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Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves [2 / 8, 1668 | Galeras | Malverines X Sovereigns]
05-15-2014, 08:37 AM
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RE: Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves
"Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to inform you that the auction will begin soon. But first I would like to demonstrate the hospitality that we here have for each other. So if I could I would like everyone to gather here by the store so we can make sure everyone's here and not sneaking about."

Johnny Two fingers’ voice slithered across the hot streets of Motley like a stink-snake, snapping Flint’s attention away from Mae’s power converter. He sighed, hot sun beat down on the oversized bike left next to the wrecker around the side of the shop. He leaned the Wrench on his girl “You two play nice now” he rumbled as he patted Mae’s seat.

A few short strides took him to the front of the garage. Looking left, he noted the Town Hall where the auction was slated to occur, where townsfolk were milling about. To the right, down the road was the gate, guarded but open to allow for the visitors to enter the city. A grin slowly spread across Flint’s face as he watched the guards there. “Might yet be your day, Flint old buddy,” he mused to himself. With Mudfoot and Beans both at the bar, an idea began to form in the Granok’s head.

Turning to the wrecker, he stepped up to the cab and checked the driver’s seat and dash. Nope, not there - he then looked up, reaching with a craggy finger. He tipped the sun shield down, and like the promise of a new day, the key to the kingdom toppled into his craggy palm.

“Well Mae, seems like today’s the day. C’mon old girl” He’d swung the wrecker’s winch around and quickly hoisted the beat to shit bike up onto the bed. In a few quick moments he’d lashed the girl down, secure as a pebble in a cradle.

Grinning, he hefted the massive wrench onto his broad shoulder and strode towards the general store. He noted a vibrantly pink Aurin popping bubblegum up ahead, and a number of others gathering - faces not from around these parts. The grin spread wider across his face as the warm breeze shifted, his spirits lifting. He’d caught the buzz of anticipation and excitement rippling through the gathering crowd, deciding today was the day he’d put Motley behind him.

“A’course, it wouldn’t be nice to leave without saying goodbye,” he rumbled as he strolled, head and shoulders above the rest of the town. “Wouldn’t want to miss a party like this one, no sir-ee.”
05-17-2014, 08:27 AM
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RE: Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves

Zet stopped as soon as he heard the announcement, turned and headed towards the slowly gathering crowd. He really didn't want to mess anything up here so he sat kinda in the back on the side of a building so he could hide from the Chua who was following him. He stood over most of the people anyway, and since the person speaking was a draken he could see him pretty much perfectly.

He watched as the cassian and the draken exchanged a few words then the cassian turned and took off like he was somewhat upset about something the draken had said.

"What do you thinks going on? I figures there would have been a fight ya know? Guess the draken ain't all that tough." Zet felt his fingers moving towards his sword.

"No. Not here, not yet. The boss hasn't given us any signals yet." He was actually having to struggle with himself, this definitely wasn't normal and definitely wasn't good.


Grabbing a bottle of liquid from his pouch he poured some in his mouth, gargled it, then spit it out. He then took a few more swigs and corked and put it away.

"Stupid humans keeping walic from his target. I will find that walking maggot filled corpse and figure out who he is."

His ears perked up at the announcement from their esteemed host and he grumbled. Shaking his head he went back to his holo-vid and began making more adjustments to his suit. Seeing the mass of bodies making their way towards the host he opted to stay in the back.

Johnny watched as his guests formed a semi circle around him. Seeing Jack walk away in a somewhat flustered manner brightened his mood. A flutter of a thought of needing to find a new sheriff popped into his mind and was immediately banished, who would he banter with. The hate between them was real enough and there was always the possibility of one of them being killed, but at the moment they were mutually beneficial to one another.

Watching everyone gather around him slow, people were coming out of the store, the bunker, and some were still milling in from the main entrance. He was no longer worried about them, anyone who was actually here for the auction would have been here by now.

He sat in silence for a few moments wondering how this would turn out. He hoped this would be a fun quick auction, but he doubted it.

