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Fanshen (Fannie) Deepwater - Scriptorium
12-03-2013, 04:01 AM (This post was last modified: 12-03-2013 11:01 AM by scriptorium.)
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Fanshen (Fannie) Deepwater - Scriptorium
About the Player
Main Character Name / Primary Alt Name:
Fanshen (Fannie) Deepwater (no second character currently planned)

Enjin / WildStar Central Username:

Primary Character / Alts Joining the BlackSky:

IM Contacts:

What is your primary region / timezone and playtimes?
EST (-5 GMT +/- DST)

Are you eighteen or older? (Please state your age if you can.)

Did you read and do you agree to abide by our Rules and Policy?

Where did you find us and why do we stand out?
Found the Blacksky site several months ago on Wildstar Roleplay (Enjin). I use Enjin pretty much exclusively for my RP contacts at this point, though I've been to WSCentral. When I'm looking for an RP guild, I look for a few things. First, organization. Blacksky has that in spades. The website is solid and informative, procedures for admission are spelled out. Chain of command is OOC, which I think is very positive, eliminates potential IC drama bleed through. Second thing I look for is RP focus. From what I'm seeing in the rules, Blacksky feels Medium to Heavy RP, which is my sweet spot. There's a lot of verbal focus on story, which is also of import to me. Third and final thing I look for is activity. I check reply counts, membership and thread counts. RP guilds live or die on their membership and while niche guilds are great they're hard to keep going. Being that I'm older, with RL commitments, I prefer a group with a bit of its own momentum and Blacksky seems to have that.

Would you like to join our Guild Skyp Group? And or the Guild Mailing List?
I tend to like my anonymity. I made a rule for myself some years ago when I began getting involved in online RP. I don't give out my real name, I don't post pictures, etc. I keep this world that the real world separate. So, I can create a skype account for Blacksky use, I just want to be clear that it will be for that purpose only. I do not currently have an MMO skype account, only my personal one.

Are you a member of any additional guilds, circles, warplots etc?
Not yet, no. I've been lurking, looking for the right group.

What are your primary playstyles?
(Casual / Medium / Hardcore RP, PvP, Social, PvE, Raiding, Dungeons, Crafting)
My play-style varies. I consider myself primarily an RP'r (Med/Heavy), but I also enjoy PvE and PvP activities. I'm loath to grind anything, so while Raiding isn't off the menu, it's not a priority for me. Crafting wise, it all depends on how obnoxious vs. valuable a game designer makes the crafting system. It's not significant to my play-style really.

About Roleplay
What is your roleplaying experience?
I've roleplayed as a hobby now for 30 years. I got handed my first RPG by my Mom for my tenth birthday (Basic Red Box DnD). Since then I've played and GM'd dozens of RPGs. I've been active in the MMO RP community for approximately the last 8 years or so as player and Guild Master, and am currently an officer for the Pathfinder RP guild in SWTOR on Ebon Hawk.

What are your primary Roleplay Limits?
As I mentioned in my registration, I don't put many limits on my imagination. One of the reasons I insist on my anonymity is to support this very fact. I want folks to deal with my characters in context, whatever that context may be. As a player, I draw the line for myself at what I think of (again, I try to be open minded) the more deviant forms of ERP (Vore, Gore, etc.) That said though, I have been known to engage in all kinds of scenes if the context for it made sense. It's imagination, if you can't be free here, where can you be?

Are you okay with the R rated (content in our guild contains adult language, violent situations, partial nudity, narcotics) nature of our Roleplay?
No issues with any of those.

What do IC Consequences mean to you? Would you be willing to deal with the consequences listed in our lore? Such as humiliation? OR even being beaten within an inch of life or worse?
IC consequences are the only thing that makes RP matter. Everything can not be happy go lucky, get out of jail free time. Drama is dependent on danger and tragedy. You can't have Pathos without it. Though I've never had to kill off a character due to an IC consequence, I wouldn't refuse to do so if the situation demanded it. Granted, we all invest a lot of time into our characters, so no one wants to throw away an asset like that. However, appearance change and name change mechanics allow for mitigation of that, putting character death on the table as a real possibility. That can only enhance the drama of RP in my view.

