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Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Amongst the rush everything snapped into focus, the glaring blue blades fast approaching. Or rather he was fast approaching them with a bitter curse he twisted his body as best he could trying to make as little surface area to be impaled as possible. He cam crashing down, arms covering his face, tooth dagger still clasped tightly with his jacket fluttering about him. While behind him the two troopers stumbled and tried to get to their feet, one moving up rifle in hand trying to aim a shot to aid his officer.

He heard the ripping of his coat as it caught on the surrounding impaler's, he knew he had hit more but his deadened nerves, its was thanks to his interface he knew he'd been hit at all. He scrapped at least by three of the mystic blades, one slicing the cloth of his leggings cutting a deep gash with its wicked edge. The second scoured a deep groove in his chest guard and the last blade split the gauntlets guarding his face drawing blood but leaving the bulkier segments untouched. The blades were ethereal and ghostly in appearance but it had been like slamming into sharpened plate steel, he struck one and slammed into the next. He finally came to rest in a heap having slide past the worst of the blades. He remained still a moment before his gangly arm untangled and struck his fist hard into the floor, he lifted his head as he raised slightly. Feedback was already streaming into his mind, a few minor wounds though the gash in his thigh might require medical attention. But already his newly endowed abilities began their freakish work, the pain was dulled, beneath the skin nanites swarming to try repair the damage.

He smiled a wicked smile, a gash over his eye trickle blood over his features. But if anything he seemed pleased. "Ooohhh some new tricks bitch? AHA GOOD! It was getting bored on your home world... breaking you animals can only entertain for some long" he taunts spitting at her feet and with a another roar launching himself once more, injuries seemingly forgotten, the serrated tooth dagger in hand.
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Carna was trying to recognize the mans voice. Did they have history? She watched as the blades managed to cause some damage, but his vigor was still very much in tact. She didn't know many Dominion. Upon mentioning Arboria she remembered. The Devil Delmonte. The bastard who took a lot of pleasure is hurting Aurin and life. She led a small strike for against him and liberated some of her people.

"Bastard Devil Delmonte." She says but before she could say anything else he was in the middle of launching at her once again. Carn notices a sly smirk appear on the mans lips at her recognition of him. She wasn't as fast this time getting up any kind of defense. She moved her body backwards to avoid what she can, but the dagger makes its mark leaving gash her upper arm. Carna bites in what pain she feels.

She moves her a hand towards the man abdomen and touches it. A blue light erupts from her hand and the smirk on the mans lips quickly disappears to one of 'oh fuck'. "Oops." Carna whispers. Then with a small but powerful pulse concentrated in her hand, she sends Samuel flying backwards towards the two troopers. Carna watches as he flies backwards, his prevalent rage on his face again, then he smashes into one of the troopers.

Carna quickly takes a stance to ready herself again. She can feel the blood dripping from her arm. "The Devil Delmonte. I am surprised you weren't marshaled for your sickening campaign against my people. But then again to make someone like you an officer they must be sympathetic to your disgusting ways. But alas I am not here to fight you or bring up old baggage with you sir. Just here to graciously take our portion of the supplies, and be on our merry way. Now you can kindly back up into the last car, or, well things can get ugly on this tiny train." She makes a shrugging gesture towards the 3 men.

The train cars rattles a little bit as the explosion of the napalm grenades Sydira is throwing bounce off the train.
05-11-2013, 04:51 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Cathal was in the middle of the chaos. He had already discarded his helmet at this point as his curly hair whipped around in the air. His eyes caught sight of the wagon as something he utterly would come to regret occurred. The wagon suddenly veered toward the troop carrier and he said, "I haven't paid off the fucking insurance....dammit."