"Ladies, gentlemen, esteemed guests, once again I welcome you to my humble town of Motley. I am proud of the amazing turnout of this auction. To have all the private personnel here to buy these, quite delicious, pieces of information involving some particular factions in the exile and dominion groups. To actual agencies inside of the Exiles and Dominions. This should be a fun event. Now for a few simple rules, we all love rules don't we? I know I do. No more than two persons from any agent shall be allowed inside to see these devices at any given time. To maintain fairness and allow all who wish to bid on these items a chance to see them I will also impliment a time limit for being in there. After which, any and all serious bidders will elect a single person which will be inside and do the bidding for the whole group." While hearing a bit of muttering about this he put his hands up in a gesture of silence. " I know these terms may not sound favorable but for the sake of fairness, it is how I wish to do things."

Hearing a beep he took a quick glance at his wrist. Seeing the message he looked up at the camera which had just moved and grinned.

The message had read: Sir, we had an unauthorized use of movement in the camera closest to your position, the movement seemed to stim from the alternate controls from the sheriffs office. We will be sending some guards to check the disturbance.

Jack should be in for a pleasant suprise then. Knowing Jack screened most of his messages, and probably wouldn't look anyway, he sent him a message saying: Beware of visitors.

Just cryptic enough that if he did read it, he may not understand it.

"I'm sorry for the interruption ladies and gentlemen, just a quick problem I had to take care of. Now, make sure you have a decent refreshment and please, if you'd follow me, we will begin to kick things off."

I am Blue/White
I am Blue/White
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05-18-2014, 08:40 AM
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RE: Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves
"I'm sorry for the interruption ladies and gentlemen, just a quick problem I had to take care of. Now, make sure you have a decent refreshment and please, if you'd follow me, we will begin to kick things off."

Kaistiel, still linked with "Betty" raises her eyebrows at the latest developments. She takes another long drag from her cigarillo and glances around the crowd thoughtfully. "Refreshments and a quick who could ask for more?" she rolls her eyes slightly and gives another small grin to the riot of pink next to her. Finally unlinking herself from her companion, Kai moves herself slowly towards the edges of the crowd. She strategically leans against the corner of the General store where she can keep an eye on the crowd as well as have one less avenue of approach where trouble could come from.

She pulls out a small matte finished blade and a block of wood from her pocket and starts to whittle while smoking, a rather benign way to have a weapon out without appearing threatening. She says softly over her com...."Lets get what we came for and get out.....too many interested parties here and not all are going to get what they want.....there could be trouble."

"Curses are blessings with darker wrappings."
05-18-2014, 02:01 PM
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RE: Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves
Scavara watched the interaction between the Draken male and the Cassian closely, her sharp eyesight missing nothing. She couldn't hear what they were whispering to each other of course, but she had grown up with Cassians and knew their body language. The Cassian was either annoyed or a bit shaken over whatever the Draken had said to him, or both.

"Looks like not everyone may agree with the town leadership..." She murmured into her com, as she tapped on her data-pad. She started to follow the Draken male with the rest of the group when he said to, but her eyes weren't entirely on him. She was glancing around, using her knowledge of architecture to detect weak spots in the nearby buildings, and marked those on the map in the data pad in case some fire-power would needed later.
05-23-2014, 05:26 PM (This post was last modified: 05-23-2014 05:29 PM by ShadowedSin.)
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RE: Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves
"You are but dead leaves on the ground."
-The Executor to the Rebels

-Chop Suey is the official Theme Song of the Pre-Season

"What is the fathomable price for perfection?"

Cathal was trying to keep his attention at the task at hand. Something felt, wrong.

At the auction house a lone figure walked over two downed guards, and made their way slowly towards the location of the goods. The figure was slight and moved in a slightly agonized pattern. A strange almost perfect muscle control however defied all reason and was gifted to the being. Their movements stopped as a round of guards came in under the command of Donovan. However they stopped as the figure cloaked like any good stalker, and then they were gone.