Would you be willing to take consequences if your character left the Club or Agency and warranted them?
(Could be a simple as being banned from guild IC hubs, or being openedly mocked, or worse.)
Ayep, that would all be par for the course, standard form RP, IMO.

About the Character
NOTE: If you are unsure about a main character at this point, answer these questions as best you can to help us understand you a bit.
What is your character's name / race / class / path?
I'm intending for Fannie to be a Cassian, Stalker, with either Explorer or Settler Path. Path I will see likely as OOC.

What faction is your character joining?
(You may place alts and your main in either the Malverines or the Sovereigns, or both if the character is a spy and you speak to an officer.)
I intend to place her either within the Sovereigns or as independent contractor assigned for their use.

Tell us a bit about your character's personality, include three strengths and three weaknesses.
Fannie's kind of my default character. She's who I explore new games with. She's ruthless, sensually charismatic but a bit of a sociopath. All three of those can be advantageous or disadvantageous given the context. She's very very hard to get close to, though she's good at letting folks feel as if they're close to her. She doesn't trust, expects betrayal and treats pretty much everyone she meets as potential tools or enemies. This sort of Machiavellian mind set doesn't win her friends and makes enemies. Fannie herself though sees this simply as the nature of reality, which in itself speaks to the damaged facets of her personality.

What would your characters occupation or job within their faction? Are they employed by a guild business or have their own?
Fannie's primary occupation is as an infiltrator/assassin. She's hired to get things from people or to do things to people, as a rule. I'm generally inclined to have her as an independent contractor, as that I don't see her as part of an IC command structure. However, if the sovereigns have a division of assassins, she can be made to fit.

Why would this character join or become a Prospect of either the Malverines of the Sovereigns?
Nexus is opportunity. Fannie's a mercenary personality. There's profit to be made in assisting the dominion to recover and control the planet and its artifacts. In my mind, Fannie or her employer are looking to capitalize on that opportunity. Whether the Sovereigns are her employer or whether a third party is attempting to use them (and Fannie) as tools, is open to storyteller negotiation.
12-03-2013, 02:25 PM
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RE: Fanshen (Fannie) Deepwater - Scriptorium
1. What are your thoughts about conflict resolution and drama in general? In that regard what did you think of our rules?

2. We as a guild focus on building a sense of brotherhood and guild identity, and how to bring members closer together in our collective community. What are your thoughts on that?
12-04-2013, 03:02 AM (This post was last modified: 12-04-2013 03:15 AM by scriptorium.)
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RE: Fanshen (Fannie) Deepwater - Scriptorium
Thoughts on conflict resolution and drama in general:

First, drama is unavoidable. It will happen. In the last several years I've been a member and or moderator of several different RP communities large and small, not to mention non-RP communities (trade sites, etc.) The internet is humans on their worst behavior, with no body language to couch things, no facial expressions to read, no tone to mitigate hurt. A lot of assumptions get made, often in the negative. So there will be drama, come hell or high water.

Given that fact, the intelligent community builder plans accordingly. They state clearly in their FAQ and in community registration what the expectations of community members are as well as what the consequences will be should those expectations fail to be lived up to. They apply those standards to all members, especially themselves. They own up to it publicly when they fall down on their face, which they will. Just because your a mod doesn't mean you're not human, doesn't mean you won't lose it on occasion. It does mean though that you have to set the example on how to turn it around and put the community first.

A community manager puts damage control and community stability over notions like justice, free speech and fairness. Harsh? Yes, I know. However, the community leaders and moderators are not there to act as your judges or your mediators. They are there to keep the peace, to make sure everyone has a comfortable environment to play and relate in. When members can't settle their differences, sometimes that means ending "discussions" and tabling the matter. Sometimes that means that both sides of the argument get a time out, when one side may have been the instigator. Them is the breaks.

Moderation decisions generally abridge members' assumed freedoms and therefore are themselves often the fuel for drama. We as humans tend to take ourselves quite seriously. We don't like to be told to shut it. We don't like to be cut off, even when the person doing the shutting down is well within their authority to do so. So containing drama often begets drama.