The boss' eyes closed as he wanted to hit someone as he noticed Sydira leaping onto the top of it and throw a grenade at the gun. The thing sailed through the air and landed with a thunk in the gun nest. For a moment he just watched as he screamed, "DO NOT KILL MY FUCKING PROPERTY." A loud concussion of air was heard as the top of the turret exploded. The two troopers on top were launched from the train and into the air as one of them was doing so in pieces, the other barely alive sailed fifty feet from the train and landed with a crunch.

Fire clung to the top of the troop car as Cathal pulled out one of his guns and summoned a symbol. SHooting he shot a red mark onto the car they needed to steal from. "MORE SOVEREIGNS WILL BE HERE SOON THAT CAR NEEDS TO BE HEISTED" he said and shot a light mag bolt at the damn thing to make sure they all saw it. It was time to finish the job and make sure that things were not going to be getting worse. He noticed Kale struggling to keep himself on the machine. Pulling in near the Boulder back Cathal moved to pull the great big Granok onto his bike. "Come on ye damn bugger, get on brotha."
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Sydira heard the orders of Cathal and nodded, turning toward Dylan she pointed toward the train. "Get me close enough, we are gonna cut open the side like a tin can." she said as she pulled her goggles down over her eyes and jumped over the cockpit and on to the back of the wagon to get it ready to receive the items. Once done, she crouched down a moment to look through her pack, three napalm bombs remained, she gave the special treat to Carna, digging through the medical supplies at the bottom. She found her twin pistols, Sydira blinked and smirked to herself in a sheepish manner forgetting she had actually brought along her weapons even if she never really fought. All she was doing now was waitting on Dylan to take them in tight, she had a plan and hoped it wouldn't end in disaster.
05-11-2013, 08:41 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Samuel writhed and leap to his feet a lot of cursing and snarling orders at his two troops following. A vicious snarl still on his lips, his body still pulsing with combat stimulant. The Devil Delmonte? Or simply known as the The Devil. He had not heard that in a long time, good to know he had made such a 'lasting' impression upon the people. He had been brought in to solve a problem, the problem at the time being the misguided savages of the world sabotaging a large mineral extraction site. he had been granted full liberty to do as he wished, as long as the quota was met. The locals took exception to that and as such he had taken exception to the locals in the most brutal sadistic ways possible. He adored his work, he solved practical problems. He held the dagger ready, a droplet of Aurin blood dripping from its serrated edge, not the first Aurin blood it had tasted either. The click and throbbing of charged pulse rifles snapped him from his musings, he still had a squad to think of and a train of supplies. This devil had a duty, the monster was on a leash.

He would love to conclude this little meeting but he still had his mind for now. He was getting reports via his HUD they'd lost the gunners nest? A snarl tugged at his lips once more.
"Oh but darling people like you keep me in demand, if the savages knew their place in the universe they wouldn't need men like -me- to break them in." he purrs in his smooth drawl with a dark chuckle. "Covering fire, we regroup at the armoured car" he broadcast to his team and snaps his fingers. The two troopers opened up full auto from the hip towards the Aurin Esper, though the shots were designed to suppress but still a hail of fire was no idle threat. He smirked stepping backwards, stretching and creaking his neck, the blood had already clotted far faster than it should of unaided. He had more work to do, the doors slid open as he approached and the troops maintaining the fire soon followed. They fell back as quickly as possible, the armoured car was their strongest position. He sheathed the dagger.

In a situation like this usual protocol would advised securing your position and await air support while maintaining a much fire as possible at the raiders. They steadily make their way towards the trooper car, Samuel continuing to the bark orders to his troops to hold the position and use all force necessary. It was confirmed they'd lost the turret and a few good men, shit.

"I want the RPG unpacked and loaded by the time I reach the car!" he growls down the comm.
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Too long. Kale had been banging and bouncing off the side of the traincar and the ground for too many minutes, his left hand barely keeping hold of the railing. He could end the bruising if he used his right hand, but the thought of dropping his prized giant sledgehammer never crossed his mind. Of course, the bruising could end if he simply let go and fell to the ground, but the thought of abandoning the job never crossed his mind either.

