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Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
05-08-2013, 01:21 PM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Gruss gunned the motor of his cycle and broke from the formation. He sped along side the train, gripping the handlebars as he stood on his seat. As he came to gap between cars, he jumped. His fingers closed on the rungs of the ladder leading to the car's roof. The bearded biker hung there for a moment, trying to stabilize himself. He finally got a foothold., and hung there for a moment. "

"Holy shit.." he muttered. " That seemed a better idea in my head." Shrugging to himself he climbs up to the roof. Pull himself up top, he crouches, pulling hios gun and slowly making his was rear. With any luck he could get there undetected and uncouple the Sovriegn's car from the rest of the train/
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Cathal glanced over at the clunky driving of the Wagon. He had assigned the prospect, Dylan, to do the job. What he saw was decent driving, but still clunky shit driving. Sighing the man looked over at the trooper car as movement signaled the awareness of the troopers. Several guards were already starting to making their way out of the car into the rest of the forward cars, five in total. Three then climbed onto the top of the car in front of the troop car and jumped across to stand near the turret.

"FIRE!" came a voice from above the train. Suddenly a hail of began to rain down on the hoverbikes. The trail of fire reached and aimed toward the various bikes (@Cathal, Sydira and Carna). A trooper turned around and noticed Kale making his way on the opposite side of the train. This man began to run along the train firing mag pistol bolts at the granok's bike.

"FOR THE EMPEROR" a cry went up among the troopers (there are three on top of the train, five more moving slowly in the cars) as they started falling into defensive positions. The Troopers did not notice the arrival of Gruss as the man attempted to unhook the cars. However, he would seen gain notice as the trooper chasing Kale finally notices Gruss. The man turns his mag pistols and proceeds to offer quick reprisal for making his way onto the train.

Cathal grabbed one of his pistols and fired a mag bolt toward the gun turret. A flash of energy dazed one of the men for a minute as he then had to hit his breaks as the anti-personnel bullets nearly struck him.

"DO NOT FUCKING DIE" he yelled to the Malverines as the Sovereigns were about to give them a fight for their lives.


OOC: Gabe feel free to take control of the Troopers. People do not kill them TOO quickly that is an heavy machine gun. So it's likely a large threat to your lives so be careful!
05-09-2013, 04:43 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Carna heard the warning and gun fire. So much for subtly now.

Luckily she wasn't on her bike, but a couple of bullets hit and its autopilot stopped almost immediately the bike did a few violent rolls away from the train car almost hitting the wagon. She waited a moment to see if there would be a loud explosion which she surely hoped there wouldn't be. Luck was with her bike, though she dreaded having to repair it.

She then burst open the door on the train at the ready for whatever might be there.
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Dylan began moving the wagon ever closer to the side of the train as he attempted to get out of the way of the hoverbikes that were beginning to fall out of formation as their riders lept onto the train and the bikes' auto-pilots engaged. Despite the quick adjustment Dylan had made to its thruster alignment the wagon now swung back and forth like some epileptic pendulum in the throws of a seizure, hovering within 5-6 feet and sometimes as close as a foot from the speeding train. Dylan did his best to keep the vehicle steady, however it was becoming more and more difficult and Dylan could feel his adrenaline rising as the challenge increased.

Just the way he liked it...

"FIRE!" came a voice from above the train.


Dylan heard the familiar throbbing cadence of a mounted auto-cannon being fired just above him on the train car. The first volley of bullets sprayed across the dirt ahead of him, kicking up small clouds of dust and pebbles as it traced a deadly trail across the path of the bikers who were still mounted. Dylan was glad at that moment to be so close to the train as it cut off the angle from the auto-cannon to the wagon. However, the Malverines in front of him wouldn't be so lucky in very short order as the gunners on the train car above him would use the strafing trails of that first volley of shots to adjust their aim for the next volley, which was likely to be much more accurate... and much more deadly.

Dylan suddenly felt much less lucky, however, as one of the unmanned bikes ahead of him (that had just kicked in its autopilot) suddenly rolled over and began flipping and rolling towards the wagon. The massive piece of machinery flew past the wagon close enough to have landed in the passenger seat had Dylan not jerked the wagon hard to the left, so close to the train car that he could hear and feel the screeching of metal on metal as the two vehicles pressed against each other.

Glancing up at the train car beside him, he suddenly had an idea. An idea that most sentient creatures that valued their lives would have quickly dismissed. Dylan, unfortunately, hadn't been that rational in years.