Which leads us to the notion of conflict resolution. When the simple act of squelching drama can create drama, we have to proceed with caution. An iron fist turns a community into a gulag. Conversely, having "no teeth" in your moderation leads to the rules being ignored. It's a balancing act which in the end will not satisfy everyone. It's something you have to accept as moderators, someone will not agree with how you dealt with things.

The best moderation experiences I have had in my time on the internet have came out of listening. In fact, getting folks out of the public forum and into private conference with a moderator is often enough to get them out of ego defense mode. With their self concept no longer on the line in the public arena, they can start to hear their "opponent" again and turn them back into a fellow member of the community. Sometimes that means a moderator has to spend a lot of time themselves listening. I said that moderators aren't your judges and or mediators, however the gig does come with the requirement to be able to listen and absorb some of members' angst when drama comes up.

Next to listening, the second important conflict resolution technique I know is refusal to engage. Not engaging, means not putting your ego on the line. It means not arguing, not trying to make your point. Engaging is the opposite of listening. Once you engage, you're no longer part of the solution. You are now part of the conflict. Instead a moderator has to maintain detachment. Your job is to interpret the rules and protect the stability of the community. It is not to make your own points heard, because of your position of power.

*ramble ramble ramble*

With respect to the Blacksky rules as posted, they hit the points of clarity and expectation I mentioned. I tend to be a bit more draconian in my notions of consequence. Three strikes and out, but that's just because I'm "old" and, who am I kidding, my temper has always been on the mercurial side. I guess my only concern there is that every time you keep a problem child in your community, it's more damage they can do to your community. Drama is infectious and if you have a particularly virulent drama llama in your midst, hoping they'll get better is sometimes not the best policy. Sometimes you have to take Old Yeller out behind the barn, so to speak. Aside from that though, the Blacksky rules seem in line with my own thoughts.

Community, brotherhood, etc.:

Communities grow out of shared interest and shared experience. If you want a tight group of folks, you have to have them doing activities together. This seems obvious, but there's really no magic bullet besides that. Association builds the bonds that tie a community together. On the small scale, that's easy enough. Five to fifteen folks can establish a rapport. However as groups grow, this becomes more and more of a challenge.

Because humans are tribal, once you get beyond a dozen or so folks you need to start thinking of groupings, IMO. This sort of clique behavior will happen regardless of what you do, so it's best to incorporate it and use it in my opinion. With a military model, like you have for Blacksky, it might be smart to come up with "squads" or "platoons" after some point. Keep their sizes relatively small, 5-10 folks, give them their own little "icons" and identity. Think of them as micro guilds, within your guild. Group them with players who share play times and interests. Then weave those micro guilds into your over arching plot. This will keep the level of engagement intimate while allow you to support a large player population.

It will also take stress of your lynch pin commander type characters and provide some IC structure. Often guilds develop cults of personality. Blacksky seems to be avoiding this at least partially by making their leadership OOC. With multiple low level commanders and "units" you can create more diversity in your IC command structure. Also this micro-guild model also allows from some interesting rivalries. Mobile Infantry's not going to take any guff from those Fleet boys, so to speak. You can tie these micro-guilds into in game activities. You might have a few "PvP" squads, or a "PvE/Raid" special ops squad. You could have an "explorer corps" for folks who just want to tackle content in groups, or maybe some "path" based squads. There's a lot of ways you can slice it. The important bit though is that you build small "tribes" consciously and work to make your players part of them.


Sorry this was so long. I have a propensity for talking too much, so I'll just say thanks for your consideration and shut up now.
12-04-2013, 08:17 AM
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RE: Fanshen (Fannie) Deepwater - Scriptorium
Very interesting entry. A lot to think about. In fact a nice thing about the design of either faction is that bikers have sub-groups called, Charters. Something we'll be considering down the road :3

1. Has freedom of character types, but we ask that characters have a strong tie to the guild before earning their full membership, and also follow our Character Standards, what are your thoughts on this?

