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Kaistiel Stormbreaker's Application
12-20-2013, 12:23 PM
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RE: Kaistiel Stormbreaker's Application
1.*hopes he understands the question correctly* I love the idea of having such a depth of history already behind the guild. This adds so much more of a dimension to the already ongoing Brightstar saga. Having a true unbiased history allows all of us to craft stories that fit within it as opposed to feeling tacked on or like a square peg in a round hole. It's also nice to have perspective on both sides that have their own take on the saga as it has unfolded.

2. As I've said before (and I don't just say it because I want to be part of the guild), I truly love the idea of the ragtag band of brothers trying to make their own way on Nexus whilst still having the ongoing feud with Tayln family. I believe the Malverine's fit perfectly within the wild and wooly Wildstar universe. I love how you've even go so far as to make up your own vernacular for the group. The whole "you can't take the sky from me" aspect of this group calls to me and I truly cannot wait to see what the future seasons have in store for this ragtag band. Selfishly I do hope to be a participant rather than a spectator.
12-20-2013, 04:45 PM
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RE: Kaistiel Stormbreaker's Application
1. As a member what do you desire from a good guild leader? Give us some examples and let us know what a leader should bring to the table? What about officers?

2. Now what about members in return? What should they do to make the guild a better place?
12-21-2013, 03:07 PM
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RE: Kaistiel Stormbreaker's Application
1. As someone who is in management and manages people on a daily basis, I personally think a good guild leader should do the same thing that a good manager does. A good manager takes a team of individuals with varying strengths and weaknesses and hones them into a productive and cohesive unit. I believe a good guild leader should invest time and energy into his/her guild to make it a vibrant welcoming place for newcomers as well as keeping it structured enough to ensure that the chaos does not take over. One of the methods that I've used at work also has a good fit in a guild. It's called "SOS" or Show, Observe, Shape. A good leader should always lead by example and show the members what is to be expected. They should always be observant of what is happening in the guild around them. A good guild leader then does his best to shape those around them. To come alongside the members and direct, redirect as needed. A good guild leader also doesn't shy away from the difficult side of things either. Such things a quelling drama, helping members sort out their conflict, and in the hopefully rarest of situations be willing to remove someone for the betterment of the guild. The officers, in my opinion should be extensions of the guild leader. They should mirror his/her ideals and be the eyes, ears, and hands of the guild leader when they either can't be there themselves or cannot juggle it all on their own.

2. Members are exactly that, members. They are not spectators, visitors, or layabouts. Members should be expected to contribute something to the guild. I understand that not all members can contribute the same amount due to varying reasons. But all members should make an attempt to bring something to the table. Whether that something is ideas for RP stories, interesting characters, or merely comic relief, they need to bring something. It's like the old adage of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." From the guild leader to the newest of the new prospects we should always be looking to make the guild a better, more enjoyable place for all of those around us.
12-21-2013, 03:59 PM
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RE: Kaistiel Stormbreaker's Application
1. The Malverines are inspired and based upon Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs, basically biker gangs. There is a lot to the culture and we try to keep the sense of that criminal organization while opening up new opportunities. How do you see your character connecting or fitting in with the Club?

2. Do you see yourself as a combative or non-combative or a mix of both for the Club? Would you join your brothers and sisters on a ride, or prefer working a business to earn the Club money?

3. What Club business were you thinking of working for? Or are you thinking of adding your own to boost the revenue for the Club?
12-22-2013, 01:33 PM
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RE: Kaistiel Stormbreaker's Application
1. Kaistiel was celebrating her 18th birthday the day the Planet Reapers came to Arboria. In the blink of an eye she went from a wide eyed and innocent young adult to watching the death of everything she held dear. Instead of joining the active defense of her planet she instead ran off into the forests that she loved so much as a child. She lived off the land for as long as she could, watching from the shadows as the trees were turned to ash. She avoided the Dominion patrols as best she could until she was finally picked up in survivor sweep by the very ones she was trying to avoid. She has spent the past several years (timeline still unknown) in Dominion captivity known only as Subject 314. She is a survivor and has endured countless "tests" as they are called by the Dominion scientists. The only thing that keeps her going each and every day is the thought that someday she might be free...whether that is through the sweet embrace of death or the outside chance that someone might actually rescue her (by intent or fate). As to her connecting with the Malverines? I envision her being discovered in the course of a raid, scouting mission or some such and being finally given her shot at freedom. I see her coming into the club along the same lines as a stray dog that someone takes pity on and nurses back to health. She is resourceful, has the ability to go unnoticed, and would be fiercely loyal to whatever organization gives her the chance to become whole again. The journey would be from wounded pet to a death-do-us-part sort of member.

2. I see Kaistiel, at least in the beginning, being eager to take on a more combative roll in the Club. She has been used and abused by the Dominion for quite some time now and would love to sink her claws, teeth, or any otherwise sharpened object into whatever threatened her new family. She has been in captivity for so long that she's itching to get out and explore and initially wouldn't have the patience or the focus needed to be able to run a business, at least not to where it would be a profitable one.

