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Doran Redstar
05-11-2013, 07:27 AM
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Doran Redstar
Main Character Name / Primary Alt Name: Doran "Red" Redstar
Enjin / WildStar Central Username: RabidPenguin/Don't Use, not a member currently at any other sites.
IM Contacts: I forget my skype name, but I can get it when I get home.
What is your primary region / timezone and playtimes? I'm on AZ time, so always MST no daylight savings.
Are you eighteen or older? 40

Did you read and do you agree to abide by our Rules and Policy?
Yes and yes.
What are your primary playstyles?
(Casual / Medium / Hardcore RP, PvP, Social, PvE, Raiding, Dungeons, Crafting): RP, RP, and did I say RP? Heheh. I like to enjoy all the game has to offer, I simply like to do it in character. So I'm down for everything including PvP, I just want it to mean something RP wise to my character.

What is your roleplaying experience?
Ummm forever. Let's see..20 year at least. Seriously online and in other forms for at least 15. MMOs, table top, LARP and general acting and reenacting. Heck I RP in my head in games like Skyrim. Hehe. Of course forum RP too.

What do you hope to gain from and contribute to the BlackSky as a Player? What I hope to gain is a place to immerse myself in the world and to make it more alive for me. A group of folks that want what I want out of the game via RP. What I hope to give is exactly what I hope to gain, immersion for those around be through my actions and stories. A helping hand, or even an RP enemy to be a foil for your character. I don't tend to look for the spotlight, but I love building characters that people want to be around simply because they feel real to you and make the world that much more "real". As much as a computer game can be of course. Also hoping to gain a group that understand I have family and they come first. Always will, so if I'm not there all the time, that's okay.

Would you like to join our guild Skype group? Maybe once I get warmed up a bit? Don't see why not.

Would you like to be on our mailing list for updates about the guild?

Are you a member of any additional guilds?

Where did you find out about the BlackSky?
Well I know Sin from GW2 and as he's on my friends list I've known about it since his creation of it.

Any additional characters if so what Faction would they be in?
None right now.

Any additional thoughts?
Not that I can think of. Love the concept of the MC and I think it's fitting for the world and the Exiles in particular.

In-Character Questions
What is your character’s race, gender, class, path?
Aurin, male, spellslinger (tentative), settler.

Please describe your character appearance:
Well not knowing all the options for Aurins, here is my preliminary thought. He's about six feet, very red hair and wolf type ears and tail. Lightly tanned skin and athletically built. He tends to dress based on what he is doing, but always very practical away from his settlements. However when not adventuring he is generally well dressed.

Please describe your character's personality:
Doran can have a sarcastic streak when he wants to, but generally he's fairly easy to approach and get a long with. He often moderates and modifies his personality depending on who he is talking to and why. He might be called a slick talker by some, a smooth talker by others, but really he tends to listen more than he talks and when he does talk tries to apply what he's heard to build relationships with folks. However while he appears friendly for a reason, he can switch to sarcastic and angry in a flash which generally happens if he is threatened or dealing with Dominion people. Otherwise he is good-natured, likes a good joke or prank, etc. He can be both easy and hard to read at time.

Please describe three strengths and three weaknesses about your character:If I'm being honest I'm not sure yet. I'm still getting to know him as I'm just coming up with the concept. I could make something up that would change, but would like the chance to develop this further via forums and perhaps in game when it launches.

What Faction would your character is your character joining? Exiles

Why would your character wish to join a either the Sovereigns or Maverines? Doran is a roamer and wanderer but he's also a social creature. He enjoys interacting with others, but he prefers to have the upper hand. That's harder to do as a nomad with no one standing with you. Doran also wants to eventually become a well known information broker using outposts, etc which he has helped to build up to sell useful information. A group like the Malverines offers him chances to not only wander and roam with and without a group, but it gives him people to stand with him. Not just people but people who will not turn on him easily. Any group of people can form a group, but forming a group of brothers/sisters that you feel like you can trust is another matter. He wants more than just a group. And well he just loves hoverbikes.

What kind of long term plotting, or character development plans do you have?My main character development plan with him is to build him up as a settler that is building outposts, saloons, whatever can be built that will draw in folks that will then pass information which he can "sell" to others in the world, or use to help further the plans of his group (hopefully the Malverines). He wants to become well known as an information broker. Someone easy to talk to and who seems to know what is what and can tell you for the right price or trade. Other things might go along with this, perhaps being able to make deals and trades with folks to smuggle things or "take care of" things. Basically a fix it guy, but one that may not necessarily get his hands dirty, at least so far as anyone besides his brothers or sisters know.

Where would your character fit into the Club or Unit as a prospect?
I think he could fit in a couple of ways. One, simply as another guy that will watch your back out on the road. He likes to ride and will want to get in on runs and such. If nothing else then to look for other likely areas to build a useful outpost. Secondly as a guy that is building out places for the Malverines to use as hubs for recruiting, or whatever might be needed. Again he's social, so he'd try to fit in being useful to the club overall with his information gathering and resources. Of course working with others in the club who are doing the same things.

How did you learn of, or encounter the Club or Unit?
My initial thought is that he was working an outpost when a group of the Malverines rode in. They ignored him of course, but he was fascinated by the sense of freedom they exuded as well as their clear sense of family for one another. It drew him in and he began to inquire as to how he might join.

Do you mind the adult / violent nature of our Rp?

If you leave the club are willing to deal with consequences?
(Examples: Leave well you get respected as a former brother and longtime frienad! Leave badly we'll hunt you down! You'll get beat up etc.)

