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Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves [2 / 8, 1668 | Galeras | Malverines X Sovereigns]
06-09-2014, 03:05 AM
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RE: Pre-Season - Episode 3: Dead Leaves [2 / 8, 1668 | Galeras | Malverines X Sovereigns]

While not paying much attention to the surrounding crowd or their movement he didn't realize the chaos going on until an explosion sent him flying.

Looking up he realized this wasn't the first time he had been sent flying by explosives and didn't like the feeling this time around either. Feeling rounds pepper the ground and building behind him he reached for his arm cannon.

Pressing a few buttons on it he heard a slight hum registering the command for defensive settings and showing his plasma shield was operational. Searching around for his crew he saw most of them heading for the ship, which was a smart idea and was what his idea was until he saw Carna running by, blond hair bobbing. She was crouched low with her hand on her side.... With blood running over her hand.

Two things happened in that moment. His mind flashed back to their first meeting and how she had shown him that someone actually cared. The second was there was no longer a power struggle in his mind. His all weather coat was off, sword in hand. There was no confusion in his eyes, no weariness, nothing but determination.

Seeing a random soldier shooting aimlessly into the crowd where his crew was at infuriated him, not enough to change the cold calculated look on his face. He was in his element. Throwing his plasmal hand at the guard, the guard dropped his gun as he was pulled towards Zet.

As he heard the crack of the man hitting the wall behind him he was off in a flash towards a group who were after some civilain persons. Making a quick slice, one lost his hands, and before a cry was heard, he was being kicked towards another guard who started fireing up in the air as he fell. With a leap, Zet was on top of them with his sword through them. A third guard who was with them, saw what happened and sent a wild burst towards him.

Feeling an odd sensation in his thigh, he shrugged it off with his sword shooting towars the chest of his assailant.

Seeing what looked to be a badly reconfigured female mordesh at the end of the road he made his way towards her. Not remembering seeing her earlier he thought better of it until he saw a finger pointed his way. At the last moment, realizing what was about to happen, he threw up his plasma shield. When the explosion went off, he was sent flying through the wall of the nearest buidling.

It was said that a few hours after everything calmed down, their was a figure seen limping through the front gate.


As soon as the first explosion went off Walic was in awe, then panicked as he searched his pockets for his explosive card. That would be really bad timing. He looked up again when another explosion went off. It wasn't his... He did a little happy dance until he realized what that meant, they were under attack.

Pressing a couple buttons on his holovid, a slight hiss could be heard in the ship as his locked robots and his suit were unlocked. Feeling his suit clasp onto him he pulled his cannon from his back.

While running around shooting random guards his bots showed up with him. His healing droid shooting random people with nanobots that helped stimulate and expidite the healing process, he made a mental note to fix that. Taking commands from his drop down eyesight his other bot began attacking random guards who were threatening the escape of the sovereigns and their ship. Leaving his bots their to cover the escape, he took off towards the ship.

"Bah, walic have to make new droids now.." Looking off into the distance he saw where the lazers were coming from. Enhancing his sight he zoomed in and took a few pictures which would be uploaded to his computer in his lab as soon as he had taken them.


As the first explosion went off, he slipped into stealth and made his way towards the data. He was bobbing and weaving as the explosions went off around him. His extra retical came in handy as it was watching the lasers around him while he watched in front of him.

Seeing the figure in front of the building, and the data sticks in her hand, he slid his knives from his sheaths he lunged, felt something catch his hand, then felt himself back first into the front of the building.

His stealth suit dropped at the amount of pressure that was placed on his suit. Coughing as the wind was knocked out of him he lunged again, but there was no one there. Looking around quickly he spat. This isn't what he had planned or expected.

Looking around his town he saw the destruction. His town was shot. He turned and made his was towards the bunker, down through a maze of tunnel, into his private room. Walking towards a wall, he hit a few hidden buttons opening a hidden door. A bike sat in prestine condition behind it with a long hall leading towards an entrance he had made after he took over the city. Reving up the bike and brining it to life, he took off.

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I am Blue/White
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