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[Open RP] Fixing the Boombox
12-12-2013, 01:17 PM (This post was last modified: 12-12-2013 01:31 PM by Kyoen.)
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[Open RP] Fixing the Boombox
Date: Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Location: Algoroc
Time of Day / Weather: Evening / Clear Skies

[Image: 2961wr9.jpg]

Vampa huffed quietly, his prone position making him sore and cranky while he kept his gaze on the little cabin tucked away beneath the loftite-filled cliffs on which he hid. The distance between him and the building was far, but a bit farther would have probably been smarter, considering the amount of explosives he had hidden beneath it and the surrounding terrain. He made a mental checklist again; three mines beneath that nearly-airborne patch of loftite-bearing dirt... ten beneath the barn where the residents of the cabin stored their bikes... fourteen spread across the cliff wall that hung above the hide-out... and of course the thirty planted in the basement of building itself. Was looking to turn into one hell of a show. The Mordesh man took another look East, towards the nearby town.

The word he got from his employer - a shrewd, grumpy looking human - was that the bandit gang living in this little nook of Nexus had been making raids on every village, farm, and hippy commune in the surrounding area. Exile forces were mostly pretty busy dealing with Dominion, and so Vampa had taken on the burden of ridding these pests from the face of the planet. For a preposterous fee. The employer had even supplied the explosives, so how could Vampa refuse?

He twirled the little detonator box in his hand idly, waiting for the gang to return with their spoils of war, or whatever they called it. The town he had seen them go to in the morning was a pretty sad excuse for a settlement, by most accounts, but it kept them occupied long enough for Vampa to set up the trap. Now all he had to do was wait, and hit the button at the right time. Cakewalk.

And what do you know? He faintly heard the sound of thundering engines in the distance, getting louder by the second. He picked up his datapad, and accessed the security camera he had placed on the way in. Sure enough, he could see the cloud of dust headed towards the clubhouse.

"Showtime," he murmured, gripping the detonator.
12-12-2013, 02:23 PM
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RE: [Open RP] Fixing the Boombox
The ground wobbled unevenly beneath Ursula's feet as she walked slowly across the floating hunk of rock she had crawled up on. Just why was she up here? Well, by now she was just wondering the same thing, backtracking through her mind as to why this was possibly a good idea. It started with an Aurin lad, some scientist looking for someone to do some work for him. It was the promise of money of course that lead her to take up this task, it seemed simple enough anyway.

“Just climb this rock located on the map inclosed and scan the crystals with this bot.” He'd tell her. Yup, Simple. That's what Ursula kept repeating to herself as kept as she continued to walk on top of one floating boulder to the other, letting the robot do its work as she tried to keep her balance. Of course it just had to be the ones near the top, the man just had to know why they floated higher than the others. Higher and higher she climbed, breathed ragged and heavy from all the strain and stress used to keep herself balanced. The leather trench coat wasn't helping either, but she refused to leave it down at the base with her hover bike. To make matters worse the sun had all ready abandoned her, with the majority of her light gone it was getting harder to tell just where was solid footing and where wasn't. But she'd press on, the promise of money to finally fill her belly with more than just power bars and instant coffee overriding the rational thoughts of stopping this bad idea.

The insanity would come to an end however. All it took was one miscalculated jump. With a small grunt she leaped, aiming for what she thought was a sturdy landing spot. It wasn't very far either, a mere stepping hop like jumping on dry stones in a river, but none the less the small patch of floating earth couldn't support her wait and she slip, letting out a little yelp as she fell. Lucky enough she didn't fall very far to breaking anything and she managed to have something soften her fall. Unlucky was the Mordesh who happened to have broken her fall.
12-12-2013, 02:28 PM
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RE: [Open RP] Fixing the Boombox
"Hurk!" Vampa yelped, suddenly being squashed by the falling woman. After the initial shock had passed, he scrambled to get out from under her, scuttling to the side and pulling one of his Mag Pistols from its holster and aiming it towards the stranger. In the scuffle, his detonator had dropped from his hand, and was now on the dirt between the two. He eyed it a moment, but made sure she didn't leave his vision. He could hear the rumbling of engines as the bandit gang approached their hide-out.

"What in the blazes are you doing?!"
12-12-2013, 02:47 PM
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RE: [Open RP] Fixing the Boombox
"W-Workin'." She'd reply flatly, a blank look on her face as she looked up to the Mordesh man from her spot sprawled out on the ground. She showed no sign of fear, or in moving in general.

"Wh-Why ya' askin'?" Blue eyes continued to stare up at the man with the gun almost as if expecting an answer in return. "Ah! A-Anyhow, I'm st-studyin' the fl-floatin' rocks, wh-what are ya' doin'?" The concept of danger seemed to have eluded her.
12-12-2013, 02:57 PM
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RE: [Open RP] Fixing the Boombox
The Mordesh man simply stared at her for a few moments before holstering his Mag Pistol again and picking up his detonator.

"You know what? I don't even care," he grumbled, turning his gaze back to the hide-out.

The bandits had dismounted from their bikes, and were headed towards the building. One of them had wandered off to the out-house for a moment, but Vampa fondly pictured the explosives he'd dropped down there too.