"FOR THE EMPEROR!" The shout rang out, loud enough to be heard even above the wind rushing past his ears in his open cockpit and he knew if he was going to do something before the next round of bullets rained down on the bikers ahead of him he had to act quickly. Cranking the wagon's steering hard to the right against the pull to the left he'd been adjusting for, he forced it away from the train - far enough that it would bring him into line of sight if the gunners were to notice him and decide to fire on him.

"DO NOT FUCKING DIE!" Cathal's voice echoed across the wind as well as crackled across the wagon's dash speaker in response to the Dommie soldiers' battle cry. Dylan couldn't help but chuckle at the man's straight forward advice. He muttered a snarky response unlikely to be heard outside the wagon's cockpit, "I'll see what I can do - but no promises."

Glancing up towards the the train car to his left, he could just make out the tops of the soldiers' heads from the angle he sat at. He could see one pointing frantically down towards the remaining bikers in front of him. "Alright you piss-swilling priggs, let's see how well this helps your aim!" he muttered as he jerked the controls of the wagon hard to the left - allowing the vehicle's own misalignment to augment its momentum as it slammed hard into the side of the train car with the mounted cannon.
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Before he could board the train, gunfire fell over him. Kale cursed, feeling the sting and bite of several missiles that found their mark. His stoneskin was tough, but it wouldn't hold up against unrelenting fire. He did everything he could to avoid being hit: swerving, breaking, twisting, turning, accelerating. Yet his biking skills were merely average at best, and if he himself weren't in too bad a condition, his hoverbike certainly was. Bullets and bolts had penetrated the chassis of his bike, exposing circuitry and wiring. Sparks danced and flames erupted, so Kale made the smart choice: he bailed!

Gripping his giant sledgehammer near his leg, he hoisted the weapon over his shoulder. He accelerating, speeding the bike and maneuvering close to the gap between two cars. The aurin Carnatia was there already, kicking in doors. He jumped, finding a handhold on the metal railing, but his feet weren't as fated as his free hand. He slammed into the side of the car, feeling the air leave his lungs, feet and sledgehammer hitting and bouncing off the ground. He roared, working his arm with all his might to pull the rest of him over the railing and onto the train.

A loud, concussive crash deafened his ears--the distinctive sound of scraping and screeching metal-on-metal contact. At that moment, the traincar lurched--if only temporarily--off its track by some force.

Kale braced himself the best he could, tensing and flexing, though he knew that nothing would stop a leaning and unstable traincar from crushing him into the ground like a Gnox gnat.
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Boring? Boring he had called it a moment ago, he was sure their was some irony amongst all this sudden confusion but well at this stage he didn't rightly care as his naturally instincts kicked in. Well honed instincts and the integrated stimulant system in his body activated and decided to release a double dose in response to his 'distress'.
He slumped slightly, trembling and gripping one of the reinforced steel supports as it burned through his body. Oh,how he could feel it rampaging through his body even if it only took a few seconds, every vein suddenly alive as if they wriggled like serpents under his skin. Such a sweet peak of sensation, sensations he had not felt so strong in so long. But that the way it was now, it was all or nothing. And its fucking glorious. He mused with a wicked smile more befitting some leering predator as he released his grip, he left a dent in the cold metal. His eyes shot open, his inbuilt HUD had responded rapidly, aided by the fact he was interfaced with the trains IA systems able to call upon data and systems with but a whim. He was being assaulted with visual data and audio, direct feeds from the helmets of his troops and the trains security systems. He was acting before he could even fully realise it. A comm feed opened on all channel.

"FIRE!!!!" he roared and the chaos ensued as the troops burst into action, the steady pulsing auto-cannon fire that was like music to the leering officers ears. "ENGAGE WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE, OPEN UP WITH EVERYTHING. FOR THE EMPEROR!" he concluded his orders, spittle dripping from his ivory teeth as he screamed his orders his body ready to rip and rend flesh. He was aware of what the serum had done to him, the Sovereigns had done a wonderful job on him, in their construction and alteration of his body. He was exactly what they wanted him to be, a feral predator in uniform. He loved it and they knew it.

His HUD cleared the flaring mark of his new little family flaring angrily as the alarm sounded up and down the train, automated signals for air support sent to the nearest garrisons. They wouldn't get here quick enough he reasoned, they were betting on that he warranted running his long tongue along his ivory teeth in thought. He heard the door open, or maybe it was his instincts or just the integrated systems of the AI. He didn't know, the green pulsing conduits on his form glowed with growing strength as all his systems began to respond to his enraged state. He spun about with a snarl. What he saw didn't help in the slightest. An Aurin, the targeting system newly activated centred in her already sending data from the AI to him, but he didn't need the wanted notice. Memories flashed to mind amongst the surging heat. He knew the weird eared freak, a bitch Aurin that should know her fucking place like the rest of the inferior flea ridden filth! Just how many would he have to break to send a fucking message!

