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Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves [2 / 8, 1668 | Galeras | Malverines X Sovereigns]
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Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves [2 / 8, 1668 | Galeras | Malverines X Sovereigns]
Pre-Season – Episode 3: Dead Leaves

This thread is: LOSED – You may sign up and use one of the story hooks below. Make sure to coordinate if you are jumping in the middle of action with those in the thread currently
using the OOC thread.


Welcome to Episode 3 of the Pre-Seasaon Everyone. This Episode is going to see a slight change from the last two as we try to lay out a much clearer format for this Episode. For this reason the first section of this post will be OOC Background information for the Episode, including some maps, and also with the goals of the Episode. Finally we will include points of entry for everyone including prospects! And outsiders wanting to RP there way into their chosen guild!

The BackStory
”Click to read about the BackStory” (Click to View)
The Mission
”Click Here to Learn more About the Mission” (Click to View)
OOC Information
Click Here to read the OOC Information (Click to View)
The Rules
Click to read the Rules (Click to View)
Conclusion will Occur
At a point in time as the thread flows, we will call for concluding posts. This may require you to end things on a cliff hanger to be prepared for the next episode. Note there will be an intermission point between this and the current thread. For that purpose the actual auction will -not occur- until the time seems right. Your actions as players will have to determine when the game begins.
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RE: Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves
Cathal was staring at himself in a mirror as his usual bit of dress was changed. Right now he was wearing the military fatigues of the Exile Army and was doing his best to keep his composure. Memories from his offcers training back on the Arkship came running back to him as he took time to practice his flat lack of accent. The man slowly made his way to the front of the military transport as his friend Bets finished piloting the ship through the atmosphere towards the town of Motley.

The ship in of itself was small and compact. Within it there was a small hidden arsenal of enough weapons for a get away and reinforced shielding and armor. The ship itself was oblong in shape with a two person cockpit in a snubnose shape and a elongated sitting area for the troops themselves. A large open area with just enough room to walk to the other side in three steps. Really it had barely enough room to fit people and was just long. The rest of the room was filled with supplies for trade and the necessary gadgets to plan to the heist much later.

Effectively the ship was acting as a compact, smelly, unwelcoming HQ for their job.

The Day before...
"I just got word from my contacts within the Darkspur Cartel that a man named Johnny TwoFingers is planning on selling some information." Cathal's words echoed off the back of the Salon as he told his gathered brothers and sisters for a recent Church.

"The information includes stolen records they hacked off our server apparently during the last Raid by the Sovereigns, and also information stolen from the Sovereign themselves. The group who did this is an upstart gang here in Algoroc known as the Rippin' Girroks. The brats apparently want us out and are led by some piece of shit I don't have the name of yet.

Anyway, Johnny is auctionin off the goods in a town a few days from now called Motley. A place in Galeras controlled by several ciminal groups wit heavy guns. I'm going in undeercover ta negotiate and larn about the auction. Those of you who want in, need ta use the information I'll be givin ye, plus the fatigues to concoct workable backgrounds.

We're goin in as a black ops squad who works with the Hoods so learn your shit." He said and set down a series of data crystals which held the information and then said, "Once ye get an idea Reggie will help ye compile the information and insert it into the general Net for the guards of Motley."

Modern Day
Major Alex Cavanagh, that was his name for his cover. His hair was dyed black, and he had used contacts to change his green eyes to brown. That and a added a fake scar across his eye. All in all it was horrible, but even if the Sovereigns saw him they wouldn't break their own cover. Johnny didn't know him well enough and he was going to be wearing a scrambler that would deal with face recognition software. In fact he had passed one around to the entire troop.

They were all sitting dressed in ready along the long benches that made up the seating area of their ramshackle transport. Open exposed circuity and piping were along the wall, as belts and backseat were non-existent.

"Real beaut bets," he said to the Pilot as the woman laughed at him. His old contact and homsteader friend was the one who had somehow gotten the old piece of junk. The thing looked like some piece of shit once used by the Granok Free Companies years ago. The except the entire lower section which usually would have ended in a sort of toward facing trapazoid was missing.

