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[Main] Fanshen (Fannie) Deepwater
01-23-2014, 05:26 AM (This post was last modified: 05-19-2014 08:24 AM by scriptorium.)
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[Main] Fanshen (Fannie) Deepwater
Fanshen 'Fannie' Deepwater

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The Basics
Race: Cassian
Age: 32 Galactic Standard Years
Gender: Female
Class: Stalker
Path: Explorer
Job: Assassin / Wetworker

The Appearance
Fit, approx 5' 9" (175cm), 150lbs (68kg), curvaceous but well muscled, conventionally attractive, sharp featured, black hair, green eyes, olive complexion.

The Personality
At first blush, Fanshen is a text book charismatic sociopath. A consummate wetworker who enjoys her vocation, Fanshen has no remorse in the execution of her commissions. That is not to say she is cruel or emotionally gratified by killing. She concerns herself solely with the efficient execution of her services and takes pride in her work the way any craftsperson or retainer might. That her craft is the death, she would say is immaterial.

While being charismatic and approachable, it is difficult to say whether she develops attachments in her interpersonal relationships. In fact, she has on several occasions used interpersonal relationships to get close to her target to allow the efficient application of her craft. It is difficult to determine if her emotional states are feigned camouflage or genuine or whether Fanshen herself knows the difference.

Besides wetwork, Fanshen has worked commercially as an accomplished tumbler and acrobat, cat burglar, pickpocket, con artist, investigator, courtesan, security specialist and bodyguard. She speaks several Cassian dialects, as well as being fluent in most Dominion racial languages (those that Cassian physiology allows pronunciation of at least.) She holds Dominion guild certifications in several of the social and physical sciences. She is well organized and professional, always keeping a business like demeanor.

Beneath the cool and professional demeanor, Fanshen's psyche is fundamentally damaged. She understands the notions of morality, emotional, relationships conceptually, but they do not exist as experiential fact for her. Fanshen is essentially an actor with no reference for these facets of social life. She accomplishes simulation of them through extensive study and observation, but the attentive or perceptive will be able to detect these facades for what they are.

Due to this fact, she keeps no intimate relationships, friendships, lovers or otherwise. She is isolated and incapable (at least within her experience) of being otherwise. When the complex mask of persona that she wears drops, the revealed blank slate is unnerving to say the least. It might be best described at suddenly realizing you were swimming next to a great white shark.

The BackStory
Fanshen guards the details of her history carefully. She's taken extensive action to have her information trail obliterated beyond what she requires for her professional activities. What can be determined by the zealous (or foolhardy) is that she is not highborn nor of noble blood. It is likely her family derived from the merchant or servant castes. Her constructed persona records detail her as a ward of the state, educated through the Dominion Academy with distinguished service to ICI before early retirement to free agency. It is notable the ICI, though knowing the falsity of this persona, supports its legitimacy. The intelligence agency's purposes with regards to this obfuscation remain a mystery, but on at least three occasions Fanshen has freelanced on ICI's behalf. So the connection between her and the organization is a matter of debate.

Affiliations: ICI

Quick Notes: TBA


    How did they Join the Gang?
    Fanshen first came to the attention of Sovereign command through their contacts in ICI. She was vetted for operations status through a few low level engagements both in wet work and infiltration. Quite recently the Talyn family decided to extend the relationship into one of retainer and patron. She's been assigned to Nexus as floater operative, to be used at this discretion of command in the field.

    As a retainer operative, Fanshen does not hold an official rank. Her authority derives only from the commanders who are engaging her in the field.




    RP History / Notes

    [Image: scriptorium.png]

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