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Harvey McCullen [WIP]
09-07-2013, 08:46 PM (This post was last modified: 05-15-2014 05:10 AM by Enigma.)
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Harvey McCullen [WIP]

[Image: saR4e2l.jpg]

The Basics
Race: Human
Age: Twenty-Six
Gender: Male
Class: Spellslinger
Path: Explorer
Job: Mercenary, Freelance Contractor, Hoodlum

[Image: jO4Fx2x.png]

> The man’s features were smooth and fair-skinned, his angular cheekbones and firm jaw creating an almost fox-like appearance. His wide cobalt eyes accentuated his foxy face quite well, along with his nose which came to a small point. His hair was pushed back to reveal a modest yet robust brow, most of his charcoal black strands being slicked back across his head while spiked at the temples. The strong features of Harv’s face were merely a reflection of his entire body structure, and everything- from his toned arms and well built chest complimented these features even more. He walked with a carefree attitude, his shoulders loose and face held up.

His attire further added to his carefree nature. With a flowing leather duster wrapped around and hanging casually off his figure, its fringes visibly charred due to his hoverbike’s backburners. His trousers had noticeable holes in them with a girdle layered with various gizmos and gadgets holding them up. His boots had been crafted from hard leather to protect against the many climates on Nexus and survive long treks as he is something of a wanderlust. The most notable feature however, would be his gloves; thick reinforced leather with flexible metal plates guarding wrists against martial combat. Harvey’s overall appearance certainly marked him a certifiable gunslinger and mercenary.

[Image: E61RJQD.png]

> Initially Harvey was someone who would be considered noble in his deeds, however after witnessing the atrocities of war he has shelled himself from the pain and turned into a bit of a deviant. He is quite the amorous and rebellious individual, often drawing a crowd wherever he goes due to his father’s influence on his being, allowing him to be an extreme socialite and exceptionally outspoken for a trailblazer. He can however, be very blunt at times and this causes some issues to arise because he tends to run his mouth in places he should not do so.

Although his life has molded him into this somewhat impish man, this does not mean he has no altruistic values. He in fact is a very tender and loving man when It comes to family and friends, as he will often go out of his way to assist someone in need (again thanks to his father’s influence) and can be quite inspirational and innovative when the need arises. This is also how he was able to speed through training in such a short time, but despite his creative flairs he is known to formulate these amazing ideas and stop halfway, often leaving them to gather dust for days at a time.

Now that he has reached Nexus, will this untamed wilderness change his ideals and discipline? Only time will tell, but what’s certain is that he is eager to set foot and make a name for himself on this planet- and with a bounce in his step, he takes off on the journey of his lifetime.

Talents/Strengths: Harvey has been known to turn a head or two, possessing oustanding charisma and a smooth voice to boot. This is only complimented by his impressive marksmanship and his untapped creative potential.

Weaknesses: He can be quite blunt at times, which when combined with his abrasive nature can lead to undesirable events and may even cause situations to escalate into physical brawls. He is also overly curious. So much so that he is willing to break into Dominion restricted zones to learn and explore.

[Image: GJzoBY9.png]

> Revising. Soon™.

Affiliations: Free Company (Formerly), the Black Hoods (briefly; contract based missions), BlackSky (Pending)
Quick Notes:
  • Grew up on some unknown, no-name cargo vessel among the Exile fleet.
  • The McCullens were renown for their medical practices. His father, Arthur, served as a combat medic for the Free Company, while his Mother stayed back aboard the main fleet to perform surgeries and more drastic operations on soldiers.
  • Harvey's life takes a turn after his parents' death, now forced to fend for himself, resulting in delinquent actions to get by. Starting with petty theft and eventually escalating to minor assault charges.
  • He found himself in the seedier parts of the Exiles, joining up with a small cartel who he would call family for the next few years. His Mother's nurturing still found itself in his personality, but with time his crime spree had began to change him.


How did they Join the Gang?





RP History / Notes

[Image: fpVKYzE.png]

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