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Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
05-04-2013, 10:27 AM (This post was last modified: 05-04-2013 10:29 AM by ShadowedSin.)
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Video Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
OOC: Alright guys here is the set up. We are doing a train job and you have a few choices for your characters.

Malverines Position 1: You can be riding on your bike and then attacking the train by distracting the guards. IF you jump onto the train note that you do so we know where you are.

Malverines Position 2: You are riding on your bike or in the truck and your attacking a specific train car with the goods. Your job is to open the train car, get the goods out and load up the truck at high speeds.

Sovereigns Position 1: Sovereigns are right now located near the back of the train in a troop car. You can leave the car and go anywhere on the train.

It was the first of many actions that would enliven the saga once again. It was an action that would begin without much applause, but would end in resounding ovation. It was the Train Job.

Several Hours Before the Job Goes Down

"Alright listen up!" Cathal said as he stood before the gathered members of the Club. There was a moment of silence as he had ordered them all to shut up and to simply listen. Slowly he activated a holoprojecter as he indicated an ongoing grav track out in the middle algoroc.

"Alright kiddies this is what we're after. A Dommie train is going through here with a load of drugs, guns and technology. Now, this is our first job as a gang so I want you all to know. If you participate you get a piece of the cut and you'll help out make a hit against the Dominion." He turned it on as several small markers indicating an attack plan appeared.

"The way how this works is simple, we'll be traveling on our bikes at high speeds up and near the train. Ye latch on and we'll open up the cars and then bring up the wagon (the truck) to load up." He said indicating the little markers as a larger one arrived and moved alongside the train.

"There will be Dominion guards stationed throughout the train. So keept your guns ready. Those of you remaining on yer bikes are to harry (annoy) the shit out of them guards and keep them distracted. Those of you moving the goods are to move quickly."

He then turned off the projector and said, "Alright lets ride." Turning around he kicked open the door and proceeded out quickly getting on his bike and took off down the street.

The train sped along the grav rail at high speeds. Almost a mile long the monstrosity was composed of several floating cars pulled along a gravity rail set along the ground. At the front was an unmanned Ai driven engine which pulled the rest of the cars. The cars in question were twenty feet tall, ten feet wide and about twenty-feet long each. THey were mostly composed of metal box cars filled with cargo and attached to each other using a train link up system. Doors on each cars end face to allow access and at the very end of the train was a troop car. There are ladders on each car end that allow those aboard to climb to the top.

The Cars in general were grey colored and bore a red Dominion blazon. THe troop car looked much like a hollowed out caboose with a gun turret at the top (a heavy machine gun), and a small area for the troops to sit in below. The train was speeding along a large open section of Nexus close to Deradune and was on its way to a Dominion supply depot.

The Malverines were located approaching from the west (the right of the train) on their bikes in tight formation. The Sovereigns were located within the troop car.

OOC: Post your opening post and remember to indicate which position you are taking. This is an FFA so have fun shoot at each other and lets steal the goods!
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Samuel Delmonte had draped himself on a double seat in the troop car, legs sprawled across its length. He wore his perfectly cut officers attire, grey high collard and carapace chest piece. A slight green glow coming from some of the indents in the design leading to two cords that slunk into the deep folds of his coat. His trousers were the same grey colour a black leather holster on his left thigh. A standard High calibre Mag pistol tucked away. Heeled calf high riding boots adorned his feet, attached to a strap a dagger fashioned from a feral beast tooth, a trophy from Arboria. He had others but out here he was outranked at the upcoming station so like all present was ready for exception if needed. All had to be up to Dominion standard, since his transfer to the Sovereignty he had enjoyed some more, professional freedom, but regulations were still regulations. Though he rather enjoyed his new found work, he got the task at hand done, quickly and brutally efficient as possible. He was a problem solver amongst the ranks, a little reputation he gained upon the Aurin home-world. The 'problem' their being a resistance group in a town near a rather valuable refinery.

He adjusted a lock of blonde from the purple lensed spectacles that covered his eyes, a wicked smirk upon thin lips. Oh such wonderful memories, a man of the Arboria occupation through and through. He imagined Nexus would be little different. It was following the standard tactic, the initial wave too his knowledge had been a mix of armour and troops working off early scouting information. From here a stronghold was secured, ports for larger crafts establishing shortly after. That had been a age ago relatively speaking, the next phrase was well under way. From the strong hold they began to expand, find key locations, minerals, resources, strategic vantage points. Then secure the area and connect them via trade. Thus this little train ride. He stood with a loud metallic clunk as his heeled boots slammed down. A few of the troopers about him jumped at the motion, he couldn't help a small chuckle.

