50 AM by Prongs12.)
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Nal'reim Qyan [WIP]
Nal'reim Qyan

[Image: jace_beleren_by_thedude2122-d5awzvr.jpg]

The Basics
Race: Human (Cassian)
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Class: Esper
Path: Scientist
Job: Scientist / Doctor

The Appearance
(What does your character look like?)

The Personality

Medical Knowledge:
Due to his long term study as both a child and his further study and practice as an adult. Nal'reim has gain a large knowledge of the majority of sentient species within both the Exile's and Dominion's population.

During his time with the Exile's he has worked as a doctor. Within The Club it's self he is often sought after help with medical problems from minor cuts, headaches, to gunshots, and stab wounds.

Esper Control and Training:
As a Cassian of the Dominion, Nal'reim's training was top of the line. Though he wasn't the strongest Esper in his class, his focus and dedication to his art was as close to the top as you can be.

He may not be the strongest in pure mental strength, but strength isn't always the winning factor in a fight of the minds. It could come down to a second of lack of concentration for the strongest Esper to lose to a disciplined Esper.

Social Standards:
Being raised as a Highborn Cassian he was brought up a certain way. He has a high Social Standard that he was accustomed too and this thought process has been brought over to his time within the Exiles and The Club. Though some of the etiquette have been watered down or he doesn't observe them anymore. Some example are as follows:

*Prefers wine & champagne over hard liquor.
*Cursing is kept to a minimum and is usually never done in front a female.
*Like to be well dressed. (Note: Has been relaxed a bit and tend to dress in better clothing but in the clothing similar to other Mav's.)
*"High Speak", The Language and words spoken by the Highborn's was one different the the lowborns of Cassian. This was one of the hardest Standards to break. But nowadays Nal'reim speaks like an Exile and a member of the Mav's. His speak only shows in times of stress or emotion.

Nal'reim's focus and dedication that he showed in his Esper training and use is shown when he is given a task to research. Though his past research isn't one hundred percent clean, since leaving his people and working for the Exile. When he has the time and finances he has begun researching different things from cure to common diseases in the Exile races to different applications of plants of different world, to a side research project for the Mav's from time to time when the Boss needs his certain skill set.

Haunted Past:

Being one of the scientists and researchers of some the Dominion's most top secret or dangerous projects in the past. Then deserting his position and joining the ranks of the Exile. Nal'reim is hunted by some of the most dangerous Bounty Hunters and Assassins the Dominion has at their disposal.

Physical Limitation:
Being a student of the mind, Nal'reim physical strength isn't his most useful trait. Though he is lean and muscular, that mostly comes from his diet and training process he continues for his Esper powers.

Cassian Nationality:
He is Cassian by birth. Some of the members of the Exiles and even newer members of the Mavs do not fully trust him and tend to look at him with disrespect, fear, or even hate.

The BackStory
Affiliations: (What groups, factions or peoples have you dealt with?)
Quick Notes: (Give some quick notes on your characters history and story here)
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How did they Join the Gang?





Photo Album
RP History / Notes

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