"Come on ye damn bugger, get on brotha," Kale heard a voice shout.

It was the boss, mercifully, hand extended. It was a tricky maneuver, but Kale somehow managed to plop onto Cathal's bike without falling to the ground. He worked his left shoulder, grimacing as he moved and rotated it. Bah, wouldn't be any good for the rest of the job. Ah well. He was the Boulderback; he would manage.

"Ready," was all that the granok said.
05-11-2013, 12:20 PM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Carna snarls herself at the Cassians smug attitude. She didn't say anything but responded to the hip fire the two troopers were now sending at her.

Carna jumps into the air and begins spinning while a cascade of whirling psyblade projections flew out from her. The psyblades deflected the bullets to help protect her, but also cause a few knicks and bumps in the various crates in the train car. When Carna looked again the troopers and Devil Delmonte were gone.

She took no time in sprinting to the other end of the car and using telekinetics pull and pushed variously sized crates and storage containers and block the door to the car so it would at least hinder, hopefully by a lot, the troopers from entering the train car.

When she felt like she had adiquetly thrown enough storage containers and heavy, hard to shoot past things between her and the trooper car, she reached up to her ear and talked into the communication device.

"This is Blondie, I have secured the car in front of the troops for the time being, heading to the target car." She radioed to the other Malverines.
05-11-2013, 11:28 PM (This post was last modified: 05-11-2013 11:29 PM by 8Bit.)
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Sydria turned to Dylan and yelled above the wind and the growing noise of combat around them, "Get me close enough, we are gonna cut open the side like a tin can."

"Yes M'am!" Dylan yelled back with a smile. He had no idea exactly 'how' Sydria planned to 'cut open the side like a tin can' but he was certainly intrigued at her proposition. Doing his best to steady the wounded wagon, he brought it once again closer to the train car in more of a 'docking' maneuver than 'ramming'. This had the added benefit of cutting off the angle from the gunner's nest above - assuming anyone was even still there to operate the cannon - assuming there was even a functional cannon there to operate after the grenades Sydria had tossed up there. Just as he was almost in position, there was a blur of movement and a slight wobble in his piloting as Sydira lept over the cockpit and landed on the back of the wagon, where she immediately hunkered down to lower her center of gravity and give herself a a more solid base as she began to unpack some gear from a supply bad she carried.

Dylan could no longer see her behind him now, so he just focused on getting the wagon as close to the train as he could without risking getting the vehicle hooked onto some part of the train, which, while it would guarantee the wagon then matched the train's speed - it would quickly become disastrous when the massive train car began to drag the wagon along in a direction it didn't want to go, not to mention making a 'get-away' problematic.

With a soft 'bump' the wagon closed the distance to the train car, its newly jerry-rigged alignment made it near impossible to keep it rock steady against the side of the train, but it instead bobbed and bumped softly against the train like a boat moored to a dock.

"That's about as solid as you're going to get!" Dylan yelled so that Sydira could hear behind him, "I hope that's going to be enough. How long do you need?!"
05-12-2013, 05:01 PM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Sydira looked back at Dylan and shouted "Jus' keep 'er steady!" she called. Syd weighted all her options doing quick formulas and calculations in her head. When numbers didn't add up she began her thought process again and then smirked as she jumped off the side of the wagon and shot the side of the car, her pistol began to glow as a blue sigil formed and in the blink of an eye she vanished. Teleporting right in to the middle of the car. She rolled right in to a large crate and was stunned from the impact. If there were guards she would have taken them by surprise but then they'd get the upper hand from her miscalculated landing.
05-13-2013, 12:14 AM
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RE: Preseason - Episode 1: The Train Job
Carna enters the marked car, but before she can look around the car, Sydira teleports in and rolls right into a large crate hitting it hard.

"How graceful, beautiful even. I give it a 7." Carna says playfully and smirks a little.

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