"Don't fall asleep on me darlings, might be a boring ass transport detail but once we're their we hitting the ground running. Gotta 'negotiate' with the locals, bring civilisation to the savage as the academy says" he said in his smooth drawl, his was greeted with a few dark chuckles and increased happy chatter amongst the ranks. They were anxious for some action, so was he, fresh from the transports onto Nexus, one unit of the thousands of latests re-enforcements. He adjusted his gauntlets as he slowly strolled down the troop car. The gauntlets were enclosed around his slender fingers, segments of carapace over the key places but most noticeable the bulky emitters on the back of each hand. Pulsing with the same lines of glowing eerie green. He reached the end of the car pressed the panel, the cars door slid open. A great burst of noise and wind greeted him, he grinned expecting to feel the refreshing cold gust. He didn't, he only felt the faintest sensation on his skin, barely felt the stinging wind. He frowned, little reminders like this were not appreciated. So much for his good mood he mused. He turned sharply and stabbed a finger at two troops. "You and you! We're doing our exception rounds NOW! MOVE IT YOU SHITS!" this sent the two scrabbling and quickly falling in line rifles at the ready, helmets secured. He grinned at the spectacle, now seeing the carapace covered troops ready in toe, their faces covered by in built masks with red lensed goggles. What ever gods that be he missed the old days, guess he would have to carve something special for himself on nexus. He stalked onto the gantry between the cars and entered the next and started the small exception.

Yes, he mused, he needed to occupy himself. Boredom left him in a foul mood.
05-05-2013, 10:27 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Gruss's bearded face broke out into a wide smile as the pack sped in tight formation across the arid landscape. The supply train Cathal had briefed them on was up ahead. His first job for the club and it was a big one. He glanced to his left and right, seeing his brothers and sisters all focused on the moving target. He had to prove himself here, and show not only did he deserve to be here, but he was a man to be counted on and feared.

They hadn't been spotted yet, but he knew it wasn't going to last. He had to get alongside that train fast, so he could get on board and start cracking some Dominion heads open. The grin got even wider at the thought of bloodshed.
05-05-2013, 06:37 PM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Sydira cruised along on her bike in the formation of the Malvs, she would be one to stay back and be a distraction since she wasn't one for the dirty fighting, she enjoyed being the jester if it meant to allow her club members to get the job done.
05-05-2013, 11:17 PM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Kale gripped the throttle tightly, urging his hoverbike to speed away, leaving the formation. His bike responded quickly despite the granok's significant weight. He sped around the back of the train, crossed the tracks, and now was on the eastern side of the train. The straps of his black overalls whipped violently over his shoulders--maybe he should've tightened them before they left. He maneuvered alongside the train, scanning the sides of the traincars for the marker--a symbol noting the cache of goods. The cache was supposed to contain drugs, guns, and other assortments of technology. He didn't particularly care for any of it, but the Malverines certainly did, so he would give everything he had.

Kale was on extraction duty. He was a first-class fighter, but the boss must've figured there wouldn't be too much melee while distracting the damned Dominion. He felt his giant sledgehammer Boulder, strapped to the side of his bike, against his calf. He hoped he would get a chance to use Boulder for more than breaking down locks and doors.

"There," he muttered into the wind, spotting the marker. It was a simple piece of work, not at all unusual. He sped alongside the marked traincar. "Time to get to work."
05-06-2013, 03:38 PM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
It was time to do a little proving. Cathal had waited along with the formation as he watched the Boulderback take off to begin extraction. He set his chopper move straight and lit a cigarette. The thing lit up as he flicked it behind hind him and geared the throttle. One of the prospects was pretty happy to be out on the job and Cathal was intersted to finally get some fresh meat who worked well.

"Bloody hell," the boss said as he stared at the train, there was a star hanging from the side of the troop car.

"FUCK SOVEREIGNS!" he said as he made a sharp gesture to the truck to pull up behind the formation.

"Harriers get in their and keep those buggers busy we need to make this fast!"
05-07-2013, 03:46 AM (This post was last modified: 05-08-2013 03:19 AM by 8Bit.)
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
"FUCK SOVEREIGNS! Harriers get in there and keep those buggers busy - we need to make this fast!"

Cathal’s voice rattled out of the speaker bolted down to the dashboard of the banged-up MF-813 hoversled affectionately called ‘the wagon’ by the man a few hours ago. Well there was nothing ‘affectionate’ Dylan was feeling towards this ramshackle cargo hauler at the moment as Carthal made a sharp gesture at him to pull behind the formation of bikes forming off the left side of the wagon between Dylan and the train.

Dylan begrudgingly maneuvered the vehicle in behind the squadron of bikers and easily matched the speed of the train and the other bikers so that he would be in position when needed. ‘When needed’, he thought to himself with a frown, “I should be on a bike at the front of that formation! That’s where I’m needed!” Dylan’s eyes narrowed in frustration as his piloting skills kicked into ‘auto-pilot’ and his mind drifted back to the moment where he’d ‘volunteered’ for this assignment.


I need a skilled driver for a special assignment on this one, kiddies. Which one of you scrabs thinks you got the chops and the skills?

That’s what Cathal had said. “Obviously he’s not aware of how good I am or he wouldn’t have needed to ask,” Dylan thought to himself. Before most people had a chance to finish looking around at the crowd for reactions to this invitation, Dylan had already stepped forward, pushing past a couple other Malverines to stand at the front of the group and lean against a support beam in the bar in a rather obnoxious and cocky manner, “Well, if you want the best – here I am. I can drive anything with an engine and make everyone else look like they just broke off their training wheels.