3. What jobs/roles I see Kaistiel doing for the club would be:
-Bounty Hunter: She has an borderline obsession for seeing criminals brought to justice. Though the judge or any sending her out might do well to specify what condition they want said criminal in when she returns or they might end up with pieces.
-Scout: She loves to run free and she hasn't had that opportunity for awhile. She might wander a bit at first but she is rather detail oriented and nimble enough to reach the higher vantage points.
-Scrounger: She lived off the land on her own while her planet was being systematically destroyed. She's learned to make do with little and survive all the same. If someone needs a hard to find part, plant, or paraphanellia just give her a picture and a basic description and she's bound to do her darndest to find it.
-Waitress: Obviously a girl's gotta pay her dues. Not all of club life is scouting and hunting down ne'er do-wells
12-22-2013, 04:00 PM
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RE: Kaistiel Stormbreaker's Application
Final questions!

Is Kaisteal a Stalker? Just curious what she was experimented on for Big Grin

Here are the last set of questions -

1. We have asked you about our character standard, but let ask something a bit more. BlackSky focuses on creating a immersive, and lore focused storyline. We do not mind some lore bending, but we as a guild focus on trying to remain within the bounds laid out by Carbine, and also the forms of Rp our guild aims to create.

What are your thoughts on this?

2. We are a guild in pre-launch which means our activities mostly focus around forum roleplay, chatroom events, and socializing on Skype, even so most of us are here for the long haul. What is your perspective?
12-23-2013, 02:18 PM
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RE: Kaistiel Stormbreaker's Application
To answer the query, Kaistiel is indeed a stalker. The depth and details of the experimentation and tests are something I'm still working through but one would imagine they would be along the lines of the physical limitations and possible enhancements of the indigenous species of Arboria and how they could be used to aide the Dominion. This is something I'd love to bat around with some of y'all even if I'm not accepted just because you've been immersed in the lore longer and I don't want to make a Wolverine clone or anything quite so Cliche'.

1. I love the fact that you're sticking by the lore created by Carbine. While some tend to believe that such an inflexible stance can stifle RP creativity, I'm of the belief that it actually enhances it. To give a real life example of my thoughts consider this: We as humans are bound by the laws of gravity. Regardless of how much we might wish we could fly, we simply cannot because of that darned rigid law that is gravity. If it didn't exist we could simply fly and that would be that. The shear fact that gravity exists has inspired so many people to delve into the depths of their creativity and find a solution that would allow folks to fly. Without gravity (or RP guidelines) people just flap their wings and fly, no one stands out, nothing is really that amazing. With gravity (or in case you're not tracking yet "RP GUIDELINES" =) )) we have so many incredible innovations from Da Vinci to the Wright Brothers to Dr Hans Von Ohain and Sir Frank Whittle. I find the guidelines refreshing as opposed to limiting. Though I suppose that means that my half Aurin, half Mordesh, two-thirds vampire, one-eighth dragon character idea will not fly (Yes, I'm kidding here, though someday it is my goal to find one of those roaming Nexus.)

2. I've loved just reading all of the forum RP up to this point. To be completely honest most of my RP experience has taken place in real time so there'll be a bit of a learning curve with the forum RP, but I'm not one to back away from trying new things and eventually getting good at them. Totally all over the chatroom events and I don't mind socializing at all on Skype. I might come across as quiet or even shy at first, but that's mostly cause I like to listen and get the feel of people before I come completely out of my shell. As for the long haul? Well I've been excited for this game since I first saw that trailer, and while I can't as of this point say whether or not I've had hands on experience I can say that unless my rig blows up before the game is out I will be logging on to Nexus on launch day. My work schedule and family life take up a decent amount of my time so there may be times I can't hang out or make events but if I wasn't in it for the long haul I wouldn't have bothered with applying. Y'all seem like a great bunch of folks and I'll cross my fingers that I'll get my prospect patch, and even if I don't I'd still love to be friends!!! That is the answer to the final set of questions and the rest is up to fate to decide. (Well actually for Sin and Co. to decided but ....*stops rambling*)
12-24-2013, 07:36 AM
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RE: Kaistiel Stormbreaker's Application
Excellent replies! Apologies for not responding earlier, holiday season!

Your application is now up for consideration!
12-24-2013, 08:19 AM
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RE: Kaistiel Stormbreaker's Application
Thanks so much for the oppurtunity to apply!
12-25-2013, 09:02 AM
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RE: Kaistiel Stormbreaker's Application
Welcome to the BlackSky, Prospect!

Welcome to the BlackSky Community! As you have just passed our OOC interview the next step is your Roleplay introduction into the BlackSky!

To do this you can join an ongoing active open thread in our forums (ANY OPEN THREAD, check out the OOC Discussion if you need assistance!). You can also Rp your way in via skype with an officer, to do this just ask in here in your application thread or feel free to directly talk to an Officer (use your thread for this if you want to Big Grin). Finally, you can create a new OP in the Long Road forum to get an Rp going!

You will be a full prospect in the guild and on your way to earning your colors!

You can also work on your character bio (totally optional) and feel free to introduce yourself in the intro forum!

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