"Extra fueling and cargo not necessary," Bets has informed him. The man rolled his eyes as the sight of Motley came into view from the cock pit. A large ringwall with technical gun-towers filled their view. Just above the wall were a small row of buildings and several tiny figures moving about their lives. As they flew onward a small voice crackled over the com.

"This is the control tower, land the bird near the gate and proceed outward," the voice commanded as a pair of large cannons aimed toward the transport. Another was already there emblazoned with the emblem of the Dominion marking the already evident arrival of the Sovereigns (Cathal assumed). Not much more could be said as Cathal took out his e-cig and started to inhale the fine toxin laced mist. It helped to calm the man's nerves as his eyes ran along the sight from the open door leading into the cockpit.

"When we land turn on yer private coms, an' separate. WE need ta find as much information as possible before we can pull back and plan our strategy for the auction. If ye can avoid antagonizing any Dommies you find. The local town guard dislikes trouble." He told all those gathered behind him in the troop area. The transport began to speed toward the ground as the air breaks kicked in and a sudden jolt rumbled through the entire machine with a shake. Bets rarely landed a bird without some sort of shaking going on mused Cathal.

Then a groan rippled around the entire ships form as the door which was set behind Cathal began to open on the right side of the troop area between the right seating and the small open into the cockpit. The door then folded outward into a ramp and hissed as it revealed the open air of Galeras. From the exit anyone walking out would see the open double reinforced gates of the town and the thirty foot ringwall which surrounded it.

"Game time," Cathal said to everyone and walked out making his way toward the checkpoint. Several guards greeted him as he held out a small card which was laced with the necessary information. They scanned the chip and flagged him onward and gestured for the rest to follow suit.
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RE: Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves
Zakk followed Cathal until he was stopped by the same guard that checked the bosses Id. As he ran the ident chip under the scanner, Zakk's fabricated profile came up, PVT Damian Grey...go on through." Sighing to himself, Zakk stepped through the checkpoint. With his deadlocks tucked tightly under the skull cap of a grunt's uniform, Zakk wasn't sure if the made up profile would stand up to a scan, but he was glad it did. After passing the checkpoint Zakk noticed the Dominion lander next to an closer gate, " Sovs are here," Zakk thought to himself, "Best to get what we need and get the hell out of here." Splitting off from the other Exiles that disembarked the craft, Zakk headed for the town square that he saw on a map of the town. Tabbing his personal comms Zakk looked around, marking eagle nests and guard locations, "I'm heading for the town square and waiting for further orders."

Jack Donovan

Sitting at a large hardwood desk, Jack went over the guard schedules for the day. He was stretched thin, he already had to deal with every damn gang in this town, and now the Dominion and Exile armies were coming to visit. "Guard post one, ensure 100% Id check, I don't care what their rank is. "No fuck ups today...not today." Jack thought to himself. Placing the paperwork on his desk, jack grabbed his standard issue shotgun and walked out of the office door. As he stepped out he could see a few members of the Exiles as they made their way through the checkpoints and into the town. Nodding at the guard, Jack began to patrol the area, "All stations, I'm walking the town, relay any situations to central and keep the town tight!"


"Ghost in position." Clara sat on the roof of one of the eagle's nests in the town. With her cloak working at 100% again after the bandit incident, it was laughably easy to scale the building without any guards noticing her. Aiming down the sights if her new rifle, Clara watched as the Exile army walked through the front gates "The exiles are coming in, only two so far, I don't recognize either of them." Clara jumped at the opportunity to work with the Zeta 1 squad when the assignment came up, clandestine Ops were her favorite, and Zeta 1 was a well respected unit in the Dominion military. Settling in to her post, Clara chuckled to herself. The guard below her had no idea that she was above him, and if he inconvenienced her in any way he would be dead before he hit the floor of the nest. Cracking her neck, Clara zoomed in on the best looking targets, "Ready when you guys are."