Dylan remembered Cathal not looking nearly as impressed as he should have, but then the man obviously didn’t know how good he really was. But it only took a moment for him to come up to speed and smile snarkily at Dylan and reply, “Oh yeah, flyboy. I think you’re just the one for this job.

He tossed a set of keys to Dylan - then, turning to walk away, said over his shoulder, “The wagon’s out back. Your job is to keep her steady and do what I tell you. Simple.

"Alright lets ride." Cathal yelled to the rest of the group as he kicked open the door to head out to his bike. Some of the other bikers laughed knowingly at Dylan as they moved out of the bar to Join the boss on their own rides, a few making their own snarky comments as they passed up the now confused–looking Dylan as he stared down at the keys in his hands and muttered to himself, “The wagon?...


The familiar sound of something slamming into the vehicle he was driving and ricocheting off to the side snapped Dylan out of his momentary flashback and ripped his attention back to the job at hand.

Dammit!” he cursed at driver of the huge bike in front him who had just kicked up a large chunk of rock from his tire and sent it careening back at Dylan in the wagon.


Suddenly a large metallic rattling noise emanated from the front of the wagon as something broke loose and began to flap against the front of the chassis in the wind. The vehicle lurched hard to the left and Dylan quickly adjusted for the unexpected pull in the vehicle’s alignment which very nearly threatened to send him careening into the train they had now pulled up beside. Standing up in the driver’s seat to get a better look, Dylan peered over the open cockpit and down at the front of the wagon to see what had happened.

Oh, that’s just beautiful!” he yelled aloud, his words dripping with sarcasm, “THANK YOU!” he yelled at the bikers in front of him – though none surely heard him, “That’s only my primary buffer panel! Yeah thanks – don’t need THAT at all!

Dylan plopped back in the driver’s seat and reached over with one hand to activate the vehicle’s diagnostic display on the center panel between him and the passenger seat. Using his left hand to try and steer the now significantly listing vehicle he attempted to steady his right hand enough to navigate the touch screen controls on the center panel that are normally only accessed when the vehicle is parked and not bouncing along on rough terrain. Dylan squinted his eyes in concentration, only occasionally glancing back to the area in front of him to make sure he wasn't getting ready to broadside the train.

Come on... come on, you stupid piece of junk,” he muttered as he frantically navigated the vehicle’s various diagnostic modes on the screen, frequently having to back out of screens he accessed by mistake as the wagon bounced along the terrain and caused his finger to punch up the wrong screens. “Where are you… Where are… THERE!” He punched a small button and a diagnostic display of the vehicle’s power distribution flickered to life on the screen. Frantically adjusting the flow to the grav thrusters, Dylan quickly slid the distribution bar hard to the left, which would have normally threatened to flip the vehicle over to the right. In this situation, however, Dylan felt the pull on the steering suddenly lesson and the vehicle’s stability began to normalize. Well, as ‘normal’ as it got at least.

I’ll have to make sure I remember to reset that after we get back or the next sucker who drives this thing is in for a big shock,” he thought to himself with a wry smile as he put a few finally adjustments on the panel and leveled out the wagon’s speed and pitch to once again match the train and the bikes.
05-08-2013, 02:43 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Carnatia is riding her hovercycle closest to Sydira. Her long blond hair whipping frantically behind her, as well as her tail. She wore tight little goggles to protect her eyes from the wind. The Hovercycle had to be one of her new favourite toys to have acquired. She had been quiet with her thoughts for the most part going over how she'd handle whatever was thrown at her. The only thing that interrupted her thoughts was: "FUCK SOVEREIGNS! Harriers get in there and keep those buggers busy - we need to make this fast!"

Carnatia quickly looked around to see that Kale was approaching the proper train car. Carna clicked her bike into a different gear and sped up around Sydira behind Kale but behind the train car that he was near. Carna set her bike to the appropriate auto settings, then looked at the train link between the target and the car behind it. She did some quick calculation in her head the promptly jumped towards the train link.

Carna hits the train hard. 'Ouch' she mouths. She managed to grab onto a little bit of railing and held on. She pulled herself up and stood on the link. She held herself close to the car and peered into the windows discretely to the car behind the target for the guards.
05-08-2013, 06:12 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Sydira pulled back when Cathal shouted out, she then noticed Carna's move. The doctor pulled open her equipment and grabbed a bottle and syringe. Working quickly she pulled some liquid in to the needle. Sydira then zoomed up to the section of train Carna was hanging on to. She flagged her down. "Hey, take this with ya!" she shouted waiting before tossing the syringe so it wasn't dropped and wasted.

The liquid inside was a neon blue, it was probably some type of knock out serum or lethal injection, a last resort in case of emergency no doubt.
05-08-2013, 06:24 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Carna turns to look at Sydira. She nods and watches the syringe fall through the air. She grabs it delicately and puts it in her belt before adjusting herself again to get ready to go through the door.

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