Defintely. It goes hand in hand with good RP. If you aren't willing to deal with the consequences of your RP then you shouldn't have done that RP to begin with.

Thanks for your consideration. Smile
05-11-2013, 12:46 PM
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RE: Doran Redstar

1. What should a guild leader bring to the table?

2. What should the members do in turn?
05-11-2013, 04:06 PM
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RE: Doran Redstar
(05-11-2013 12:46 PM)ShadowedSin Wrote:  Wow...

1. What should a guild leader bring to the table?

2. What should the members do in turn?

1. Interesting question. Having been a GL I obviously have my views, but really I'm not sure a GL has to bring more to the table than any other member. At least in a perfect world. Obviously there are some things the GL has eyes on that a normal member does not, but in the end it's a game and I think the GL should have as much fun as their fellow guildies. Everything should not be on the GL's shoulder. To me perhaps the biggest thing is bring encouragement to the table. Encourage the members to step up and help make the guild great. Bring a vision that doesn't just stay yours alone, but becomes the guilds eventually.

2. As hinted at above, I think the member should bring as much to the guild as the GL. This within their scope of course. I think members should take responsibility for their own RP and should make an effort to build up stories for their fellow guildmates to enjoy. They should bring effort, fun and enjoyment and not wait for it to be handed to them. I think if a member says there is no RP, they should examine themselves first to see why. Bring stories, bring opportunities and bring a willingness to work with the other members to make some fun stuff happen.
05-11-2013, 04:24 PM
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RE: Doran Redstar
1. What do you think of our adult nature?

2. Have you read any of our blogs, and which one caught your eye?
05-11-2013, 04:54 PM
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RE: Doran Redstar
(05-11-2013 04:24 PM)ShadowedSin Wrote:  1. What do you think of our adult nature?

2. Have you read any of our blogs, and which one caught your eye?

1. I have no issues with it. I'm sure the plan is to fit it into the world of Wildstar so it should be good. I do have limits and when we hit those I'll let people know in a respectful way, but you cite shows like Firefly and Sons of Anarchy both of which I enjoy. I've never watched the other one mentioned.

2. I have read some of them, but not all of them. I read the adult themes, the one about brotherhood and the one about making two factions. They were all interesting and parts of the brotherhood and the making of two factions caught my eye. I think that many RP communities, even within guilds are often too split. What holds them together? So the idea of family and brotherhood will be fun to RP out and enjoy in a guild. And I like the idea of two factions because then you have built in stories from both sides. It's always fun to have a foil for your character that you know you can trust to RP with. It also means I have a place for a Dominion character should I come up with one and want a place to RP them. So that's pretty cool.
05-11-2013, 05:22 PM
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RE: Doran Redstar

1. So why are you being drawn to WildStar and in general BlackSky as a community?

2. What are your thoughts about our Mythos concepts? Such as Seasonal Stories, and Expanded Lore?
05-11-2013, 05:41 PM
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RE: Doran Redstar
(05-11-2013 05:22 PM)ShadowedSin Wrote:  Good!

1. So why are you being drawn to WildStar and in general BlackSky as a community?

2. What are your thoughts about our Mythos concepts? Such as Seasonal Stories, and Expanded Lore?

1. I'm personally being drawn because I like the story and the fact that I know it's a lore focused RP group. Meaning what happens in the guild will fit in the world. I know you guys are going for immersion. Deep stories etc. On a character level it fits the concept I'm building for my Aurin. It's a cool concept, well organized, and focused so these are all draws.

2. I like the expanded lore. I enjoy all of the stories linking the group to past events prior to all the things that led to people coming to Nexus. The feud that sets up the whole Malverine/Sovereign story and animosity is very cool. As to the Seasonal Stories it should be interesting. I confess I've not been in a group that had much like it, there are obviously guilds that had larger stories and such that were overarching, but nothing on the scale you seem to have setup. Should be a lot of fun. Smile
05-11-2013, 05:45 PM
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RE: Doran Redstar
Our feud is slightly based on the Hatfields and McCoys if yer curious :3

1. So do you think of our about focusing more on guild identity and story?

2. What are your thoughts on our hope to catch the table top feeling in our Rp?
05-11-2013, 05:51 PM
Post: #9
RE: Doran Redstar
(05-11-2013 05:45 PM)ShadowedSin Wrote:  Our feud is slightly based on the Hatfields and McCoys if yer curious :3

1. So do you think of our about focusing more on guild identity and story?

2. What are your thoughts on our hope to catch the table top feeling in our Rp?

Funny enough I thought of exactly the Hatfields and the McCoys when I read about it.

1. I think it's fine. I have no issue with internal RP and it makes sense especially from the Malverine MC perspective. A true MC generally doesn't care too much about the people around them who aren't MC. They may interact and I do hope to interact with the wider RP community, but I go where the story takes me. Hopefully in building the guild identity it helps the community enjoy what we add to the immersion of the world. I also find that in my RP once I join a group most of my RP happens with them. I may also find it here and there with the community, but my guildmates usually want me to RP with them and you join a guild for a reason, right?

2. As to capturing the table top feel, I love it. As a lover of table top gaming (I play with a GURPs group currently) and the freedom it brings it has a ton of potential. Again this is something I haven't seen happen outside of Neverwinter Nights and the DM Client that game had, but if the feeling of freedom in RP can be captured and brought into the game I am all for it and look forward to it.
05-11-2013, 06:01 PM
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RE: Doran Redstar
Excellent answers mate.

Final round.

1. We are seeking to not just RP but also have fun gaming :3 Our intent is to build a guild of friends who game together? What are your thoughts on this?

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