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RE: Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves
The Mordesh groaned as he came to, his head all fuzzy and his joints stiff. As he creaked his eyes open, he regretted it, as the pitiful light from a nearby window pierced through his eyes and stuck daggers in his brain.
The previous day flooded back to him, being ambushed by the same guy who had set him up, knowing that the demolition of that minor gang had been a set-up. As he struggled to regain consciousness, he mused over the fact that the armed guard outside his cell looked like a gang-type guy himself. Entirely possible that his job had been to get rid of the competition.
As he attempted to move his arms, he found that they were bound together and above his head, tight shackles around his wrists.
Mustering some of his focus, he attempted to phase shift free from his bonds, but instead of blinking into the warm, orange pocket dimension, his head burst with a flowery, festive display of varying agonies.
Well, shit.
This kind of magic-disabling drug had been used on Vampa before, and its effects were all too familiar. So, for now, he simply sat in his cell, wondering idly why they hadn't killed him yet, but dreading learning the answer. It was rarely a pleasant reason, in his experience.
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RE: Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves
Carnatia Treerunner:

Carna walked a few paces behind Cathal. She wore and oversized army helmat and a larger, baggier army jacket. She wore matching pants and combat boots, and hard a large rifle/cannon gun (like an engineers gun) slung over her shoulder. Hidden under her baggy coast was her psyblade, and her blond hair and been pulled up into a tight bun that now hid underneath her large helmet.

Also one should clarify she isn't actually walking, she is more in a half skip, and giggling to herself. Her long blond tail swishing happily behind her, a large pink bow tied delicately over top her silver tail clasp. As she skips along and they go to scan her chip she reaches up and pinches the mans cheek and says in a high nasally, "OH MAH WEAVE YOUS A CUUUTIE, SUGAR PIE!" Then she gives off this shrill of a 'cute' laugh. The guard looks perturbed. but upon scanning her fake identity appears. Betty 'Bubblegum' Blossomfuse.

The guard upon reading the 'Bubblegum' part looks up and sees a large pink bubble of bubblegrum growing out of the Aurin's mouth. When she pops the bubble, she gives a girlish laugh and starts slowing again just looking straight at the guard, quite possibly unnerving the man. The man waves her in, probably to just get her away from him, "Awe, thank you sugar bean! Hehe!" Then she turns and skips to catch up to Cathal. She continues to skip lightly, hands held behind her back, and chewing her bubblegum obnoxiously, blowing a bubble now and then. She looks around all over the place, almost looking like an airhead heiress sterotype. But really all her mindless looking around, wasn't so mindless it was her taking in the ground.

She continues to skip alongside Cathal and begins to hum and happy upbeat tune, and she would giggle every now and then. Pink bubbles growing a popping from her mouth the whole time.

Natasha Zakov (Lacienega Lazarov):

The deep purple skinned Mordesh stood over the various goods. She was quiet in her work. She wore an ivory colour blouse that hung below her shoulders, which showed the yellow elixir that flowed in her body, and a tight black leather corset. She wore a black leather belt, and black lather pants and knee high leather stiletto boots. There are two mag-pistols strung to her waist by the belt, and she wears dark black glasses on the top of her head at the moment, because it is darker inside.

She works away quietly on a data-pad, taking note of all of the goods and making sure they were all there.

"Natasha," A man calls, "They've begun arriving." Without looking up Natasha nods and responds in a very thick accent (Think heavy Russian accent), "Very well." Then she is alone once more. Natasha only looks up when she is sure she is alone heaves a sigh, You are ready for this Lacienega, this is why they put you here. she thinks to herself in her head.

Natasha Zakov is really Black Hood agent Lacienega Lazarov in deep cover.
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RE: Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves
Jane rested quite comfortably in the cramped transport ship. The simple military wardrobe, not so different from her usual dress, was slightly off on the proportions but the leather duster masked the baggy fabric that drooped from her shoulders. Sitting on the floor, she rummages around in her pack, retrieved a smaller leather pouch, and start thumbing through the extensive collection of false identities and fake credentials she kept on hand for "emergencies." One lifted away from the group and she popped it into her data pad to check the information one more time. Doctor of Psychiatric Medicine and Preventative Therapeutic Pharmaceuticals, Abigail Westworth. A smirk tugged up the corner of her mouth. How appropriate. A drug pusher for crazy people. Tilting her head back, she squeezed a small bottle over her head and let a few drops splash into her eyes. Everything went hazy as the dye took affect. Brown as the new green, right? As the airlock blew and the door hissed open, Jane stood in her tiny piece of personal space and started hiding everything back into her pack except the identity chip. "Here we go."