2. We asked you about R rated content, your Rp limits and consequences. Can you tell me why these are important things to ask someone?
12-05-2013, 12:09 AM
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RE: Fanshen (Fannie) Deepwater - Scriptorium
Thoughts on Character:

Ok, I did a lot of looking for character standards over the last fifteen minutes through the Blacksky site, but I didn't find anything labeled as such. Not quite sure what that means. I did find a lot of material on signature characters, so I'll respond to that in the hopes I'm hitting what you want addressed.

There's a strange dichotomy that I'm seeing in guild concept with Blacksky that I'm trying to gel for myself at the moment. On one hand you have the "biker" mentality on the other the "military." These two ideas to me kind of clash, so I'm trying to wrap my brain around it. It relates because these concepts dictate how a character is going to have to establish these ties you're looking for.

Biker gangs are autonomous, self directed structures. I've watched a bit of SoA and been exposed in my life to real life bikers (who aren't nearly so glamorous or photogenic). The theme though that the "club" is central hits home there and I see a lot of that in your Blacksky material. It's that which seems to inspire this notion of "earning your patch" that you have going with prospects and members.

Military structures have a similar "proving" mentality. Earning your stripes is a cliche that comes directly from military experience, so there's an analog there. However, for soldiers, it's is not all about the club. It's all about the cause. That's a distinct difference and the confusion between the two has me scratching my head a bit as to what you're looking for for "tie in."

Regardless, returning to the matter at hand, the notion of Signature Characters can be a problematic one. Troupe based dramas like SoA, like Firefly, etc. use signature characters that you can connect to but their number is limited. Episodes of these shows focus on a handful, developing them. Shows like Game of Thrones show the problem of having too many characters to follow. Watch a Game of Thrones episode. They have to hop from character to character, spending maybe five minutes at most on each, sometimes less. This limitation of time makes development shallow. GoT on HBO is essentially a cliff notes version of the books, which because of their format can be much more expansive in coverage.

Now let's take that idea into RP. In a scene, how many folks can be "signature"? Another way to word the question, how many folks would you try to seat at your tabletop. That hits the nail on the head. Time and attention dictate that troupe RP of this sort be small, intimate groups. You can't have 30 characters all matter in a scene. Drama just doesn't work that way. Drama is like a jazz number. You have a handful of musicians and you give each a few minutes for a solo while they play the tune. That's how troupe RP works.

You don't however scale that model up to an orchestra. You won't see the third viola standing up to do their riff during Beethoven's fifth. Once you get beyond the size of a small group, you need folks to play supporting roles and not be the signature characters. That's where, IMO this notion will run hard into the reality of guild growth and where there's choices to be made.

You can choose exclusivity, keep the troupe small so that everyone can be a signature character. The downside though is that this keeps membership smaller, which puts more demand on players to be active. Pressure in an activity that supposed to be for relaxation in my experience leads to burnout.

On the other hand you can let your signature ideals slip, but then you end up with players feeling they never get to "take their solo." This causes OOC feelings of resentment and makes folks feel like they're not part of the guild. It's exactly the opposite of what you're trying for with the whole signature system.

I think again, the solution comes in the form of the micro guild model. Troupe RP works in small groups, so you need these little intra-guild factions or micro guilds to let your players be important in their scenes as the guild grows. Those micro guilds will be what allows players to find a place of connections and make the strong ties to the guild you're looking for. You can then give the spotlight for episodes to signature troupes, so to speak, allowing them to be the center of their own stories while incorporating them into the guild story as a whole.

Thoughts on "Explicit" content:

Why is it important to get open, frank info on RP limitations and comfort levels up front? It's about laying one's cards on the table. It's about mitigating future drama. If you don't know that you're stepping on someone's emotional toes, how can you avoid doing so? You put a content warning on material give people the option of opting out. It's a matter of respect and politeness.

