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Kaistiel Stormbreaker ((WIP))
12-28-2013, 03:07 AM (This post was last modified: 05-28-2014 11:33 AM by Kaistiel.)
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Kaistiel Stormbreaker ((WIP))
Kaistiel Stormreaker

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The Basics
Race: Aurin
Age: 28-30 (Kinda depends on the official timeline)
Gender: Female
Class: Stalker
Path: Soldier/Explorer
Job: Bounty Hunter/Scrounger/Scout

The Appearance
(What does your character look like?)
Kaistiel is a rather slender and pale Aurin female. Her white hair is always in a state of disarray, regardless of how much time she, or anyone else might spend on it. She doesn't have poor hygiene, but nine times out to ten she can be seen sporting dirt, dust, grease, sweat, or blood on her face, hands and clothing. Interestingly enough on that note though, her weapons are always spotless. She appears thin, but not frail and thin scars can be seen trailing over almost every part of exposed skin. Her eyes are very pale. They're always darting around, a mixture of fear, curiosity, and anger typically swirling around in them, tempered with the occasional touch of black humor.

The Personality
Kaistiel has a rather dark sense of humor which can be off-putting to some, endearing to others.

-She is fiercely loyal to those she calls friends and family.
-She has a knack for finding those hard to find items that everyone eventually needs.
-She's a survivor (Check out the backstory.)
-She's great to have by your side in a fight, just don't get too close once she gets going.

-She has an aversion to being touched without permission.
-She's claustrophobic with a hint of PTSD
-She can be a bit unpredictable at times (Picture a loose cannon, then picture Kaistiel riding on top of said loose cannon.)

The BackStory
Affiliations: Thorns of Arboria (Had some interactions with them before she was "removed" from Arboria. The Blacksky Malverines.
Quick Notes: (Give some quick notes on your characters history and story here)
  • Kaistiel watched her family die on her 18th birthday, the day the Planet Reapers arrived on Arboria.
  • She fought against the Dominion as long as she could before finally being captured.
  • She was turned over to Dominion scientists to study, interrogate, and enhance. She is known to them only as "Subject 314"
  • Kaistiel has spent the last 6-8 years in Dominion captivity
  • She has few possessions from her former life on Arboria. The one thing she treasures is a silver pendant from her sister.


How did they Join the Gang?



Titles: Deputy


RP History / Notes

"Curses are blessings with darker wrappings."

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