"Target located Executor," the creature said raising a hand as a series of lattice like wires glittered along their arm. Strange green vial like extrusion poked from the the leather armor the form was wearing. The linked directly into the spine of the thief, who took in a labored breath as it spoke, "Systems Nominal."

"Scanning," the figure mumble lightly. Light thin fingers deftly move across the table as the figure loomed over the auction podium. Security measures put in place suddenly deactivated as a rogue program started to upload itself into the Motley systems. The figure stopped as the sound of a gathering crowd started outside. That was not good, extra measures would be required.

"Tac 1, this is Asset, begin phase 2." The flanging voice said suddenly as the figure moved to seize the goods upon the auction table.

"Systems Failure." The AI that monitored system suddenly voiced to Jack and Johnny. Suddenly a Klaxon broke the din of the gathering crowd. A thud ruptured just north of the auction house, as several thudding impacts struck the wall. BANG BANG BANG. A hovercopter streak over head as data started flowing into the defense system.

"WARNING eneies inbound," one of the exterior pickets announced as the line then went dead. As the strange assault faded without warning a large low booming noise echoed across the ground. THUD THUD THUD. Then two more joined it, it was something large hovering just out of sight as data flashed across the defense grid.

"Boss, we gots a problem," came one of the wall sentries as call were going out to both Johnny and Jack.

"Assault in progress, augmentors in route," the figure was informed across their private frequency.

"Gather the Key and bring it to me," a voice replied back on the private com line. The figure stiffened at the command. THeir form shifting as the armor covering them creaked against the various strange implants rupturing their skin at the joints and neckline. Augmentations done in the name of perfection.

"Open the way," the figure ordered as a read out from the twin augmentors moving to assault.

The two large Eldan constructs appeared out of the shadow of the mountains just above motley. Striding along at a brisk pace as several smaller augmented moved along with them. A small ragtag force brimming with alien technology as a series of beams ripped out from the weaponized arms of both Augmentors. Twin beams that rushed across the clear air of Galeras to punch a hole in the great wall of Motley.

Not designed to stand the brimming weapons of the defenders of Nexus the Marauders who defended the town found themselves without question under siege. Oghra who tended the shields of the towns inner defenses rushed toward the General store to access the field generators below. Grund footsoldiers marched out in force along with Human and Throg forces from a local contingent of Darkspur fighters.

Battle was met Augmentors aimed their weapons and punched against the shields of the defenders. Meanwhile the figure in the auction house walked out into bright day. A strange tall woman with glittering yellow eyes. Her body covered in implants and replacements, a Mordesh? Her eyes lazily looked around as her body was encased in techno-leather armor streaked with glowing circuits.

"Key acquired Executor, evac in progres," the woman said over her private line.

The Malverine boss stared as the northern wall of Motley was decisively broken by a pair of weaponized Augmentors. A small horde of augmented minions along with them all carrying weapons looking a bit too advanced for what he was use to from the dig back in Algoroc.

"This is the Boss, time to pull back, the entire town is being overrun," his voice cracked over the com as a defensive line of soldiers from the local guard were cut down in a blaze of what appeared to be a shrunk Annihilator blast.

"I believe its time to retreat," Emrys simply stated as he read the information his ship was grabbing from the sudden battle.

The Episode has been great guys, but as we've had this going on for two months and its nearly launch its time to close. So if you can please post conclusion posts, take your time, but get them in by the 28th, that is this next wednesday.

IF you are trying to join a faction just run onto their ship they won't stop you as this is a MASS evacuation as a bunch of crazed Eldan constructions attack the town!

If you wish to chase after the woman contact me to discuss a lead in to the next season Big Grin

My Characters
Cathal Reily / Human Spellslinger / Malverine Boss
Fahari / Draken Stalker / Sovereign Enforcer

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"The Harbinger is coming, and the Judicator will judge us all!"
-Season 1 teaser
05-25-2014, 12:54 AM
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RE: Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves

"Oh by the weave." SHe murmured as the chaos that was the siege started. Cathal didn't need to say fall back twice. Carna turns and at a brisk pace heads towards their way out, "Come on!" she calls completely dropping the Betty persona now. She turns around and hurls a few psyblade projections at the enemies to help retreating citizens and the soldiers fighting back at the like. She throws off her helmet, her large ears fully vibile at their largeness for the first time.