I mentioned in my earlier posting that on the internet a lot of assumptions get made. Explicit material is one of those matters. It always amused me on my old WoW RP site when folks would put the "explicit" label on their material because it had a moment of nudity in it or it talked about sex in a paragraph. Explicit is in the eye of the beholder, it means different things to different people. One person's kink is another's vanilla. You ask about limits and you get things out there in concretes so you don't have misunderstandings and assumptions in play.
12-05-2013, 06:48 AM
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RE: Fanshen (Fannie) Deepwater - Scriptorium
I agree with you to an extent on the notion of how Signature Characters works to a degree. When we aim to run an episode its not suppose to focus on everyone or as many people as possible, but our aim is to give equal opportunity to people. In a lot of guilds stories over time come to focus on an inner clique of individuals unless there's the ability for new players to come to the foray. If you've seen Full Metal Alchemist, they do a very good job of having multiple storylines, but alternating the episodes so that it does not become too complicated. Basically a large cast, but they shake it up now and then.

Ghost in the shell is another example as they often have characterization based episodes say for one group or one character (we hope to offer these as filler for our stories) and then big storyline changing episodes down the run.

There are also story chances down the road in character ran subplots and interactions. In Ashenfold when I could I would add random events that affected the guild or added to the story to the timeline. I would put down names and over time people were able to look back and say "Hey look I did that".

Organization wise I can see how the clashing of military and biker mentality can change things. The Malverines are effectively are Outlaws our defianct bunch. The Sovereigns are the military roughnecks, the James bond type, the Pinkertons. It literally is Outlaw VS Company man in most of the story.

Big Grin

1. What did you think of our two factions? Do you see any problems arising from them, or any good arising from them?

2. What about the Sovereigns interests you the most?
12-05-2013, 11:51 PM
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RE: Fanshen (Fannie) Deepwater - Scriptorium
Thoughts on Factions:

Went back and looked over both factions again before responding to this. I think I see why I was getting a mixed read. Much of the documentation for the Sovereigns is a mirror image (change a couple words) of the Malverines. Seeing how you responded (outlaw vs. company, rebel vs. empire), you might want to give that a second look.

Seems like the culture should be very different between the two organizations. The Malverines feel like a gang or a club, so to speak. Shouldn't the Sovereigns however feel more like a Unit or a Cadre? The Sovereigns aren't a rival gang. They're a military unit, aren't they? They should feel regimental somehow. Words like "prospect" don't seem to apply. Maybe something like: Recruits/Cadets, Regulars, Veterans, Officers. I don't want to overstep my bounds and tell anyone their business, so please don't take this as that. It's just some feedback on the read I'm taking from your materials.

What I like about the faction within a guild concept is the ready made conflict and opposition that creates. With two sides at war inside your meta-guild, you can push big conflicts easily. You have natural antagonists to shape your story arcs. Unfortunately, every advantage is also a disadvantage. Setups like this can lead to insular roleplay culture. Too much navel gazing for a guild can close it off to the community it dwells in. Getting outsiders into your story can be difficult, awkward and cumbersome, but it also brings new blood and new ideas.

Thoughts on the Sovereigns:

Well, for Fannie, the Exiles and the Malverines are simply non-starters (save maybe as a double agent prospect). I see her as an operative or agent, in service to the Dominion (or at least on retainer). Fannie is not a character following a cause. She's a merc following a paycheck. Her mental makeup doesn't allow for altruism, save maybe as a cover. Simply, she'd designed to be a bad guy, at least superficially. Interactions with her may end up cracking her shell, but that's up to context. On her own though, I couldn't see her as a member of a "biker gang." It's one of the reasons I'm trying to get a clear picture on whether or not the Sovereigns are military as opposed to a rival gang.
12-06-2013, 08:03 AM
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RE: Fanshen (Fannie) Deepwater - Scriptorium
The Sovereigns do have bike riding aspects to their attacks as they are more akin to a cavalary group. If you want a criminal comparison they are more like the Mob or the Mafia in their actions. The Sovereigns have one caused, do work well for the Client and if they can help the Empire along the way all the better. Another good comparison if you know much about the Pinkertons think of the Sovereigns as the paid thugs of the Talyn family. They hate the Malverines as the Malverines tend to basically screw up everything they are doing.

Btw I've sent you a PM about the IC rank situation, feel free to reply when you can.

1. In our guild we do split our stories into Seasons which each then feature an event obviously named an Episode. What are your thoughts about having Episodic content organized into ongoing story arcs?