"Just cover your ears for a second, would you?" he said, a mere moment before smirking at arming the detonator. He pressed his thumb down hard on the red button in the middle...

...and the detonator made a small fizzle noise. Vampa stood still for a moment, watching the building and the cliff-face. He clicked it again. Still nothing. After a few seconds, he looked down at it.

"What..?" he said. The device then fired off a tiny capsule straight into the air. Vampa snapped his head back to watch it sail into the air, where it exploded into a dazzling display of pyrotechnics.

"Oh, shit," he barked. Down below, a bit more than a kilometre away, the bandits began crashing out of their clubhouse, weapons drawn.

"That definitely wasn't supposed to happen."
12-12-2013, 03:30 PM
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RE: [Open RP] Fixing the Boombox
Ursula simply blinked, head turning on the ground as she watched the man. More importantly she eyed the device within his hand, a simple detonator it seemed, used to set off all sorts of fun fantastical Devices. She let out a little happy sigh, angling her head from her position on her back at the cabin in question and from the sounds of things it was about to blow. Fantastic. She'd close her eyes, sucking in a deep breath as she waited.

Nothing. She'd pop an eye open, just in time to watch the small flare shoot out of the device. Within seconds she'd scramble to her feet, dusting herself off before running her fingers through her short mess of black hair. Great, her situation just wen't from bad to worse.

"G-Gimmie that." Without waiting she'd attempt to swipe the detonator away from the Mordesh and would start to remove the casing on the device should she steal it away.
12-12-2013, 03:38 PM
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RE: [Open RP] Fixing the Boombox
Being a little put out and generally frazzled by all that was going on, Vampa could only conjure up a faint whine of protest as the woman swiped the box from his hands. He let out a heavy sigh, eyeing the woman.

"Well, you enjoy examining that for the remaining five minutes of your life, I guess," he muttered, drawing both of his pistols. Aiming them down towards the approaching onslaught, he steadied his breath, then began unloading his limitless clips, showering the bandits with fire. He managed to hit a couple of them as they neared their garage, but plenty still got onto their hoverbikes and were now screeching towards the two. Vampa ducked down as they began returning fire, the Loftite and rock around the perch beginning to explode and crack from the assault.
12-12-2013, 04:05 PM
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RE: [Open RP] Fixing the Boombox
Ursula waved a dismissive hand as she ducked down, hiding herself behind one of the rocky outcrops as she began to tinker away. First, the cover came off, exposing some of the wiring and components that made up the device She'd hum, tilting her head as she looked at it, flinching once as a bullet came a little to close to clipping over the edge of her rock cover.

"Y-Ya' been doped. S-Someone r-rewired the blasted thing fer that nice a-addition that w-warned ya friends." She spoke over the constant gunfire and approaching bikes. "J-Just covah' me and I'll get it f-fixed!" And with that she pulled out a few wires, slowly jerry-rigging the thing back into a functional form. "Wh-What I wouldn't get fer my tools ri-right now.."

This wen't on for several long painstaking seconds, but she came out with a Frankenstein version of what the detonator once was, wires sticking out and literally twisted together, unneeded pieced removed all together, it would be miracle if it worked at all.

"I-I'd covah' them ears now." Click. She pressed the button, a deafening silence of a pause lingering for but a second before the first distant sounds of Vampa's work finally setting off. The process repeated again and again until every single mine delivered its payload in one great fiery wrath. And it was beautiful.
12-12-2013, 04:12 PM
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RE: [Open RP] Fixing the Boombox
The Mordesh man kept up the gunfire until Ursula gave him the warning. When she did, he ducked down and holstered his pistols and covered his ears. And then, the sky was on fire, the cliffs were crumbling, the ground beneath the approaching bandits was ash, and one unfortunate soul in an outhouse was just covered in a soupy geyser before being crushed to death by falling rock. Vampa simply gazed upon the display in awe. It really was beautiful.

A few seconds after the display, he turned to the woman, laughing quietly.

"That... was just outstanding. I'm Vampa," he said, hand outstretched.
12-12-2013, 04:30 PM
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RE: [Open RP] Fixing the Boombox
All that was left was the sounds of settling dirt and crumbling building upon a plot of scorched earth. Ursula had stood up moments after detonation, watching the hellish inferno consume everything in its path with equal parts disgust and admiration. But alas the spectral was over just as quickly as it came. Not even a full minute having gone by until all that was left was the settling remains of...well what ever it was she just blew into nothingness.

With a small sigh she turned to face the man, giving a good look over once more before taking his hand in a crushing grip. "Y-Ya' can call me Sapphire. Err-Erryone does." She'd nod to confirm her own words, glancing once more to the carnage that was brought among the bandits this day.

"J-Jus' wh-what where ya' packin' th-there? Y-Ya n-nearly blew the en-entire rock formation do-" She'd suddenly pause, twisting her head to look up where she had fallen. In the heat of the moment she'd forgotten why she even came here in the first place. "Ah! Th-That's right! M-My bot!" And with the grace of a drunken man she'd be off in an attempt to try and scale the cliff again though never really managing to get anywhere.

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