Following the procession from the ship to the gate, she took notice of the Dominion vessel already docked and empty. No surprise there. The boots ahead moved on and she took her place in front of the guard. She held out her hand for Jane's identity card. The scanner pinged at the first swipe, and the guard ran it again. Her gaze finally lifted from her data pad to look at Jane. "You'll have to wait out here." Jane grabbed the card, "It does that sometimes," she gave a small laugh and rubbed the card vigorously over her the back of her glove. The electromagnetic initializer sewn into the back gave her a small joint that made her squint. "Ah, there, prolly just dirty. Try it again, will ya? My boss'll be all up in my ass if I don't get these meds inside." The guard looked skeptical as she accepted the cleaned card. One quick pass under the reader and this time Abigail Westworth lit up the display in all her brown-eyed glory. "Fine, hurry on." Jane accepted the ID and strolled on into Motley.
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RE: Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves

Zet sat there on the transport still going over his cover story. He was Private first class Erdist, he was no more than a normal ground troop. He wore a over sized tan all weather coat that draped down to below his knees. Underneath and strapped to his back was his sword, thankfully he checked it over again and again to make sure no noticable bulges would be made while he was walking around. The rest of his attire consisted of normal military issue gear, and very polished black boots.

He rubbed his eyes, not really from a head ache, more so because it was still a habit from when he was alive. As the aircraft landed he watched as Cathal walked out, he really didn't know much about him, and had talked to him for a bit before the mission when he showed back up at the saloon. Major Cavanagh, he had to remind himself, followed by Zakk err, private Gray, Carna aka Bubblegum, and Jane as Westworth.

As he walked down the ramp the trooper doing the ID scanning looked at him oddly.
"Bit hot to be wearing an all weather coat huh?" he eyed Zet up and down.

Zet shrugged, "I wouldnt really know now would I, seeing I'm partially dead an all ya know. Here's my ID."

Zet pushed his ID towards the trooper, watching the man scan it, read and verify the name to the picture, he nodded. Zet rolled his eyes as he passed the trooper.

The ride to the "Town" was nothing more than a convenience. You would think with as much money as the Dominion poured into everything that they would at least get decent troop transporters. But no, no in-flight movie, no food. It sucked. Walic scratched his head. He had passed through the ID scan saying that his name was Walic, and not truthfully being a known associate with the Sovereigns had helped him keep his name. Though for safety sakes he dyed his fur red, and his eyes were now blue. He was an acting scientist here to, well... he wasn't quite sure why he was here other than if stuff got out of hand he would call in his droids,which were locked into a hidden compartment that he could remote access, and create a diversion for escaping with both sets of data if necessary.

Walic watched as the Exile transport landed and they had started to file out. The transport looked like it had seen better day, but he didn't care about that. Over his eye flipped down an optical device which increased his sight distance and scanned any faces he locked onto giving him a name at minimum from the scans. Staring at the faces of the exiles as they walked down, it didn't seem as if any of the Malverines were here. Which should make things easier.

"Ghost in position.", He heard Clara say. He watched her as she jumped off the transport as soon as the door slid down and they were let off. She turned invisible and ran off.
"The exiles are coming in, only two so far, I don't recognize either of them."

Walic stared for a few more seconds, "Walic sees two more after, none are recognizable through scans. Walic thinks Malverines too scared to show up." Of course he was just saying that. He had a hunch that they would show up sooner or later.

"Ready when you guys are." Walic nodded and produced his holovid pretending to be watching something interesting, but was actually setting up his functions for his Mark-V suit, just in case.

Johnny Two-Fingers

Johnny sighed. He knew this place would be crowded today, what with the information that was being auctioned off today, he had almost thought of buying off the Sovereign one himself but then decided against it.

When the crowd had first started to pick up he was in the underground bunker with all the surveillance equipment watching the front gate and the landing pad. When the Dominion showed up he had sent a representative to greet them and give their leader a tour of the area off of a map, the map also showed all off-limit areas, including the places to eat and rest if they wanted to. Since it was still a bit of time until the auction.