2. With that in mind, what do you think about our core story elements such as the Grey Line, Adult RP and how it will affect our stories?
12-06-2013, 01:54 PM (This post was last modified: 12-06-2013 01:59 PM by scriptorium.)
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RE: Fanshen (Fannie) Deepwater - Scriptorium
Aaaaah, now I think we're getting somewhere. Originally my perceptions were of the Sovereigns as military branch of the Dominion. When you mentioned Pinkertons the first time I had to do a lookup. I'd heard the term before and knew roughly that it pertained to the thugs employed by the capitalists to break unions back in old timey days. I discovered however that they were actually a private "law enforcement" company. Essentially security guards, though obviously history shows, used as thugs at the time. In fact they still exist apparently, as a branch of a large european security service, Securitas. This had me thinking of the Sovereigns as some kind of "Blackwater." That however doesn't appear to have been the intent. The mob references lean me toward a more unofficial connection to dominion forces. Which works for me, Fannie's been a criminal on many occasions.

Thoughts on Episodes:

Well, speaking from my tabletop GM background, the episodic system is pretty much what I use in all the games I run. I generally have a short list of events I have planned for an episode/session. I set them in play, let the players react to them, thwart or allow them as they see fit. I keep my scripting to a minimum, because players will just explode your best laid plans anyway, so there's no point in being a control freak about it. If you want control, write a book. (Though your characters there may still give you what for if you try and muscle them in.)

Arcs in such a free wheeling forum as RP raise interesting questions. My notion of story arcs stems from my readings on writing (Story, by Rober McKee, good book on scriptwriting.) Arcs in that context refer to the progression of story values, ups and downs basically. My only concern when it comes to this model and RP is that the structure of the arc not be forced down the players throats. It's important that flexibility is a central value of your storytelling, and players have real choice in how the tale progresses. Again, if you have an agenda you can count on players to sniff it out and throw a monkey wrench in. You have to be ready and able to move your plot with the punches they throw and adapt as much as you want them to.

Thoughts on Story Elements and Content:

When you say "grey line" and "adult RP", to me you seem to be talking about theme. You want to tell stories about moral ambiguity, about bad people making good decisions at times and good people making bad decisions. You want to question accepted notions of what bad and good people really even mean. I've mentioned the dichotomy of values in traits a couple of times in this interview, how traits can be positive or negative depending on context. Grey line to me means extending this notion into our story telling on a fundamental level. Is an exile Malverine a spunky rebel? Or a unstable anarchist? Is a dominion Sovereign a brutal enforcer? Or a hard edged law man? Character will be revealed and defined by context.

Now with that said, I'd like to say one word as the devil's advocate. In my opinion it would be a disservice to the guild to not take the games own themes into account. Wildstar is about conflict sure, but it is also silly, cartoony and fun. With all this focus on serious themes like morals and adult RP, storytellers might lose touch with that fact.

The best shows though never do. Firefly's a favorite of most folks I know and likely most folks here. Firefly always does humor and drama juxtaposed. There's a very good reason for that. Human emotions are understood in contrasts. We're back to the ups and downs here. You can't follow a down with a down with a down and maintain that contrast. Serious narratives will demand breaks for humor. If you don't give them, they'll become farcical and you'll get them whether you want them or not. To my mind, that juxtaposition of humor and drama ARE adult RP. That's what I'm looking for in good storytelling and that's what the best RP scenes carry off.
12-06-2013, 02:18 PM
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RE: Fanshen (Fannie) Deepwater - Scriptorium
Some very good answers there. We whole heartedly embrace WildStar's whackiness. If you read our last two Episodes you might see a level of threat, seriousness, but also humor. There is banter drama and much better.

My personal belief is that Dark Rp only gets darker and darker, light Rp just remains blah after a while. Grey Rp to me is about mixing things up and having fun while also telling stories that include many elements of story Big Grin

On Episodes, they are open ended to a degree. Sometimes we will have a discussed ending, in most cases we do not. The Episode will open with a premise and then the next one is prompted from the actions of the previous. We hope to combat the amount of time taken to do keep working on the story by spacing them out appropriately.

1. What did you think of the united unbiased history?

2. What were your thoughts on the Sovereigns Lore and the themes that we present for them?

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