With a battle cry worthy of a Draken he charged with freakish agility born of his new body and stimulants in his blood, what happened next was unexpected but it seemingly hindered him little as the carriage lurched from from some impact from the side. It sent storage cases sprawling in his path, but one was simple sent flying and crashing into the wall a sizeable dent in its lid as he cast it aside with a back hand swipe. He leap past another and sprang from the last his trophy knife now in hand as he launched himself at the Aurin.
05-09-2013, 10:57 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Carna caught sight of the shrieking man as she stood there in the car. She couldn't place where she had seem him before, but he was clearly Cassian. Carna took a stance to sturdy herself but not before being lurched a moment. She touched a crate to hold herself up.

She looked up after the lurch to see the man had quickly closed the gap. Her tail flicked up behind her then took the stance again. She brought her hands into the air with a calm and eyed the man. When they were up a huge wall of phantasmal swords appeared honed on the charging man and blocking Carna.
05-09-2013, 04:40 PM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
"FIRE!" came a voice from above the train.

"DO NOT FUCKING DIE" he yelled to the Malverines as the Sovereigns were about to give them a fight for their lives.

Sydira growled to her self when the gun fire began to rain on them, she hit a few buttons on the panels of her bike to start autopilot, she stood up and surfed as she looked back at Dylan, she rather lose her bike then a fellow member. The moment he rammed the wagon to the side of the train Sydira lept from her bike on to the wagon, with her pistols and equipment pack she held a few napalm grenades. "Come on kid lets bring these guys down!" she shouted before tossing one at the gun hoping to do some type of damage.
05-10-2013, 06:59 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Seated comfortably on an outlandishly painted skycycle, long hair blowing in a wayward breeze, Zhadara peers through her battered high tech binoculars at the scene in the distance. At one point, she pauses to shake them and bangs them on her handlebars, before lifting them to her eyes again.

"Well, I'll be hogtied and spaced out the airlock," she mutters to herself. "Those crazy fuckers are trying to rob a goddamn Dommie train." She watches carefully a bit longer -- sounds of weapon fire barely audible at this distance -- until a more violent explosion rocks the train.

Grinning silently at the napalm grenade's flash, she lowers the binoculars, pauses for a moment, and then secures them quickly in a saddlebag. Gunning the skycycle, she steers a near intercept course for the train and lets go an audible "Whoop!"

Talking to herself once more, she gleefully announces her intent: "I need to get me a closer look at this here hoedown."
05-10-2013, 12:01 PM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Dylan maneuvered the wagon away from the train car. Despite how beat up and ramshackle the old hauler looked, he was rather impressed with how sturdy she felt when he hit the train car and, more importantly, how solid she still felt having now rammed a moving train. 'Rammed a moving train'... the thought amused him and brought a smile to his face. A mischievous smile that clearly communicated, "Let's do it again!" Glancing up one more time at the train car, he tried to get a glance at the dommie soldiers, to see if he had had any luck knocking one off the top with his last assault. He wasn't able to see anything however. Either he had knocked them off, or they had all thought it best to lower their center of gravity while the train car beneath them was being rammed and they were now crouched and out of his line of sight. He considered swinging the wagon out even further from the train, but that would open him up and put him in the line of fire where the soldiers could...


There was a loud but muffled sound of something landing on the hood of his vehicle. The nose of the wagon dipped slightly as its weight shifted as it took on a new passenger. Dylan adjusted for the shift almost without thinking as he stared dumbfounded at the fellow malverine who had just lept onto the hood of the wagon.

"Come on kid lets bring these guys down!" she shouted as she pulled a napalm grenade from an equipment pack and tossed it up towards the top of the train car.

Dylan's look of shock and surprise was quickly displaced as moments later the grenade exploded in a glorious shower of firey tendrils somewhere above him on top of the train car. Dylan opened his mouth wide in a full on laugh as he watched the smoke and flames rip themselves away from the point of the explosion as the wind carried them away from the swiftly moving vehicle, "Hahahaha! That was AMAZING! Can I give you a ride?" he said with a smirk, motioning with his head to the empty passenger seat next to him in the open cab, "I'll try and get you a better angle!"

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