He has sat in the chair watching, zoomed in on every face as they disembarked from the transport. They had looked like an odd bunch, but from being apart of the Dominion before he knew that it was often like that.

He was now doing what he had before now that the Exiles had shown up. Camera zoomed in on their faces as they came down their ramp, he watched as they went through without any faults, until the third person came out. He watched the screen on the troopers ID scanner binged red twice in a row, the woman took her ID back and began rubbing it on the back of her glove, and odd place to do that, and asked to be rescanned again.

"Go ahead." Johnny said to the trooper, who took the ID and scanned it again. This time it went through.

Johnny ran his claw across his scarred chin, he hadn't got this position through words alone. And keeping it had been all the more fun still. Switching to the other screen he saw his representative meet up with the first figure who had came out. His credentials read a Major Alex Cavanagh. He watched carefully as the rep showed him the map, along with the places to eat, rest, and the off limit places just as he had with the Dominions.

When he figured it would be appropriate enough he cleared his throat and pressed a button that splayed out to loudspeakers all over the town.

"Welcome esteemed guests. I, Johnny Two-Fingers, would like to welcome you all to my humble town of Motley." He heard a few snickers come from behind him. He knew why, and he smirked too. The only reason his town was humble at the moment was because of all his lackeys were out patrolling the town.

"I would like to thank you for showing up and being apart of this," he paused momentarily "this grand occasion. Just to lay down a few rules here, there will be NO fighting in or around my town or you will be shot on sight with no other warning. I don't care what happens after the auction, but it will not take place in my town under my watch. Also, I'm sure you have already noticed but we have guests from both the Dominion, and the Exiles." Both names he said with a mouthful of hate. "They are under my protection at this time and if I catch anyone trying to fuck with them they will be dealt with by me publicly. Also just to let it be known, in the back of the general store we do have a buffet lined up for some of the more high rolling guests, and have a specific bunker lined up for any of those who wish to rest before the auction. Which will take place whenever I feel up to coming down and commencing it. For now, enjoy the scenery."

He didn't know why, but he really didn't care either, he had set up some fireworks for the viewers. Mainly though it was to get them used to the loud noises of explosions. He was sure there were more to come.

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RE: Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves
Kaistiel sat frozen in the back of the transport vehicle. Cathal's words of "Game Time" still rang in the back of her mind. Was she really ready for this? Would she be able to keep her identity hidden from any Dommies in the area? She took a deep breath and started to get up from her seat, only to be brought up short. "Damn it all Kai, you forgot to undo you restraints," she mutters vehemetly to herself. She sucks in a deep, calming breath and undoes the catches on the seat harness and hauls herself upright. She passes a slightly trembling hand through her now auburn locks that spills haphazardly over her shoulders. She is wearing a long black military duster, tall boots (spit polished of course), an eye patch to break up her facial features, and finally a dark beret (canted at a rakish angle.)

She exits the vehicle with steel in her eyes and a fluttering heart. As she approached the check point, ID at the ready, the trooper opened his mouth as if to say something. Kaistiel gave him a hard glare that seemed to take all the chattiness out of him and thrust her ID into his waiting hands. "Specialist Celadres Leafwhisper, and I'm running a bit late so I would appreciate we keep your blathering to a minimum."

The trooper's adams apple bobbed visibly as he swiped her ID card, his eyes flickering to hers as the light glowed green. "You're free to proceed'am."

Kaistiel, snatched her ID back with a hiss and then allowed herself a slight grin as soon as she was past him. She picked up her pace to catch up with the far, so good.

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RE: Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves
Scavara had sat through the flight quietly, her mind a buzz with all the things about her fake identity. She didn't want to mess anything up. This was her chance to prove herself to the Sovereigns. If this mission failed, and it was her fault, she doubted she'd ever get another chance to join.

The female Draken checked her reflection for what seemed like the thousandth time, trying to get used to her new appearance. While she wasn't a well-known figure, it was better safe than sorry. So she had gotten temporary dye injections, which had changed her scales from their natural reddish-brown and tan to a dark purplish-black with a purplish-pink color replacing the tan. She also wore contacts that changed her yellow-green eyes to an icy blue. Overall, the combation was striking, but she still preferred her natural looks.