But even in her retreat her attacks to distract did just that, but next thing she knows she lets out a yell of pain as a stray hits her side, burning flesh and cloth. She falls to the ground, but recovers. She hisses as she pulls off the heavy coat not because of this and grabs her side as she can feel blood starting to run down her side. HOlding her side and giving it pressure, as well as the soft glow of healing Esper magic she stand sup and continues her retreat. "Come on." She says through gritted teeth.

Carna reaches where she needs to reach before turning around to glance at the carnage. She would stay and fight, but she knows where to pick her fights believe it or not. She would have to fight another day. Her balance wavers as the pain of the wound on her side shot through her. More Esper healing energies, she turns and flees with the other Malvs.


This was taking forever. SHe hoped the auction would start already. Suddenly the sounds of the siege begin outside. Lacienga runs to a window and looks out to see. She curses under her breath and goes to the goods with her datapad and quickly makes another data log of all the things up for auction and sends it off to the Black Hoods immediately.

WHen she is done she turns around and is greeted by a yellow eyed Mordesh? woman. "What a-" CRACK! Lacienega is hit int he side off the head and falls to the ground in a heap.

Lacienga wakes up moments later along, her head ringing. She looks around. She touches her ear, "THis is Agent Lazarov. Motely is under attack, I am retreating." SHe pulls out her com from her ear and crushes it under foot. She looks for her datapad it is ok. She grabs it and slips away unnoticed from the commotion.
05-29-2014, 12:33 AM
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RE: Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves
"Father into your hands, I commend my spirit."
The insanity of the oncoming horde was something few could have fathomed. As the ships on the far side of the town began to take off the Augmented appeared to ignore them. Their focus was on the enemy that was present in the defending guard of Motley itself. Well, what remained of the city town in question. Already much of the town guard, and their Darkspur reinforcements were being quickly overwhelming in the assault. The large heavily armored Augmentors themselves were focused strangely enough on the destruction of the defensive installations of the town. Even when several ships lifted off the ground to get away the Augmentors only made a cursory shot at them.

Those hoping to get away definitely had a chance. Anyone taking a long enough look at the assault would notice it was purely a distraction if they watched hard enough. The problem therein laid the fact that even if it was a simple feint, it was still likely too overwhelming to even make an attempt. Only a fool hardy person would push past the refugees. A flurry of Esper magic from one evacuees hit a few of the oncoming attackers and allowed another wave of refugees to flee towards their hover copters.

The Mordesh, the strange woman clad in the circuit covered leather armor dart among the crowd as a lone ordinary looking hovercopter waited just beyond the ships for the Sovereigns and Malverines. The woman made her way aboard and anyone following her long enough might notice something. Otherwise the woman boarded the hovercopte rand disappeared as the town was steadily over taken by the enemy.

Meanwhile in Thayd
"Warrants signed Judge," a man said in the Court of Judgement. Gralk Bonebreaker smiled as he started filing the information onto the local net for the Algoroc Accord. Warrants all for members of the Gang known as the Malverines, and a deed for a place called the Sassy and Wild. The tall granok was clothed in a thick leather duster, black rough pants, and a shirt. His dark obsidian skin was glossy as one of his eyes were missing. Intently he smiled toward the direction of Algoroc.

Time to inform my backers.

Off in Ilium
"Its done," Alistair Quazar smiled as he saw the encrypted information pass ove rthe dark net from his smuggler contacts. Eyeing a building far off in Deradune from his place near the gate into Ilium he sighed.

"All, fucking, mine," the man whispered. He was a thin whip of a man with dark skin, and Highborn bearing. Plans laid for years were now coming to fruition.

