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Clara Fitzroy [WIP]
11-11-2013, 04:50 AM (This post was last modified: 04-01-2014 08:17 AM by zbug84.)
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Clara Fitzroy [WIP]
Clara "Ghost" Fitzroy

<Character Picture or Screen Shot if Applicable>

The Basics
Age: 24
Job:Scout, Bounty Hunter

The Appearance
Clara is a woman of average height and has a slightly curvy figure. A set of black rimmed glasses sits low on her nose, giving her a look that she seems to be looking down on everyone she meets. Clara's skin is a pale white, if you didn't know what her work was, you would assume she spent her days locked in her own home and never came out. When out in the field, Clara wears a standard Dominion camouflage nano bodysuit, her shoulder length jet black hair in a tight bun to keep it out of her face. When in more reputable company, Clara wears a relaxed military uniform with her hair down. Regardless of what she is wearing, her rifle never leaves Clara's side. Clara's rifle is built more for long range targeting than up close and personal combat, the rifle has a pale blue body with an ebony barrel. Several tally marks were dug into the butt of the rifle by Clara, her way of keeping track of her past assignments.
(Imagine Kerrigan from Starcraft with black hair and pale skin)

The Personality
When it comes to going on mission, Clara is steadfast and unquestioning, she may have one or two snide remarks during briefings, but she would never outright defy a direct order. When not in the field, Clara prefers to keep to her books and topography maps, always looking for the next area to claim or intel on her next target. If you can get her nose out of her books, or catch her on her comms while she is waiting for a contract to show his or her head she is very friendly one of traits of the family that she is glad didn't disappear with the Fitzroy's upgrade in social standing.

  • Patience Clara has gone days without moving to acquire her targets. Until her target is down she has an almost single-minded focus on him/her.
  • Tactics Used to seeing battles from a birds eye view, Clara has become adept at on the fly changes to skirmish tactics and is an excellent voice to have in your ear in the middle of an engagement.
  • Parkour Years of scouting has taught Clara how to get from point a to point b in as little time as possible.

  • Smart mouth Clara doesn't hide what she thinks from anyone and her mouth has gotten her in trouble more than once with higher ups.
  • Mean streak Once you get on Clara's bad side, it doesn't matter if you are Exile or Dominion, she will find an inventive way of "dealing" with the person.

The BackStory
Clara was born a Fitzroy, a lowborn family that fought it's way into Highborn society through hundreds of years of faithful military service. Tomboyish at heart, when the time came for Clara to enlist she chose to be a Scout, modeling herself off of one of her forefathers, Clark "The Shadow" Fitzroy, one of the famed snipers of The War of Gnox. Born after the Cassian rebellion, Clara spent most of her time in training reading up on the background of the rebellion, itching to get a chance to see these Exiles in person. Her first chance on meeting them in person was during the Dominions annexation of Arboria, where she spent her first months of active combat scouting the planet and eliminating targets her chain of command deemed high risk. In those two short years, Clara claimed over 35 confirmed kills, earning her call-sign Ghost, because she would claim a target, and vanish before anyone noticed her presence.

After the Aboria War, news throughout the ranks buzzed with the rumors that the Exiles had discovered Nexus and that the Granoks had joined their ranks. Itching at the chance to overtake her forefather's reputation of the best Scout of the the Fitzroy family, Clara immediately volunteered to be on the first battalion to make landfall on the planet. Once she was on the planet proper, Clara went back to her skillset, taking out targets...mostly Granok this time around, and scouting the planet for ideal outposts and resources for the growing Dominion presence on the planet. After a few months on Nexus, Clara began taking contracts on individuals as long as the money was right, the Dominion was full of High and Lowborn families looking to move up in the ranks...sometimes individuals had to be displaced to make that happen.

Clara's unit was eventually absorbed into the local Stalker division. Killing up close took a while for her to get used to, but over time she incorporated it into her tool set, using her new up close and personal skills to get to targets that were barricaded in bunkers or other areas where a long range option wasn't available. While Clara is proficient at using her stalker blades, her rifle and a long range vantage point would always be her preferred set up, getting her into trouble at times with her superiors, sometimes waiting for the perfect shot isn't as quick as going in a building under the cover of stealth and coming back out with a head.

Affiliations: 82nd Royal Infiltration Division
Quick Notes:
  • Clara's rifle has been modded with aftermarket range and heat tracking mods she recovered after eliminating a Darkspur Cartel convoy.
  • After ensuring the "promotions" of a few Dominion personnel, Clara has built up a network of contacts she uses for intel on high value targets.


How did they Join the Gang?





RP History / Notes

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