But once the hovercraft came to a halt, all nervousness left. This was a job, just like any other. Scavara got up and followed Walic out of the vehicle. The Zeta 1 suit fit her like a second skin, drawing appreciative looks from the less-focused guards. But Scavara didn't pay them any attention. Her silky raven-black hair was pulled up into a neat bun, and here eyes were focused on the datapad she was carrying.

Scavara handed over the datapad and her id at the scan point, knowing that the guard would want to make sure there were no viruses on it. When he scanned the id, her fake identity would come up. Xaia of Clan Nightshadow was her alias, and it obviously went through because the guard handed her back her id and datapad with out a word. She offered him a wink and flirtatious smile before following her Chua comrade through the gates. When she heard Clara and Walic on her com she nodded slightly. "I don't recognize any scents." She said.
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RE: Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves
Everything was going along swimmingly for now it appeared to everyone. Cathal was already passed the gates, and his attention slowly turned to face the rest of his crew. At the moment his focus was making sure everyone got through with little trouble, and as quickly as possible. The man was standing a few feet away from the entrance when he noticed Zakk moving toward the Town Square, and for a while Cathal remained silent. His team had a right to take a look at the place.

Quote:"I'm heading for the town square and waiting for further orders."

"Roger that Zakky boy, jus' dun piss of them, I'll be heading slowly toward the auction house." Cathal said the words quickly so he could get things moving without much issue. What then drew his attention was the bit of fanfare started by the one and only, blood Carnatia Treerunner. Of course how in the world could he have not seen her doing something like this. WEll, the truth was that Cathal had not really expected her to be so, flamboyant. Then he realized she was skipping along beside him.

"Hello to see you again Betty," he said to her kindly. He began to make his way through the shifting small crowd rambling all over the place toward the Auction house.

"Where's the Doc?" he asked carefully over the com trying to find out where Jane was. He quickly glanced over to see Zet, one of the new prospects who he did not know much about. Cathal was still on his way toward the auction house when a voice thread its way into the open air of the town. It was Johnny TwoFingers. The man proceeded to lay out the rules of the game and the undercover Boss nodded silently. They were good rules, and he was sure the KingPin would enforce them.

He then glanced over his shoulder and noticed the new prospect, Kaisteal, looking a bit shifty.

"Calm your nerves prospect," he said gently to her over the com before gesturing for her to run up and join him with Carnatia.

The Sovereigns
"Whatever," groused Emrys as he remained on the ship, activating a holo system the man sent a request to roger to begin hacking the primary defense system fo rthe town. Although he was here at the moment to act as coordinator, the Esper was annoyed that he had to be on the bloody planet at all. His attention was split to keep an eye on his assigned bodyguard, one bloody Fahari.

"You just gonna keep whining," she asked laconically while sitting beside him in the primary cockpit of the transport.

"Find the damn files and get in there and out," Emrys groused as he heard the affirmation of Clara's location. The man was just simply being impatient at this point. Fahari was busy watching the other Draken lazily.

And so it began. The undercover operation was in action as both factions started their play to gain access to the auction house. It was during that time Sam the Dog was quietly watching everyone from the small grouping of bikes near the General Store. The Rippin Girroks leader was a fairly dumpy looking man, and he was here to make sure the deal he'd set up with Johnny went down. Of course when he saw the arrival of the two bidding groups he raised an eyebrow and took in the sight as best he could.

"This is goin be a goo' time boys," he said to a grouping of his gang members. They were having a good time as their eyes trailed over the various women coming out of the checkpoint gate that day. A crowd of humans eyed the Aurin walking with a man that Sam could not place. Then there was some saucy looking Draken.

The Girroks were mostly muscle, but they weren't as stupid as they looked. They were also weary of Jack the captain of the town guard who seemed to be tightening the place up. Sure, the Girroks were allies of Johnny's, but the still did't trust him. As a crew the Rippin' Girroks were usually a lot more cautious than others. They had appeared on the scene without as much of a whisper, but had started pulling off high stakes heists as quickly as they could. Their efficiency in getting a good job done was one reason they were direct competition for the Malverines. Their blatant neutral ties is also one reason they were despised by the Sovereigns.

Luckily the Girroks didn't know either group was present, yet.

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