My Characters
Cathal Reily / Human Spellslinger / Malverine Boss
Fahari / Draken Stalker / Sovereign Enforcer

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"The Harbinger is coming, and the Judicator will judge us all!"
-Season 1 teaser
05-31-2014, 02:09 AM
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Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves [2/8/1668 | Galeras | Malverines X Sovereigns]
The crowds around the store surged when it happened, screams belting out amidst the roar of explosions. The thud of heavier weapons in the distance were more felt than heard, and the scream of hovercopter overhead sent everyone into a frenzy.

Head and shoulders above the crowd, Flint just grinned as everyone bolted. “Well, suppose that’s that. High time to split this shithole.”

As he made his way back towards the garage, he saw the constructs in the distance, outside the town’s walls. The things towered over the surrounding hills, still a klick or two out as they lanced bright beams into the town. Out past the gates, he could see people making for the transports that were spooling up for emergency liftoff. ‘Not enough frelling time,’ he thought as a bright beam carved through the buildings across the street. Flames burst forth as stone melted to an oozing red slag. Flint ran for the garage.

Luckily the wrecker was unscathed, Mae still secured on the bed. She cranked twice before turning over as thick black smoke belched from the flatbed’s exhaust. Flint threw her into gear, and swerved into the road heading towards the smoking ruin and carnage that was left of the gates.

He down-shifted the wrecker to engage her full power before pushing hard at the mess in the road. Up ahead, the transports were lifting off. The one flying Dominon colors took to sky first, whereas the other was taking her time getting off the ground. Piece of shit by the look, might have even flown with the Granok Free Companies if he made his guess. ‘That’s an interestin’ sight,’ he muttered as the bird strained towards sky.

The wreckage at the gates exploded outward with an enormous crash when the heavy wrecker barreled through. The Constructs had closed on Motley, their arcing beams of green fire decimating the town. Smaller augmented troops moved around the outskirts, incinerating people indiscriminately as they ran about. The wrecker roared through a gap in their perimeter and thundered up the road, the enormous Granok craning his neck to keep an eye on that second beat to shit transport. Catching her vector, Flint smiled to himself and leaned back. Breathing deeply and relishing the freedom of the open road, he threw an arm out the window. As the Wrecker sped off in the same direction as the second transport, a rocky arm raised a single finger salute to the burning town of Motley.
05-31-2014, 04:51 AM
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RE: Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves [2 / 8, 1668 | Galeras
Jane craned her head around looking to make sense of the sudden onslaught. The town was under attack, no time to figure out who or why. Her comm pinged like mad, orders to evac Now! "Crud, just when ..." she didn't have time to finish the thought as another round explored nearby. Yeah, a handful of top-end nanobots wasn't worth losing a limb or life. She bolted for the gates and prayed their ship was still in one piece.

As she ran, dodging this way and that, she failed to take notice of her surroundings; more specifically, the Mechari trailing her. Had it been behind her this whole time? Impossible, her disguise was flawless. She saw the gates ahead, a dot of pink hair bounding towards the exit, a few other familiar figures. She picked up the pace, as did her pursuer.

Something grabbed her arm as she neared the last stretch of open space to the gate. Before she could get out a scream, she was yanked back into the ally between the buildings and slammed head first against the wall. Draken breath. The worst! She kicked and clawed at the captor. As the grip slackened, she spun back for the gates. A shadow, something large blocked her view of the escape route. The Mechari loomed overhead. Something was snatched from her ear, the comm most likely, she could hear the crush of metal and alloy in the Draken's claws.

"Doctor Whitmore, I've been searching for you."
05-31-2014, 08:53 AM
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RE: Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves [2 / 8, 1668 | Galeras | Malverines X Sovereigns]
When Scavara saw the Eldan constructs approaching the town, she knew it would be pointless to fight them. It wasn't a battle she could win without sustaining heavy injuries, so she slipped into stealth. After a quick glance around to make sure the rest of the Sovereigns team were fine and running, she started moving towards the gates as fast as she could while still keeping stealth.

As she moved, Scavara kept checking over her shoulder to make sure the other Sovereigns were getting out safely. Once she was satisfied that they would be fine, she slipped out of stealth and boarded the Sovereigns ship, strapping herself down in a chair.

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