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Fahari (Sovereign Enforcer / Hostess) <ALT>
04-13-2014, 09:28 PM (This post was last modified: 05-18-2014 05:12 AM by ShadowedSin.)
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Fahari (Sovereign Enforcer / Hostess) <ALT>
Character Name Goes Here

[Image: grenadecolor_zpsb112c94c.jpg]

The Basics
Race: Draken
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Class: Stalker
Path: Soldier
Job: Enforcer / Hostess

The Appearance
Fahari is a green scaled Draken with with long black hair, and vivid yellow eyes. Her horns curved upward from her head and come to a fine point on each side. Her face is oval, as best described by a BSIA doctor (the Chua bastard was unable to pay much attention to her since was busy toying with something). Personally I would describe her as not slim, nor as thin. But she's not fat. The girl just has hips, what can I say? I mean you can see that muscular build and how she takes care of herself. I swear she must eat a good amount of protein a day and works out like no tomorrow. I've even heard her going on and on about how she has to be in prime condition especially since she doesn't hunt as much as her sisters do."
Frederick Talyn Ranking Officer

"Yes yes, Fahari is definitely a sinous creature, that is how I've always seen her. Why you are even asking me this when you coul djust go see her in the field is beyond me. Why those greasy nuts need to bug me about my girls is just, disturbing. I know the Chua doesn't care, Zaz only cares about that stupid gun of his. What was its name, Betsy? Oh yes, though miss Fahari?

I would say she's fast, and able to delivery a good hard kick when she needs to be. Flat stomach and defined muscles, not like bulging but she's got at cat like grace to her. Yes I know she's a reptile, but that's the closest thing that comes to mind."
Noria August, Women's Trainer

"You know I caught one of the guys once with a picture of the girl once and told her. Firstm she was flattered, and then she told him it was time to hunt. Lad ran half way across the field before she started to give chase, something about a fair hunt is better than killing a weakling."

The Personality
"So my father wanted me to be some important Huntress for the Clan. I was more into taking things and proving how sneaky I was as a hatchling. My brothers use to always freak out when I would steal their kills from out of no where. I was pretty good at stalking as a kid! Funny now that I'm a stalker now."

Subject shows slightly egotistically interest in ones own self worth. Quite skill in assessing situations and has confidence in her abilities. Noted other issues with miss Fahari include insomnia, night terrors and other issues. She has hinted at a moment in life when she ran with the DarkSpur, but nothing else. Current guess for this evaluation is she hides her own frailties behind an assumed persona of strength. Likely to ward off the fact she has become estranged from most of her siblings and was imprisoned repeatedly for stealing from Dominion Citizens.

The Subject has also shown compuslive lying, manipulating to get what she wants, and slight anger situations. Reports from the barracks also include drinking as a problem.

-Doctor Lynex

Customer Testimony from local Dance Club in Deradune:
"Yeah I saw that girl working one of the cages on the dance floor the other night. This really exotic Draken if I might add! She was working to the music and was having a good time. I tossed her a few tips and she said something about the VIP treatment. Too bad I wasn't some highborn like the others going to the upstairs. I saw her later serving drinks and walking around totally entrancing those guys.

"Sukh my older brother is a complete and utter ass. He use to talk to me about being a proper warrior and hunter for the Dominion to serve the Cassians and go on and on about how I had to listen to him. Last time he got in my face I decked him and proceed to dump ice water on him. No one tells me what to do if they haven't earned the damn right!"

She seems pretty charming really. Too bad she caters to those snobs.

  • Skilled in hand to hand combat, assessing danger, and stealth.
  • Seduction.

  • Suffers from Night Terrors, slight alcoholism, over confidence, egotistical.

The BackStory
Affiliations: (What groups, factions or peoples have you dealt with?)
Quick Notes:
  • Fahari is originally from Clan Ashbone a family native to Mirkos which has maintain long times with the Dominion military with her father in fact being a Dominion Officer.
  • The young female was proposed to marry a upcoming Clan Lord of Clan Cindertooth by her brothers and soon rebelled to join her father in the Dominion military. After a few training stints she was washed out for unruly behavior and after falling on hard times ended up working as a ring girl for underground fights backed by a Marauder Gang known simply as The Seven.
  • It was a member of the Seven that taught Fahari how to steal and after a short lived, but slightly impressive career she was captured by Dominion Agents. It was on the behest of her father and connections with the Talyn family that she was placed on Parole and sent to act as a scout for Agency efforts for clients on Arboria.


How did they Join the Gang?
Fahari joined the Agency when she was bailed and subsequently released on parole under the supervision of Nymphadora Talyn.





RP History / Notes

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